Former Director Sees Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors

mary-kay-smoke-and-mirrorsA former Mary Kay sales director sees beyond the smoke and mirrors and shares her story with us. Can you relate?

You know…….. the more I read and hear about the leaders in this company who ultimately play on women’s hearts, minds and souls, the sadder I am. It is a shame that NSDS who call themselves “women of God” can continue to give women like us false hope.

The thing that saddens me most is that many women who get into this business do not have a support system at home! When you first get into Mary Kay…… you are “LOVED” by all these women that are in Mary Kay!

You are the BEST, CUTEST, MOST WONDERFUL thing since “chocolate pudding”.

You remain in their good graces until……… you aren’t making THEM any money or you decide for some reason whatever it be….. health, family, can’t stand the bullcrap anymore you are getting out…… you NEVER hear from them again.

You say to yourself, “where is my wonderful support group of Mary Kay friends and my national of all people who told me she was my friend?” Remember the one who has prayed with you and for you? Where is she? Oh, I know. She’s out there now praying with and for all those other poor unsuspecting women, kissing all over them. What “CHARM” she has. If you think about it she’s like a snake charmer.

As you know, a large majority of these ladies dig themselves deeper into financial debt because they are told to “get a credit card, get a second mortgage, do what ever it takes to “buy” product”, they become more unstable mentally because they feel like failures when they don’t succeed at this “can’t win” dead end DREAM!

I got into Mary Kay to “help” women, not make their lives more stressful! I honestly thought that God was opening this door for me and I think he did give me blessings by leading me to many of the truly wonderful women I’ve met that are my “friends” no matter what.

Hard work is not a stranger to me but Mary Kay is the hardest job MENTALLY I have ever attempted, it was physically draining also, lugging around all the necessities to do whatever. I am forever so “sorry” if I have caused anyone more anguish in their lives because of my ignorance in thinking I could “help” them by recruiting them into Mary Kay. It is a shame that a lot of the leaders in Mary Kay are not what they profess to be. It is refreshing to look in the mirror and know that the women looking back at me is truly “me” and not some Mary Kay imposter.

You can bet that now ANYTIME I hear someone talking about trying out the Mary Kay lifestyle, I tell them to RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and don’t stop. Birds of a feather flock together!!! That’s what I’ve always said. If it walks like a duck….talks likes a duck…..then it is a QUACKER!!!


  1. BestDecision

    I agree! It was the lowest mentally & emotionally I’ve ever been. Constant doubting what I was doing because we were always told how much MORE we needed to do.

    All anyone has to do is look at people who’ve done Trip and aren’t even doing 400 anymore. Ship is sinking!

  2. Char

    Opening sentence, “You know…….. the more I read and hear about the leaders in this company who ultimately play on women’s hearts, minds and souls, the sadder I am.”

    When we define what a “leader” in MLM actually is, it makes perfect sense. The problem lies with what the company and it’s henchmen want you to ‘think’ it means. It’s one word in a long list that MLM has hijacked. Yes it’s sad, but also maddening.

    MLM leader = Top liar, best con woman
    Successful MLMer = Successful at lying and duping women into buying and recruiting.

    Con men are very good at flattery and pretending to be your best bud. They might even have you convinced that by participating in their “opportunity”, you could help others. They are so good at what they do, you willingly GIVE them your money. They don’t have to rob you at gun point, and therein lies the difference. It’s a confidence trick. A con game.

    Glad to hear the author is no longer being fooled. Welcome, and thanks for the good deed of spreading the word about this con game.

  3. SW

    The more I read abut MLMs, the more I dream of the day when women face the fact they’re human, not some creepy hive-minded sorority thing, and seek their friendships in meaningful relationships with people who really like them rather than those who are nice to them just because they’re part of the group. It’s nice to have a pleasant company, but that’s not where true value is.

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