Mary Kay Skin Care Class: 12 Women, 30 Minutes, $500 Sold (Yeah, right.)

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Where do I begin with this email to one Mary Kay national area? I believe that she may have had 12 women there. I believe she may have sold $500. But there’s no way it only took 30 minutes! The only way she could do that is to spend about 6 minutes on the class, and two minutes each with the guests.

I don’t mind when Mary Kay NSDs actually do some work and show their consultants how it’s done. I just wish they’d be honest in recounting the work they’ve done so as to set up realistic expectations for the consultants.

Here’s how the nsd describes her class:

Mary Kay Versus Real Entrepreneurs

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I love it when Mary Kay sales directors and national sales directors admit that the scam they’re running has nothing to do with the real business world! They just prove my point for me!

What???? I’m saying that being a Mary Kay consultant isn’t a real business? No kidding! Of course that’s what I’m saying.

And in this document from a Mary Kay nsd, my point is proven for me. The document even goes so far as to call this “Mary Kay vs. Real Life.” Here are a few of my favorite excerpts, with my comments in italics…

Kaybot Commentary on Pink Truth

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In an effort to help Kaybots save lots of time in responding to Pink Truth, I have put together a list of common things Mary Kay lovers say to Pink Truth members. These things are meant to show us how wrong / silly / stupid we are and how wonderful / workable / easy Mary Kay is.

I’m also including Pink Truth’s “official” response to these phrases. We’ve heard them all before and none of them hold water. They’re simply parroting lines from the upline and corporate. They make incorrect assumptions about our members and their efforts in Mary Kay. So let’s debunk these phrases… and save Kaybots the trouble of telling us such things in the future.

The Time Commitment in Mary Kay

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Mary Kay recruiters and sales directors are notorious for downplaying the time and effort involved in selling Mary Kay. Have you ever been asked if you have a “few hours a week” to devote to Mary Kay? Here’s the real story.

When the Mary Kay opportunity is presented, we’re told we can be successful holding just 2 to 3 classes a week, which will take only 1 to 2 hours each.  I’ve seen many, many flyers and handouts detailing two classes a week and how much you’ll sell and recruit, and how by doing this, you’ll win your car and then become a director in so many months.

Joining Mary Kay: The Peril of Making a Snap Decision

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 Written by DupedByPinkFriend

Are you impulsive? Do you tend to make life-altering decisions on a whim, or are you the type to think things over before embracing a new venture? Do you think with your heart or with your head? Are you one to jump headfirst into a lake if you can’t see the bottom, or do you investigate first?

If you are asked by a bubbly, sharp looking lady if you would like to join Mary Kay, telling you that you’d be great at selling this wonderful product, your best bet is to do some serious considering, ask many questions, and ask to see proof of the answers you are given.

Treating Mary Kay Like a Business

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Written by SuzyQ

A summary of the process of manipulating new Mary Kay consultants, and all the ways sales directors treat this like anything but a business, then chastise you when you quit because you didn’t work it like a business.

Dear Mary Kay recruits,

Remember when we were presenting “The Opportunity” to you at meetings or at an individual appointment? We talked at length about how great this “business” was, about how much potential you had to make it big, and really, how easy it was to build a successful business?

Milking the Cash Cows: NSD Linda Toupin’s Take on Money Management

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Written by The Scribbler

It’s always fun to browse through Mary Kay NSD websites and see what constitutes “money management” training.  Naturally, when I came across the “Fall Retreat Money Management Slides” on NSD Linda Toupin’s website, I was interested.  “Wow, an NSD that’s actually teaching her National Area how to avoid debt?  How nifty is that?”  At least, that’s what I thought until I read the very first slide:

Face palm.  Sigh.  Roll eyes.  Pour a stiff Pepsi.  All of the above.

A Simple Plan to Sell Mary Kay Products

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Written by Raisinberry

Enthusiasm sells. It absolutely must because there is never any occasion where Mary Kay sales training starts without the facilitator telling you how excited she is. Her hope is that you will catch fire by her mere words, and she will have “sold” you the product. Her product is her “Simple Plan” whereby you can make (insert fictitious figure here) by just doing (insert fictitious action plan here) and you will profit not only in sales but in recruits, while achieving Diamond Star every single month, and can you say, “Queen’s Court”?

Just like product sales in Mary Kay, results are never measured, never tracked, never evaluated. All these pie in the sky selling ideas are delivered with grandiosity and enthusiasm, as if every word dripping from the facilitators lips were utterly true. Wouldn’t it great if you had a sales job where all you had to do is do the math on paper and sell the story of how the math got on paper, without any real activity happening in the real world to support whether the math on paper matches the consultant’s actual experience?

Just the Mary Kay Facts, Ma’am

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Written by SnoBaby

It annoys me to no end when people make statements of truth but don’t provide factual evidence to prove the point.

I used to only consider this when talking politics.  I’ll give an obviously silly and hypothetical example here.  My husband says, “I’m not going to vote for Candidate A.  He hates old people.”  My question…”How do you know he hates old people? What evidence do you have?”  Now, he may very well have evidence.  Great.  Just give it.  Maybe Candidate A helped write legislation that would cut social security or raise the retirement age.  NOW there is evidence to support his claim.  Perhaps it is hyperbole to say he “hates” old people, but at least you have grounds for saying you won’t vote for him due to his “actions” affecting old people.  Otherwise, the statement is just words spewed out with no relevance or validity.

Why Your Director is Pushing You To “Be a Star” This Quarter

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Your “stars” help your sales director get cars and make a unit club for seminar. Do you think Mary Kay is a numbers game? It sure is to your sales director! Here’s one email about it…

One way to build a million-dollar unit is to build Star Consultants. Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director xxxx xxxxxxx from Omaha, Nebraska, who went from the $650,000 Circle of Excellence to the Million-Dollar Circle in one year, shares these ideas for doing just that.