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Mary Kay on the 20/20 “Not So Pretty In Pink” Story

little pink liesMary Kay Cosmetics was hoping that ABC’s 20/20 would share their version of the story: that lots of products are sold, lots of money is made, and Mary Kay enriches women’s lives. Unfortunately for them, Rebecca Jarvis dug into the other side... the ugly truth about Mary Kay. The company runs an elaborate scam that takes hundreds of millions of dollars out of households each year, while enriching a very small minority of participants.

The sad truth is that more than 99% of people involved with multi-level marketing will lose money. It is nearly impossible to make a consistent income (no matter how small or large)  just selling the overpriced products. The data that proves that almost no one is making money from actually selling Mary Kay products to customers. And even at the top of the Mary Kay pyramid, not a whole lot of money is being made.

Here is Mary Kay’s official response to the segment:

Important Message from U.S. President, Darrell Overcash
Published 10.3.15

To all Independent Sales Directors,

As you know, from time to time we will have people try to discredit what Mary Kay has built. In the face of adversity, please remember, Mary Kay has been in business for a long time – – our 52 year history of continued success demonstrates that Mary Kay is one of America’s best and strongest companies and beauty brands. Mary Kay products have achieved top 10 beauty brand status globally and we continue to top consumer loyalty lists. Continue Reading →


Pink Truth and Mary Kay on ABC’s 20/20

pinktruth_on_2020Tune in to 20/20 on ABC on Friday October 2  for a story on the truth behind Mary Kay’s multi-level marketing “opportunity.” MLM is not a business opportunity, it’s a clever scam that has been made to look like a business. Host Rebecca Jarvis takes a look at long-time multi-level predator Mary Kay Cosmetics. Those on the side of MLM say you can make “unlimited” money on your own terms, while those who are on the opposite side have found that 99% of distributors actually lose money.

Four long-time Pink Truth members were interviewed at length for they story. They were all sales directors, and therefore part of the “top 2% of Mary Kay.” These women are part of the Mary Kay Cosmetics success story. Or are they? The truth is that the majority of the sales directors are barely making a minimum wage living, while some of them are actually losing money.

This story digs into the Mary Kay con that has been crafted and refined for over 50 years. Please take the time to watch this story. And if you have any friends or family involved in multi-level marketing, please encourage them to watch too.


Mary Kay Directorship Production = No Problem

This comment was left by a Kaybot on our article about a former Mary Kay sales director. She mistakenly believes that the women on Pink Truth don’t take responsibility for their own actions. That’s not true. They do take responsibility for listening to their upline and finishing directorship the way everyone does…. with fake consultants and purchased production.

It is important to note that this consultant believes that doing “30 faces per month” for half a year will sustain director production for the year. It won’t. And you should also know that she says “because I do it”…. yet she is NOT even a director.

This is a great look into how someone can create a mess in Mary Kay if they try to buy their way into leadership? How about doing the faces and having fun!! If you did not make a goal oh well? Mary Kay is first about the product and the customers. If you loved that part so much you should have not had this much trouble. Continue Reading →


Multi-Level Marketing is NOT Like Corporate America

One of the common statements made by people in favor of multi-level marketing is that it is just like corporate America. We call MLM a pyramid scheme, and corporate America is a pyramid too! That’s simply not true.

While the SHAPE of the hierarchy of people looks like a pyramid in MLM and in corporate Amercia (one person at the head of the company, a few below, managing several below them, and so on)… that is where the similarities end. Continue Reading →


“Playing Ball” in Mary Kay

The concept of “playing ball” in Mary Kay is simple. It’s a fancy way to say that if you aren’t ordering, your director won’t help you. It doesn’t really matter if you have a ton of inventory that you’re working to sell off. All that matters are your current orders. No new orders, no help.

Here’s how one Mary Kay nsd explains it:   Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Cosmetics: A Pink Predator

A while back I appeared on HuffPost Live, discussing multi-level marketing and its negative effects on those who become distributors. Below is a clip in which I discuss my opinion that Mary Kay Cosmetics is one of the most predatory MLMs available.


The Four Stages of Your Mary Kay Business

Here’s a cool Mary Kay training piece that the sales directors pass around ad nauseum. Someone made up four stages for your Mary Kay career. Below are those stages, with my description of the reality of those stages in italics.

This is the stage where you are doing the things that are most productive in this business, such as using and sharing the products, showing others the opportunity, attending your Success Meeting, planning your work and working your plan, reading, and learning all that you can about the business. You initiate communication with your Director and set goals on a weekly and monthly basis. You play by the rules – book 5 to hold 3- and always are aware that you are in a learning and building stage and within that, comes hope and excitement. Continue Reading →


Getting a Bank Loan For Your Mary Kay “Business”

 One sales director is suggesting that new Mary Kay consultants use this letter to get a bank loan. Yes, she’s suggesting that the consultant actually present this nonsense to a bank loan officer. I’m afraid to say that this isn’t quite going to cut it.

To: Loan Officer

Business Proposal

I recently became a Mary Kay Independent Consultant and I am applying for a Small Business Loan to get started. Mary Kay is the best selling brand of facial Skin Care and Color Cosmetics in the U.S. and is the largest Skin Care Company in the United States. Continue Reading →


No, You Can’t Be “At Home With Your Children” While Earning a Living in Mary Kay

If you’ve been around Pink Truth for a while, you know the chances of making a real living in Mary Kay are slim to begin with. Even the 2% of current consultants who have supposedly reached the upper levels of success as sales directors…. Most of them aren’t making a real income.

If they’re lucky, they’re like almost all of the directors, they’re making $10,000 to $20,000 per year . That’s not bad if you’re comparing it to a minimum wage job. But in the real world, we don’t exactly call that making a living or having career earnings.

But let’s suppose you believe $20,000 a year is a good living. Can you really earn that while being “at home with your children”? Because Mary Kay recruiters will lead you to believe that you can. Well, not really “lead you to believe”… They’ll falsely tell you that you can! Continue Reading →


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