Your Downline’s Failure is Your Gain

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 Written by Raisinberry

It’s time to share one of the most self serving and diabolical aspects of National Sales Directorship in Mary Kay Cosmetics. While you may have thought you had heard it all, you have not. There’s more.

To highlight the aspect I am about to share, we need to be reminded about what we have been sold in regards to making it to the pinnacle of success in Mary Kay. These women are the crème de la crème. They model all that is good and right and noble about Mary Kay. They are executives, who allow you to sit at their feet, gleaning all that you should know to follow in their footsteps. Such generosity of spirit! They are in your amen corner, praising you to success and rewarding your integrity and work ethic, with the main goal of raising up new leadership in the “Mary Kay way”. That is of course until they figure out they can make more money if they just let you fail.

You’re Going to Cause Me To File Bankruptcy

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Mary Kay really works, but a recruiter is blaming her recruits for causing her to file bankruptcy. Does Mary Kay really work?

I find it ironic that the critics of Pink Truth say we shouldn’t blame any of our Mary Kay experiences on anyone else. That we were completely in control of everything, and if we believed all the lies we were told, too bad!

Secrets to Mary Kay Success: Churn as Many DIQs as Fast as Possible

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director in qualificationAre you wondering how the latest and greatest Mary Kay national sales directors got there? It’s simple. They churned DIQs (directors in qualification) fast and furious. Those who don’t make it to director really don’t matter because there are plenty of others trying. (And even though some don’t finish DIQ, they add thousands to the unit’s production so it’s still a win for the wanna-be national.)

The secret lies in the momentum that you build from all those DIQs. It gets others excited and makes the dream easier to sell. When people on their level quickly move up to “big girl” status and now qualify to do the Director Secret Handshake, it makes more consultants want to move up too (and do anything to make it happen… cha-ching!).

For Mary Kay Sales Directors Who Need More Production

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 Some coaching from a Mary Kay senior sales director on how her offspring directors can get consultants to order more at month end…. Let’s not kid ourselves. This is the heart of the pyramid scheme: recruit and frontload. Notice that this email has absolutely NOTHING to do with selling the product. It is pure recruiting and scamming orders out of newbies.

All of this ordering is encouraged without regard to any consultant’s personal situation. No regard to her inventory. No regard to her sales. Only regard to has she ordered yet? And if she has ordered, was it enough? And if it was enough, do I need more?

How Many Cons Can You Run Trying to Recruit Someone Into Mary Kay

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I got this email  and was amused at the variety of creepy/dishonest tactics this Mary Kay recruiter used to try to lure someone into Mary Kay.

I sincerely want to thank Pink Truth from the bottom of my heart for the information posted on this website!  I am a Pink Truth success story.  My eyes were opened before any monetary or emotional damage was inflicted on me and my family.  Based on the heart wrenching stories I read, I am convinced that you have saved me a ton of embarrassment and financial ruin!! I cannot thank you enough!

So here’s my story.  I apologize in advance if it is long winded, I am just so “excited with this opportunity to share my success story”…ha, ha pun intended :)

Little White Lies in Mary Kay

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Written by Raisinberry

Well I think I may have figured out why many of us lingered too long at the Mary Kay dance before coming to our senses. For well over a year after I left Mary Kay, I couldn’t believe a woman like me, reasonably intelligent, fell for the hype for so many years and never faced or admitted it, even to myself. Then I saw many Pink Truth members saying the same thing.

It has been said that this is a “realization, remorse, repair and resume” sequence akin to cult detox and it just takes time. We were bamboozled. We gave our trust to people who were practicing an art that had its start in the very first garden.

Maybe She Needs Pink Truth

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401919914_85cc8dc1ac_m.jpgBelow is a little piece entitled “Maybe She Needs Me.” Here’s big news: No one needs Mary Kay.

They don’t need a consultant’s fake (warm chattering) compliment.

They don’t need Mary Kay’s average (or below) products… they’ve got Walgreen’s.

“Layering” in Mary Kay

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In Mary Kay Cosmetics, the term “layering” is an innocent-sounding word that means “keep pestering her until she says yes or gets a restraining order against you.” A common teaching in Mary Kay is that no doesn’t really mean no… It’s just a request for more information. So really, everyone wants to join Mary Kay and they know it deep down in their hearts, it just takes a lot of layering to make that truth come out.

How does a consultant “layer” a Mary Kay customer? She keeps mentioning all the “benefits” of being in Mary Kay, occasionally sends her something in the mail about the MK opportunity because “I thought you might be interested in this,” and generally keeps offering up recruiting tidbits to hopefully entice the woman into MK.

Mary Kay offers this guidance on the DISC personality types and how to effectively layer them. Identify the biggest fear that each personality type has, and then use as much emotional manipulation as possible related to that fear.

Former National Sales Director Says Mary Kay is a Pyramid Scheme

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A few years ago, former Mary Kay national sales director Amy Dunlap was sued by Mary Kay Inc. for breaching her agreement with them. It’s interesting how these women such as Amy and Allison LaMarr (now Allison Ben Shabat) are so gung ho about Mary Kay… until they’re not anymore. Mary Kay is the best opportunity on earth. Until it’s not.

I am bringing forth the Amy Dunlap lawsuit again to illustrate the point that many think Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme. Her answer to Mary Kay’s lawsuit was extremely interesting because she alleged that Mary Kay violates the Texas Business and Commerce Code by promoting a pyramid scheme.

The Texas code defines a pyramid scheme:

False Recruting Information in Mary Kay

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False information provided when recruiting new members to Mary Kay is not new. It has been going on for years. Here is another example of misinformation on a Mary Kay sales director’s website, with our comments in italics.

Mary Kay Facts….Did You Know?

Mary Kay is #1 in brand loyalty among customers who buy skin care products. Three out of five women will buy the product after being introduced to it. It is estimated that 80% will continue to use the Skin Care after they have been introduced to the product —