Mary Kay Product Changes Through the Years: Miracle Set

Written by PinkPunch

Here are Mary Kay's formula and packaging changes to the Miracle Set from Winter 2003 through June 2009.

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Mary Kay Product Changes Through the Years: Lipgloss

Written by PinkPunch

Question: Does MK constantly change product packaging, colors and formulas etc… to:

  1. stay on the cutting edge and look up-to-date
  2. or because they know you'll be stuck with the old and forced to buy the new, which keeps ordering stats higher???

You decide!

I was in MK for 4 years so here's the many changes just within this short time. Continue reading “Mary Kay Product Changes Through the Years: Lipgloss”

Mary Kay Product Changes in 2011

Get ready to throw your discontinued Mary Kay products in the trash!!! More changes are coming. Why? It’s how Mary Kay makes more money from consultants who have been with the company a while. Discontinue a classic product, and there is a bump in sales from everyone buying the new product. They claim they need to stay “on trend,”and that is what motivates the changes. We at Pink Truth know better.

Product changes mean big money for Mary Kay. All the seasoned consultants and sales directors quickly buy up the new products, because they’d never want to have old products on their shelves! Continue reading “Mary Kay Product Changes in 2011”

Mary Kay is Suing More Product Liquidators

On July 16, 2010, Mary Kay filed two more lawsuits against product liquidators. These lawsuits follow successful litigation against Touch of Pink Cosmetics, and successfully shutting down other product liquidators. MK is suing Beauty Peddler LLC (owned by Susan Morris) and

In general, what product liquidators do is not illegal or a violation of any of Mary Kay’s rights. Anyone can sell any legal product that they legally own at any time. They’re allowed to tell people what the product is, what the brand name is, and anything that accurately describes the product. So saying the products a liquidator is selling are “Mary Kay” products is just fine. Continue reading “Mary Kay is Suing More Product Liquidators”

Mary Kay Spring 2010 Products

Here are the new products Mary Kay Cosmetics is releasing for Spring 2010:


Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color ($13 suggested retail)
Rich, juicy, vibrant. Lips are in full bloom and focus this season with ripe, luscious color. New Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color gives you the rich color of a lipstick with the application ease of a lip gloss. Its weightless non-sticky formula glides on smoothly to instantly moisturize and treat lips to a special semi-matte finish that’s naturally flattering. It goes from semi-sheer to full coverage. Versatile, flexible, different and fun! Choose from Malted, Raspberry Ice, Sherbet, Cherry Coffee, Chocoholic and Royal Plum. Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color also will be available as a Section 2 sampler (strip/6 with applicators, $1.25).

Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick — 11 NEW Shades! ($13 suggested retail)
Now there’s even more to love about your favorite lipstick. The Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick brings you the classic formula wome have loved for years in 36 beautiful shades. Glides on with a ightweight, creamy texture and delivers maximum color impact And moisture that last. It’s fragrance-free — with a hint of vanilla flavoring to delight the senses — and comes in a custom-designed case featuring a color button cap that easily identifies the shade that’s inside. New shades are Sunny Citrus, Icy Peach, Boysenberry, Hot Mocha, Whisper, Maple, Sunlit Sand, Copper Star, Pink Passion, Blaze and Midnight Red. Section 2 samplers of these new shades also will be available in strips of 6 for $1.25.

Mineral Cheek Color — NEW Shade! ($10 suggested retail)
The mineral-based formula of Mary Kay® Cheek Color is famous for its oil-absorbing properties, ease of application and excellent coverage. It contains vitamins A, C and E to help protect against wrinkle-causing free radicals. And it’s so versatile that, no matter What your skin tone, you can start with a natural glow and then build fade-resistant color as you like it. Now you can choose from one more shade — Citrus Bloom — in this beautiful lineup. And as before, you can purchase Section 2 samplers of the Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color (sheet of 18, $1.25).

Mineral Eye Color — 10 NEW Shades! ($6.50 suggested retail)
Create intense, high-impact and long-lasting color with a single sweep. Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color is fade- and crease-resistant with Vitamins A, C and E to help protect against wrinkle-causing free radicals. Its weightless texture glides on easily and applies smoothly and evenly. Ten new shades in matte and shimmer offer beautiful options for every skin tone: White Lily, Almond, Silver Satin, Midnight Star, Black Pearl, Copper Glow, Peacock Blue, Lavender Fog, Emerald and Azure. Section 2 samplers will be available for these shades, as well (sheet of 18, $1.25).

