A Two-Time Failed DIQ Knows More About Mary Kay

An uplifting note from a failed Director in Qualification:

I stumbled on your site by accident.  I’ve been doing Mk for over 20yrs.  I’ve experienced all the negative aspects of OWNING one’s own business.  It’s surprising to me that you would spend so much time thinking and persuading others to be more negative.  You must not be very successful in other endeavors of your life.

You can bash Mk all you want and it will still stand because it was and is a company founded on true CHRISTIAN principles.  If I owned a McDonald’s franchise I would still have to deal with reality that people will like Burger King, In and Out, Sonic, Jack in the Box, etc… more than they like the food at McDonald’s.

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You Don’t Understand Mary Kay!

A note from a Mary Kay consultant who says we just don’t understand Mary Kay. Use the comments section to set her straight, ladies.

I’ve been in MK for 15 years and it’s been a very positive and totally enriching experience for me and my family as a single mom.  It’s just too bad that you obviously have nothing better to do than send negativity out into the universe.  With all that negativity going out there you will get it back.  It’s called the Law of Cause and Effect, you’re making the cause and will get the effect.

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Only a Few People Are Unhappy With Mary Kay!

A friendly note from a Pink Truth critic:

To whom ever,
Its sad to see former Directors and consultant bring down am oppurtunity like a job. No one put a gun to your head to sign an agreement. We sign agreements to belong to discount whole sellers this isnt any different. Except we have the rights as independent consultants to sell the products or purchase for ourself.

These few unhappy former Directors/ condultsnts complain because it isnt easy nothing in life is easy you have to work hard. Yes there might be some NSD am Directors only thing of themself but there are far more that are truely dedicated snd are very loving. Continue reading “Only a Few People Are Unhappy With Mary Kay!”

The Pink Truth Hater Hotline Rings Again

Even after running Pink Truth for over 7 years, I still never tire of the nasty comments left (or emailed) by Mary Kaybots. We got this one yesterday:

This site is Hilarious!!!!!!! I never knew someone could become so crazy obsessed with bashing anyone or any company! hahahaha

Grow up! Stop whining because YOU decide to blame your lack of success on someone else! If you put 1/2 the effort that you have with this site into a REAL hobby or career, I bet you’d end up HAPPY.

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Why Are You Blaming Mary Kay?

Another uplifting email from someone who is desperately in love with Mary Kay…

It breaks my heart to see this many angry women who could not make it in the Mary Kay world.

Why are you blaming someone else???  It sounds like you are the ones to blame for your failure!!!  All you had to do is work your business smart!!!

I have been with the company for 2 years and I have no debt!!!  And I carry a $4000 inventory!!!  If something is going to hurt me or my family financially and emotionally, you know what… don’t do it!!!  (interesting concept!!!)  (are you ladies that gullible???) Continue reading “Why Are You Blaming Mary Kay?”

You Get Out of Mary Kay What You Put In!

From a Pink Truth critic:

If you spent as much time and effort in your own business rather than running down Mary Kay you may find yourself as successful as the many thousands of women who do direct sell Mary Kay products. The company has changed my life and many other womens lives I know. I support my husband, 2 children and pay off a mortagage all through my business.

Why have I been so successful, because I believed in myself, and the products. I find many of your comments are obviously coming from bad experiences resulting from no self discipline, effort and time that is required to successfully manage your own business. Mary Kay do not suck people in, you are all criticising something you really dont seem to know alot about. With any Independent business you get out of it what you put in. Maybe you should look at yourself rather than the company!!??

Hello Mary Kay Directors Who Saw 20/20

Written by Suzy Q

So, we taped hours and hours of painful, humiliating, humbling information about our experiences in Mary Kay, and ABC diluted it down to about 12 minutes. However, it made an impact and I was pleased to know that. It is not often that Darrell Overcash interrupts his Saturday to contact the directors.

This is for you, my sister directors. I left Mary Kay Cosmetics several years ago after a non-stellar run in massive debt. I peaked in 2003 or 2004, I can’t remember… and before all of the “I am quitting drama”, I started reading Mary Kay Sucks (the original name of Pink Truth) and I was totally devastated. I had never before heard or read anything remotely negative about MK. I couldn’t believe people were actually posting negative information— it was the first time I heard the term “frontloading.”

I told everyone I would bleed pink if it was required, and thought of myself as a lifer. I would never ever leave Mary Kay. I had given up a career, let my professional credentials lapse, and my only goal was to be the woman Mary Kay wanted me to be. I remember the call from corporate telling me about her death and I burst into tears. Continue reading “Hello Mary Kay Directors Who Saw 20/20”

Mary Kay on the 20/20 “Not So Pretty In Pink” Story

little pink liesMary Kay Cosmetics was hoping that ABC’s 20/20 would share their version of the story: that lots of products are sold, lots of money is made, and Mary Kay enriches women’s lives. Unfortunately for them, Rebecca Jarvis dug into the other side... the ugly truth about Mary Kay. The company runs an elaborate scam that takes hundreds of millions of dollars out of households each year, while enriching a very small minority of participants.

The sad truth is that more than 99% of people involved with multi-level marketing will lose money. It is nearly impossible to make a consistent income (no matter how small or large)  just selling the overpriced products. The data that proves that almost no one is making money from actually selling Mary Kay products to customers. And even at the top of the Mary Kay pyramid, not a whole lot of money is being made.

Here is Mary Kay’s official response to the segment:

Important Message from U.S. President, Darrell Overcash
Published 10.3.15

To all Independent Sales Directors,

As you know, from time to time we will have people try to discredit what Mary Kay has built. In the face of adversity, please remember, Mary Kay has been in business for a long time – – our 52 year history of continued success demonstrates that Mary Kay is one of America’s best and strongest companies and beauty brands. Mary Kay products have achieved top 10 beauty brand status globally and we continue to top consumer loyalty lists. Continue reading “Mary Kay on the 20/20 “Not So Pretty In Pink” Story”

Pink Truth is Filled With Negative Rants

Why are you doing this? Anytime I look for something for my business your blog comes up. I do understand that this did not work for you, but its not a blanket experience. It works for some and not for others.

The 4 minutes it takes me to type this isn’t really worth it, but its hard for me to understand where God plays a role in the time and energy you have put into making this website. Its filled with negative rants about how it didn’t work for you. But it does work for others, many others, enough others that it can be given a fair chance. It just seems like you are bitter because it didn’t work for you.

Its hard to believe Wal-Mart does not work for everyone (shoppers, employees, distributors) but it still stands as a multi-billion dollar company…., there are thousand of companies or jobs that just didn’t work for some people, but that does not make it bad for everyone. I truly believe that your analytical and writing skills can be channeled to really do something amazing….just not this. This is just way too negative and I have to find a way to block your site from my searches. I don’t know your name, but I will be praying that God heal your heart from whatever tore a hole in it. God bless.

We Don’t Want You in Mary Kay

If you read these untuths about a wonderful company “Mary Kay” we do not want you in our company because you are just like these people that never made it and will never make it in this world! So don’t waste a person’s time coming into a company where we work and make fantastic money!

Every person who ever wrote on this blog is a lazy good for nothing and is a taker from the government or wherever they can get something for not working for it! There are 3 directors in my family a National Sales Director Emeriti and we all are successful because my parents taught us how to work! Yes Work did any of you every hear that word before???

Get down on your knees and ask GOD for forgiveness for ever starting a blog like this! Iam ashamed that you ever signed an agreement to work in our company you all are a disgrace! Remember my name because i will fight with every breath I have to let people know never to click onto this site. See I am not afraid of people that hate their self God will take care of you!!!!! Praying for all of you unimportant people