One Woman’s Struggle Up the Mary Kay Career Ladder

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For a long time I was warned about this site… as many other consultants I am sure. There was actually a segment with the directors at seminar talking about it. I was in Mary Kay twice. the first time as a 18 year old part time college student/full time employee at a hospital. My mom was also a consultant twice when I was younger. Helping her in her office with the products taught me to read.

My second time in Mary Kay i came back because I wanted my discount back. When I met with my new director she laid out the inventory talk and i decided to do an $1,800. Then I kept ordering because she said I needed more stuff even though I wasn’t selling anything.

Another Victim of Mary Kay Propaganda

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Check out this letter posted on social media by a new-ish Mary Kay consultant, who is parroting all the lies that have been fed to her. She is reciting the typical list of “Mary Kay goals,” and no doubt she is telling everyone about this at the advice of her upline. You have to “name it to claim it,” right? I can only hope that she does a little Pink Truth Research and figures out the truth before she has sunk too much time and money into this losing proposition.

The Cult of Mary Kay’s Guide For Targeting & Manipulating Women

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Written by DK

No matter what type of personality you are, the Cult of Mary Kay has a script to use on you

For the last few years that my spouse was in Mary Kay, I became extremely suspicious of what I  began to refer to (and still do) as “The Cult.” Of course, this was before I discovered the true depths of the hold that The Cult had on her.

From the scripted sales pitch I would hear from the other room while she was “working the phones,” to the usage of words like “store” to describe the thousands of dollars of unsold stock in our house, the term “peeps” to describe the current or soon-to-be victims, or “investment” to describe the debt (at least what I knew about) she had racked up on “her business.”

Perpetuating the Myth That People in MLMs Make Money

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It is common for multi-level marketing companies to publicize  that  “direct selling” (the code name for multi-level marketing or legalized pyramid schemes) picks up during a recession. The whole industry is portrayed a massive opportunity for consumers to make money when their lives are otherwise in financial disarray.

This is sad, especially when the research clearly shows that 99% of people lose money in MLMs. People are looking to make money, are told that MLM is the answer and they will make money if they’re willing to work hard, yet they are almost guaranteed to lose money.

Sure, people might be able to make a little extra spending money from hawking MLM wares. But think about it…. If the economy is in such dire shape, who would really be buying these goods? That’s the part of the equation the recruiters leave out.

Lukewarm Foundation: How Mary Kay Cosmetics is Hurting the Women in Your Flock

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Written by The Scribbler

This article is designed to show church leaders of all denominations how Mary Kay’s recruiting practices are stumbling blocks to the spiritual growth and faith of their women parishioners. I encourage you to e-mail this article to the leaders of your chosen house of worship (anonymously if you wish), along with a link to should they desire to learn more. 

“This is serious,” the pastor’s wife said sternly. “I know lots of godly women who do Mary Kay. They’re not going to Hell, are they?”

“No,” I replied.

She continued, her voice escalating with each question. “They’re not sinning by doing Mary Kay, are they? They’re not doing anything wrong by being in Mary Kay, are they?”

I didn’t take the pastor’s wife’s words personally; deep down, I knew that the mixture of shock and standoffishness she’d projected stemmed from a simple lack of knowledge. I explained to her that I was writing a book on Mary Kay and had discovered a practice that was sickeningly far from anything Christ would endorse. I added that while women were not going to Hell or sinning by being in Mary Kay, they were actively engaging in something that had great potential to cripple or God forbid, shut down their spiritual growth. The practice I was referring to was recruiting.

No, You Can’t Be “At Home With Your Children” While Earning a Living in Mary Kay

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If you’ve been around Pink Truth for a while, you know the chances of making a real living in Mary Kay are slim to begin with. Even the 2% of current consultants who have supposedly reached the upper levels of success as sales directors…. Most of them aren’t making a real income.

If they’re lucky, they’re like almost all of the directors, they’re making $10,000 to $20,000 per year . That’s not bad if you’re comparing it to a minimum wage job. But in the real world, we don’t exactly call that making a living or having career earnings.

But let’s suppose you believe $20,000 a year is a good living. Can you really earn that while being “at home with your children”? Because Mary Kay recruiters will lead you to believe that you can. Well, not really “lead you to believe”… They’ll falsely tell you that you can!

Mary Kay NSD Pamela Shaw on Interviewing

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Written by The Scribbler

If this script were made into a movie, it would be titled, “Is there any reason why we couldn’t get your Starter Kit ordered?”  The pushy phrase is shoved into the potential recruit’s face a minimum of three times.

1. Cast the Vision

“I appreciate your time and want you to know that I am committed to building a dynamic team of women who are willing to work hard and want to make money, and you have the character qualities I am looking for in the team I want to build. Mary Kay may or may not be for you, but at least we will know….so I appreciate being able to share with you.”

Top Ten Reasons to Get Out of Mary Kay Directorship

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Written by Raisinberry

#10- No longer having to attend the annual clap and cry session in Dallas, awarding women for their ability to use multiple credit cards.

#9- To relearn proper spelling of words like, “bee-lieve”, Bee-come, Bee-long, Un-bee-lievable, bee-tween, bee-half, bee-no, un-bee-table….

#8- To develop intelligent language skills to replace, “awesome! dream big! pink hugs!love and belief!, fake it till you make it!, you bring about what you think about! and restore normal, thoughtful communication.

A Director’s Letter to Her Former Unit

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Written by A Former Director

I pray this note finds you well and enjoying the new year, meeting your goals and following thru on those resolutions!! By now, you have received a letter both from Mary Kay Inc., and Executive Senior Sales Director Xxxxxx Xxxxxx advising you of the change in our unit status. While I’m sure this comes as a surprise to you, it has been a while in coming for me.

There are monthly quotas each unit must meet, or at least meet every other month. Our unit has not been making our minimum production regularly for at least the last 12 to 18 months. For the first time since our unit was formed in 1996 we missed production 3 consecutive months which is grounds for cancellation of the Director’s agreement.