A Pink Truth Thank You

A thank you note from new consultant, who was saved thanks to the Pink Truth we are telling here! This letter is very informative for anyone thinking about joining Mary Kay. Here’s the REAL story on how the recruiting and inventory talks go down.

I have to take a moment to say thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do. Thank you for this website to help people understand what joining Mary Kay really means. Today, I ended my Mary Kay career after a solid five days. I had been on the fence, but decided to order the starter kit with promises of turning those tools into anything I wanted and then the inventory chat began.

I am employed full time and have spent the last year working to pay down credit cards and take my financial future more seriously. For me, Mary Kay presented a sort of “fun challenge” and a chance to maybe add some extra cash to my bank account. I had used the products in the past and liked them. The only reason I stopped was consultant fatigue. I never understood why I couldn’t just buy the products without someone trying to get me to work for the company. I don’t go to dinner and have the waiter ask me if I want a job. I never got it. Now I do, I expressed those concerns initially and it was very much, “ooooh, I know. It’s not like that. Some people choose to run their businesses that way. You tooootally don’t have to.”…..(except, it turns out, that you totally do)

I also now more fully understand the look on the director and recruiter’s faces when I mentioned being nearly debt free–something I am very proud of. I was also very surprised when I expressed wanting to have a smaller, part time sort of business and have her suggest a $3,000+ inventory package which she quickly followed up with talk of getting a credit card. I never entertained the idea of buying that much but I did seriously consider ordering some sort of inventory–$600 or maybe $1,200. The idea of “having it handy” made sense, but ultimately, we agreed my decision could be left to the next meeting with my recruiter and thank God for that. That sort of “assumed compliance” thing kicked in when, later that same night, I received an email from the recruiter about ordering sooner rather than later because….blah, blah, blah…I realize now they wanted to secure the sale before I had time to change my mind.

I found your site, funny enough, by searching for a woman they had mentioned who had left the field I am currently in to work as a Mary Kay consultant full time. I was very interested in her story and wanted to learn more. Top in the search results was a Pink Truth article and my true education began. Had they not mentioned that person, I never would have discovered Pink Truth and I would probably be sitting here waiting for a boxful of unsellable junk. Little did they know, their excited chatter about a successful woman opened the door just enough for me to walk (or more likely run) straight out.

I was shocked and embarrassed at having been so easily taken in by all of it. I consider myself to be educated, somewhat street smart. I have always thought I have a fairly decent sense of people and their motives. It was like lightning striking to realize that Mary Kay’s true customers are its consultants. That is the truth–no matter how much concealer you delicately pat on it with your ring finger. It just made me ill. That next meeting I simply stated I had decided Mary Kay was not for me and while I could sense disappointment, there was no pressure. In my mind I thought that the pressure would be felt by her–thinking of how she would have to start over with another person–hoping for it to stick the next time and the inventory order to go through, thinking about what she would tell the director.

But then I got a voicemail from an “unknown number.” Sure enough, it was the director “just wanting to touch base” because she had heard the news and was “afraid someone rained on my parade” and “wanted to discuss options with me as there are no quotas or territories…and…”

I did consider just selling to family and friends, seeing if I could at least make back the cost of the starter kit and then calling it a day but I realized I could consciously open up those people–the ones I love and trust the most–to something that I now see for what it is–pink smoke and mirrors. It would not be right for me to continue on in any capacity. I don’t even want to use Mary Kay products much less sell them. They are selling a false sense of success and empowerment. At the end of the day, none of it is real.

I’m thankful that I have the ability to just walk away and chalk it up to experience. I fear so many women are not that lucky particularly those who do choose to try to make it work full time believing that they will be able to achieve all that is promised. I am so thankful that I do not owe anyone anything except the debt of gratitude I owe to Pink Truth. You are doing invaluable work and I imagine it must be very difficult when you are dealing with a company steeped in the sort of history and rhetoric as Mary Kay.

