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A Mary Kay Husband Speaks Out

Perhaps my story will help other ladies out there. This is a true story in which I am still living but trying to put closure to a situation that has been absolutely terrible because of my hopefully soon ex-wife’s addiction to Mary Kay.

After our first child was born, my wife decided that doing nails was not good enough so she wanted to start a business. She had me listen to an Amway presentation and I told her immediately that if the focus is on recruiting and not selling products to make money- this is a pyramid scheme and no way would I get involved in this. Then came Mary Kay Cosmetics. Continue Reading →


A Mary Kay Consultant’s Story

Written by Diana

I wanted to write and share a little of my quiting experience. I am mourning my MK business. I thought it was my ticket to financial freedom. I thought I had found a business that was faith first, family second, and career third.

I was wrong.

I can’t even bring myself to go to meetings anymore. I can’t call my leads anymore. I am frozen, the dream is gone. I was a team leader before I really saw the greed. I missed so many evenings with my family.

I only did MK for one year. I was a star every quarter, and from sales. I only borrowed  $1200 total for MK and I had over $9000 in retail sales. No credit card, but that does not mean that they did not try to get me to get one. (The $1200 was a small personal loan from a bank, not revolving credit) Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Red Flags

This story was contributed by a woman who signed up for Mary Kay and then quit, all in the same week.

It was a funny thing how it all happened, I mean “becoming” a Mary Kay Consultant. (I might add it all happened in the course of one week that I was in and out of it!)

It was a fast, unexpected whirlwind of “you are fabulous” and “fantastic” all smiles “coffee meeting” that I met with a Mary Kay lady/friend, and I thought “Why not, what could it hurt to do a little business on the side?”. Plus I had met her previously at a facial party and had a pretty nice time and everyone else seemed to purchase lots of product.

She told me that I could do it at my own pace, just as long as I did $200 in 6 months. I figured I could sell $33 of stuff each month and probably more since she thought I was “fabulous”:) I have a full time job, but I thought maybe one of these days when I have a family I could do more MK at home. Continue Reading →


Dishonesty and Deception Around This Former Mary Kay DIQ

This story was submitted by a reader of Pink Truth. If you think the part of the story about cheating is unusual, think again. Mary Kay supporters will tell you the cheaters are few and far between, and they weren’t following the Mary Kay Way. Wrong! Cheating is the rule, not the exception. I have yet to find a sales director who made it to that position without signing up friends or family who didn’t really want to be a part of Mary Kay. They all do it so they can move up the pyramid.

I thought perhaps now is the best time to tell my story as I am still sorting out the end of my MK world.  I won’t lie.  I have moments where I still think about being an awesome Director, and through being a good, honest person, winning that caddy, the jewelry, the huge checks.  I still find myself checking out the star consultant catalog thinking, well, maybe…  I even have to admit, I am curious what next years Court jewelry will be.

It started for me way back…  I joined the unit of a woman that many adore.  She’s been a million dollar sales director multiple times in her over 20 years.  But those of us in her unit found out really quickly how just absolutely selfish she is.  My inventory call came pretty fast, right behind the agreement where I was told NOTHING about inventory.  I didn’t buy any. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Doesn’t Work, Even When You Do

The struggles of new sales director who quit after the debt and the fight became too much for her.

Early in last year, Mia  was flying high. She was a new sales director, in a brand new Mary Kay car, and feeling successful with commission checks between $1,000 and $2,500 per month. The sky was the limit! She would determine her own success based on how hard she was willing to work!

But the truth was that Mia was faking it till she made it.  Mia was exaggerating about how much money she was making, because she believed in talking about your goals and acting as if they were already done! (Sound familiar, anyone?) Continue Reading →


One Woman’s Mary Kay Experience

The reality of the Mary Kay opportunity as told by a Pink Truth member.

I pretty much knew after a couple of months that the Mary Kay opportunity wasn’t for me.  I joined Mary Kay simply because I had just graduated college and needed to put some more structure in my free time.  I was used to my evenings having a schedule and when I no longer had classes to fill that time I looked for something (anything!) to fill my evenings.

I went to a skin care class and enjoyed the consultant and the product so I decided to join.  Since I was relatively new to the area, I was hoping to make a few friends and get a little bit of a discount on some of the product that I used. Continue Reading →


Husbands, Stand Up Against Mary Kay

 The Mary Kaybots will say you’re unsupportive. They’ll tell your wife that you’re just “trying to hold her back,” or that you “don’t want her to have something just for herself.” You’ll be called negative. They’ll say you just don’t “get it.”

The real truth is that you understand all too well what a losing proposition Mary Kay Cosmetics is. The failure rate in this so-called business is astronomically higher than any legitimate business. Why? Because it’s more of a pyramid scheme (in which only a very small few win, dependent, of course, on all the rest to pass their money up the chain). It’s not a real business in which results are reasonably correlated to your efforts. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Opinions: The Mary Kay Way is to Cheat and Justify

Written by “Stephanie”

I was a Sales Director in Mary Kay a few years ago. If I knew then what I know now I would have never became a sales director… especially not doing it the way I was taught to do it.

Being in MK you learn the lingo, the language and the look. “Those who show up, go up”, “Do what  you have to do to get over the hump”. Well it is not all that it is cracked up to be.

If I can share anything about my experience and ordeal, it would be to warn other women not to do what I did and not get “sucked” into the MK dream of doing things unethically thinking it will get you ahead. What you must understand though, is that everyone in Mary Kay is doing it. Every sales director has signed up family and friends and paid the money for them to finish DIQ. Every sales director has topped off production to meet minimums or appear to “finish a goal.” Every sales director has ordered in someone else’s name to make them active. Continue Reading →


Why Pink Truth Still Exists

Pink Truth has been in existence since July 4, 2006… starting out first as “Mary Kay Sucks” and then becoming Pink Truth a few months later. After nearly 8 years hashing and re-hashing Mary Kay, why are we still talking about it?

Because each day there are new Mary Kay victims who need our help! The main purpose of this site has always been to provide information to women in and out of Mary Kay. We want to help them avoid the big pink beast, or at the very least, learn how to get out of the pink cult with the least financial and emotional damage.

Below is a thank you note I received this week. This woman (and all the women like her) is the reason I continue to run Pink Truth. Continue Reading →


The Start of a Fake Mary Kay Friendship

A new Mary Kay recruit, almost reeled in by a sales director who she thought was becoming her friend. But it was really all about the inventory.

So, I’ve always been well aware of the name Mary Kay.  It’s been a name that has been tossed around a few times in my 30 years of living.  I’ve had friends cross the path of pink bubblehood and come out a little scathed.  I even attended a facial and event a few years back with a good friend.  At the time though, I didn’t have any desire to sell MK. Continue Reading →


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