We All Know That No Means No

Mary Kay consultant Tiffany Underwood wants us to know how misguided we are at Pink Truth. She gave this response to one of our Friday funnies posts from a Pink Truth critic.

TLDR: no one can make you do what you don’t want to do as an adult be an adult and use your words.

I’m still in MK. I know that there are IBC’s who are horrible people and do force their team mates to buy more product than that can handle. But this ranting commenter is right. No one should be able to force you to do something you don’t want to do.

When I was first recruited I was asked if I wanted inventory. I said no I don’t have enough money for it. My director said that was fine but having things on hand does help. And that was that. I’ve been placing orders and just delivering them to clients or just sending what they ordered right to their house.

If you let someone force you in to buying so much product you can’t move then that’s on you. Your director can’t “fire you” or “punish you”.

If you are recruited go right to Mary Kay University (the training) and watch ALL of the Law stuff they have. It tells you what you as a consultant can and can’t do and even what directors can and can’t do. So, if you find yourself talking with a director and they’re attempting make you buy more than you’re comfortable with do the following- take screen shots of any messages, record conversations (look at your state laws as some states are two party consent), save emails and when you have enough proof agains this horrible director REPORT THEM TO CORPORATE!!!

Then asked to be moved to another unit. There may be other units in the area you can be apart of that actually follow company guide lines.

While I’m not a Mary Kay millionaire- Mary Kay has help me quite a bit. I’m not rich and successful but I am gaining social skills and other entrepreneurial skills that I don’t feel I could’ve gained any other way. I’m 23 and still socially awkward in some sense but ever since joining Mary Kay I have actually kind of grown out of that and I’m still growing out of that social awkwardness.

No Mary Kay isn’t a terrible company it’s just that some people who are signed up with the company are terrible people themselves and sully the name. Because keep in mind it doesn’t matter what job you have with her is an independent position doing whatever it maybe or a regular 9-to-5 there’s always gonna be somebody that you work with that is going to make your job a terrible. They’re going to ruin the experience for you and essentially you’re going to hate that job and probably even blame the company for not even firing that person despite all the crazy shit that they’ve done to you and other people.

While I understand the Mary Kay is not exactly a perfect company this very amped up ranter Is correct when she says that no one can really make you do something that you don’t want to do. Because being a grown adult means that you need to have the mindset to say no to another person if you can’t say no to another person even as an adult you’re going to find yourself in some hard spots it doesn’t matter whether you’re working a business of your own that’s not Mary Kay or something else you’re going to find yourself in a hard spot. You need to be able to look someone in the eye and say that’s not what I wanna do, it’s not what I’m comfortable with, I don’t have the financial means to do all that crazy shit Yada yada yada whatever the excuse might be. Because as a grown adult nobody should be able to make you financially ruin yourself.

And this isn’t just about Mary Kay either this is about other independent positions like with Avon in Tupperware and it works and other companies that have similar positions. Besides being a Mary Kay agent I also do health and life and property and casualty insurance that’s where my main income comes from but I recognize that if it anytime my up line or my manager tells me something that I’m not comfortable with I have the smarts to say oh this is not something I want to do or I can’t do that at this time.

My whole roundabout point is is that when somebody asks you to do something that you’re not comfortable with you need to have the mindset to say I’m sorry but I can’t do that use your words don’t sit there and let them threaten you because it doesn’t matter what company you’re a part of they more than likely can’t do anything to you. And not something that I’ve had pounded into my head over and over again as a young adult I can make my own decisions but I can’t let somebody else try and make decisions for me I have to be able to use my words and communicate in an effective manner so people understand where I’m coming from so they won’t ask me again.

We all know that no means no. So make sure people understand that. Not matter where you work, you need to be an effective communicator and stick to your guns so people know you say what you mean and you mean what you say. Because for people with high social intelligence the slightest bit of doubt they’ll just keep doing what they do you need to be strong and what you say.



  1. SW

    Except the things one would rather say “no” to are presented as precisely the things one needs to do in order to make their “business” work. Saying “no” to them is perceived as saying “no” to “Would you like to succeed?” because the people one would say it to are the ones who are set up as “people who have succeeded – unlike you!”

  2. BestDecision

    You are so poorly misinformed because you can’t transfer to a different unit. If you’re unhappy with your Director, you’re stuck—even if she’s breaking rules. And you also are unaware that MK rarely takes Directorship from someone breaking rules.

    So, while it’s true we all are adults and can make our own decisions, the immense pressure and lies you’re told make people choose differently than they’d really like to. When you’re promised “everyone does it” and that it’ll move you into a higher position or income, you choose that path.

    Sorry, Polly Anna, I made my adult decision and I got out. BestDecision.

  3. Char

    Sigh. I know I’ve been harping on this lately, but geez, it’s not getting through.

    Tiffany, do you really think the company cares about your meager purchases? How exactly do you think Mary Kay makes it’s money? It sure as heck isn’t from Tiffany Underwood buying three tubes of lipstick to re-sell to her friends. This isn’t about you, hun.

    Mary Kay makes its money from consultomers placing hefty orders.

    You are young and I think you deserve a lighter hand. I’m glad you are coming out of your shell, but please don’t take advice from pyramid schemers. They are fakers. Do some research on MLM. It’s not pretty, and you are being misled by LIARS. Don’t become one of them and get out now.

  4. raisinberry

    These women forget there was a time when you couldn’t send anything straight from the company. The “only” way to be successful was to have a full store. The only way to pay yourself was to get to “profit level” at Diamond or Emerald. Many of MK’s changes are a direct result of the employees who report on this blog. How do you think the “law deptartment” found out anything was being done by the upper sales force, in an abusive or corrupt manner? Use our words? You are cracking me up. You clearly do not have any experience with the career path.

