Start Your New Mary Kay Month the Pam Shaw Way!

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Each new month in Mary Kay represents another spin around on the hamster wheel. Imagine being a Mary Kay director, having to start from scratch each month.

Trying to build toward the minimum wholesale production of $4,000, and figure out what gap you’ll have to fill using your own credit card. Or trying to hit another higher level so you don’t owe a copay on that not-so-free car.

Each month you reinvent the wheel, seeing who you can guilt into another order. Who you can breathe some life into. Who might have “missed” her goal last month and wants to do better this month. Who is seeking attention and might order to get that attention from you.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well it’s all part of nsd Pam Shaw’s method of planning your month. Here’s how she says to do it…

The Twisted Sisterhood of Mary Kay

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Written by Raisinberry

Many years back, I stepped through the doors of my first Mary Kay event, completely uncomfortable by what I saw. I thought it was me, since they appeared to be so close and having so much fun. I must have had “issues”. They were so happy and warm and huggy and supportive. I lived outside their world, and some part of me wanted what they had, while at the same time, I distrusted what I saw.

As a child, I learned not to trust my own instincts. When you grow up in a crazy dysfunctional home, you pick whatever coping skill works for you, and denial and humor were working for me. By the end of the event, I was interested in the ca$h these gals were making, but the huggy stuff still freaked me out. Something just wasn’t right.

False Recruting Information in Mary Kay

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False information provided when recruiting new members to Mary Kay is not new. It has been going on for years. Here is another example of misinformation on a Mary Kay sales director’s website, with our comments in italics.

Mary Kay Facts….Did You Know?

Mary Kay is #1 in brand loyalty among customers who buy skin care products. Three out of five women will buy the product after being introduced to it. It is estimated that 80% will continue to use the Skin Care after they have been introduced to the product —

Creating an I Story With Passion

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Here’s how the Mary Kay “I” story works. Think about what life was like before Mary Kay and throw that out the window. Then come up with something very emotional that you think people will react to. Work with that. Each time you tell it, make yourself sound a little more pitiful before Mary Kay. Voila! You are ready to be a top director!

Here’s a training piece that outlines it for you:

Creating an I-Story with Charisma & Passion

Prospects do not sign because we earn 50% profit. They make their final decision on the emotion that was gathered during someone’s story. They step into your story and have the feeling, “if they can do it, why can’t I!”

Mary Kay Lie of the Week

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This week’s lie isn’t specific to Mary Kay. It’s for all multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) and pyramid schemes like Mary Kay, Arbonne, Amway, Usana, etc. This comes from the Direct Selling Association, the bogus member-run organization that seeks to keep these pyramid schemes operating, even when violating the law.

Research shows some of the most popular reasons people choose direct selling are:

  • Direct selling is a good way to meet and socialize with people.
  • Direct selling offers flexible work schedules.
  • Direct selling is a good way to earn extra income.
  • Direct selling is a good way to own a business.
  • Earnings are in proportion to efforts.

My favorite is “earnings are in proportion to efforts.” Uh, not quite. Check out the 40,000 Mary Kay consultants who quit every month. Their lack of earnings is because they didn’t try?

Paradigm Shift (Pretend Recruiting is a Privilege)

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Written by The Scribbler

FESSD Kimberly J. Chatak-Nelson tells us to pretend it’s a privilege to be recruiting into Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Recruiting is a privilege.  It is a form of flattery.   When you realize that you are offering an awesome opportunity to someone with whom you’d like to grow and you help her realize that she should feel honored that you would CHOOSE her over so many others, then you will accept recruiting for what Mary Kay Ash meant it to be: an awesome opportunity.

Recruiting is not a burden.  Don’t apologize to me, to yourself, to those you interview.  Don’t have a burdensome feeling or an apologetic feeling in your heart or it will come out in your voice and body language and mannerisms.  

The Four Phases of Your Mary Kay Gambling Addiction

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Written by Lazy Gardens

Winning Phase
Short or non-existent phase with several small or large sales wins, a sense of emotional escape from problems, a boost in self-esteem, and a sense of empowerment. Excitement, titillation, and a social life at the casino with other Mary Kay consultants fill a vacuum in the life of those predisposed by their conditions and considerable loneliness.

Losing/Chasing Phase
Losses are explained away as poor luck, but no win is enough. Individual hides their purchases gambling, as losses puts person behind a financial “eight ball”. Consultant Addict begins to ignore family and become irritable when not gambling. Gambling Mary Kay becomes the sole, but spurious coping mechanism. Participates in Mary Kay Gambles to the edge of insolvency and is unapproachable about the problem. This phase can last multiple years, with progressively larger bets on longer odds. Conversations only involves winners, not losers, which are purged from consciousness.

Mary Kay: The Predator and the Prey

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Written by Blackbird

Every successful predator knows how to hunt its prey, right?

Some predators use speed, agility, or ambush to accomplish their goals. Really intelligent predators though, don’t bother wasting time and their own energy chasing or stalking things. They have learned that running towards some kinds of prey actually induces them to run away. Instead of pursuing-they have mastered the art of being pursued.

These smart predators know how to purposely bring the prey to them. They don’t rely on luck or even their own physical skills, but rather cash in on the mental and emotional weaknesses of those they are hunting.

Their deadliness comes from the very fact that they don’t appear to be deadly at all-and hence they entice the hunted to participate in their own demise.

Another Potential Mary Kay Victim Spared!

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An email from one of our new readers:

I just wanted to tell you that I think your website is terrific. It’s so addicting to read! I stumbled across it after I started doing research on Mary Kay after a weird experience with a MK consultant.
A couple of weeks ago, a Mary Kay consultant came to my apartment to give me a makeover. I didn’t know her personally. She got my name from a church event that I had participated in. We all got mini-facials at this church event. In order to get it though, we had to fill out this little form about what we knew about MK products and the company. She said the forms we filled out would be entered into a raffle drawing for free MK products. Cool, I thought.
Anyway, she called me about a week later and said I had “won” $10 worth of MK products. The only caveat was she would have to come over and do a makeover on me.

Mary Kay Lie of the Week

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A Mary Kay sales director has a page on her unit website listing about 30 “Mary Kay Facts.” I’ve selected several of them below. I seriously question the accuracy of them. And some of them are quite clearly lies. Have fun with these…

  • Mary Kay is #1 in brand loyalty among customers who buy skin care products. Three out of five women will buy the product after being introduced to it. It is estimated that 80% will continue to use the Skin Care after they have been introduced to the product
  • Some 30 million consumers purchase approximately 200 million Mary Kay products each year.
  • Mary Kay is the #1 best selling brand skin care in the U.S. for the 10th year in a row!
  • Mary Kay returns 37% of every dollar earned to Consultants and Directors in the form of bonuses and incentive programs. In 2000 this amount equated to over $400 million.