Breathing Again After Mary Kay

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Written by SuzyQ

I used to look forward to Memorial Day as a “real” excuse NOT to call potential models, and NOT have to do my Monday meeting. In my Mary Kay days, I would still be praying for the month to turn around, recruiting like crazy, warm chatting, doing phone interviews, promoting end of the year contests, making new flyers and newsletters, emailing like crazy, and oh yes, praying for the month to turn around.

May meant, in reality (not MK reality) that I was not going to meet the goal AGAIN this year. One more year in nosebleed at Seminar, one more year of not living up to my potential, one more time across the nsd awards banquet stage as a non-top director, one more year with a unit of non-worker bees.

Pink Truth Is So Negative!

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Here are a handful of comments from Pink Truth critics. It’s fun to be reminded how negative we are. It’s a good thing we’re really so positive… positive that Mary Kay Sucks!!!

From Giovanna:

the negative comments make me sick! everything is so negative when you want to see it like that…. it’s better to get over and move forward . If Mk is past, leave it in the past… my advise! don’t live regretting things! it’s life and nothing is perfect! for those who claim that the MK is free ad. of course, but you are the one who is driving it.. so i guess that’s is a good thing in life, being able to drive a car! don’t be so negative…

From Renee:

Why does the Pink Truth go on and on with such negativity? If you don’t like Mary Kay that is your choice but your raging ragging is over the top!! Why not take all that negative energy and try to start your own business doing something else? Little, medium, big businesses succeed OR FAIL everyday in the US. That is called Capitalism and Freedom. Get over your failure as Mary Kay reps! Move on!! This is a sick sight! Sorry I stumbled on it but interesting to see how many like to blame someone else for their failures.

From Linda:

None of your negative comments get to me. You are ALL catty females that thought MK was a get rich quick scheme. from the looks of it. I just joined MK in November, but at 60 years of age, with a Nursing career behind me (which ultimately messed up my back) and babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7, how is it that I am doing sales of a MINIMUM of $100/wk. WITHOUT really putting out a lot of effort?

In the course of my lifetime, I have known a LOT of women. The negative thinkers NEVER succeed at ANYTHING as long as they MUST pick apart anything that they didn’t succeed at themselves.

I’ve learned that these negative thinkers can only find validation in themselves if they put others down, be it groups or individuals. Only those who failed at their endeavors because of their own lack of effort and positive drive in life will cluster together, because MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

So, ladies, having stumbled upon this site, and gaining nothing but sour grapes, I will take my leave of your bitter negativity, because when one is not being lifted up, one is wise to extricate oneself from the trappings of being surrounded by unhappy people.

Au revoir, Mes Amie’s! Auf Wiedersehen!

From Yair:

ok, i have like a billion things i would like to say and i dont even know where to start, but what you do is wrong, i dont know if you worked or not(which must have been the case) but your trategy was the wrong one. you should keep this kind of things to your self, this make you look like a b%$#. mary kay really changed my life, im not in mary kay but my mom is, she is an excecutive sales director, and i live from mary kay, and believe me that the life style that she gives me i dont think she can afford it in another job. shou should think before oppening your mouth. i live from mary kay and i live good.


You’re Going to Cause Me To File Bankruptcy

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Mary Kay really works, but a recruiter is blaming her recruits for causing her to file bankruptcy. Does Mary Kay really work?

I find it ironic that the critics of Pink Truth say we shouldn’t blame any of our Mary Kay experiences on anyone else. That we were completely in control of everything, and if we believed all the lies we were told, too bad!

The Reason Why the Bumblebee Story is True

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Written by Raisinberry

It just hit me the other day. There are cycles in everything. Sometimes you think you know something, then you find out you don’t, then you find out you do. Sometimes it seems that all of life is about gathering information and perspective and being flexible to change when new information warrants it.

I always believed the “bee story” told in Mary Kay . I believed most everything I was told about Mary Kay. Each and every meeting, for the guests benefit, I made an IBC tell the story of how the bee just stymies scientists because it looks like aerodynamically it should not be able to fly. The body is too heavy we’re told, and the wings too small. It shouldn’t be able to get off the ground! But it does, we’re told, because God has whispered in its “ear”, “You can do it!”

Man on Top, a Film About Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

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man on top movieMan on Top is a documentary about multi-level markeing (MLM). It being directed and produced by Paul Mathieu. The film tells the story of MLM and how it has cheated consumers out of billions of dollars with its fake business opportunity:

Man On Top is the story of multi-level marketing, the world’s most notorious business model.

A product of the post-war 1950’s economic boom, the proliferation of these thinly veiled pyramid schemes has enabled companies such as Amway and Herbalife to prey upon the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of millions of unsuspecting citizens, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

These economic cults, disguised as legitimate business opportunities, use coercive psychological tactics to trap the unsuspecting participants into a culture of deceit that promises a false American Dream. The results: empty bank accounts, shattered friendships, and billions of dollars of annual profit for the founders of MLM’s.

The film will feature whistleblowers, industry experts, government regulators, and MLM participants who detail their experiences within the tumultuous, dog-eat-dog business of multi-level marketing.

