At Whose Expense?

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In Mary Kay we are told to take short term sacrifices for long term gains. But at whose expense? We are told to be women who find a way and make a way. But at whose expense? We are told to share this “opportunity” with everyone, never prejudge. But at whose expense?

We are crafted into believing that we really do want to be directors, that we LOVE that pink caddy, and our lifetime goal and dream is to become that all-glorified NSD. But at whose expense? We are told we are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. Someone will be there for us every step of the way. But at whose expense? That we can’t sell from an empty wagon. That the product sells itself. We need to stock up on certain products. But at whose expense?

10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing

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Following are some excerpts from Robert FitzPatrick’s article “The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing.” Robert has studied MLMs and pyramid schemes for years and is the author of the book  False Profits and the head of  Pyramid Scheme Alert.

Robert has also served as an expert witness on pyramid schemes in both state and federal courts. This guy knows what he’s talking about! Just read the ten lies and ask yourself if Mary Kay Cosmetics fits the criteria.

One Woman’s Mary Kay Experience

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The reality of the Mary Kay opportunity as told by a Pink Truth member.

I pretty much knew after a couple of months that the Mary Kay opportunity wasn’t for me.  I joined Mary Kay simply because I had just graduated college and needed to put some more structure in my free time.  I was used to my evenings having a schedule and when I no longer had classes to fill that time I looked for something (anything!) to fill my evenings.

I went to a skin care class and enjoyed the consultant and the product so I decided to join.  Since I was relatively new to the area, I was hoping to make a few friends and get a little bit of a discount on some of the product that I used.

A Mary Kay Consultant Shares Her Opinion on Pink Truth

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I liked this comment so much that I just had to put it on the front page.

mk girl all the way

its funny to me how everyone is on her wineing about marykay and what it didnt do for u but can i ask what did u do in mary kay did u follow the scripts set did u do ur best were ur books full did u even try or did u sit on the box and cry it doesnt work i have been a consulant for 2 years by choice and i love it i love going out and putting the make up on the faces and watching a womans world change even if its for that one night i dont push sales i dont push recriuts it does happen but to sit on her and down mk because u have an bad exsperince and then put us all in one is not only childess rude and disrespectful but so wrong yes we do have a few that go out for themselves but we are not all the same.. u had a bad exspercinse with a consulant so dont see her u dont like the product send it back theres 100 % buy back on any product that YOU CHOOSE to buy inventory call the company they work it our with u simply enough the only promblem with all the situaions i seen on here is Y_O_U stop putting urself in ur own way

How to Drive Your Mary Kay Sales Director Nuts

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Many of you have been subjected to the craziness of the sales director in your life.  She has called and e-mailed you nonstop to get you to “be a team player” this month.  She has offered you cheap jewelry for thousand-dollar orders.  She has refused to listen to your negative questions about Mary Kay.  She insists that you pull on pantyhose in 100-degree weather and wear skirts when it’s 20 below.

Wouldn’t you like to turn the tables on your SD and give her fits for once?  Here’s a checklist of some things you can do that are guaranteed to make your director go crazy – and provide you with hours of amusement.

Mary Kay’s Do More Get More Churn

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When I first came here I did not understand that it was the MLM system that was the destructive, predatory model. I was still brainwashed into the belief that those who “failed” at Mary Kay just didn’t apply themselves. If a person just does more, they get more. If you agreed with that statement as it pertains to Mary Kay, you just revealed how fogged over you are, and how little you understand about the nature of multi-level marketing. Here is why.

That “model” of work ethic, ( “do more- get more”) only pertains to business where there are real customers, a real market, legitimate advertising venues and freedom to conduct business as you see fit. Even now, with the recent bad press, how will a consultant be able to divorce herself from Mary Kay’s growing negative perception?

This Sounds Awfully Familiar, Charlie Brown!

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As far as I’m concerned, it’s not Halloween until I’ve watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! at least once.  Back in my tender grade school years, I can remember the giddiness I felt when the local TV station teased me with commercial after commercial, my heart leaping each time the screen faded to black – would they show the multicolored “SPECIAL PRESENTATION” screen that heralded the once-a-year, 23-minute Snoopy-worship session?  Or would it be yet another advertisement for Craftsman tools?  TVs that antagonize children like that get reincarnated as ugly abstract art on some aging hipster’s lawn – I think that’s in the Bible somewhere between Jude and the maps of Israel, but I could be wrong.

A Former Mary Kay Director’s Story and Numbers

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Attention: Every person who wants to move up in Mary Kay- please read.

If you’re reading this as a consultant, please know that every word is true and meant to help you learn the other side of the MK story.

I originally started in Mary Kay Cosmetics in April of 1991 in college.  What attracted me most was the dream of earning free cars, diamond rings, the glitz and glamour of Seminar.  I was a very high- I, and my sales director at the time pegged me right away.  She knew showing me the Seminar video tape would get me to sign right away.  I did and a week later I was asking my parents fora $1,000 to get inventory.  I even shared with them the line- “You can’t sell from an empty wagon”  So of course, they sent me the money so I could get started.

Mary Kay Truth: One Obstacle to Recovery is Hope

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One morning, I heard this statement on a television talk show: “One obstacle to recovery is hope.” They went on to discuss how hope plays a part in people recovering from tragedies or moving forward in their lives. I thought it was very appropriate in relation to Mary Kay.

Raisinberry wrote an article on this very issue. Mary Kay lives and dies by hope. So long as you have the “hope” that you might be one of the big winners in the pyramid scheme, you will continue to pour time and money into this losing proposition.

Here’s the truth: Mary Kay admitted in a letter to the FTC that the company recruits 40,000 new U.S. consultants per month. (Boy, I bet legal wishes they had never written that, because they didn’t realize I’d keep repeating it!) That’s 480,000 women a year that the company uses.