    You have been praised and recognized for 3 months as “on target” for your car. It’s the last day of the month. You need 4K in total (maybe its 4500 now) from your team, and the well has run dry. You’re short. Find a way or make a way, you’re told. Just say “no” our writer says.

    You have asked, recruited, qualified, asked, begged, stalked, called, called back, for 3 months, you have 12,000 in toward car production and are about to start completely over if you do not hit the production monthly minimum and lets say your are 1500.00 short. And it’s 10pm. What does tomorrow look like, if you just say no.

    And what does tomorrow look like if you use your Director’s words, “you’ll sell it!”…”find a way”,”…the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”, “the Unit will be so proud of you”, ” you are almost done! One month to go and you have a trophy on wheels”

    $1500 is nothing. But at this point…it never occurs to you that this will happen again and again, all throughout the career path, because, “if it’s to be…it’s up to me”.

  5. ThePatientWhisperer

    What is up with the atrocious grammar/punctuation and apparent inability to proofread among these Kaybots? Is it some kind of prerequisite to joining?

    Once I finally deciphered this painful soliloquy, I had to chuckle at the naïveté. She’s 23 and lecturing about what “grown adults” do (and ironically, discusses the importance of being an “effective communicator” and blathers something about “high intelligence.” Priceless.)

    One of my favorite lines: “There may be other units in the area you can be apart of that actually follow company guide lines.” Read: there MAY be.

    Sweetie, you are practically a baby. You are beyond snowed. Get some Real World experience, learn some tough life lessons, consider an Introduction to English course, THEN we’ll talk.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    Where is the training telling the Mary Kay consultants that No means No?

    Aren’t there training documents teaching consultants how to “get past the No” to the yes?
    Training on how to overcome objections?
    How “No” from your target just means they need more information so keep working on them?

  7. PeachyNotPink

    She is 23 y/o, so of course her recruiter didn’t push her for a large inventory order. The SD recognized that Tiffany does not have a lucrative day job to purchase inventory outright, nor does she have the available credit to apply for that MK credit card to purchase inventory.

    Basically, right now Tiffany is a non-starter for the recruiter. She adds to the body count to keep directorship, but is not a “producer” (i.e. buyer). Should Tiffany come into money, get a better job, get married, etc. I’m sure her director will be quite happy to pressure Tiffany into buying more product.

  8. cindylu

    We can and should think for ourselves. However MK is constantly asking for money. Money for products, meeting rooms, gas, seminar, advertising (MK essentially does very little real advertising in magazines, radio or tv). Also MK’s rules as to where we can advertise is horribly restrictive. The fact that we are encouraged by the 5 foot rule to warm stalk others around us pretty much sums up being pressured by MK. I’m sure stores and women don’t appreciate MK stopping strangers and offering them a fake make over. Since we were not make up artists and my SD sucked at glamor, I was essentially misleading women. I also find the advice to change directors to be ridiculously naive. Going to another unit and Director rarely works. That Director has enough work without taking on another Director’s recruit. This director won’t make a dime for her efforts. I tried to change units because my SD was cold and uncaring. Corp didn’t care. They didn’t care that I was quite ill and unable to sell products. Also why so many unnecessary products and continual product changes? The perfume laden Christmas products that don’t sell. The men’s products that no one wants. Also MK is dangerous. We are going into the homes of strangers. I once had my vehicle stolen in a risky neighborhood. Fortunately that impoverished young woman didn’t join MK. She couldn’t afford the kit. The market where I live was horribly saturated decades ago. The NSD’s and Directors were lying decades ago about their high checks or earnings. They all had husbands paying the bills. They pretended to be wealthy while living in ordinary houses. We are advised to do a perfect start, make a way to earn a pin, bee, prize or purchase product every few months. It’s such nonsense to say that we join MK to break even or barely succeed financially. We also don’t join to incur constant costs. Absolutely nothing is free in MK. Training is costly and so is gas, product giveaway and conferences etc. This entire article is filled with sad misconceptions. MK focuses on profit for a select few at the expense of many women. I did say no and I returned product rather than endure the constant sham that MK had become many years ago.

  9. Mountaineer95


    How can I possibly give any credibility to your claims when I’m subjected to reading this:

    “Because keep in mind it doesn’t matter what job you have with her is an independent position doing whatever it maybe or a regular 9-to-5 there’s always gonna be somebody that you work with that is going to make your job a terrible.”

    You really want us to take your post seriously? Well, you’ve failed. Miserably.

    1. Juliet

      Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many of us!!!! Her whole post, as seems standard with kaybots who write in, is alarming to me. If I saw the sentence you quoted, out of context especially, I would assume this is a deeply troubled mentally ill person. Her thoughts are OBVIOUSLY not cohesive, much less coherent. She is scattered all over five or more thoughts in that one sentence, and it is so sickening that, again, it seems to be TYPICAL of kaybot submissions. That really is a vile testimony to the recruiting methods, and recruiter morals.

      On a related note – vile and evil mainly, with recruiting spotlighting how far the mlmbots sink – on a Youtube anti-mlm video, a flyer shows the new rep’s photo [don’t know which mlm] and she has Down’s Syndrome. Granted, she may find the pot of gold for real, but the darker likelihood of her future with that upline is enraging to consider. This helplessness to be directly able to help is so hard to live with.

  10. JustAFriend

    Punctuation, punc, punc, punctuation
    They are the little marks that use their influence
    To help a sentence make more sense!

    Seriously, Tiffany. Punctuation is your friend. Don’t fear it.

    It’s great that she’s gaining confidence and overcoming her social awkwardness. But for $90 a year plus a one-time $20 initiation fee, she could join Toastmasters and receive the same benefits without all the MLM garbage. P.S., they have recognition programs, too!

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