Our help is needed! Please contribute to the Man on Top Kickstarter campaign here.

Silence Can Be Golden, But Not in Mary Kay

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 Written by sadnpink

Having been trained in the field of communication, I know how crucial it is to keep lines of communication open when working a business. Even in relationships, this is a key ingredient to success. So why would any company allow its leaders to avoid discussing problems openly?

There is an old saying that goes “you are either part of the problem or part of the solution”. Many of the leaders in Mary Kay are more of a problem than a solution because they are unwilling to openly discuss issues that could lead to solutions or at least reality.

Mary Kay Marketing Video: Do You Believe Everything You Hear?

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mary-kay-video-marketingWritten by Raisinberry

I was recently prompted to watch a Mary Kay recruiting video, and I couldn’t help but feel the pull all over again. These ladies are good. Really good. I know what’s going on under the surface of Mary Kay, and even I was smiling and nodding! Why, any outsider would have no idea how rehearsed and perfected these little talks are. How they are practiced at every skin care class till they are memorized, with inflection, and breaks, and smiles and nods dropped in at all  the appropriate places.

I even remarked at how some of the quips and sayings were mine, but then, it is hard to remember what you came up with yourself and what you borrowed. One thing is for sure-they know what works. And if you can hit all the key hot buttons aimed at today’s woman, you will have her on your hook.

So the lady on the video wants us to be amazed at how early in her business she won her pink Cadillac. She leaves out all the advantages she had and all the obstacles, and promotes the idea that you just go to work and it happens.

A Mary Kay Consultant’s Story

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Written by Diana

I wanted to write and share a little of my quiting experience. I am mourning my MK business. I thought it was my ticket to financial freedom. I thought I had found a business that was faith first, family second, and career third.

I was wrong.

I can’t even bring myself to go to meetings anymore. I can’t call my leads anymore. I am frozen, the dream is gone. I was a team leader before I really saw the greed. I missed so many evenings with my family.

I only did MK for one year. I was a star every quarter, and from sales. I only borrowed  $1200 total for MK and I had over $9000 in retail sales. No credit card, but that does not mean that they did not try to get me to get one. (The $1200 was a small personal loan from a bank, not revolving credit)

Pink Truth Members: You Suck!

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A now former member of Pink Truth offered these kind words for all of us in the comments to one of our articles. I couldn’t risk the comments being buried… I wanted the whole world to see how wonderfully kind and supportive Mary Kay women are.

The whole company just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. How about you?

I present Missy’s kind words…

I have been a consultant for 8 years and I’ve seen good and bad. The thing that upsets me most is that you are all pointing the finger at the company. This is a great company with a few Independent Contractors that lack integrity. I have seen this company revoke directorship and cars from consultants for the very issues stated in this blog.

Hostess Savvy Discernment

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Remember how difficult it is to get women to book Mary Kay classes? And if you get tem to book something, how often do they cancel? How often do they not have anyone else show up? How many times has your “big class” turned into an itty-bitty facial?

Well you didn’t know it, but it’s all your fault. You don’t have what one Kaybot calls “hostess savvy discernment.” It means the ability to pick the woman who will go along with the plan when it comes to everything Mary Kay.

Now of course, you and I know this is total crap. It’s next to impossible to get women to book and hold classes. Try to be choosy? You’ll find yourself with even less on the books. Just try to get a couple of classes to hold each and every week this year, and you’ll see what I mean.  And then try to be more selective with your hostesses and you might as well shut your doors.

Hello you awesome women!

Have you experienced the hostess who notoriously books then cancels parties? How about the one who practically chases you down twice a year asking if she can host a pampering party, a mom/daughter party, a holiday glamour party…? Do you sometimes wonder if you’d have different results with your bookings if you had a different hostess program or better coaching skills??

Okay – here’s some news I think will be reassuring and helpful to your business. Successful parties have as much to do with HER than with YOU – and that means that you’ll have better results if you simply learn to identify and go with the flow of the different types of hostess prospects. You see, I’ve observed that most consultants believe that if they’re persistent enough and skilled enough, EVERY woman should host a skin care party. However, I think this is wrong and I think that believing it’s true leads to lots of frustrating results in the form of canceled or perpetually rescheduled parties AND hostess prospects who creatively avoid the beauty consultant.

My experience leads me to the analysis that there are THREE distinct types of women when it comes to “hostess prospects”. Figure it out, be smart about who to work with and your success and satisfaction will increase WHILE your frustration and time wasting decrease! So here we go.

Hostess prospect #1 – THE HOSTESS-PRO. This woman LOVES to hostess. She loves to invite. She loves to spend time with people she cares about. She loves group fun. She has parties and gatherings ALL over the place – from Sunday school friends to girl’s night with the co-workers to playgroup with the moms and toddlers in her neighborhood. When she invites, people come – they’re used to having a good time when she’s in charge.

Make the effort to identify these women in your customer base as well as every other aspect of your life (church, school, neighborhood, wherever!) Be a listener. Be an observer. You will EASILY find out who these women are because they talk about their social network and all the parties and gatherings they’re in on!

