How to Lose a Bestie With Mary Kay

Mary Kay is so cutting edge! This isn’t your grandma’s cosmetic company. MK is on trend!

And to prove it, they are huge into social media and they use words like “bestie” for recruiting promotions! There’s a little coupon that new consultants can give to their friends to get them a starter kit for only $75. Because apparently the new recruits aren’t doing enough recruiting of their own.

These days it seems one of the most popular ways to lose friends and alienate family members is by pushing your MLM on them. Glad Mary Kay is so on trend.


  1. BestDecision

    Again, if the opportunity is really that good, you’d never need a coupon or incentive. Your friends would beg you to sign them up. There’d never be interviews or career coffees. This just makes the sales force look silly and like little girls, not professionals.

  2. raisinberry

    They go the route of a Sam’s club membership, promoting personal use discounts, in order to get a lead in front of a skilled Director, who can convert her to a star consultant. The payoff is certainly worth the loss os $25.

    These kinds of promo’s really clear up any question as to who the customer really is. The IBC is for the most part, a woman locked into a 225 wholesale order twice a year (minimally) to avoid losing her discount.

    1. TRACY

      Exactly it. They promote the idea that you can make a ton of money on the website in all the literature. But if you don’t want to do that, they talk about being a discount buyer (personal use consultant). But once you agree to that, they put the squeeze on you to buy inventory as if you were running a business. Then when you fail to make money from the “business” (as 99% of people in MLM do), they revert back to the idea that you really didn’t want to make money anyway.

    1. MLM Radar

      Your 3 friends pay $300 each for their starter kits and thei first activating order.

      If they’d each purchased $300 retail from you (assuming no discounts or gifts) you would have received $900. After subtracting your wholesale cost you’d have gotten $450, before other expenses.

      Now they’re paying that $900 to Mary Kay. What you get:
      From the starter kits $75 x 3, you get nothing.
      From the activating orders, $225 x 3, you get 4%, which is $27.

      You lose even more, because all your mutual friends who might have bought inventory from you will now buy from whichever one of them who is willing to sell products “at cost.” There always seems to be someone an every social group who will do that.

      What a deal.

  3. Autumn

    It’s silly. I have a hard enough time selling girl scout cookies and when my daughter’s HS class was doing a Pampered Chef party I sent them a $25 check and told them I don’t have anyone to sell to.

    If I was dumb enough to try and sell MLM crap I wouldn’t be recruiting my customers!!

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