Another Mary Kay Sales Director Bites the Dust

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Written by Nutmeg

I was recruited by a friend (who quit immediately after ordering her $1800 and never selling any of it).  My director (who’s a nat’l) had me order full inventory.  I have a very large network of friends and happened to be really good at selling the products.  I actually paid off my inventory and started making a profit after 4 months.  I was prompted to become a director.

The Perspective of a Director With 900 in Her Downline

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Written by a Future NSD

I wanted to give everyone at Pink Truth the perspective of a “higher up” director. I at one time had over 1,000 in my downline, and 9 offspring directors.

I have been lurking on this site for a while, and feel it is time to make a post. I am still an active director. I have been high up on the “food chain” for a while, but have never felt good about my position. I am open to all perspectives in life.

Tracy, I think you have brought up many issues that needed to be addressed, and you are being attacked because people are being threatened. You are an intelligent woman bringing a different perspective to MLM, and I love your quest for truth.

Just the Mary Kay Facts

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Mary Kay Sucks

Mary Kay Sucks

Written by JTA

If you are considering ‘moving up into management’ in Mary Kay, ‘promoting yourself to Director’,  or even just getting started in the business, here are some facts that you might not be aware of.

Fact 1: The majority of Sales Directors make very little money.

To check this fact, you can do a couple of things.  One real eye opener is to ask the Directors you admire to provide their 1099s for the last few years.  They can easily access these from Intouch.  Some may argue that this does not provide a true picture of income since it does not show expenses.  However, even without deducting expenses you will be surprised at how low this number is.

This Woman Wants to Forget About Her Mary Kay Experience

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Written by Anonymous

I joined Mary Kay because I had been one of the millions of people who had been looking for a job for two years and after many job applications and only a few interviews, I decided to join Mary Kay because I was at the end of my rope

Well, no one actually talked me into it and I did not hear the “opportunity” story. I just went to the Mary Kay internet site and put my zip code in.  Within a few hours a girl called me and invited me to a “Success Meeting” the next evening.  Considering I was very vuLnerable at this point (and they knew it) I probably would have signed up for the Foreign Legion.

I sat there and watched this unbelievable meeting with a lot of kissing and hugging and dancing.  I sat though a facial and makeover and a lot of fussing.  After all this was over I was shown pink shiny rings and told that if I signed the agreement that night a ring would be mine.  So…. I signed the agreement.

A Husband’s Struggle With His Wife’s Mary Kay “Career”

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mary-kay-lady-moneyA note submitted by a Mary Kay husband:

I am the husband of a gorgeous, loving, capable, intelligent lady who is trying to gain this same exclusivity by emulating these Icons who parade their illusion of success and Mary Kay inner circle Utopia.

Unfortunately, my comments to “go slow – be careful” fall on deaf ears. Ears that have been closed by the subtle mantras of a sales director who is mining my wife’s need for glamour and recognition. (“no, she is our friend ! she wouldn’t do anything to lead me astray”)

I am a business admin. graduate, and I have studied management, marketing and sales. My research concludes that much of the data stated to the prospect is not true, but glitter with a hook in it (a business marketing principle in and of itself).

Mary Kay Put a Wedge in My Marriage

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Written by Nutmeg

Yes, MK did put a wedge in my marriage.  I was a stay-at-home mom with 2 children and was feeling a little neglected by my husband’s very busy work/travel schedule.  I decided to give MK a try to get me out of the house and make a little money.  My husband was a little worried that I got talked into over $3,500 (which I borrowed from our joint account) inventory, but was happy for me when I started making good sales and paying back the “loan” from our account.

I started MK May 28 and my NSD was doing everything possible to talk me into going to seminar.  She tried to get me to book seminar and a plane ticket while on the phone with her, but I didn’t know her that well and wouldn’t go for it.  I talked it over with my husband and we decided it was stupid for me to spend more money when I hadn’t paid back the initial loan on my inventory yet.

Mary Kay Like a Gambling Addiction?

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A former Mary Kay sales director shares how her her story was like a gambling addition, waiting to hit the jackpot with the big commission check. 

My journey to the end began the day I was on the computer looking for something and I stumbled upon Pink Truth. It was a shock to see this because I thought everything about MK was great. It was like a splash of cold water. At first I was angry but I kept coming back because deep in my gut I knew there was some truth to what was being written. The doubts started. So of course I went to my SSD and she told me, “never look at that again. It is poison and it will ruin you.”

But I also knew the reality of being a MK director. DIQ was absolute hell. I said and did things I never thought I would so that I could be the “find a way, make a way” type woman and I naively believed that once I became a director, I would have arrived to all my success. Because most of the women I signed up that last month came in to do a one time order, I did not have a unit. I did not really have a team. I was also deep in credit card debt, because I made up the difference each month chasing the mirage of my MK dream.

Working the “Mary Kay Way” Still Does Not Lead to Success

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A former Mary Kay sales director tells us how booking, selling, and recruiting the way she was taught still did not lead to success.

I have been reading your site on and off for the past few months. When I heard of Pink Truth, I was still a Director. A sister director told me about “this evil website” called Pink Truth. I had to see for myself so I instantly logged on to have a clandestine peek.

I happened to be plagued with serious and frightening doubts about my Directorship at that time. When I began reading the articles, I recognized the exact same fears and struggles that others were experiencing. I felt a mixture of guilt, shame and fear of even READING the entries. I had to force myself to stop reading it, but I couldn’t help but return again and again in the days to follow. I so enjoyed being able to identify with other women struggling to make sense of this weird business. Yet, I felt that I was shamelessly indulging in the “dark” side by even remotely shedding light on any possible downsides of being a sales director. I couldn’t help myself. I visited every day.

Women Are Taught to Lie In Mary Kay

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mlm-liesThis is the story of a former Mary Kay director who was taught to deceive women in order to get the numbers to move up. When her directorship finally ended, she and her husband were forced to put their dreams on hold while they recovered from near financial ruin.

Here is the truth and nothing but the truth. I have always tried to be straight forward and honest, but sometimes we lie to ourselves.  Well over the last few months I have come to see clearly some things I have lied to myself and others about.

I signed up for Mary Kay 2 ½ years ago just to get my product at cost, since I was using plenty of it anyway.  Well after doing some reading I found it was much more profitable than the MLM I was doing for 1 year before Mary Kay.  It also offered a lot more as far as support and training.

Missing Production in Mary Kay

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This is the story of a new director who felt a lack of support and training, and who was topping off production to meet the $4,000 wholesale minimum.  Lest you should think that is unusual and not the “Mary Kay way” …. think again. Many, many directors buy production every other month.

I don’t even know where to start. I’m so confused! I have been reading everything on your site for about a week or so. I know it’s ALL true! I was asked to “step down” as a director in April. I am a new director.

My unit couldn’t seem to make production every month. We would fall short and I would take care of it. I charged up all my credit cards and not because I have a “flawed personality”.

I did it because I Believed in the dream. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Right? I thought my “love checks” would get bigger and it would all work out. The only thing I achieved is about to file bankruptcy. I have an appointment with a lawyer today.