The Mary Kay Interview: Sucking in New Victims

This is an interview technique promoted by Mary Kay nsd Kathy Helou. She calls it an “innerview,” rather than an interview. The point is to get the woman to tell you her weaknesses so that you can use those to help recruit her.

My comments are in bold:

Begin with your brief 3-5 minute “I” story and what you love most about Mary Kay.

Ask her: What do you like about your current job or situation? Continue reading “The Mary Kay Interview: Sucking in New Victims”

An NSD’s “Guest Night” Script

Written by The Scribbler

Ever been invited to a consultant’s “Success Meeting,” “Guest Event,” or “Success Celebration?”  If you have, it means Mary Kay has got her eye on you, sister, and if you’re not careful, you’ll be so much raw meat for the lionesses to devour.  This interesting list of guidelines tells consultants how to act and what to say around you at these meetings, which are little more than theatrical performances designed to play heavily on one’s emotions and dreams.  Go in educated or you will be going at your own risk!

Be sure to cover what to wear – professional dress (if she comes in jeans & we’re all looking good, she’ll feel out of place.)  She is a Special Guest and you will have a Special Gift for her! (Your budget – $2.50 is good.)  She can bring girlfriends; maybe one will join with her!  Lure guests to an event by telling them you want them to purchase the 3 most expensive items they’ve ever wanted to buy, and offer those items at half-price. Continue reading “An NSD’s “Guest Night” Script”

The Power of Negative Motivation

Written by Raisinberry

Dream Big! Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss you will land among the stars! Show up to Go Up! Believe and You will achieve! Act enthusiastic and you will become enthusiastic! Whatever you say you will do, do it if you have to move heaven and earth!

Our Mary Kay “Words of Wisdom” calendar is a virtual smorgasbord of gems and jewels to foster positive motivation. I think we only had to order $400 wholesale to get it. On February 15, Mary Kay’s calendar says: “Failure is an inevitable, necessary and useful part of being successful. Actually we learn more from failing than from succeeding because failure impresses us with what we did not do, and it impresses us more memorably than succeeding.” Continue reading “The Power of Negative Motivation”

Laying Your Cards on the Table

Written by The Scribbler

Mary Kay nsd Linda Toupin instructs you on how to use your own goals to coerce a woman into signing up for Mary Kay now.


Scrib’s note:  One of the dirtiest I’ve seen.  Suppose a woman says, “Sure, I’ll sign an Agreement, but can we wait for a couple of months so I can make this or that arrangement/save up some money/arrange child care?”  Because her delayed “yes” isn’t good enough, this script takes it a step further and convinces a woman to say “yes” to a sooner time period, particularly when an IBC has a big goal/deadline to meet. Continue reading “Laying Your Cards on the Table”

How to Make $100,000 a Year as a New Director

Mary Kay nsd Cheryl Warfield tells women they can make $100,000 a year as a brand new Mary Kay sales director.

Cheryl uses a little Mary Kay Math to come up with her $100,000 figure, and of course, she pays no attention to the fact that the sales director has expenses that must be paid out of that fictional income! I love that her example was Allison LaMarr, who later became the most famous Mary Kay Failure. Here’s how Cheryl Warfield introduces the chart to her area: Continue reading “How to Make $100,000 a Year as a New Director”

Restoring What the Pink Locusts Have Eaten

 Written by The Scribbler

Locusts are relentless creatures – they eat and eat and never seem to be satisfied. I mean, I thought I could put a good hurting on bacon and all things coconut, but these little guys put me to shame.

According to Charles R. Bomar, in his article, “The Rocky Mountain Locust: Extinction and the American Experience,” all the earth’s a buffet for Nature’s Little Winged Billy Goats: “They devoured everything from barley and buckwheat to spruce and tobacco. The locusts even ate blankets that women put over the crops to protect them. A few records report the locusts eating fence posts, leather, dead animals, and sheep wool. Cannibalism was also observed.” Continue reading “Restoring What the Pink Locusts Have Eaten”

Dear People Who Hate Pink Truth and All of the Lazy Losers Who Write the Posts or Comment on Them

Written by SuzyQ

Many years ago, I was advised to send the third letter. Not the first or second one I wrote, but the third one I wrote, I could send.  I have expanded that wisdom to include the third email.

There is sound rationale behind this practice.  By the time you write and rewrite and rewrite yet again, you have calmed down and are able to articulate your message in a more thoughtful manner.  It may have more of an impact if we can actually understand what you are trying to say. Continue reading “Dear People Who Hate Pink Truth and All of the Lazy Losers Who Write the Posts or Comment on Them”

20 Reasons I’m No Longer Pursuing NSD

A piece written by our member JTA, a longtime Mary Kay sales director who came close to becoming a national sales director, and then decided to give it all up.

1. I really analyzed my offspring’s production – About 1/3 of my offspring are at Grand Prix level doing that production regularly. After expenses, as you can see from the info posted on PT, that Grand Prix directors do not make very much money, 20k per year at best. The other 2/3 made and missed production, mostly every other month. Many of these were actually placing HUGE 2-4k orders on the odd months themselves to make the production happen. Almost always, in my National’s newsletter, the majority of the top 10 of personal wholesale were from my future area. This is heart wrenching. It is listed to be celebrated, like their personal sales are so huge, but I KNEW then and KNOW now that they were not selling this much. The orders are placed simply to make production. Add to this that several of those do National Court of Sales. So they are celebrated for this, when behind the scenes there are major debt issues, warehousing of product, etc. Very sad. Continue reading “20 Reasons I’m No Longer Pursuing NSD”

The Mary Kay Pyramid is NOT Like a Normal Corporation

Written by Raisinberry

The Corporate Rationalization… Recently I have been hearing about a comparison of Mary Kay and normal American Corporations. The ones who put forth the analogy want you to see the realistic and understandable scenarios of corporate structure and how Mary Kay mirrors the same structure.

In many organizations, there are only a few at the top who make the majority of the money. Think CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, Heads of Departments. Like Mary Kay, thousands of workers make minimum wage while these leaders earn the big dough. The lesson here is that if you work hard, if luck would have it, if the stars align, you might work yourself up to Dept. Head, and someday be a Vice president. Likewise, Mary Kay tells you the same thing. Work Hard, and you will make that climb, but even better for you is, the Top positions are not already filled! You can be a NEW CEO of your own company! Continue reading “The Mary Kay Pyramid is NOT Like a Normal Corporation”

The Gold Leaf Close

Written by The Scribbler

Mary Kay nsd Pam Shaw shows you how to close a recruit while you are at the event or at the unit meeting by using a leaf dipped in 14 karat gold.

Scrib’s note: Are you a guest at your friend’s unit meeting? Beware – the directors have something extra-special lined up for you at its end, and if you’re not prepared, you’ll be sucked in quicker than a pigeon into a jet engine. Steel yourself, post a guard your emotions, and know before you go! Continue reading “The Gold Leaf Close”