You Are Dream Stealers!

We are dream stealers, according to this critic.

I was searching for a POSITIVE website and my Pastor says that the world is 90% negative and 10% positive. I feel so blessed and priveledged to be among the 10%. When I was in business school, I learned that business is not for everyone but for those who chose to be in business. I just have a few words to say.

When I fell upon this site, I felt responsible to do my input. I am amazed to find that people actually took the time to create this extensive website dedicated to bringing in the 90% of the negative. This website is no different than the websites that lead teenagers to commit suicide, the sites that lead people to sell drugs, the sites that promote infidelity and the sites that promote terrrorism. and the site that promote Anti-God and so on and so on.

Internet is a good resource when it is promoting good research that helps people to think positive and provides positive and productive solutions, . However, when it becomes a way to downgrade ANY company, person, or purpose of other or effort of others or it becomes a way to play with the weakness of other individuals, it becomes an ATOMIC BOMB!!

I can understand being disgruntled, let-down feeling defeated and dishonored by others. I have been there, just like many. However, life is too short. And only those who are willing to help other people use their talents and skills to influence them in a positive direction are called CHILDREN OF GOD.

I have learned that by sharing all of my problems with EVERYONE constantly brings other down and creates a haven for them to do the same which also hinders their personal, spiritual, physical, intellectual and financial growth and mine as well. This is NOT what GOD has intended for people to do.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to start a website like this one., but I realized that it was taking ALL my energy, spirit and not giving good sense of fullfillment.

Therefore, I decided to apply ALL of my energy and efforts for a good cause. I understand and accept that in any good cause there is still obstacles, dream-stealers, the suffering and the tears in order to Grow. As long as it will benefit the majority of others, it will be a good cause..

Whoever created this website, seems to be a go-getter and very creative, how about putting energy, time and effort in a positive direction. No One says that you have to like MaryKay, Primeamerica, Party Lite, Avon, Herbal life, to have a job, work in a corporation or in a private business or even have your own business, be married etc. or that you will find the PERFECT life and people. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE PERFECT LIFE.  I hope all of you realize that there is NO PERFECT LIFE.

This is my first and last time visiting this site. I have my life to live and family to care for WITH!! Good luck and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! and make it a great LIFE! YOu all deserve it!


      1. NayMKWay

        It’s in II Extremeties 2:3-5 – “Ye shall know them by their fruit, and their fruit shall be 90% negative and 10% positive. And thou shalt eat of only the positive fruit, and only of the positive fruit shalt thou eat. The negative fruit it right out. And by eating of the fresh fruit, which thou shalt exclusively eat therefrom, wilst thou may be blessed and priveledged [sic] to be among the 10%. And the 90% that is negative shalt snuff it. By Thy Mercy.”

        Glad I could help. (With apologies to Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

  1. Brainwashed no more

    We here are children of God. We are being honest about the horrible way this has conned us and affected our lives. We are here as a warning to others to evaluate if this is for them. If your friend were in trouble and in a cult that was sucking them of their money, energy and time, that was helping them burn bridges with friends and their spouse, that was putting them in financial debt, you would be giving them an opportunity to think for themselves. I wonder why that bothers you. Why is it that this is so threatening to you? It is our responsibility as children of God to let a neighbor know if there’s a hole in the sidewalk and that they should be careful where they walk. That is what children of God do to be good citizens.

  2. Jeri

    “I have learned that by sharing all of my problems with EVERYONE constantly brings other down and creates a haven for them to do the same which also hinders their personal, spiritual, physical, intellectual and financial growth and mine as well.”
    I was in a cult, (other than MK), this is the thinking/teaching that isolates people so that they can’t compare notes, keeps them deep in the fog. You should not only be able to complain to your friends, but also be honest about your doubts and struggles, whatever they are.

    1. NayMKWay

      Galatians 6:2 – “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

      Pushing the positive mindset as though it could end all troubles is corrupting and damaging. It forces you to keep all of your troubles bottled up, leading to depression and feelings of isolation. That’s why Paul wrote what he did.

      The cultism in books like “The Secret” and in MLMs everywhere is damaging on multiple levels. Not only are you supposed to ignore the negative, you’re supposed to blame yourself when things don’t go well. Struggling in your business? It must be because your deserve level is too low, or because your own negativity is pushing people away. It’s such utter crap.

