Mary Kay Husband Lies About His Wife’s Success

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At Pink Truth, we are very familiar with the false earnings claims made in Mary Kay. This week the husband of a Mary Kay consultant attempted to post two comments on a thread about pink Cadillac sales directors:

I don’t know who you are or why you are doing this. All I know is that my wife and I have been running this business for almost a year. We have demanding day jobs and we work very hard at building our business. We have seen a steady increase in profits every month. Our clientel gets bigger and bigger every month. How dare you sit there and say its not a real business?

Mary Kay is Great in the Netherlands!

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This comment was submitted by a woman who says she is a Mary Kay consultant in the Netherlands. Her arguments against the Pink Truth are really no different than those we hear from consultants based in the United States.

W.O.W…. I can hardly believe the US comments. As a consultant from the Netherlands, Europe I have not heard such bad comments in my country ever. Of course there are people in my country who find that MK is not for them. I think … there is always negative stuff to find about each and every company if you really want to. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that my MK experience will be the same as yours if you have not been successful in this business.

Yes, we have to invest. For the record, I never had to invest $ 1800,-. I was offered three options with different amounts and I chose the ‘cheapest’ way to start. But doesn’t every entrepreneur have to invest? Where would Apple be if they didn’t invest back than?

If You Spent As Much Time On Mary Kay As You Do On this Blog…

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A Pink Truth critic tried to post a lengthy comment using several of the standard lines we hear. My comments are in italics…

LOL!! Wow reading this blog sadens me! I have been in mary Kay for less thana year have a free car which isn’t hard to maintain to keep.

You just got that Mary Kay car. Tell me how easy it is a year from now. And we know the truth… it is NOT easy to keep because to do so you need to constantly recruit and convince women to waste money on inventory packages.

A Pink Truth Critic Will Pray For Us

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Apparently this woman doesn’t realize it’s “sad” for her to have time to bash Pink Truth:

ladies, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant let me just say that i will be praying for you. praying that you realize you’re wasting your time. who really has time to look at the money other women are making and talk smack? wow! go spend time with your famalies or something.

Your Experience in Mary Kay Wasn’t Real

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I got this touching email from a Kaybot, letting me know that the stories on Pink Truth aren’t “the actual experience” in Mary Kay. So I feel it is my duty to inform all of you who have shared your stories here that they are false. You did not experience that and it was not real. So there! (And all typos are hers!)


no one believes your hype anymore. it is so over the top, so NOT what the actual experience that consultants and directors have. ‘praying on insecurities’ hahaha…’returing inventory and recovery’ hahahaha all your terms are so dramatic, so intense, is there a 12 Step recovery you’d advise too?

A Two Time Mary Kay Loser Says We Are Just Angry

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A visitor to Pink Truth, who failed spectacularly at Mary Kay twice, says we are all just angry and bitter. Mary Kay is actually wonderful, and we are apparently stopping women from experience all of its wonderfulness. (No, dear reader, I am NOT a personal use consultant. I do not support Mary Kay in any way. Its products are horrible, its practices are even worse, and I would die before giving one red cent to the company or promoting any participation in it.)

Hi Tracy, I found your blog a few days ago when trying to look up some info about MK for a couple of friends. It would surprise me if you share my thoughts but I hope you will. I watch Fox News because vs. CNN or MSNBC because I like to hear different sides. There are always 2 sides (or many more) to every story. From the posts I read it sounds as if you are angry and bitter about MK. As a reader I wonder why you are a personal use consultant. Why would you support a company you so strongly detest? Here is my story…

A Mary Kay Consultant Shares Her Opinion on Pink Truth

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I liked this comment so much that I just had to put it on the front page.

mk girl all the way

its funny to me how everyone is on her wineing about marykay and what it didnt do for u but can i ask what did u do in mary kay did u follow the scripts set did u do ur best were ur books full did u even try or did u sit on the box and cry it doesnt work i have been a consulant for 2 years by choice and i love it i love going out and putting the make up on the faces and watching a womans world change even if its for that one night i dont push sales i dont push recriuts it does happen but to sit on her and down mk because u have an bad exsperince and then put us all in one is not only childess rude and disrespectful but so wrong yes we do have a few that go out for themselves but we are not all the same.. u had a bad exspercinse with a consulant so dont see her u dont like the product send it back theres 100 % buy back on any product that YOU CHOOSE to buy inventory call the company they work it our with u simply enough the only promblem with all the situaions i seen on here is Y_O_U stop putting urself in ur own way

You Have a Chance to Succeed in Mary Kay

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A note from an angry Mary Kay customer to Pink Truth members:

To whom it may concern…..

What has this world come to??  What are you thinking??? You all are bitter, bitter women that can’t find anything else better to do with your time.  Get a life!!!

I am completely blown away that you would start a website like this!!!  Do you think that we are all stupid, that we can’t think for ourselves???  I can not believe that you all started your Mary Kay businesses and put yourselves in a financial hole!!!  That is too funny!!!  Whats even better is that you blame your failure onto Mary Kay Inc.???  Did they put a gun to your heads????  Tell me something…. are you gutting Avon??  What other MLM companies did you fail at that you are gutting??

Mary Kay is Obviously Doing Something Right!

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A Mary Kay critic leaves a comment on my business site, citing all the same catch phrases and lies, such as the one about Mary Kay millionaires, taught at Harvard, and no one put a gun to your head.

With my MK business, I don’t have a store at all, yet I seem to do just fine with it. I have several customrrs who are out of state even. I make enough in my business to pay all of my bills and have extra cash for whatever.

MK is also a numbers game. You can’t get discouraged or take it personal when someone tells you no, you just have to play out the numbers. I will admit, direct sales of any kind isn’t for everybody, but why try to turn everyone away? I’ve come across this site and pink truth several times by researching info to help me grow my business, and all I read is negativity. If you spend as much time being positive about something as you do at being negative, you could possibly change.the world.