Another Potential Mary Kay Victim Spared!

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An email from one of our new readers:

I just wanted to tell you that I think your website is terrific. It’s so addicting to read! I stumbled across it after I started doing research on Mary Kay after a weird experience with a MK consultant.
A couple of weeks ago, a Mary Kay consultant came to my apartment to give me a makeover. I didn’t know her personally. She got my name from a church event that I had participated in. We all got mini-facials at this church event. In order to get it though, we had to fill out this little form about what we knew about MK products and the company. She said the forms we filled out would be entered into a raffle drawing for free MK products. Cool, I thought.
Anyway, she called me about a week later and said I had “won” $10 worth of MK products. The only caveat was she would have to come over and do a makeover on me.

Who the Fuchsia Fillies Frontload: Mass Exodus

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 Written by The Scribbler

We’ve seen that frontloading is being taught and is actively taking place in Mary Kay – chances are, you were a victim of it, yourself.

Be encouraged, friend; you are not the first woman (and sadly, not the last) to be persuaded that without a full store, you were simply dabbling in Mary Kay and you clearly had no desire to become all that God wanted you to be, you loathsome infidel. Here’s a flail crafted from used cotton balls and hair bands – 120 lashes should be enough to drive the unbee-lief out of you.

While Mary Kay product is undoubtedly making it into the hands of non-consultant customers, there’s a great deal that isn’t being sold in the form of frontloaded inventory.

How the Fuchsia Fillies Frontload: Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

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horse.jpgWritten by The Scribbler

Frontload? You mean, “The act of convincing a freshly-recruited IBC that she needs to purchase the highest amount of product possible to prove that she is truly serious about her business? Yep, that’s the one.

Frontloading’s a rampant practice in Mary Kay, friends… one that’s more prevalent than you think. Regarding inventory, Mary Kay Ash said, “You can’t sell from an empty wagon.” After today, however, I think you’ll agree that a more appropriate catchphrase would be, “Don’t worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon.”

Here are two Mary Kay views regarding inventory – which one seems more logical to you?

Lies You Should Tell to Get Mary Kay “Offsprings”

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You really can’t make this stuff up. This is a document from one of my favorite Mary Kay national sales directors, Anita Garrett Roe. She says this is how you “get the offsprings you need” (her words).

You now have some people picked out who you feel could become Directors. Ok, take those and have a heart to heart talk with them separately, away from the meeting. <

Tell them sincerely why you think they’d be good, etc. Tell them it is so easy and they would be so good. And, that you want to set up an appointment to come over and talk to her and her husband together. Go over the marketing plan with him and show him how we make our money. He will get excited.

Tell him his wife is a natural, and you have been watching her for some time, and really feel like she is ready.

Linda Toupin’s Mary Kay Husband Letter

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Getting husbands to buy into the idea of Mary Kay Cosmetics is critical. The wife is almost guaranteed to lose money, so it is important to get the husband on board as soon as she signs up. He has to know that if he doesn’t give her the go ahead to do anything it takes to stay in Mary Kay, he will be seen as unsupportive. In an attempt to make the husband believe Mary Kay is a real business (no, it’s not), a letter like the below is often sent out. This one is from nsd Linda Toupin.

Dear _________,

Just a note to say a warm and very heartfelt “Thank You” for sharing ________ with us, as she seeks to learn more about her wonderful opportunity in Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Your love and support of all she is trying to do means more to her than I can possibly convey!!

One of the Many Reasons Why I Despise People Recruiting for MLMs

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Recently, I got an email from someone who tried to register for Pink Truth, but hadn’t received a confirmation email. I saw the login he used, and immediately had a bad feeling. I just *knew* he was in an MLM and was here to promote it.

I emailed him back and told him that we didn’t allow any promotion of MLMs on Pink Truth, and that I asked if he was just here to promote his MLM. I got this response:

Overcoming Objections is the Name of the Mary Kay Game

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So the real deal with Mary Kay is recruiting and frontloading .  A small amount of product sales occur from time to time. But the real money is made in recruiting, and directors are usually pretty up front about it. Well, it’s hard to conceal that it’s all about recruiting when all the Mary Kay events are focused on recruiting new marks!

The below scripts come from a director handout that was meant to be made into flashcards. Yup. Flashcards. So you can quiz yourself on the right answer to any objection. Check them out…

New Mary Kay Consultant Finds the Pink Truth

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A thank you note from new consultant, who was saved thanks to the Pink Truth we are telling here! This letter is very information for anyone thinking about joining Mary Kay. Here’s the REAL story on how the recruiting and inventory talks go down.

I have to take a moment to say thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do. Thank you for this website to help people understand what joining Mary Kay really means. Today, I ended my Mary Kay career after a solid five days. I  had been on the fence, but decided to order the starter kit with promises of turning those tools into anything I wanted and then the inventory chat began.

I am employed full time and have spent the last year working to pay down credit cards and take my financial future more seriously. For me, Mary Kay presented a sort of “fun challenge” and a chance to maybe add some extra cash to my bank account. I had used the products in the past and liked them. The only reason I stopped was consultant fatigue. I never understood why I couldn’t just buy the products without someone trying to get me to work for the company. I don’t go to dinner and have the waiter ask me if I want a job. I never got it. Now I do,  I expressed those concerns initially and it was very much, “ooooh, I know. It’s not like that. Some people choose to run their businesses that way. You tooootally don’t have to.”…..(except, it turns out, that you totally do)

Magic Words to Help You Recruit Mary Kay Consultants

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You read that right. Here are the “magic” words to help you recruit women into Mary Kay. In other words, these are more scripted phrases intended to hit on some of the most common “hot buttons” for women. Is there anything inherently wrong with that? I suppose not. Sales in different industries are all made with some sort of pitch that shows you how their stuff fits your need.

I just continue to object to the extreme manipulation used in Mary Kay. Yes, I think it’s extreme and I think it’s manipulative. Mary Kay has a real “kick ‘em when they’re down” mentality behind everything they do. You know…. she tells you that her husband works long hours and you’re supposed to exploit that. She says she misses adult interaction, and you’ve got to pimp that out for all it’s worth. She mentions being on a tight budget, and you have to make her believe that Mary Kay is the answer to all money troubles.

So here’s the list put together by an ex-director. She put it together when she was at the top of her game, unit clubs and all… and within a year she had disappeared from Mary Kay. I don’t know how magic these words were for her.

This Sounds Awfully Familiar, Charlie Brown!

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As far as I’m concerned, it’s not Halloween until I’ve watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! at least once.  Back in my tender grade school years, I can remember the giddiness I felt when the local TV station teased me with commercial after commercial, my heart leaping each time the screen faded to black – would they show the multicolored “SPECIAL PRESENTATION” screen that heralded the once-a-year, 23-minute Snoopy-worship session?  Or would it be yet another advertisement for Craftsman tools?  TVs that antagonize children like that get reincarnated as ugly abstract art on some aging hipster’s lawn – I think that’s in the Bible somewhere between Jude and the maps of Israel, but I could be wrong.