Nothing of Substance on Pink Truth

These May Kay complaint sites and blogs would have a lot more credibility if the comments and commentators would do away with all caps (shouting), exclamation points and other over-the-top ways of getting across what should be a very simple point: stay away from Mary Kay and here is why:  followed by indisputable facts and figures with names and dates filled in.

I never see anything of real substance on these sites – just Mary Kay-trained shrieking enthusiasm, this time turned against Mary Kay Cosmetics.  No hard facts and figures and everyone is always anonymous – are these people in a witness protection program? Are the actual  IRS  documents classified?  The only Schedule C  I ever saw is from a former director  “who wishes to remain anonymous”.  Of course. Makes one think it was fabricated  to make a good story.

Where are the 1099-R and Schedule C forms? Easy to white out the parts such as address, phone, etc.,  scan and post if you really want to back up your claims; all I ever see are vague gripes about how these people were taken in by a MLM scheme and the evil directors, but nothing concrete to back it up.  I am an MBA, so I believe only numbers that I can see.  You have to keep your tax info for at least 7 yrs., so where are they?  Facts don’t lie, but people do.  

Don’t get me wrong – I am not a fan of MK.  I have an obnoxious relative who is a Director, a “star”, as she never tires of telling me, making a 6-figure income.  Always, always, pimping for MK.  Go to a restaurant, anywhere, trying to recruit.  Mouth going like a sewing machine; “warm chatter”. Embarrassing.   Sells me the stuff wholesale, to make quota, no doubt. I buy it out of pity for her.  Still overpriced and not as good as Oil of Olay (hey, that’s pink, too!!).   And those god-awful cars, jewelry “prizes” and suits.

Bottom line:
do some real good and publish some facts and figures.  Start providing some of the information you now wish you had been provided, not just carping about how you were taken in because you had no “facts”.

Just a thought.


  1. BestDecision

    Yet, you didn’t post any of your relative’s figures and you say the very things we say about our experiences. I no longer have my tax record, unfortunately, but I can tell you what I experienced. That should far be enough given how descriptively a lot of us on here give examples of what we went through.

  2. Neverpink

    Who is shrieking in all caps? GMB Success does it but he/she is a joke account. I’m very confused.

    Tracy DOES post real facts and figures. Have you not seen them? They’re all over the site, including back issues of Applause magazine, where earnings and names are all published. She even published that one NSD’s (who was “fastest to NSD”) (I forget her name) monthly earnings so you could SEE the rise and incredible fall.

    Again, I’m so confused. Have you actually read Pink Truth or are you making blanket assumptions?

        1. Mountaineer95

          To add: I just looked up the website for this school led by “The Career MLM-er Formerly Known As Allison” and I remember why I was so disturbed when I first looked at the site. In summary, AND only in my opinion, she advertises that she has revolutionized education (for male Jewish children) in ways that apparently no educator has ever done whether in private or public schools. Was she one of the MK directors who previously taught school? If not, she has zero experience in education children in a way comparable to public school teachers.

          The second part of her “curriculum” that weirded me out was the strict adherence to a specific diet for the kids. I mean, I have no issue with a private school ensuring their students eat healthy foods. But this hard push for “plant based foods” seems a little…pushy. As in, it’s NOT an option, it’s a rule.

          I think that’s what bothers me most about what I’ve read on her site is how adamant they are that their way is right, and cannot be contested. There’s just too much zeal and need for total control that seeps out of that site.

 (This is just the page about the diet for the kids, you can navigate the site from here)

          1. BestDecision

            The only teaching experience she has is the MK sales force via $300 “Digging Deeper” and “Director Boot Camp” events she created. Her degree is not in education, and I agree—the whole school thing they’ve started is questionable and creepy.

            I’m not completely surprised because something felt off the first time I met her. Strange behavior.

  3. NayMKWay

    “Just a thought.”

    “Just a drive-by thought,” you mean.

    Did you even bother to read more than one article before making your assessment? Did they not teach you at MBA (sorry for the all-caps) school to gather all available information before making a business decision or judgement? If you had, you would have found plenty of articles that analyze the facts and figures quite thoroughly. What figures there are to be had, anyway.

    Mary Kay has become far more reticent about releasing numbers in recent years, giving Tracy less and less to work with. They’re a privately held company, so they can do that, but the fact that they do speaks volumes. If the numbers were good, we’d hear all about it. In fact, it is Mary Kay and not Pink Truth that is being short on specifics and talking instead in vague terms like “success” and “empowerment.”

    Instead of complaining about victims unwilling to post all the sad details of their losses, you should be asking where are the schedule Cs from the hundreds who have driven by here claiming to be successful. When they are challenged to provide proof, they disappear, never to be heard from again.

    Take the time to read the articles here where Tracy, a forensic accountant, digs through the numbers. There are many. But realize this is a blog, not a textbook. It can’t be all numbers and dry commentary; we have to have SOME fun (ooh, all caps again!). Having fun is part of the healing process; maybe you should give fun a chance.

    [I kind of hope “GMB_SUCCESS” will drop another satiric comment here and show you how all-caps is done.]

  4. Char

    “Complaint sites”? This site is about EXPOSING mlm fraud with a particular focus on Mary Kay. There are facts and figures presented here, but the MLM con game is so much more than that. Tell me, how do you assign a figure to faith…..belief, hope, dreams? I’ll wait. You should not underestimate the power of brainwashing.