UPDATED: Peach Satin Hands® Pampering Set ($34 suggested retail)
Rough, dry hands are instantly cleansed, softened and moisturized in three easy steps with the Satin Hands®
Pampering Set. These three essentials come packaged in a coordinating bag:

  • Step 1: Hand Softener — provides the same benefits and results and is based on the same formula as current Extra Emollient Night Cream, but without the color or the fragrance. And your customers who love the original Extra Emollient Night Cream can still purchase it through open stock!
  • Step 2: Satin Smoothie® Hand Scrub — same formula as current Hand Scrub with the same benefits and results – plus a peach fragrance. This cleanser and exfoliator is an everyday treat for hands to leave them feeling smooth and soft instantly.
  • Step 3: Hand Cream —The new Hand Cream formula, in a NEW peach scent, is non-greasy and leaves hands soft and silky. Best of all, it moisturizes for 24 hours. It even lasts through several hand washings!

Travel-Sized Sun Care Set
It’s the perfect take-along for a trip to the beach: the Mary Kay® Travel-Sized Sun Care Set! Includes a Mini Mary Kay® SPF 30 Sunscreen*, Mini Mary Kay® After-Sun Replenishing Gel and Mini Mary Kay® Subtle
Tanning Lotion**.

*Over-the-counter drug product
**Does not contain sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn


Coconut Lime Body Care Set ($26 suggested retail)
Pamper yourself from head to toe with the luscious, tropical scent of coconut lime. The set includes a body lotion, shower gel and body mist packaged in a coordinating gift bag.

Forever Orchid
This everyday wearable fragrance is simple, yet sophisticated. Forever Orchid is light, floral and perfect for summer. With a total of five carefree, easygoing Eau de Toilette fragrances to choose from — all of them offered at an easygoing price — you can wear a new scent every day! Plus, we’re offering the coordinating Body Lotion, Sugar Scrub and Shower Gel, giving you an easy-to-sell, low-cost fragrance option perfect for wrapping up your Seminar year! Note: the Eau de Toilette Section 2 Sampler card will be updated to include Forever Orchid.

  • Eau de Toilette (retail size: $25 suggested retail)
  • Body Lotion (retail size: $15 suggested retail)
  • Sugar Scrub (retail size: $15 suggested retail)
  • Shower Gel (retail size: $15 suggested retail)
  • Mary Kay® Cooling Bronzing Stick ($20 suggested retail)

The Mary Kay® Cooling Bronzing Stick is a simple and fun way to get an instant bronzed glow. This gel comes in a convenient stick form and feels cool to the touch when applied directly to the skin. Plus, it feels moisturizing, so not only does it feel great going on, it feels great throughout the day. Sheer, buildable coverage can be blended with a finger or sponge to achieve a customizable glow. This long-lasting, non-greasy formula applies easily and dries quickly with no creasing or caking. One shade is suitable for all skin tones and types, so every woman can look like she’s been freshly kissed by the sun.

New Mary Kay Products for December 16, 2009

 I haven't said much about the new and discontinued products in Mary Kay in a while. Frankly, I just don't care a whole lot about the products themselves. But here's a peek at the products that are coming on the December 16, 2009 order form. Notice that Mary Kay is an expert at "everything old is new again." Fragrance free Satin Hands wouldn't be necesary if they had just kept the original formula. (And consultants beware: The peach satin hands is changing in summer!!! And following that, MK will be making limited edition scents of satin hands.) A mask??? I thought Timewise was supposed to eliminate the need for a mask. Eyebrow gel? Now that's a blast from the past!

New Regular Line Products

  • Fragrance Free Satin Hands® Pampering Set ($34 suggested retail) It’s a new twist on a best-seller! The new Satin Hands® Pampering Set in Fragrance Free. Get touchable, soft hands as easy as 1-2-3 with this all-time customer favorite. The set includes:
    • Fragrance Free Satin Hands® Hand Softener, which is Extra Emollient Night Cream with a new name and without the color and scent. It leaves hands soft and silky and helps maintain natural moisture.
    • Fragrance Free Satin Hands® Satin Smoothie® Hand Scrub to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
    • Fragrance Free Satin Hands® Hand Cream in a new rich, silky formula that now moisturizes for 24 hours and lasts through several hand washes! Also will be sold separately for $10 each (suggested retail).
  • TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask ($20 suggested retail) Pamper, soften and brighten in one step. The new TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask is formulated with the patent-pending MelaCEPTM Brightening Complex. This gentle, soothing formula leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized and delivers instant brightening benefits, so the skin looks immediately more radiant and refreshed. When used along with TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence, you have the Even Complexion Power Pair!
  • Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation in six additional shades ($18 suggested retail) Six NEW additional shades now give your customers a total of 12 shades to choose from so they can find the perfect match for their skin tone. Now, more of your customers can experience this weightless powder that blends effortlessly for a flawless look. New shades: Ivory 0.5, Beige 0.5, Beige 1.5, Bronze 3, Bronze 4, Bronze 5. Mineral Powder Foundation Brush sold separately for $10 suggested retail.
  • Mary Kay® Brow Gel ($10 suggested retail) This clear, translucent gel is a multitasker: It quickly conditions brows with a matte finish that keeps groomed brows in place to create a fuller, thicker appearance and lock in color without flaking. Fits perfectly inside the Mary Kay® Compact and Mary Kay® Compact ProTM.
  • Mary Kay® Brow Tools Set ($4 suggested retail) Designed to fit perfectly in the applicator wells of the Mary Kay® Compact and Mary Kay® Compact ProTM, this travel-friendly set includes three professional-quality, reusable mini brow tools: mini tweezers for shaping and helping remove unwanted hair; mini spooley brush to brush brow hairs in place and remove excess brow powder or brow pencil from the brows; and a mini angle brush to fill in or add brow powder color to brows.

