If You Don’t Work in Mary Kay, You Don’t Make Money

Advice to us about how to do well in Mary Kay…. from someone who signed up to be a consultant FOUR times.

Hi, I understand where everyone is coming from. I have read all of the comments. However, I know women who are very successful in Mary Kay. Any time you have a business, you are going to invest money and time to make it work. If you don’t work, you don’t make money.

Not all women understand how to balance career and family. It does have its ups and downs, yes, but it is sales.

Yes, you invest time, yes, you invest energy.And some money to get started. It’s a business. A job.
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Mary Kay Didn’t MAKE You Do Anything!

A note from a Pink Truth critic who says Mary Kay is simple, we made it hard, and it’s your fault if you were talked into buying inventory.

I am currently an IBC & I have found myself at this site as I too have had my occasional doubts about MK. Your right, these girls are pushed to order order order and their financials are rarely taken into account. However, I have to argue the fact that MK “put you into debt”.

MK didn’t MAKE you do anything, did one single person sit on you until you pressed that proceed to order button?? Did someone slip something in your drink and press the button for you??

YOU made those decisions. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones to be in such a considerate unit, and yes they still pushed the wholesale order and they push you to gain team members, (for their benefit? of course, but for yours as well) but they don’t put you in debt. Continue reading “Mary Kay Didn’t MAKE You Do Anything!”

Don’t Blame Mary Kay For Being a Failure

Email from a Pink Truth Critic: 

I’ve been reading all the different topics that a lot of the Kaybots have been posting on this website. I find all your posts very amusing.

A lot of the women in here seem to be having a big hangup about Mary kay and about the way that Mary Kay does business. The REAL PROBLEM is YOU. You are the ones who are all at fault becuase you didn’t make any money in Mary Kay. It’s nobody else’s fault. It’s not your director’s fault and it’s not the company’s fault. You make your business become what you put into it. It seems like a lot of women in here are in denial that the REAL PROBLEM is themselves and NOT Mary Kay. A lot fo the Mary Kay consultants are not trained or do not want to be trained properly. Continue reading “Don’t Blame Mary Kay For Being a Failure”

Dear People Who Hate Pink Truth and All of the Lazy Losers Who Write the Posts or Comment on Them

Written by SuzyQ

Many years ago, I was advised to send the third letter. Not the first or second one I wrote, but the third one I wrote, I could send.  I have expanded that wisdom to include the third email.

There is sound rationale behind this practice.  By the time you write and rewrite and rewrite yet again, you have calmed down and are able to articulate your message in a more thoughtful manner.  It may have more of an impact if we can actually understand what you are trying to say. Continue reading “Dear People Who Hate Pink Truth and All of the Lazy Losers Who Write the Posts or Comment on Them”

Pink Truth: Whiny, Negative, Judgmental Women

Some interesting comments from a Mary Kay consultant who claims to be making six figures a year, despite having no recruits. At the same time she claims that’s her income, she had to start a fundraiser to pay legal fees for her felon boyfriend. Something doesn’t add up!

I keep reading all these stories and posts and what I dont understand is why any one of these people involved in this site even cares? It’s masked as a way “to help other ‘victims’ from the mary kay scam” but really sounds like a bunch of whiney, negative, judgemental women. Im not a consultant nor do I care if Mary Kay is a “scam” or not.

No one is being manipulated or promised anything from what I can tell nor does anyone have a gun put to their head to invest in their involvement is this company so hardly think this page is necessary. If anyone felt pressured to do something that is their own internal nonsense talking. No one can make you feel a certain way, your giving these consultants to much damm credit frankly. Continue reading “Pink Truth: Whiny, Negative, Judgmental Women”

Get Over the Pink Truth

A comment from a typical Kaybot. I am always amused at how many tired, old scripted phrases they can use in support of Mary Kay. How many can you count?

Seriously. You women who have felt this way maybe Mary Kay wasn’t for you. But you can’t speak for everyone. The products are awesome and they are backed up with guarentees… Continue reading “Get Over the Pink Truth”

This Mary Kay Consultant Is Not as Stupid as You

A former Mary Kay consultant lost money years ago, but because she is so much smarter than the women on Pink Truth, she is going to try it again and she is going to make money. She will not be “silly enough” or “stupid,” and she won’t have “bad judgment” like those of us here. 

Wow! I googled how to get back in and found your site. :) I was in MK years ago when I was divorced and broke, living in a small town, and stopped simply because the market was saturated (my MOTHER became a consultant the month after I did–it was stupid) and I just let it go, using what product I had, writing off the loss of my minor investment mentally as a lesson learned. Now, I live in a metro area, and though I see a car with an ad occasionally, I don’t see overt advertisement here. It looks like a more marketable area.

I will, however, never be silly enough to be forced to buy products I can’t sell. Other than the most cost-effective introductory kit that I had to purchase all those years ago, and won’t ever have to do again, I would never buy in gross. After Mama died, and I had her remainders and mine when I recently moved, and all those shades of base that we just don’t have clientele for went in the trash. I’ll simply never do that again. I did use some of it for stage makeup and gave some away for Halloween costumes and for Christmas presents (along with Satin Hands sets and other products) to friends or acquaintances, but still had lots to toss in the trash–my point is, I won’t buy anything for which I don’t have orders. Continue reading “This Mary Kay Consultant Is Not as Stupid as You”

A Two-Time Failed DIQ Knows More About Mary Kay

An uplifting note from a failed Director in Qualification:

I stumbled on your site by accident.  I’ve been doing Mk for over 20yrs.  I’ve experienced all the negative aspects of OWNING one’s own business.  It’s surprising to me that you would spend so much time thinking and persuading others to be more negative.  You must not be very successful in other endeavors of your life.

You can bash Mk all you want and it will still stand because it was and is a company founded on true CHRISTIAN principles.  If I owned a McDonald’s franchise I would still have to deal with reality that people will like Burger King, In and Out, Sonic, Jack in the Box, etc… more than they like the food at McDonald’s.

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You Don’t Understand Mary Kay!

A note from a Mary Kay consultant who says we just don’t understand Mary Kay. Use the comments section to set her straight, ladies.

I’ve been in MK for 15 years and it’s been a very positive and totally enriching experience for me and my family as a single mom.  It’s just too bad that you obviously have nothing better to do than send negativity out into the universe.  With all that negativity going out there you will get it back.  It’s called the Law of Cause and Effect, you’re making the cause and will get the effect.

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Only a Few People Are Unhappy With Mary Kay!

A friendly note from a Pink Truth critic:

To whom ever,
Its sad to see former Directors and consultant bring down am oppurtunity like a job. No one put a gun to your head to sign an agreement. We sign agreements to belong to discount whole sellers this isnt any different. Except we have the rights as independent consultants to sell the products or purchase for ourself.

These few unhappy former Directors/ condultsnts complain because it isnt easy nothing in life is easy you have to work hard. Yes there might be some NSD am Directors only thing of themself but there are far more that are truely dedicated snd are very loving. Continue reading “Only a Few People Are Unhappy With Mary Kay!”