Have You Read “That” Website?

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Yes, “that” website, is in fact Pink Truth. This email was written by a Mary Kay sales director who doesn’t want women to read Pink Truth because it might cause them to doubt Mary Kay. The thing is…. we’re just telling the truth. And yes, it causes doubt because it is in conflict with the misrepresentations women receive from corporate, sales directors, and recruiters.

You Didn’t Want to Do the Work it Takes to Succeed in Mary Kay

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A note from a Mary Kaybot…

It seems that those who created this page simply have an ax to grind and can’t stand the idea of any woman having ambition, a positive and uplifting product, or success. Mary Kay is like any other business in so far as it takes a certain personality type to succeed in its structure and sell its products. Mary Kay treats women like thinking adults who are the best judge of their own character and personality, and who can decide for their own selves whether they can succeed in the company. The fact that they do not hold extensive personality tests and interviews to see if there is a personality match is smart on their part because they show that they are not judging a woman and her ability to succeed in the business.

Pink Truth Is So Negative!

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Here are a handful of comments from Pink Truth critics. It’s fun to be reminded how negative we are. It’s a good thing we’re really so positive… positive that Mary Kay Sucks!!!

From Giovanna:

the negative comments make me sick! everything is so negative when you want to see it like that…. it’s better to get over and move forward . If Mk is past, leave it in the past… my advise! don’t live regretting things! it’s life and nothing is perfect! for those who claim that the MK is free ad. of course, but you are the one who is driving it.. so i guess that’s is a good thing in life, being able to drive a car! don’t be so negative…

From Renee:

Why does the Pink Truth go on and on with such negativity? If you don’t like Mary Kay that is your choice but your raging ragging is over the top!! Why not take all that negative energy and try to start your own business doing something else? Little, medium, big businesses succeed OR FAIL everyday in the US. That is called Capitalism and Freedom. Get over your failure as Mary Kay reps! Move on!! This is a sick sight! Sorry I stumbled on it but interesting to see how many like to blame someone else for their failures.

From Linda:

None of your negative comments get to me. You are ALL catty females that thought MK was a get rich quick scheme. from the looks of it. I just joined MK in November, but at 60 years of age, with a Nursing career behind me (which ultimately messed up my back) and babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7, how is it that I am doing sales of a MINIMUM of $100/wk. WITHOUT really putting out a lot of effort?

In the course of my lifetime, I have known a LOT of women. The negative thinkers NEVER succeed at ANYTHING as long as they MUST pick apart anything that they didn’t succeed at themselves.

I’ve learned that these negative thinkers can only find validation in themselves if they put others down, be it groups or individuals. Only those who failed at their endeavors because of their own lack of effort and positive drive in life will cluster together, because MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

So, ladies, having stumbled upon this site, and gaining nothing but sour grapes, I will take my leave of your bitter negativity, because when one is not being lifted up, one is wise to extricate oneself from the trappings of being surrounded by unhappy people.

Au revoir, Mes Amie’s! Auf Wiedersehen!

From Yair:

ok, i have like a billion things i would like to say and i dont even know where to start, but what you do is wrong, i dont know if you worked or not(which must have been the case) but your trategy was the wrong one. you should keep this kind of things to your self, this make you look like a b%$#. mary kay really changed my life, im not in mary kay but my mom is, she is an excecutive sales director, and i live from mary kay, and believe me that the life style that she gives me i dont think she can afford it in another job. shou should think before oppening your mouth. i live from mary kay and i live good.


Pink Truth Members: You Suck!

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A now former member of Pink Truth offered these kind words for all of us in the comments to one of our articles. I couldn’t risk the comments being buried… I wanted the whole world to see how wonderfully kind and supportive Mary Kay women are.

The whole company just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. How about you?

I present Missy’s kind words…

I have been a consultant for 8 years and I’ve seen good and bad. The thing that upsets me most is that you are all pointing the finger at the company. This is a great company with a few Independent Contractors that lack integrity. I have seen this company revoke directorship and cars from consultants for the very issues stated in this blog.

Thousands of Women Have Been Changed By Mary Kay!

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An email from a Mary Kay lady who knows all the catch phrases….

I know I shouldn’t bother, because you probably get tons of emails like the one I am writing but what can I say…it’s my personality to defend something very important to me.  My main problem with your sight is that you are basing your entire experience in Mary Kay on the directors or Nationals you worked under.   I see very little about the actual company and more about how you were trained.  Although bad directors do reflect on the company you should be more open to the fact that you just had a bad experience.

I too was a consultant under a “bad” director that only pushed recruits and inventory and I quickly burned out and left (five years ago) but I was logical and I knew that one person making bad judgement calls didn’t make the entire company bad.  

Everything in Mary Kay is Spelled Out

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We know there are plenty of hidden agendas in Mary Kay and plenty of truths that aren’t told until long after you’re sucked into the pink vortex. But this happy Mary Kay consultant wants us to quit saying bad things about the company, because anything that happened to us in Mary Kay is our own fault…

I just feel so sad that there are so many sick people out there…they couldn’t control themselves or discipline themselves, so all they do is blame others and spread slander and libel…talk about Go-Give: how would they feel if they were disparged like that in public?

I have realized that the most important reasons why the people on your site didn’t succeed in MK wasn’t because they didn’t treat their businesses like businesses (or their lives–or they wouldn’t have charged so much on their credit cards with no plan to sell the inventory), but the reasons are that NOTHING good can happen for people who are so evil, mean-spirited, venomous, whiney, hateful, etc.

They complain that a few directors may have misled them…but yet the way they talk about other people is atrocious!!

Mary Kay Husband Lies About His Wife’s Success

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At Pink Truth, we are very familiar with the false earnings claims made in Mary Kay. This week the husband of a Mary Kay consultant attempted to post two comments on a thread about pink Cadillac sales directors:

I don’t know who you are or why you are doing this. All I know is that my wife and I have been running this business for almost a year. We have demanding day jobs and we work very hard at building our business. We have seen a steady increase in profits every month. Our clientel gets bigger and bigger every month. How dare you sit there and say its not a real business?

Mary Kay is Great in the Netherlands!

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This comment was submitted by a woman who says she is a Mary Kay consultant in the Netherlands. Her arguments against the Pink Truth are really no different than those we hear from consultants based in the United States.

W.O.W…. I can hardly believe the US comments. As a consultant from the Netherlands, Europe I have not heard such bad comments in my country ever. Of course there are people in my country who find that MK is not for them. I think … there is always negative stuff to find about each and every company if you really want to. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that my MK experience will be the same as yours if you have not been successful in this business.

Yes, we have to invest. For the record, I never had to invest $ 1800,-. I was offered three options with different amounts and I chose the ‘cheapest’ way to start. But doesn’t every entrepreneur have to invest? Where would Apple be if they didn’t invest back than?

If You Spent As Much Time On Mary Kay As You Do On this Blog…

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A Pink Truth critic tried to post a lengthy comment using several of the standard lines we hear. My comments are in italics…

LOL!! Wow reading this blog sadens me! I have been in mary Kay for less thana year have a free car which isn’t hard to maintain to keep.

You just got that Mary Kay car. Tell me how easy it is a year from now. And we know the truth… it is NOT easy to keep because to do so you need to constantly recruit and convince women to waste money on inventory packages.