A Not-So Inspiring Note From a “Senior Cadillac Director”

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Another one of those “you didn’t work hard enough” emails from a director in Mary Kay.

Note: Yes, she inflated the sale figures. No, it’s not really fun to count each “no.”

I first want to remind you that you are running a business and you have treat it like a business. When a major corporation is not getting their desired results, what do they do? Usually call in a consulting firm to evaluate their business. Do you treat your business like that? Do you call in your Director, a sister Consultant who is doing what you want to achieve, a National Sales Director to help? Do you evaluate your business constantly?

How to Legitimately Steal Recruits From Your Unit Members

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You have a hotshot in your unit who is getting ready to go into DIQ (Director-In-Qualification). Here’s how to get some recruits from her team that she won’t be able to keep when she becomes a director. And it is allowable under the Mary Kay rules.

This is one of my favorite sneaky tactics promoted by Mary Kay nsd Anita Garrett Roe. The basic premise of the scheme is this: If you have someone who is going DIQ, get her 8 active pre-DIQ recruits to quickly recruit people of their own. Whether your DIQ successfully completes directorship or not, any recruits of the 8 pre-DIQ recruits stay in YOUR unit forever.

Getting Mo’ Money: Why Recruiting Mary Kay Customers Is Good (Well, Not Really.)

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Written by Lazy Gardens

Did Mary Kay Ash say, “Nothing happens until someone sells something”? Or did she say, “Nothing happens until someone recruits someone.”?

Here’s a slick explanation of why it’s a good idea to turn your customers into your competitors. This is on several UnitNet sites as “training material”.

A Comment on Critical Thinking in Mary Kay

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This comment was left by a Pink Truth visitor. I thought it needed its own post!

MARY KAY IS A SCAM which drives women into debt with their trinkets and labels them ‘failures’ when the real issues are an unworkable, unprofitable business model and manipulative corporate culture set up for failure with unethical behavior, and no conscious.

MARY KAY is a faulty business design with lies, conning, and manipulation. Do you have any idea of the abuse at the hand of Mary Kay, Incorp. upon women?

MARY KAY has hidden real rsults, real outcomes, real expectations of earnings.

Should I Order Mary Kay Inventory?

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Well what a silly question! If you’ve just joined Mary Kay, of course you should order inventory. In case you didn’t know, your recruiter doesn’t make any money unless you order inventory! You don’t actually need to sell anything. If you order, the recruiter profits, period.

Get ready for the “inventory talk.” Most importantly, you’ll be told that inventory is “optional” and that “it’s completely your decision.” Those things are said so that if you later regret ordering that inventory, the recruiter or director has an “out.” It was your choice, remember?

The Truth Behind What You Heard at a Mary Kay Recruiting Event

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Written by Raisinberry

One of the real beefs we have here is that when we were introduced to Mary Kay the information we were told was grossly overstated. Mary Kay Corp has attempted to clean up some of the outrageous statements, designed to sell you on the opportunity, but not with too much fervor. If you had the facts, you might decide to pass. So, in an effort to balance the hype with the truth, here you go:

One Reason to Not Trade Mary Kay Products

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The number one reason to not trade Mary Kay products?

Answer: Mary Kay Inc. makes less money and your director gets a smaller commission check!

Of course the company and the sales directors are going to “discourage” trading Mary Kay products amongst consultants. It is far better for their wallets if you have to place an order to get that one lipstick or eye color that your customer orders and you don’t have. And it’s even better for them if you don’t have your “earned discount privilege” and you have to order $200 wholesale that you don’t need (instead of just the one or two items that you need).

Husbands, Stand Up Against Mary Kay

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 The Mary Kaybots will say you’re unsupportive. They’ll tell your wife that you’re just “trying to hold her back,” or that you “don’t want her to have something just for herself.” You’ll be called negative. They’ll say you just don’t “get it.”

The real truth is that you understand all too well what a losing proposition Mary Kay Cosmetics is. The failure rate in this so-called business is astronomically higher than any legitimate business. Why? Because it’s more of a pyramid scheme (in which only a very small few win, dependent, of course, on all the rest to pass their money up the chain). It’s not a real business in which results are reasonably correlated to your efforts.

Mary Kay Skin Care Class: 12 Women, 30 Minutes, $500 Sold (Yeah, right.)

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Where do I begin with this email to one Mary Kay national area? I believe that she may have had 12 women there. I believe she may have sold $500. But there’s no way it only took 30 minutes! The only way she could do that is to spend about 6 minutes on the class, and two minutes each with the guests.

I don’t mind when Mary Kay NSDs actually do some work and show their consultants how it’s done. I just wish they’d be honest in recounting the work they’ve done so as to set up realistic expectations for the consultants.

Here’s how the nsd describes her class:

Mary Kay’s motto is “God First…”

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Written by The Scribbler

It’s a line that’s quick to be fired off at church, particularly post-service when recruiters are scrambling to grab sharp women and cart them off to the Golden Corral for their unit’s weekly “Onion Rings and Opportunities” event. “Mary Kay puts God first,” you may have heard them gush. “How many companies can make that claim?”

Well, Chik-fil-A, for one, but that’s not the point. As I’ve explained in previous articles, when God is mentioned in Mary Kay, it is the God of the Bible that is implied, in accordance with the faith that Mary Kay Ash practiced. But is God really first in Mary Kay – or is that throne reserved for someone else?