The Price of Success in Mary Kay

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This comes from Mary Kay national sales director’s site. Yes, success has a price. But in Mary Kay, you are expected to try to get to the top at any cost.

And almost no one gets there, as you can see from the fact that there are a couple hundred national sales directors and 14,000 sales directors (who have a virtual revolving door, so probably something on the order of 1/3 to 1/2 are replaced each year, making the number of those who don’t make it to nsd much higher each year).

Need a Job? Don’t Choose Mary Kay

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Here is one Pink Truth reader’s experience with Mary Kay when she needed a job:

I joined Mary Kay because I had been one of the millions of people who had been looking for a job for two years and after many job applications and only a few interviews, I decided to join Mary Kay because I was at the end of my rope.

Well, no one actually talked me into it and I did not hear the “opportunity” story. I just went to the Mary Kay internet site and put my zip code in.  Within a few hours a girl called me and invited me to a “Success Meeting” the next evening.  Considering I was very vulnerable at this point (and they knew it) I probably would have signed up for the Foreign Legion.

The Value of 3 Pesonal Recruits a Month in Mary Kay

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It’s all about the money from the downline in Mary Kay. It doesn’t matter that your recruits will have a difficult time selling products. Sure, they will make some sales. But it is nearly impossible to sell the products consistently at any level that gets you something more than a little extra pocket change.  But your director and recruiter have one goal in mind: to get you to order on a regular basis, regardless of what you are selling (or not selling, as the case may be).

Linda Toupin provides the following information on The Value of 3 Personal Recruits a Month. Please understand that the numbers are completely fabricated. Pieces like this are produced with fake information in order to keep recruiters and directors on the hamster wheel. Give them fake numbers and they may just stay on the wheel a little longer, thinking “if only I can get to that level..”

New Mary Kay Consultant Finds the Pink Truth

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A thank you note from new consultant, who was saved thanks to the Pink Truth we are telling here! This letter is very information for anyone thinking about joining Mary Kay. Here’s the REAL story on how the recruiting and inventory talks go down.

I have to take a moment to say thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do. Thank you for this website to help people understand what joining Mary Kay really means. Today, I ended my Mary Kay career after a solid five days. I  had been on the fence, but decided to order the starter kit with promises of turning those tools into anything I wanted and then the inventory chat began.

I am employed full time and have spent the last year working to pay down credit cards and take my financial future more seriously. For me, Mary Kay presented a sort of “fun challenge” and a chance to maybe add some extra cash to my bank account. I had used the products in the past and liked them. The only reason I stopped was consultant fatigue. I never understood why I couldn’t just buy the products without someone trying to get me to work for the company. I don’t go to dinner and have the waiter ask me if I want a job. I never got it. Now I do,  I expressed those concerns initially and it was very much, “ooooh, I know. It’s not like that. Some people choose to run their businesses that way. You tooootally don’t have to.”…..(except, it turns out, that you totally do)

All It Takes to Earn Your May Kay Car…

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Mary Kay Sucks

Mary Kay Sucks

The lies Mary Kay consultants and directors tell about how “easy” it is to earn a car in Mary Kay and how little time it takes…

Out of your 168 hours week you will need to spend 12-15 hours a week in people time to earn and continue using your free company car. Suggested allotment of time:
6 hours – 3 classes per week

If You Spent As Much Time On Mary Kay As You Do On this Blog…

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A Pink Truth critic tried to post a lengthy comment using several of the standard lines we hear. My comments are in italics…

LOL!! Wow reading this blog sadens me! I have been in mary Kay for less thana year have a free car which isn’t hard to maintain to keep.

You just got that Mary Kay car. Tell me how easy it is a year from now. And we know the truth… it is NOT easy to keep because to do so you need to constantly recruit and convince women to waste money on inventory packages.

Sneaky Sales Tactics in Mary Kay

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A high level Mary Kay sales director did a CD called The Art of Networking. Someone took a bunch of the “tips” and put them together in a training document, and I thought they’d be fun to share here.

I object to many of the sales and recruiting techniques taught to Mary Kay consultants because they are dishonest. They range from warm chatter (think up a compliment, pretend to sound sincere, and start a conversation with it) to finding a recruit’s “hot buttons” (find out what she’s “missing” in her life and give her a bunch of ways that Mary Kay fills that need, leaving out anything that might cause her to say no to the opportunity).

Dishonesty and Deception Around This Former Mary Kay DIQ

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This story was submitted by a reader of Pink Truth. If you think the part of the story about cheating is unusual, think again. Mary Kay supporters will tell you the cheaters are few and far between, and they weren’t following the Mary Kay Way. Wrong! Cheating is the rule, not the exception. I have yet to find a sales director who made it to that position without signing up friends or family who didn’t really want to be a part of Mary Kay. They all do it so they can move up the pyramid.

I thought perhaps now is the best time to tell my story as I am still sorting out the end of my MK world.  I won’t lie.  I have moments where I still think about being an awesome Director, and through being a good, honest person, winning that caddy, the jewelry, the huge checks.  I still find myself checking out the star consultant catalog thinking, well, maybe…  I even have to admit, I am curious what next years Court jewelry will be.

It started for me way back…  I joined the unit of a woman that many adore.  She’s been a million dollar sales director multiple times in her over 20 years.  But those of us in her unit found out really quickly how just absolutely selfish she is.  My inventory call came pretty fast, right behind the agreement where I was told NOTHING about inventory.  I didn’t buy any.

Why Your Director Harassess You at the End of the Month

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 In Mary Kay Cosmetics, it’s all about the wholesale order. No one really cares if you ever sell anything to a customer, as long as you keep ordering from the company. Of course they have to SAY that selling products is the business, otherwise they’d be a pyramid scheme. But the company doesn’t track actual sales to third party customers for a reason… it doesn’t matter.

You’re encouraged to stock inventory because every time you order, your upline gets paid. It doesn’t matter to them if you actually sell those products. Your recruiter and sales director are paid a commission when you order products, so why not get you to order a whole bunch right away?

Making (Pink) Lemonade Out of Lemons

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lemonade.jpgWritten by PinkPeace

As much as we can be very angry and disgusted with Mary Kay for any number of legitimate reasons, if we’re honest with ourselves, our experience in the pink bubble wasn’t 100% bad.

I wanted to highlight some of the positives I got out of my years in the business in the hopes that you’ll be able to look at your own experience and extract some good out of it. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better about Mary Kay when you can see that it was part of a journey that made you a better person.