NEW! limited-edition products (available while supplies last)

  • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color Bundles ($19.50 each suggested retail) Make green eyes greener, blue eyes bluer and brown and hazel eyes appear richer than ever before with one of four gotta-have-it Mineral Eye Color Bundles: Brilliant Blue Eyes, Beautiful Brown Eyes, Gorgeous Green Eyes or Hypnotic Hazel Eyes. Each bundle includes three regular-line Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Colors, Eye Applicators (pk./two, Eye Brush and Eye Sponge) and professional makeup artist application tips.
  • Mary Kay® Eye Definer/Eye Crease Brush ($12 suggested retail) This professional-quality brush combines two essential brushes from your Mary Kay® Brush Collection in one special brush to create an eye-catching look. Use the Eye Definer end to shape and define your eyes and blend color evenly. Use the Eye Crease end to apply darker shades for added depth to your eye look. Application tips are included. Store in its handy protective pouch or in your Mary Kay® Cosmetic Organizer Bag.
  • GREAT VALUE! Romantic PetalsTM Gift Set ($32 suggested retail) Make her Valentine’s Day special when you give the gift of flowers with hints of iris, orchid and gardenia! Each set includes an Eau de Toilette spray, shower gel and body soufflé in the Romantic PetalsTM scent, plus a netted body sponge, packaged in a beautiful and reusable gift box.
  • Mechanical Brow Liner in Blonde ($10 suggested retail) Back by popular demand for a limited time only, we’re re-launching the Mechanical Brow Liner in our most popular shade — Blonde! The Blonde shade can be used on a wide variety of consumers with blonde to brown eyebrows. It’s a great reason to contact former and existing customers who have requested this product!

Latest Mary Kay Products

Below are the "latest and greatest" products from Mary Kay. The "big reveal" at seminar was apparently the "Replenishing Serum." Is this really any different than the Night Solution or Step 2 of Microdermabrasion? Sounds like the same products mixed up a little so you now have an extra layer to use. Not exciting in the least. *yawn*

(Click to see the graphic full size)

Details on the Mary Kay Packaging Changes

We recently discussed packaging changes that Mary Kay is doing. The company pretends that things like this are for the benefit of consultants, so the products can be "on trend" and more hip and happening.The real truth is that each time the company changes a formula or a package, it generates a wave of orders from consultants who are convinced they need the latest and greatest on their shelves.

Here are the details of the next change:

Like the Miracle Set, other items in the TimeWise® skin care line are about to get a makeover. The new pink packaging, which is accented with black graphics, is a modern and fresh design. The following products will be repackaged beginning Sept. 16, 2009, to reflect the updated Mary Kay® branded product packaging and graphics:

  • TimeWise® Firming Eye Cream and sampler
  • Extra Emollient Night Cream and sampler
  • TimeWise® Targeted-Action® Line Reducer and sampler
  • TimeWise® 3-in-1 Cleansing Bar (with soap dish)

Please note that beginning Sept. 16, 2009, the price of the Extra Emollient Night Cream will increase from $11 to $13, suggested retail. In addition, the price of the Extra Emollient Night Cream Section 2 sampler (pk./12) also will increase beginning Sept. 16, 2009, from $4 to $6. The Emollient Night Cream has not had a price increase in more than 20 years, and this product remains the same great formula that you and your customers have always enjoyed.

The remainder of the skin care packaging updates continues through mid-2010. Remember to visit Countdown to Skin Care on Product Central often for all the latest updates.


Mary Kay: “We’re not screwing consultants as bad as last year.”

The most recent Applause magazine issued by Mary Kay had this statement about the new packaging for the Timewise product line:

While the packaging is changing, the formulas and the retail prices remain the same! With that in mind, this packaging transition will not be as dramatic as the color product updates implemented last year, but you still may want to take a look at the Miracle Set inventory you have on hand and plan according to your customers’ needs as well as what current Miracle Set inventory you must sell.

Translation: We know that every time we change the packaging, we make the products on your shelf obsolete. We don't mind, because that just means more ordering by everyone who becomes convinced that they need the latest and greatest on their shelf. But for those of you who don't fall for this scam, you can rest assured that since only the packaging (and not the product itself) is changing, we aren't screwing you as bad as last year when we changed all the packaging and formulas on all the color cosmetics. (Remember that cash cow?)