We Are on the Hunt!

It’s deer hunting season in Wisconsin, and at Pink Truth, we’re on the hunt too. I’m looking for social media posts that expose the hypocrisy and lies in Mary Kay.  Here’s an example of an NSD behaving badly. Here’s an example of an NSD using non-Mary Kay products (oops!). And here’s one exposing the truth about attrition in MK.

I’m looking for things from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They can be regular posts, or they can be stories that you’ve gotten screen shots of. Anything outrageous or nonsensical as it relates to Mary Kay. And especially anything that (accidentally) reveals the truth about this awful “opportunity.”

Send what you find to [email protected], and I’ll use the best ones for daily articles on the front page. When you send them over, let me know what name (if any) you want me to use to give you credit.


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