I cannot say it enough. Thank you. You saved me so much time, money and effort that I can now put toward truly rewarding endeavors and you have taught me that no matter how old we get or how much we think we know, there are those who may try to take advantage and as always–if it sounds too good to be true, it is


  1. OnelessSD

    First of all… congratulations! For reading here and then applying what you learned to be Truth.. and getting out. Congratulations for not opening up your family and friends to this predatory company. It’s like the ripple effect (good and bad)… and you’ve just saved them a bunch of heartache and financial issues by not subjecting them. Don’t be shy in letting them know about MK and all MLM’s… you’d be surprised at how many are out there and they are all the same.

    Second, continue to read here – there is a vast amount of knowledge from so many different people who have been in MK, or of family members being in MK, etc. When discussing the downside of MK- we need to be fully informed and articulate when sharing with others. You never know when something you say could be the “light bulb” moment for that fogged person. Knowledge is power.

    Third, share your experience with MK. Share, share & share!

    I’m so happy you quickly saw the light and made the very smart decision to get out. You probably have saved yourself thousands of dollars and untold amounts of time spent chasing this pipe dream. Being debt free is an amazing feat… and my husband and I have worked hard to get there as well. There is no greater feeling of freedom when you don’t have all that debt from hanging around your neck and you get to choose what to spend your hard earned cash on. I wish you all the happiness that freedom brings! 🙂

  2. Char

    Woohoo and congratulations.

    Don’t forget that all multi-level marketing has the same method of operation. Avoid MLM altogether rather than assessing each company or product. It’s a trap if you do.

    It’s also a misconception that having a product makes it not a pyramid scheme. Nope. Products are just the lure to get you in the con game. Mary Kay being the prime example.

    And yay that you no longer use scam products that exploit women.

  3. cindylu

    We have all been taken advantage of. Some of us thought that Avon, Tupperware, Scentsy, Amway, Arbonne, Nu Skin, Park Lane Jewels etc. were a way for women to obtain extra income. We never realized that these silly party schemes were simply a way to exploit stay at home moms and women in general. Lie to us about earning extra income. Women who simply want a fair chance are used and abused. All mlm’s sadly mistreat many individuals. It’s all about profit for a few while thousands are put in financial debt.

  4. Data Junkie

    Yay! We all love a happy ending…and dodged bullets. This was both! Congrats on making such a wise decision. Congrats also on getting out of debt. It is such a drain on our society to have so many people spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need. Mary Kay epitomizes consumerism and greed, which are entirely incompatible with responsible wealth management.

    And to think Mary Kay claims Christian roots under all that unethical behavior…disgusting.

    So glad you saw the light!

  5. Debra Floyd

    I have or “had” a friend who got into Mary Kay. She tried to “recruit” me as well but I already knew the stigma around this company and that it is a MLM scheme no matter what they claim. I made a purchase with her ($30 and my total was $35.85) though she later claimed she paid for my shipping fees. I am a bargain shopper and thought the items were overpriced so I started looking around and found thousands of MK items on eBay for a fraction of the cost, some offering additional 10-15% second item, free shipping and I got additional Rakuten discounts as well as using my 2% PayPal credit card cashback for my purchases. I am an open, honest person and I told her I purchased elsewhere and the savings and you guessed it – she was OUTRAGED that I quote “supported a 3rd party on Amazon (note: it was eBay) and not a friend!” She also said how illegal it was (it is not) because she just completed the MK “Legal Certificate”. The parties on eBay make no claim of being affiliated with MK and it is legal (so much for the MK degree information she received). I also came across this site and read so many stories of the loss of money and friends this MLM scheme can cause since she is now no longer speaking to me for the route and choices I made. I am not going to apologize, as I told her, for saving money for an overpriced item going through a representative when I can save that cost and use for other things in my life. It’s sad that I found out that our friendship was based on what products I chose, where I chose to buy them and how I spent my money in lieu of “supporting a friend.” I just want to thank this site for revealing who our true friends are in life and reaffirming my decision not to get involved with MK. I wish her the best but I am afraid she too, will fall among those plagued by the debt and unsold stock they have accumulated. Thank you for letting me share. It’s never easy losing a friend, or in this case, buying one.

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