ANOTHER woman who fits into this category is the extended-family gal. She’s got LOADS of female relatives living nearby and they get together all the time to do fun things. SEEK THESE WOMEN OUT and book a Mary Kay party with them! They will joyfully hostess a party regardless of your hostess program – they love it all! They happily invite LOTS of women, they invite RIGHT away, they can get a table-full of women together easily and they just don’t cancel unless a true tragedy strikes (and I’ve had hostess-pros hold their class as scheduled EVEN on top of horrible news, a personal trauma or a family illness!).

Additionally – hostess-pros KNOW OTHER hostess-pros. It is VERY likely that you will meet 1 or 2 NEW hostess-pro customers at a hostess-pro’s party. Thus, your bookings AND holdings stay reliable and consistent. These women are in your community – they always exist regardless of the times, the trends, the products OR the skill of the consultant! Open your eyes to identify them and the health and vitality of your business will benefit greatly.

Hostess prospect #2 – THE HOSTESS-NO. Okay ladies. This is where we need to have a “wake up and smell the coffee” moment! This woman does not want to hostess ANYTHING. She doesn’t really care what she’d get free, she isn’t extremely motivated to help you meet a goal, she just doesn’t want or enjoy the effort OR the results of hosting gatherings of any type for any reason.

Now here’s the thing with the hostess-no. She can be a nice woman – and because she’s nice, she doesn’t always say “no” with words. She says “no” by booking – reluctantly – then canceling, by booking then failing to invite anyone, by saying she’ll book then not answering the phone when you call to set the date, yada-yada. You know her, right?! The problem is, MANY consultants are running their business on the false hopes created by the hostess-no being “nice”. Don’t do it any more. It wastes your time. The “no” will generally shine through in the end. It makes you feel like a failure and leads to frustration and discouragement – and it’s not even about you!

ADDITIONALLY, IT SCARES OFF WOMEN WHO WOULD OTHERWISE BE WONDERFUL, LOYAL CUSTOMERS. They get tired of creatively avoiding your booking attempts and will typically seek out a consultant who will “leave me alone”. SOMETIMES they’ll be straightforward and just tell you they aren’t willing to be a hostess, but more likely they’ll be “nice” till they can’t stand it anymore and – if you’re not getting the hint – they’ll ditch you. I will grant that the hostess-no is not as easy to I.D. as is the hostess-pro. AND, it’s not always an instant read regarding whether she’s a hostess-no or a (next category) hostess-go!

The deal is, once you’ve seen a couple symptoms that she’s probably a hostess-no, release her! Let her know your primary goal is to be a magnificent beauty consultant to her for as long as you both shall live and that you ARE excited to do parties, etc. if and when she is inclined in that direction! I have had hostess-no women whom I graciously released from the hostess-booking-cycle and that freed them up to become fantastic customers and, sometimes years later, THEY approached ME about a mom-daughter party or a glamour night with sisters or a best friend.

Hostess prospect #3 – the HOSTESS-GO! Here’s where it all matters – your skill, your knowledge, your follow-through, your hostess program, your excitement, your professionalism – it’s in your hands. This woman may be hesitant, but she’s open. She may not want or be able to get 15 women together for a collection preview (the hostess-pro can!), but she’s willing and confident that she can get her sister, her sister-in-law and her 20 year old niece together.

Unlike the hostess-pro (who would reliably host a party even if the consultant was unprofessional, unskilled and uncommitted!), the hostess-go relies on YOU to give her a sense of direction and a sense of confidence – and that comes from your skill and your comfort at doing what you do because you do it a lot and as we all know, practice makes PROFESSIONAL!

She is enticed by hostess rewards and/or FREE products – as long as you have a hostess offering that YOU are jazzed about, SHE will get jazzed about it too! Your coaching and professionalism will be key factors in her party booking, holding AND providing great sales and future bookings. THIS is the hostess prospect that all your training is focused toward.

Now, If I had to break it down, I’d say that about 10% of your hostess prospects are hostess-pro, about 40% are hostess-no and about 40% are hostess-go. If you look at that, you’ll see that a total of 50% are good hostess prospects. That’s PLENTY of prospects to keep your datebook full! THE PROBLEM ARISES WHEN THE 40% WHO ARE HOSTESS-NO ARE THE ONES YOU’RE BOOKING, CHASING, RE-BOOKING AND TRYING AND TRYING AND TRYING TO GET AHOLD OF.

Hostess-no on the books makes you feel like you’ve got bookings – but you don’t. If you have a business based on the promises, the scheduled and rescheduled AND the cancelled parties of the hostess-no gang, you FEEL booked-up, you FEEL set-up and you don’t think you need to seek out other hostess prospects. Let go of the hostess-no, BOOK the hostess-pro (for her 3rd party this year! She’ll love it!) and seek out the 40% who are hostess-go.

One positive about this document: at least this Kaybot says that no means no with the hostess and tells you to stop pestering her. I’ve always heard Kaybots say that no means “not right now” for everyone and you should continue to “layer” them with Mary Kay information. Yuck.