Mary Kay Color Conversion Chart – New eye colors and cheek colors


For those of you who, for some unknown reason, still use Mary Kay products, this is the conversion chart for the new eye and cheek colors. And check this post to see some of the most recent colors released by Mary Kay Cosmetics.


The chart is organized: Old Color – Date new became available – New Color


Old MK Signature Eye Color – – New Mineral Eye Color
Bamboo 12/16/07 Silky Caramel
Blue Moon 12/16/07 Blue Metal or Denim Frost
Cinnabar 12/16/07 Available in new formula
Copper Beach 12/16/07 Honey Spice
Cotton Candy 3/16/08 Precious Pink and Blue



Cranberry Ice 3/16/08 Raisin
Crystalline 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Currant Craze 3/16/08 Sweet Plum
Double Espresso 6/16/08 Espresso and Raisin
Fig 6/16/08 Dusty Lilac and Iris


Gold Leaf 12/16/07 Amber Blaze
Goldenrod 12/16/07 Amber Blaze
Hazelnut 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Jade 12/16/07 No replacement
Java 12/16/07 Hazelnut and Granite


Jungle 6/16/08 Lemongrass and Golden Olive
Lagoon 3/16/08 Blue Metal and Navy Blue
Lucky Penny 3/16/08 Chocolate Kiss or Amber Blaze
Moonstone 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Onyx 6/16/08 Steel and Coal


Periwinkle 6/16/08 Iris
Rainforest 3/16/08 Ivy Garden
Rose Mist 6/16/08 Precious Pink
Safari Sunset 6/16/08 Honey Spice and Amber Blaze
Sheer Pink 3/16/08 Sweet Pink


Spun Silk 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Storm 6/16/08 Coal
Sugarplum 3/16/08 Dusty Lilac
Tooti Fruiti 12/16/07 Precious Pink and Honey Spice
Tropical Sun 6/16/08 Silky Caramel


Vintage Gold 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Virtual Violet 12/16/07 Sweet Plum
Whipped Cocoa 12/16/07 NEW Hazelnut
White Sand 6/16/08 Sweet Cream
Woodland 6/16/08 Sienna


Old MK Signature Cheek Color – – New Mineral Cheek Color
Apricot Breeze 12/16/07 Shy Blush
Brick 6/16/08 Cinnamon Stick
Bronze Sands 3/16/08 Sparkling Cider or Sandstone
Desert Bloom 3/16/08 Cherry Blossom
Gold Canyon 6/16/08 Berry Brown and Golden Copper


Island Spice 3/16/08 Shy Blush
Mocha Blush 6/16/08 Cherry Blossom
Orchid 3/16/08 Cherry Blossom
Pink Flamingo 6/16/08 Pink Petals
Pink Meringue 12/16/07 NEW


Pink Sapphire 6/16/08 Strawberry Cream
Plum Dazzle 3/16/08 Bold Berry
Santa Fe Sun 3/16/08 Golden Copper and Sparking Cider
Sunny Spice 6/16/08 Available in new formula

What We Wish Our Director Told Us About the Mary Kay Product Line

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Here’s what I saw out there. there are products that move and those that don’t. Based on my experience, here’s what I would recommend to anyone starting the business, other than RUN!! Continue reading “What We Wish Our Director Told Us About the Mary Kay Product Line”

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Trouble in (Pink) Paradise With Mary Kay’s New Products

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Oh oh. Could there be trouble with Mary Kay’s new mineral foundations and eye shadows? Yikes.

I mean in addition to the fact that they are very small… I know, I know, they are hyper-pigmented and all, so a teeny tiny amount works like a whole lot of the old stuff did, but then there’s the smearing of the colors thing, and the compact may be a little difficult to open, and the blushes are “sparkly, ” —what I am talking about right now though, is the “rumor” that the products are causing some not so pretty reactions and some pretty major concerns. Continue reading “Trouble in (Pink) Paradise With Mary Kay’s New Products”

Still Looking for Someone Selling All That Mary Kay Stuff

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I must not be focusing on the right units and areas when looking to see who’s selling a lot of Mary Kay , right? I know I’ll run across them eventually! I mean, all those consultants that I’ve already looked at… they just must not want to work. I’m sure if they really tried, they could sell lots and lots of Mary Kay. This business works! (LOL) Continue reading “Still Looking for Someone Selling All That Mary Kay Stuff”

More Evidence That Mary Kay’s 100% Product Guarantee Isn’t Really 100%

Mary Kay has apparently changed the rules of the product replacement system, but hasn’t bothered to tell anyone. In theory, Mary Kay has a 100% satisfaction guarantee… that means a customer can return a product at any time and get their money back or a replacement product. For any reason. At any time.

Well check out this information from a sales director who tried to do a replacement on a (now obsolete) compact: Continue reading “More Evidence That Mary Kay’s 100% Product Guarantee Isn’t Really 100%”

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Not?

From time to time, Mary Kay sales directors send out mass emails about the company’s product guarantee. In these emails, they’re discussing all the ways that the company might be trying to “get out of” honoring the 100% satisfaction guarantee on the products.

I always find this interesting, because I believe the guarantee is either 100% or it’s not. It can’t be “100% unless…” because then it’s not 100%.

Here is what Mary Kay Cosmetics says about the guarantee:

We stand behind our products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Consumers who use Mary Kay® products are among the most loyal in the world because Mary Kay® products are safe, effective and deliver the benefits they want. Mary Kay Inc. stands behind its products sold by Independent Beauty Consultants. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any Mary Kay® product, it will be replaced without charge, exchanged or the full purchase price refunded following its return to your authorized Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. If she is no longer active, it can be returned to the Company with proof of purchase.

