Caption This Mary Kay Photo

We haven’t done this in a while, but I found a photo that merited some ridicule, so here we go! In this picture we have MLM hopper Vincent Ortega Jr., who apparently has the microphone at a Mary Kay event which included his mother, Gillian Ortega (toward the bottom right of the photo). Leave your caption for this photo in the comments below.

vincent ortega jr scammer

In case you haven’t followed Vinnie’s story, last year he was involved with Internet Lifestyle Network. He “co-founded” this company and it was supposed to be the greatest money-maker ever. Of course, it was just a run-of-the-mill pyramid scheme.  This year, Ortega is no longer involved with ILN, and is instead pushing Vemma (typical MLM magic potion) and has something called Supercharged Network. Supercharged Network appears to be an opportunity to pay money to have someone else tell you how to make money by recruiting for MLMs. Prior to that, Ortega called himself an “internet marketing coach” and if anyone has any information on what MLMs he found failure with during that time, please reply in the comments below.  Bottom line: The Ortegas are scum who push MLM scams on unsuspecting consumers.