Are You a Mary Kay Mark?

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Many folks visit Pink Truth and are surprised or appalled at the personal accounts of women who were manipulated by their Mary Kay Sales Directors and National Sales Directors.  They are so excited about their new businesses, and their SDs are so kind and seem to really care about them, they can not imagine that any of the accounts here at Pink Truth could possibly happen to them. They rail against the true stories posted here simply because it has not happened to them. Yet.

How do you know if your recruiter or Sales Director is as honest and forthright as she seems to be? How will you know if you are being played, or groomed for a career in Mary Kay regardless of whether you are interested in such a future for yourself?  How can you be sure your SD is not working on gaining your trust as she slowly lays a trap for you? In short, how do you ensure you are not conned by a highly trained manipulator?  Here are a list of red flags you should watch for if you are a Mary Kay Consultant or thinking of becoming one:

Ten Reasons Why Mary Kay Directors Don’t Want Personal Use Consultants in Their Units

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Many sales directors in Mary Kay are very hesitant about recruiting personal use consultants. Their excuse is that they don’t want to invest all of their time in training personal use consultants if they aren’t going to get out there and “work their businesses.” They want to focus their efforts on those consultants who want to get serious about Mary Kay.

Here are ten major reasons why directors shy away from personal use consultants. Granted, this is not a complete list, and more needs to be added, but if you look closely, you’ll see the real reasons behind avoiding personal use consultants. (I’ll give you hint, it’s not about investing more time and training into serious consultants’ success.)

Direct Sales: Easy or Hard?

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We know Mary Kay isn’t “direct sales” and that the real focus is recruiting. Nonetheless, the company and its reps like to use that phrase because it “hides” the focus on recruiting and sounds like something legitimate. Who could object to selling??? I thought this was an interesting piece from Anita Garrett Roe’s site.

The following article is an excerpt from a speech given by a direct seller at a local meeting. We are told she was asked to speak on how direct sales compares to working a “regular” job. It was submitted to us, and although the original author is unknown, we wish to thank her for her thoughts and insights. We have edited it to share with you as you embark on a brand new year, with new opportunities to count the many blessings we have in this business.

Compulsive Consultancy in Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Compulsive consultancy brings despair and humiliation into the lives of countless thousands of men, women and children. The compulsive consultant is a person who is dominated by an irresistible urge to participate in Mary Kay. Coupled with this is the obsessive idea that a way will be found to “make it pay” and enjoy it besides. This causes deterioration in almost all areas of the person’s life.

The compulsive consultant attempts to create an image as a philanthropist and an all around “good person”. Much of the time the compulsive consultant lives in a dream world which satisfies her emotional needs.

Mary Kay’s Pink Pyramid Scheme (from Harper’s Magazine)

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I thought today was a good day to take a trip down memory lane. Two years ago Harper’s Magazine published an excellent article (the cover story!) about the pink pyramid scheme known as Mary Kay: The Pink Pyramid Scheme: How Mary Kay Cosmetics Preys on Desperate Housewives.  The story got tons of buzz, and there were spirited discussions about it all over the place.

Virginia Sole-Smith went undercover to dig into the world of Mary Kay, finding out the dirty truth about recruiting and inventory frontloading. She found out the sad truth: Mary Kay uses the public image of “enriching women’s lives” as the basis for misleading recruits in a “business opportunity” that almost guarantees they will lose money.

Reasons for Mary Kay Consultants to Order

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Even Mary Kay Inc. knows that consultants are not selling their products. There is no significant retailing going on. Yes, there are some retail sales. But if you’ve ever been told the truth by a sales director, the bulk of the company’s income comes from big initial orders by new consultants (frontloading).

Directors receive all sorts of training on “pulling inventory”… getting those big orders fast.The longer the new consultant thinks about it, the less she will order. (Hence the pressure to order fast, and usually some special incentive that’s expiring “tomorrow” to get that order!)

The Price of Success in Mary Kay

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This comes from Mary Kay national sales director’s site. Yes, success has a price. But in Mary Kay, you are expected to try to get to the top at any cost.

And almost no one gets there, as you can see from the fact that there are a couple hundred national sales directors and 14,000 sales directors (who have a virtual revolving door, so probably something on the order of 1/3 to 1/2 are replaced each year, making the number of those who don’t make it to nsd much higher each year).

The Value of 3 Pesonal Recruits a Month in Mary Kay

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It’s all about the money from the downline in Mary Kay. It doesn’t matter that your recruits will have a difficult time selling products. Sure, they will make some sales. But it is nearly impossible to sell the products consistently at any level that gets you something more than a little extra pocket change.  But your director and recruiter have one goal in mind: to get you to order on a regular basis, regardless of what you are selling (or not selling, as the case may be).

Linda Toupin provides the following information on The Value of 3 Personal Recruits a Month. Please understand that the numbers are completely fabricated. Pieces like this are produced with fake information in order to keep recruiters and directors on the hamster wheel. Give them fake numbers and they may just stay on the wheel a little longer, thinking “if only I can get to that level..”

Mary Kay Skincare Class Reality

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This story was shared by one of Pink Truth’s members. It is an excellent story for anyone thinking of getting involved with Mary Kay Cosmetics. This story is not the exception. It is the rule!

I must share my story with Pink Truth, because it will help some women out there lurking on this site… trying to make a decision whether they should stay in the pink fog or whether they should get out and never look back.

This past Saturday I did my last skincare party. I did it because this person was a bride that I met at a bridal show back in February. I tried to cancel and I advised her that I was no longer doing Mary Kay. Well long story short she had invited people from out of town for this “pampering session” so I felt really bad and off I went to pamper her and her guest.

Mary Kay’s Do More Get More Churn

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When I first came here I did not understand that it was the MLM system that was the destructive, predatory model. I was still brainwashed into the belief that those who “failed” at Mary Kay just didn’t apply themselves. If a person just does more, they get more. If you agreed with that statement as it pertains to Mary Kay, you just revealed how fogged over you are, and how little you understand about the nature of multi-level marketing. Here is why.

That “model” of work ethic, ( “do more- get more”) only pertains to business where there are real customers, a real market, legitimate advertising venues and freedom to conduct business as you see fit. Even now, with the recent bad press, how will a consultant be able to divorce herself from Mary Kay’s growing negative perception?