  5. PeachyNotPink

    “I am an MBA, so I believe only numbers that I can see. “

    Then you are a fool. Kaybots lie with their numbers all the time. And if you had actually searched this site for “marykay math”, you would see very specific, detailed, and provable data to show that MKCorp, as well as NSD’s, Directors, and IBC’s all lie. They lie about how much income a new recruit can make, the lie about how much they “sell” (aka buy) and they lie about their own personal income. Did you ask your anonymous relative to show you her numbers as proof of her six-figure income?

    Again, if you had actually read through this site (or even done a basic search), Tracy has called time after time for defenders of MK to post their Schedule C’s with personal information blocked out. You claim that you will only believe numbers you can see. Yet, the Schedule C that is on this site with actual numbers from someone in MK you claim is a lie. So which is it OP? You only believe numbers you can see? Or you only see numbers you want to believe?

    And let’s be clear about something: Stating you have an MBA means nothing. What was your concentration? MBA covers a lot of ground and a lot of it is not financial: project management, human resources, healthcare management, logistics, etc. What is your line of work? Do you have financial experience?

  6. anythingbutpink

    Did you get your MBA at the same alternate universe Harvard that teaches Mary Kay as a case study? Because based on the amount of intelligence in your post, that sounds about right.

  7. ran4fun

    “Bottom line: do some real good and publish some facts and figures. Start providing some of the information you now wish you had been provided, not just carping about how you were taken in because you had no “facts”.”

    I’ve been following Canada’s ER for a long time. Interestingly, they changed the format this year. They used to say how many total consultants they had, and the number has been going down the last few years. Now with the new format they only say how many SDs there are, but they can’t fool me cuz I know how to do math…by my math, they lost close to 1,400 consultants, and down 2 NSDs from previous year.

    What I like about the new format is how they show the percentage of people who are NSD and SD (1.725% of total “sales force”). Then 15% earn an average of $206 in commissions. Lastly 83% earn no commissions. What an “opportunity”.

    How I wish USA would require ERs from MLMs…(sorry for all the caps)

    Much more can be said about this, but I’ll let an MBA do it.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      Ran4fun, do you have the latest Canadian Applause? I’ve tried finding them online, I’m not active anymore to log in to the MK Canada site. I did enjoy keeping mental notes on who was failing miserably, it was a guilty pleasure!

      1. ran4fun

        EWSNM – no, I’ve never had the Canadian “Clap”. I’m not from Canada. I just check their ER every year cuz I just love having hard facts, like the OP asked for… 😉

    2. MLM Radar

      I was just thinking about the Canadian MK numbers. Thanks for the link!

      By the way, MK doesn’t release the American numbers, but (up through last year) we could still get a good feel for them by looking at the pictures of women on the Seminar stage. I’m curious to see what we’ll find from this year’s virtual Seminar.

      Head count of Canadian MK participants:

      The last line below the Canadian chart has the key to participant numbers: “As of December 31, 2019, 62% of the 485 Independent Sales Directors and Independent National Sales Directors participated in the Career Car Program and 42% attended an incentive trip.”

      So there are 485 Canadian ISDs and NSDs. According to the chart, ISDs are 1.675% of the sales force and NSDs are 0.05% of the sales force. Together those 485 are 1.725% of the sales force. Simple (real) math: 485 / 1.725% = 28,116 total Canadian sales force.

      Canadian NSDs = 0.05% = 14
      Canadian SDs = 1.675% = 471
      Canadian commission eligible IBCs = 15.138% = 4,256
      Canadian other IBCs = 83.137% = 23,375
      Yes, the numbers continue to fall. Tiiimmmmbbeerrrrr!

      62% of 485 Canadian SDs and NSDs were driving MK cars = 301 Mary Kay cars in Canada
      42% of 485 Canadian SDs and NSDs went on the trip = 204 Canadian trip participants

      1. ran4fun

        The numbers are definitely falling. From their very own website came these numbers:
        2012 – 33,513 total consultants.
        2013 – 36,476 ” ”
        2014 – 33,500 ” ”
        2015 – 34,600 ” ”
        2016 – missing
        2017 – 32,400 ” ”
        2018 – 29,500 ” ”
        2019 – 28,116* ” ”

        *MLMRadar’s figure above, which I also came up with.

  8. Mountaineer95

    Seriously, lady?

    “I am an MBA, so I believe only numbers that I can see.”

    You obviously haven’t done your due diligence in that you failed to find the EASILY accessible posts on this site that are all about verifiable numbers. There are so, so many of these posts that address false income claims, break down directors’ earnings via NUMBERS in Applause, etc. What a strange post…you repeatedly say you don’t like MK, and you’re not defending it; but you also don’t like this site as it somehow doesn’t meet your MBA standards.

    Why don’t you take the time to look at all of the posts in this site that deal specifically with numbers (and provide proof). If I were Tracy, I’d be very tempted to email every single numbers-related article on this site, in a separate email for each one. That’ll keep your inbox full with all of the numbers you haven’t been able to find here yourself.

    1. NayMKWay

      Enabler, indeed, pinkvictim. People often post questions on Reddit’s AntiMLM sub when they learn a friend or relative has joined an MLM and is hitting them up to “support their business.” “What should I do?” they ask. “I want to support my [friend/relative] but I don’t support MLMs.”

      My two-fold answer is generally along these lines:
      1) Hitting you up for “support” is just panhandling. You will not be supporting their business, because panhandling is not a business.
      2) If you buy anything from this person, it will only encourage them to stay in longer, endure more abuse, and lose more money. That’s not being a friend; that’s being an enabler.

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