  3. Cat Ballou

    I love this site. I found it a few years ago when a friend was pressuring me to join her MK team (we’re trying to recruit more professional women!). She’s normally a lovely person, except for when she’s pushing for sales. Reading a few posts quickly convinced me that there was precious little to be gained and much to lose (including my time!) by signing up with MK.

  4. PinkBoo

    Providing legitimate and honest information is not negative- it is only stating the facts. Facts that are not presented during the recruiting process in MK.

    The products do not sell themselves, recruiting is the focus and you will be pressured to order unneeded inventory which will only benefit your upline. Training is not free. MK does not pay your way and expenses to seminar, leadership or career conference (which have little actual training and are more of a rah rah rally). Nobody is looking to buy MK products and if they are, eBay is a cheaper and more convenient option.

    Potential recruits have the right to all of the facts. If presenting these is somehow seen as negative, maybe MK is the problem.

  5. J

    “When I was in business school, I learned that business is not for everyone but for those who chose to be in business.”

    Oh, so you went to business school at the Holliday Inn? We all know 1 year in mk is the equivalent of 4 years in business school.

    Hope you make it out of your cult. Sounds like you have a toxic leader who wants you isolated and scared. Yet you ventured here, into “danger.” I don’t think your heart believes the 90/10 rule you’re being force fed.

  6. lulutoo

    When she “fell” upon this site?–just like the other vipers who “stumble” across this site. Always nice to read a post by someone who has the spare time (and the giving heart) to tell someone on the internet that they are wrong…

  7. MLM Radar

    And only those who are willing to help other people use their talents and skills to influence them in a positive direction are called CHILDREN OF GOD.

    Pretty sure that’s not in MY bible. Jesus in the beatitudes says that the peacemakers will be called “children of God.” Are you a peacemaker when you’re driving women into debt for your personal gain? Or when you’re envy-baiting, victim-blaming, and driving spikes into marriages by blaming “unsupportive” husbands?

    I’ll tell you what else IS in my bible:

    John 8:32 (NIV) “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  8. Neverpink

    Truth is neither positive or negative. Facts just ARE. Sorry you’re so brainwashed that you think facts that are contrary to your beliefs are automatically “negative”. 🙁

  9. Destiny Angel

    I personally like John 2:14-16. Jesus wasn’t having anything to do with people monetizing His Father’s House.

    I think He’d feel the same about Huns who try to use God as a way to make themselves look respectful.

        1. Char

          Apparently 70% of the world is going to hell (Christian belief); and thieves that are merely POSITIVE about how much they steal, and live a happy life off the loot, are blessed and privileged. Let’s not allow those court systems to be negative dream stealers. (Betty’s belief)

          Betty’s pastor and I need to have a chat because that sure is bleak and twisted.

  10. Linda

    This is not something which works for the majority of people. Most will loose money but they don’t talk about it because of the ”fake it till you make it” mentality. People have gotten into huge debts and this site is only trying to warn others about it. If the reason that you were looking for a positive website is that it is not going so well then you are not alone and it is not your fault. You are beeing manipulated into thinking that it is.

  11. Cindylu

    Whistle blowing is not dream stealing. According to the Bible, you cannot hide injustice forever. MK betrays our trust. You need to use discernment when it comes to Mark 4:22 For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light. Even Jesus was upset when he cleared the Temple. There were many things I found concerning about MK: The lies (Training is NOT free, products don’t fly off shelves, NSD’s are too focused on material gain (They wear gowns, jewelry and expensive shoes at seminar) They focus on trips, the Pink Car and status. Sorry you think we are negative. I am not Negative. I live each day in the present and enjoying life. I am not focused on the next sale or recruit. I am honest with my family and have no credit card debt. I get to enjoy my back yard, sunsets, the stars, family gatherings, ride my bike or go for a walk, not dread my credit card bill, plan a close by camping trip with close family, take time to pray, be focused on family and not my cell phone, and take care of my health. I can be positively present. Never again do I have to rely on doing facials or skin care classes for my income. What is negative my dear is doing an open house and no one shows up. Having children and a husband who are disappointed and upset. Having friends and neighbors who are upset with me. I honestly do not miss the soul sucking negativity of MK including the costs for gas, seminar, products etc. I definitely love that I no longer have any unsellable MK products anywhere in my home. Absolutely no one wants the perfumes, lotions, mens products etc. It’s regretful that you think MK’s mlm sales model and recruiting are beneficial to yourself or women in general. Sad really and the only negative is that you’ll be in debt very soon. 🙁

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