Recruiting a New Consultant With Manipulation

mary kay recruitWritten by The Scribbler

This script has all of the finesse of a vacuum cleaner salesman inching his way across the porch, inching his way over the threshold, and finally through the front door.

The consultant softens up the prospect by initially utilizing manipulative body language and flattery.  The prospect gets the informational tape/video – INCH.  The prospect is told to watch it within 48 hours – INCH.  If that weren’t enough, the consultant pushes for the Director to be present at either the coffee meeting or the conference call – CRASH THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.  Even if a prospect tells a consultant, “I want no part of Mary Kay Cosmetics!” you’ll see that such a response translates in IBC-ese to, “I’m just messing with you; give me the “Something More” CD, you cute little screwball!”  Continue reading “Recruiting a New Consultant With Manipulation”

Real Numbers on DIQ from a Former Mary Kay Director

Written by Pinkslipping

Why do I share this? Because I’m not an exception to DIQ – I was the standard!!

Not to make excuses, but I was being led by my senior and her senior by with sayings such as “you are a find a way, make a way gal“, “you’ll never work as hard as you do in DIQ” and “the only way to fail is to quit“. Oh and my favorite line of all while I was in DIQ: “Your debuting unit is never the unit you have a year later“. Continue reading “Real Numbers on DIQ from a Former Mary Kay Director”

Mary Kay Didn’t MAKE You Do Anything!

A note from a Pink Truth critic who says Mary Kay is simple, we made it hard, and it’s your fault if you were talked into buying inventory.

I am currently an IBC & I have found myself at this site as I too have had my occasional doubts about MK. Your right, these girls are pushed to order order order and their financials are rarely taken into account. However, I have to argue the fact that MK “put you into debt”.

MK didn’t MAKE you do anything, did one single person sit on you until you pressed that proceed to order button?? Did someone slip something in your drink and press the button for you??

YOU made those decisions. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones to be in such a considerate unit, and yes they still pushed the wholesale order and they push you to gain team members, (for their benefit? of course, but for yours as well) but they don’t put you in debt. Continue reading “Mary Kay Didn’t MAKE You Do Anything!”

The Start of a Fake Mary Kay Friendship

mary kay girlfriendsA new Mary Kay recruit, almost reeled in by a sales director who she thought was becoming her friend. But it was really all about the inventory.

So, I’ve always been well aware of the name Mary Kay.  It’s been a name that has been tossed around a few times in my 30 years of living.  I’ve had friends cross the path of pink bubblehood and come out a little scathed.  I even attended a facial and event a few years back with a good friend.  At the time though, I didn’t have any desire to sell MK.

I’m at a clothing store the other day and that’s when it happened.  This cute, bubbly woman is shopping in the same department as me and she remarks on my amazing shoes.  Well, they were pretty amazing, so I couldn’t blame her, and before I know it we are chatting and she tells me that she owns her own business and she is doing a portfolio and she would love to use me for a before and after picture.  Of course I agree.  We part ways. Continue reading “The Start of a Fake Mary Kay Friendship”

Same Play, Different Audience

Written by SuzyQ

Why do we keep doing what we do at Pink Truth? This page explains why Pink Truth exists in the first place, but I wanted everyone to know a little more about why it’s important for me (and so many others) to continue to discuss Mary Kay day after day.

There are diehard Kaybots who will never believe what we have to say. There are other Kaybots who don’t want to believe it, but probably will sometime soon. There are still other Kaybots who know that our stories ring true, but are fighting it. And there are those who are ready to come out of the fog and into the light. Continue reading “Same Play, Different Audience”

A Mary Kay Director’s Letter to Her NSD

quitting mary kayCan you relate to her struggles as a Mary Kay sales director? Is this you? I know so many pieces of this story resonate with nearly all the sales directors in Mary Kay… This woman had the strength to quit and to tell her NSD about her experience.

Dear NSD,

I will try to paint a picture of my situation –but I don’t think it’s indicative of everyone’s situation. So please bear with me on details. I think as an NSD, you need to hear some of the situations I encountered… Continue reading “A Mary Kay Director’s Letter to Her NSD”

Common Misrepresentations by Recruiting MLMs

mlm-scheme-pyramidThe lies that multi-level marketing recruiters use to con people into signing up for their scams change little from company to company. Dr. Jon Taylor, a noted expert on MLMs, put together a list of common misrepresentations (found in Chapter 8), and here are some of my favorites.

I bet all of us have heard most of these at one time or another in our Mary Kay experiences, either when we were being recruited or when others were being sucked into the pink vortex…

Presented as a great “income opportunity,” with huge incomes reported for many.

Recruiting MLM’s nearly always lead to certain loss for new recruits. A few are at the top of a pyramid of participants are enriched at the expense of a multitude of downline participants, about 99% of whom lose money. Continue reading “Common Misrepresentations by Recruiting MLMs”

From Independent Beauty Consultant to Production Cow

Written by Raisinberry

You never saw this coming.  This one is going to be painful. This is one for the “career path” consultant.  You are sitting down… that’s good.

This is a recap of your life in Mary Kay. Some of the facts will vary, but the general “technique” should open your eyes fully. Hopefully, today is the day, you see how it was done. And then you will have a decision to make.

You just recruited your first recruit and boy are you excited! Your upfront recognition is great and you get to pin her and feel excited for her all at once! Continue reading “From Independent Beauty Consultant to Production Cow”

The Reality of a Mary Kay Husband

The story of a husband deceived by a wife in Mary Kay… This is far too common.

My wife has been in Mary Kay for 4 years. In that time she has lost over $30K. I had to remortgage the house to keep her from going bankrupt, but still she’s back at it. Her credit is going to max again in the next few months. This time I will lose the house. I have a good job, but she’s losing it faster than I can make it.

Every MK event I went to was the same, the few husbands that went were all safely muzzled. We all talked about things unrelated till our wives where out of earshot. Continue reading “The Reality of a Mary Kay Husband”

Mary Kay: Not Just One Bad Apple In the Bunch

Probably the most frequent challenge I hear to our real-life experiences with Mary Kay Cosmetics is, “Oh, there’s always one bad apple in the bunch. Don’t judge the entire company by that one person!”"Image"

Yet in maintaining this site, I hear similar stories daily. Stories of lying and deception in an effort to get to the top of Mary Kay Inc. I don’t care what anyone says. These incidents are not isolated. I have heard literally thousands of similar stories. Women in MK compromise their morals to move to the next level, get a few extra recruits, or win a prize. Continue reading “Mary Kay: Not Just One Bad Apple In the Bunch”