You Have a Chance to Succeed in Mary Kay

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A note from an angry Mary Kay customer to Pink Truth members:

To whom it may concern…..

What has this world come to??  What are you thinking??? You all are bitter, bitter women that can’t find anything else better to do with your time.  Get a life!!!

I am completely blown away that you would start a website like this!!!  Do you think that we are all stupid, that we can’t think for ourselves???  I can not believe that you all started your Mary Kay businesses and put yourselves in a financial hole!!!  That is too funny!!!  Whats even better is that you blame your failure onto Mary Kay Inc.???  Did they put a gun to your heads????  Tell me something…. are you gutting Avon??  What other MLM companies did you fail at that you are gutting??

Anyone Can Succeed in Mary Kay

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Recently a pro-Mary Kay woman attempted to post the following comment on this site:

What does it matter how many people drive a pink Cadillac or how few people make alot of money? Most people in most businesses fail because of numerous reasons… Mainly they don’t work hard enough. As long as the guidelines are understood, which they are, then its up to the individual to make it happen, regardless of who makes what above them. Selling isn’t for just anyone and most people realize they don’t have what it takes and a few succeed. But if a few can succeed, doesn’t that mean anyone can?

Her conclusion is that “…if a few can succeed” then “anyone can.”  This comment is typical of the delusional nature of Mary Kay. I suppose if “someone” broke the world record running 100 meters, then “anyone” can break a world record,” right?  If “a few” people got a perfect score on the SAT, then “anyone” can, right?

Telling Your Sales Director You’re Quitting

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Women considering quitting Mary Kay in order to reclaim their time, their families, and their wallets often agonize over how they will tell their sales director. Here’s how one consultant did it.

How do you tell her?

One option is to not tell her and not discuss it with her. Avoiding her phone calls is an excellent option because most Mary Kay sales directors will lay a huge guilt trip on you. Emotional manipulation is a favorite tactic for getting what they want.

The Mary Kay Snare of Shame

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Written by Raisinberry

BUT I CAN’T GET OUT. The practically supernatural deception that keeps you repeating your mistakes and locked in fear.

In my opinion, we have been seduced by a power bigger than we can even imagine. And in order to prevent it from happening again, and to hopefully help in the de-fogging process, a walk down memory lane might offer some clarity.

When we first walked through the doors, we did feel the awkward environment… didn’t we? We felt the possibility of being pressed into or cornered into making a decision to join. But the environment was so benign it seemed. So harmless. Girls just wanna have fun. These women already knew how to do something. They acted like they would continue on whether we wanted to join or not. These women had it mapped out. The way was clear. All we had to do was follow. All we had to do was follow.

Massive Failure Rates in MLM

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Robert FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert has conducted extensive research on multi-level marketing companies (MLMs). The research can be difficult with companies like Mary Kay, which are privately owned and therefore don’t release hardly any information about the dismal earnings of the sales force.

On the other hand, certain companies using MLM models that are similar to Mary Kay’s way of doing business, do release public information about their representatives. Robert studied figures for Amway (Quixtar), Nuskin, Nikken, Melaleuca, Reliv, Arbonne, Free Life International and

Talking Mary Kay Consultants Out of Returning Inventory

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Here’s a tried and true method of talking a consultant out of returning her inventory. We wouldn’t want her to do that! After all, the sales director will get a commission chargeback if the consultant returns her products.

We are all well aware of Mary Kay’s 90% buyback policy, whereby an independent consultant or sales director can return inventory purchased within the last year for 90% of its wholesale value. (Details here.)

Often, this is touted as some big privilege, and one of the many reasons recruits should sign up with Mary Kay. They are being offered a “no risk” opportunity with a wonderful company that is oh-so generous to the consultants. (Well there really is a risk, isn’t there, when you consider the 10% lost, the cost of supplies, the cost of shipping, the cost of interest on your credit card, etc?)

People Will Disappoint You, But Mary Kay Numbers Never Lie

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Another brilliant piece by a Mary Kay nsd. If you’re a director or you want to be a director, check out how pathetic the numbers are in Mary Kay. Wonder why? Because in endless chain recruiting schemes (called pyramid schemes by some, with that characterization denied by Mary Kay), almost everyone fails. It’s just plain math. There are too many people at the bottom of the pyramid for any great number of them to be successful.

  1. 1/3 of your consultants will order an average of $400; 1/3 are thinking about it; 1/3 are on the way out
  2. Your unit should recruit a minimum of its size (exclusive of personal recruits)
  3. Company statistics indicate a new recruit will place an initial order of $1,000
  4. 20% of your unit will generate 80% of your production

Overcoming Your Husband’s Objections

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If your husband dares to question the Mary Kay opportunity, your recruiter wants you to be ready with these answers. Mary Kay doesn’t want something as silly as your husband’s logic to stand in the way of you purchasing inventory!

I feel sorry for the husbands of Mary Kay consultants. Seriously. Very sorry.

Why? Because the minute they figure out what a scam Mary Kay is (which is usually much sooner than the wife figures it out), they are called negative and unsupportive. Uh, no. They are rational, reasonable, and realists. The Mary Kay opportunity is bad, and I don’t think that the husbands should be punished for recognizing that and pointing it out to their wives.

Demoting Your Husband From “Leader” To “Mary Kay Cadillac Coach”

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Written by The Scribbler

What is a husband’s place in the Mary Kay venture? Should he stand quietly by, allowing his wife to do whatever he wants with his family’s finances? Should he be actively involved in running the Mary Kay “business”? Or should he just be a cheerleader?

I pondered whether or not this article would offend our readers; after all, it liberally uses the “S” word (submission), questions Mary Kay teachings, and looks to the Bible for clarification on such.  I decided to press onward; after all, if you’re an active MKer out there reading this, you’ve probably heard very offensive insinuations that you’re not a proper adult (i.e. a “Big Girl”) because you haven’t (insert task here).  If you can tolerate that kind of abuse, then you’re a strong individual and will come away even stronger after having read this piece.

A Not-So Inspiring Note From a “Senior Cadillac Director”

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Another one of those “you didn’t work hard enough” emails from a director in Mary Kay.

Note: Yes, she inflated the sale figures. No, it’s not really fun to count each “no.”

I first want to remind you that you are running a business and you have treat it like a business. When a major corporation is not getting their desired results, what do they do? Usually call in a consulting firm to evaluate their business. Do you treat your business like that? Do you call in your Director, a sister Consultant who is doing what you want to achieve, a National Sales Director to help? Do you evaluate your business constantly?