The Mary Kay Pyramid is NOT Like a Normal Corporation

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Written by Raisinberry

The Corporate Rationalization… Recently I have been hearing about a comparison of Mary Kay and normal American Corporations. The ones who put forth the analogy want you to see the realistic and understandable scenarios of corporate structure and how Mary Kay mirrors the same structure.

In many organizations, there are only a few at the top who make the majority of the money. Think CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, Heads of Departments. Like Mary Kay, thousands of workers make minimum wage while these leaders earn the big dough. The lesson here is that if you work hard, if luck would have it, if the stars align, you might work yourself up to Dept. Head, and someday be a Vice president. Likewise, Mary Kay tells you the same thing. Work Hard, and you will make that climb, but even better for you is, the Top positions are not already filled! You can be a NEW CEO of your own company!

The Truth About Personal Use in Mary Kay and Why It’s a Losing Proposition

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Written by Black Nova

“I can’t believe it,” I thought as I sat at my computer placing what would turn out to be my last personal use order. “I’m going to have to order crap I don’t need in order to make the $200 mark.”

You’d think with seven of us ordering, it wouldn’t be that hard to put together an order every 6 months or so of $200 wholesale. But after putting in everyone’s stuff, I was still short.

I was angry that I was going to have to shell out money on something I didn’t need. But I had already taken my friends’ orders and I wasn’t going to let them down.

But It Worked Before!

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480152780_e59f88a16e_m.jpgWritten by Raisinberry

If you had success once in Mary Kay, you can have it again, right? You keep drawing on that one positive experience to tell yourself that it can be done again.

There is a joke in my family about how lousy my coffee is. I have had many years to perfect a simple pot of coffee, but there is over a 95% chance that the pot I make this morning will suck. (Sorry to shock you with my language so close to sunrise). It will make no difference to me however that this morning’s brew will make my tongue curl up and my taste buds scream. Because, I will make another pot tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow after that. Why?

Mary Kay Works When You Do!

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Written by SuzyQ

Sometimes at the unit meeting when the scorecard segment is announced… “Mary had a $300 week! Okay, we make 50% of everything we sell, so, that’s $150 profit. Let’s see, that’s $75 per hour! Not bad for two hours of work, eh, Mary? And I’ll bet Mary doesn’t make $75 per hour at her J.O.B! Gee, think what would happen if you worked a few more hours, Mary? Wow!”

So, I suppose technically that’s not a lie, but it certainly is deceptive. What we don’t know is how long it took Mary to book these appointments. We are not entirely sure if it was that mythical $300 class that most of us had every time we had a class, or if Mary has tons of customers who had reorders. It gets a little more complicated than the 2 hours allotted for the scoreboard. But that’s one of those little details that Cindy Williams talks about when she says, “Just get there and then figure it out!”

Overcoming Objections the Mary Kay Way

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There are lots of reasons why women don’t want to become involved in Mary Kay Cosmetics. The recruiter’s job is to overcome those objections. She is given standard lines, like the below, to use to convince you to join.

If you’ve ever been in Mary Kay, you know these responses are filled with lies. You DO have to sell to succeed in Mary Kay. The products do NOT sell themselves. You WILL have to talk to strangers. You will NOT be able to turn one person into an entire customer base. You will NOT be able to earn $100 with only 3 hours of work.

I don’t have any problem with the basic concept of overcoming objections… it’s done in almost every sales job. What I have a problem with is lying.

This is why Mary Kay is so evil. They bring you in with lies, and keep lying to you in order to keep you in. It all starts with recruiting…

This Mary Kay Consultant Is Not as Stupid as You

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A former Mary Kay consultant lost money years ago, but because she is so much smarter than the women on Pink Truth, she is going to try it again and she is going to make money. She will not be “silly enough” or “stupid,” and she won’t have “bad judgment” like those of us here. 

Wow! I googled how to get back in and found your site. :) I was in MK years ago when I was divorced and broke, living in a small town, and stopped simply because the market was saturated (my MOTHER became a consultant the month after I did–it was stupid) and I just let it go, using what product I had, writing off the loss of my minor investment mentally as a lesson learned. Now, I live in a metro area, and though I see a car with an ad occasionally, I don’t see overt advertisement here. It looks like a more marketable area.

I will, however, never be silly enough to be forced to buy products I can’t sell. Other than the most cost-effective introductory kit that I had to purchase all those years ago, and won’t ever have to do again, I would never buy in gross. After Mama died, and I had her remainders and mine when I recently moved, and all those shades of base that we just don’t have clientele for went in the trash. I’ll simply never do that again. I did use some of it for stage makeup and gave some away for Halloween costumes and for Christmas presents (along with Satin Hands sets and other products) to friends or acquaintances, but still had lots to toss in the trash–my point is, I won’t buy anything for which I don’t have orders.

Questions Mary Kay Consultants Ask Themselves

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Written by Tabitha

Why are there so many women who quit Mary Kay when it is such a great opportunity, you can fit it into any schedule, and the product sells itself?

Why do so many sales directors “step down” – is it because they’re lazy? Or is it because the market is saturated?

Why does a consultant need inventory on her shelf when there are so many people who will wait for their L.L. Bean order, Sephora order, Victoria’s Secret order, order, e-bay order? You can get your product from the warehouse in less than a week – why does the consultant need to have $3,600 wholesale on her shelf?

Is running out of face wash really an emergency? Why don’t we all get pink-one-one numbers then?

New Mary Kay Consultant: Why Your Director Wants You to Start Recruiting Right Away

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Mary Kay RecruitingYou’re a new Mary Kay consultant, and you’re just learning the ropes. You’re excited, but a little scared about all the things you don’t know about your business. Your director is encouraging you to start recruiting. You want to get your feet under you first before you will feel comfortable bringing others into the business.

But your director keeps pushing you about recruiting. She suggests you’re just going to do “practice interviews” or some other innocent sounding thing. She keeps coming at you about recruiting. Why?

The Mary Kay Questionnaire

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349497988_fb751a5e3a_m.jpgWritten by Raisinberry

Once or twice in my stint in Mary Kay, corporate sent out a business questionnaire to ascertain the level of satisfaction with my business. Now that I think back, the questions had wording that skirted any perceivable problems.

I am wondering now if it was a fishing expedition, to see if anybody was really ticked enough to talk, or more like a way to pretend that they had real concern. Regardless, the questions that should have been asked to get a real handle on what is happening in the field were left off the document.

An Outsider’s Perspective on Mary Kay

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Written by An Anonymous Reader

I’m generally a lurker, but I’ve posted to this board several times in the last year and a half since I joined. I’ve never been in Mary Kay or any MLM, but I found your site when looking up “MLM cult” after my husband and I were heavily encouraged to join the Tahitian Noni MLM. Since then I’ve gotten enough information from you ladies to know to NEVER join an MLM, and what to say to people who approach me about it! So thank you for your wisdom.

I’m writing because I’ve been reading the hate mail that people send to Tracy and it makes me so angry. People are holier than thou when they can be anonymous and don’t realize they’re speaking to real human beings. So I wanted to offer my “outsider’s perspective” on Mary Kay, and what normal people think of Mary Kay especially for the lurkers who think all of you are “losers.”