The guarantee says that company stands behind products “sold by Independent Beauty Consultants.” What does that mean? How does a customer know if a seller is a beauty consultant or not? How would she know if someone is a terminated consultant, or one who has sent product back, or if the seller has never been a consultant before?

The rumor mill now says that Mary Kay is not going to stand behind products sold by people on eBay, etc. Here’s an email that’s currently circulating:

I wanted to pass this along to you and our two awesome directors. It was brought to my attention in a phone call with Mary Kay Corporate this afternoon that there is a major change in our 100% guarantee. I facialed a really nice young woman this afternoon that I had met through a fish bowl I had out during the holidays who had lost her consultant and wanted to get back on the skincare, etc. She brought 2 formula foundations with her that weren’t the right shade or formula for her skin type and an eyeshadow that she didn’t care for either. I gladly just exchanged them out at the end for the right formula and color of foundation and a different eyeshadow as I wasn’t her consultant who sold them to her. The sale was $98.50 total. After deducting the two foundations and eyeshadow it brought it down by $34.00. I didn’t mind as I went to the library when I was done and did my return like normal. It got flagged. I called MK Corporate to figure out whatever help they needed. That is when I learned this new important information.

If you have not sold the product to the customer do not refund it for money or products. This was recently just updated and put out in the director’s memo. I know they are at leadership and might have overlooked something so critical to pass along to us. I explained to the lady at corporate that I have been at meetings, which I have and have not heard a word about this important change. The client/customer is to call 1-800-Mary Kay. The reason behind this is they are not honoring anything bought on Ebay, etc. Thank the Good Lord! They don’t want the sales force taking hits like this anymore. So just refer them out to corporate and let corporate figure out how to help them. They also don’t want the sales force taking hits on products not purchased by/from you. She was really wonderful on the phone about it and honored what I did, but she shared with me this important information to pass along, so we don’t lose sales anymore.

If you have any questions just call them, but it’s pretty simple. If you did not sell it to them, don’t refund it. They have to call MK Corporate.

Taking hits? As far as I know, there is no “hit” when a customer exchanges product, even if she didn’t purchase the original product from you. You take back her products, and you do a product replacement which makes you whole for the transaction. Period. There is no “hit.”


Here’s what I think is happening: Mary Kay is trying to discourage customers from returning the product. What a beautiful way to do it… tell consultants not to accept any product they didn’t sell. The customer has to go to corporate, which is clearly more of a hassle for the customer.

The Pink Truth Product Spoiler

At Pink Truth, we have a short (but colorful) history of spoiling Mary Kay’s secret planned product launches. Most notably, I announced the plans to change all lipsticks, compacts, and color cosmetics to the new black compacts… a full six months before Mary Kay Inc. was prepared to announce it

And now for the latest spoiler… I’ve got three big announcements for you. If you don’t want to know, don’t click on the “more” link…. But I know you want to know!!!

As part of the new black compacts, there will be a new large compact called “The Compact Pro.” It will retail for $35 and will be out in fall. Continue reading “The Pink Truth Product Spoiler”

The Truth About the Massive Product Line Changes at Mary Kay


About 6 months before Mary Kay's scheduled announcement, Pink Truth announced that Mary Kay Cosmetics was planning on changing its entire line of color cosmetics. That would include compacts, lipsticks, cheek colors, eye colors, foundations… the whole works with a phase-in over twelve months.



Mary Kay wasn’t ready for that information to be published when Pink Truth leaked it. After 45 years in business, Mary Kay Inc. is a well-oiled machine. They know exactly how and when to announce new products and product changes in order to get the highest level of orders out of consultants. They have to balance off selling old inventory with directors maintaining products and preparing to sell the new products.


The company’s plan was to announce the product changes at Seminar in 2007. Announce too early, and consultants stop ordering the silver products and Mary Kay is stuck with inventory they can’t sell. Announce later, and the consultants are stuck with the outdated inventory that they just ordered and isn’t shown in the customers’ catalogs.


Mary Kay did the best they could with the early announcement of the product change. They knew they couldn’t deny the news, otherwise they’d soon be proven to be liars. Yet they didn’t want to admit the truth either, because that would throw their whole schedule into turmoil and consultants would likely reduce their orders.


So they did what they knew best… They dodged the question. Initially they told consultants and directors not to worry.

  • Mary Kay has your best interests at heart.
  • We’ll announce any product changes in plenty of time for you to balance your inventory.
  • Beware of listening to unreliable third parties.

But none of this bobbing and weaving would satisfy some consultants, and Mary Kay Inc. was quickly forced to admit the truth: Yes, the products are all changing but we’ll give you the details when we think you need to know them.


So now the change has begun. The lipsticks are out, and the eyeshadows and blushes are next on the list. And Mary Kay consultants and directors are finding themselves in an impossible position.


They can’t exactly sell a current silver compact to a customer without mentioning the changes that are coming. It would be dishonest, and when the customer gets a new catalog, she’ll feel deceived over the old compact.


Yet if the consultant is honest about this, the customer will likely not buy the compact filled with products. Who wants the soon-to-be outdated product? Especially when you can’t even refill it with the new colors once they’re out!


Things were different when the compacts went from pink to silver. At least all the pink pans still fit in the compacts and consultants could easily sell the old stuff. Now they’re stuck with the old stuff. Few customers will be happy to have the old stuff when they could wait and get the new stuff.


You think the new products are going to be cool? I think they might be nice, but it pains me that so many consultants are going to be left with outdated junk on their shelves.


But that’s the genius of the marketing plan at Mary Kay. Leave the consultants holding the bag. Who cares if they have old products on their shelf? That's not Mary Kay's problem. And the consultants will have to order the new stuff from the company regardless. It’s good to be a corporate suit.