The Inventory Con Game in Mary Kay

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Do you really need all that inventory? Do you really “profit” 50% on inventory you sell? No and no. But they sure make it sound good, don’t they?

Now, Vice President of Legalized Larceny for Mary Kay, says, “Let’s Talk About The ‘Inventory’ Con Game”!

Profit Margin

Below is a quick table showing, in detail, what the true profit margin is from customer sales for a brand spankin’ new Mary Kay consultant. We’ll call her “Britney”, and we’re assuming that Britney is selling $300 retail per week. (That’s probably a lot more than the vast majority of consultants sells, but work with me on this.)

The Mary Kay Way: Burn Those Bridges

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 Written by SuzyQ

Burn those bridges, ladies!  It’s the right thing to do!  Trust me!

Oh my.  Did anyone else hear those words in Mary Kay?  Of course you did, especially if you became one of the TOP TWO PERCENT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (that would be a director, of course), or at least in the company.  I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard “Mary Kay doesn’t like her directors to work.  It makes it look as though you don’t trust the company or the position of director.”

NSD Lisa Madson’s Husband on Seminar

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Ah yes… another tale about how a life was changed just by going to seminar! Well, not really. If going to seminar was the “key” they claim it is, wouldn’t everyone at seminar be on the stage instead of sitting in the arena?

My First Trip to Dallas, Texas
Dan Madson (Husband of NSD Lisa Madson)

When Lisa began her career with Mary Kay in the fall of 1986, her Sales Director kept talking about this event called Seminar in Dallas, TX. She told Lisa that we both should go. I told Lisa we couldn’t afford it. Lisa’s Sales Director was persistent, however, and kept talking about how great Seminar was. I insisted that it was too expensive and that it wasn’t necessary. In the end, Lisa held a couple extra skin care classes and earned enough money for both of us to attend. Looking back, I now realize that attending Seminar in the summer of 1987 was the single most important decision that we made.

Joining Mary Kay: The Peril of Making a Snap Decision

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 Written by DupedByPinkFriend

Are you impulsive? Do you tend to make life-altering decisions on a whim, or are you the type to think things over before embracing a new venture? Do you think with your heart or with your head? Are you one to jump headfirst into a lake if you can’t see the bottom, or do you investigate first?

If you are asked by a bubbly, sharp looking lady if you would like to join Mary Kay, telling you that you’d be great at selling this wonderful product, your best bet is to do some serious considering, ask many questions, and ask to see proof of the answers you are given.

Finding the Real Truth Behind Mary Kay Cosmetics

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This profound article came as a response to a Mary Kay sales director who was singing the praises of Mary Kay. It brought her out of an abusive relationship. It helped her find God. She is happy and positive because of Mary Kay. And it doesn’t matter that she already lost her directorship once. Mary Kay is still awesome and she’s a director for the second time!

If you are one of the few directors that did not lie, cheat, pad your numbers, or create fake recruits, then kudos to you. (I haven’t ever met one of those, but I’m sure she exists. Somewhere.) If MK really enriched your life, then kudos to them. If you’re really making money in MK and not going into debt and causing others to do the same, then do your thing, girlfriend, do you.

But, I have a few questions.

I Hitched My Wagon to a Mary Kay Star

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positive mary kayWritten by Raisinberry

I hitched my wagon to a Star, showed up to go up, prayed to widen my territory and be kept from evil, polished up my attitude by cancel, cancel, canceling my negative thoughts and I still landed in a crap heap with double digit interest rates!

God is good. Today I get to look at this Mary Kay business with an amusing chuckle. God helped me heal from the pain, sadness, guilt, shame and anxiety of Living the Mary Kay dream! After all it is a dream… they weren’t lying!

The Star I “hitched to” was another consultant in my Unit who was always up front getting ribbons. She was awesome. She gave me hope! Cause after my perfect start-perfect stop, I wondered if I could ever get a booking again. She was always working her biz, and reaping the rewards. I ran into her a few years back. She has been gone from the biz for many years and I thought gee, she made it work, I should ask her exactly how she did it all, back then.

More Hilarious Tips for Enjoying Seminar

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Welcome back! I promised you the next two points of Pam Shaw’s Seminar tips, and by golly, here they are for you to enjoy!

3. “Pack runner’s band aids (second skin) and keep other essentials stored in your Travel Bag. Sewing kit, goo gone, jewelry cleaner, nail color and top cote, file, scissors, Always include eye-mask, calming solution, visine, X-Em. Night cream, foot treatment cream, febreeze, jewelry cleaner in your travel bags.”

Hilarious Tips For Enjoying Seminar

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Written by The Scribbler

Listen; can you hear it? The pumping beat of a hot mix tape designed to motivate, energize, and get you hopping around on your high heels like a stork trying to do the Lindy Hop.

“Rock you Like A Hurricane?” Uh-uh…no WAY! That song was my prom theme – me being here must be a divine act! In fact, paying off the $1,000 + charges I’m going to accumulate from this event is going to TAKE a divine act. Excuse me, waiter? I’ll have what that director on the floor over there is having.

Seminar is on the horizon! Are you ready? Whatever your answer is, you aren’t TRULY ready until you take a gander at these handy Seminar tips courtesy of NSD Pamela Shaw. She’s absolutely got YOUR needs in mind, young padawan learners; so purge thyself of all uncleanliness and come sit at her feet! Hey, you in the back – remove your close-toed shoes; the place on which you stand is holy ground! Now let’s get it ON!

Seminar Bait: Scripts and Lines Used to Get You to Seminar

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Well we hate to have to burst your bubble about this most exciting event of the Mary Kay year… but SEMINAR is by far the most ingeniously devised manipulation of your mind, EVER. Just to get you warmed up for the reality of this extravaganza, here will be your BAIT lines to get you caught up in the hoopla.

“You can’t go next year! Why, if you don’t go this year you may not even BEE here next year!”

This is your director’s biggest fear. She knows that if she doesn’t get you on the career path, you will fizzle. Seminar is a choreographed emotionally manipulating experience where women LIE to your face from the stage but you love their sincere delivery so much, you will never notice.

Treating Mary Kay Like a Business

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Written by SuzyQ

A summary of the process of manipulating new Mary Kay consultants, and all the ways sales directors treat this like anything but a business, then chastise you when you quit because you didn’t work it like a business.

Dear Mary Kay recruits,

Remember when we were presenting “The Opportunity” to you at meetings or at an individual appointment? We talked at length about how great this “business” was, about how much potential you had to make it big, and really, how easy it was to build a successful business?