You Can’t Be Negative in Mary Kay

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Written by SuzyQ

When we are in the Pink Bubble, we are taught to avoid negativity, with Pink Truth being cited directly as a huge bad thing, or at least alluded to as being poison. It is not. Negativity as defined by the Mary Kay world is anything that may cause you to doubt the company, your NSD, or your director. Most of you have been to meetings and were told to leave your bad thoughts, the day’s activities, or anything that wasn’t wonderful at the door and enter the pink bubble.

I want you to think about this. Mary Kay asks you to stop negative thoughts (“Cancel, Cancel”) never discuss product non-performance, classes that didn’t hold, people who were dodging your calls, your inability or unwillingness to warm chat, withholding evidence of no show/no sale appointments from the people closest to you, the amount of your debt, fear you feel about your business, the push to recruit and to finish that star, the pressure to attend events, the MK dress code.

Just follow that line of thought, I know the list is much longer.

We plan events, as does the company, to make sure we keep you on task, to keep you “motivated” and unquestioning in your belief in the company and this wonderful opportunity. We need to reindoctrinate you at regular times because little things that are causing you to question your role, your possibility of success, the amount of your time, and your financial and emotional investment may pull you away from the dream.

THIS SITE IS NOT NEGATIVE. It is the TRUTH. It is a collective truth if you wish to call it that. So many of us have shared our journey, there is no reason to lie, to exaggerate, to bend the truth, to embroider the facts. We gain nothing by sharing our experience with you. We just want you to know!

If you lurk on here, if you dare to post a comment, if you write an article, then you have found the right place and you need to be here. This is where the truth is. Truth is truth. Truth is neutral. There is no negative nor is there a positive connotation until someone gives it one.

Take a deep breath, and keep reading the PINK TRUTH. It will set you free!


    1. Char

      Here’s some other entries in the MLM Playbook. Do any of these sound familiar?

      – Show deference to upline.
      – Worship the “leaders” at the very top.
      – Attend conferences that you pay for.
      – Use the product yourself.
      – Target friends and family
      – Build a team to be “successful”
      – Training consists of learning how to recruit.
      – Belief, faith in “the business”; no math or science required
      – Cult-like religious atmosphere, especially at conferences
      – The MLMer referred to as “business owner” (lol)
      – The victims choose to sign up aka “willing-victims”
      – “Fake it til you make it” is advised

  1. Fay

    I was labelled as ‘negative’ for being anti MLM. I never said the business is wrong but I stated that I hate the fact that the upline is earning money from their downlines hardwork. And they’re so proud with their passive income.

    I’ve never seen a successful IBC in my area.. Only those in higher position able to show off their success in this MLM business.. so sad…

  2. Cindylu

    Ah yes Negativity. When I got sick it was hard to remain positive when my SD etc ignored me and essentially wrote me off. Those useless slogans Go Give, Products fly off the wall, Faith Family Career etc. The training is not free and you do not win a car. Directors do not make executive income. No wonder Negativity becomes the norm. My NSD was the biggest snob I’ve ever met. Thousands of women were sacrificed so she could haughtily lord it over us. My SD was a carbon copy of that braggart. Don’t understand why directors put up with being used by this mlm.

  3. Kristen

    I will never forget the look my director gave me in a unit meeting when I asked a question that she couldn’t answer with one of the pat phrases or scripts they use. I wasn’t trying to be difficult or rude. I just couldn’t make sense of what she was saying. Logically, the numbers weren’t adding up in my “business”. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong. “Just work harder” didn’t work because I’d explained how hard I’d been working. Her expression was a combination of terror, contempt and exhaustion. I was quickly shunned by everyone and soon after sent my product back.

  4. NayMKWay

    Psychologists call it “toxic positivity” when fear of negative thoughts makes you unable to function in the real world.

    We electrical engineers have a name for a circuit that fails to incorporate negative feedback: that circuit is “unstable.”

    It’s interesting how technology imitates life, isn’t it?

  5. Shay

    You are in an impossible situation in MK. Once you realize you can’t make money selling product and you can only make money recruiting.. how the heck can you not be negative? That would p*ss anyone off.
    For the naysayers- you do not make money selling MK because that crap rarely sells at full price and even if it did.. you would have sell $10,000 a month just to get $5k.. and oops don’t forget taxes and expenses.. sure you can “pay yourself” all the “profit” so you don’t pay business taxes.. but guess what? you still have to pay sales tax, plus your personal taxes and expenses.. so that $5k goes down to about $2k a month AND THAT IS IF YOU CAN SELL AT FULL PRICE so there.. don’t come for us..

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at PT who celebrates! We celebrate next week.

  6. Mountaineer95

    I’ll apologize up front for the possibility that I may post more than one comment here; when I find something in the OP that I want to address, I do so right away, but often as I read more into the OP and find more morsels if interest. So my apologies, and I hope it’s worth it to you guys (or, and frankly better yet, to lurkers still in the fog). That said:

    “Most of you have been to meetings and were told to leave your bad thoughts, the day’s activities, or anything that wasn’t wonderful at the door…

    Yeah, that behavior of completely ignoring anything possibly negative in meetings is not “real world”. I’ve been to at least 30 and possibly 40+ (time has affected my memory) major travel “sales meetings” in my career as a manufacturer’s sales manager and retail store owner/manager (brick and mortar, not this ridiculousness of I OWN MY OWN BUSINESS FOR THIRTY DOLLARS AND IF YOU DON’T BUY FROM ME YOU ARE REJECTING LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS crap).

    And, while rare, I’ve sat in a few large corporate sales meetings during a really bad time for our company and the meeting was NOT about faking success and ditching our “bad thoughts” (btw, our supposed bad thoughts were properly addressed by our superiors as we were INVITED to share them), but more about recognizing the bad stretch and addressing what we could to survive it.

    MK will NEVER recognize a bad stretch as something normal; if you personally are having a bad stretch, then it’s ALL on you. All your fault.

    1. NayMKWay

      Well said, Mountaineer95. The fact is, MK isn’t a real business for any IBO except for a very few lucky ones. Since MK Corp. can’t admit the truth, they lie and say anyone can succeed with the right attitude. When failure inevitably comes, it’s clearly your fault for harboring negative thoughts. What? You claim you cleared your mind of all negativity, yet you still failed? Then why are you even saying “failed,” huh? See? You are harboring negative thoughts; you just didn’t realize it.

      That, dear readers, is why we call Mary Kay a cult. And every MLM uses the same cultish techniques. See for yourself: go to YouTube and search for “John Oliver MLM.” You’ll see active brainwashing going on in multiple MLM conferences.

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