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Deceptive Mary Kay Recruiting Tactics

This article is designed to illustrate the deceptive recruiting techniques used by members of the independent sales force of Mary Kay. How many of these buzz words and catch phrases did you hear when you were being recruited? We will go through a “typical” recruiting interview and point out the things that are either misleading or outright lies, using documents that are used by MK consultants.

Step 1: The Set-up
How do women get sucked into listening to the Mary Kay opportunity?

Common Techniques:

  1. The Practice Interview
  2. The Challenge from a Director/Recruiter
  3. The Pitch after a facial, skin care class, business debut etc.
  4. The Bribe- offering a gift or service.
  5. The Warm Chatter

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The Value of One in Mary Kay

This is from Mary Kay nsd Linda Toupin. People are just numbers. And the best numbers they can be? The ones that have dollar signs in front of them! Linda bases this “Value of One” handout on a director commission of 26%, assuming that the “one” person is a personal recruit.

ONE customer who purchases $450 a year = $225 commission

ONE personal team member who orders $2400 a year (average of $200 per month) = $624 commission
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A “Quality” Mary Kay Prospect

What do Mary Kay consultants and sales directors look for in potential new recruits?

The truth is that any woman with a pulse and a credit card is a viable recruiting target for Mary Kay consultants. They are taught to offer the “opportunity” to everyone. Everyone.  Because to not do so would be selfish. And who are we to decide who deserves the Mary Kay opportunity and who does not?

So even though Mary Kay consultants will recruit just about anyone and everyone if given the chance, there is a little list of more desirable qualities. If you have many of these, the recruiter will be visibly salivating and likely won’t stop calling you until you threaten to get a restraining order. Continue Reading →


6 Things Mary Kay Recruiters Look For

Did your Mary Kay recruiter tell you she’s looking for 6 characteristics in women for her team? Here’s her script, along with the reality behind it.

Let’s review the characteristics that recruiters look for in potential Mary Kay victims. I always found these things so funny, because generally everyone falls under AT LEAST one of them. And, unfortunately, they’re really all things that are setting you up to fail. That’s right. The recruiter claims it’s something they “look for” in a consultant, but in actuality, these things are only going to help you fail.

1. We look for busy people. Continue Reading →


Yes, the Mary Kay “Warm Chat” Does Hurt People

 This story was sent in by one of our readers. She was “warm chatted” by a Mary Kay consultant, and was very hurt when she figured out it was all a recruiting tactic…

I am a mom of a 10-month-old boy, he’s the light of my life. Since I had him I have joined in a few activities for new moms in my neighborhood but haven’t found a lot of other moms I “clicked” with. Most of my existing friends don’t have kids yet, and I would really like to meet some moms to hang out with and have playgroups with as my kiddo grows up.

I love my friends that don’t have kids and hang out with them when I can, but those with kids know that your life changes completely, priorities change and when you no longer have all day to get pedicures, lunch and go shopping it’s hard sometimes to keep up with what’s going on with your friends who do have that kind of time. I would really like to make friends with moms who have the same values I do about what to teach kids, and so far it’s been difficult to find that in my area, although I keep looking. Continue Reading →


Help Me Recruit You into Mary Kay

Here’s a little recruiting questionaire that a Mary Kay consultant is supposed to use to “get to know you better.” The truth is that it’s really meant for her to find out what you “hot buttons” are so she can manipulate you as much as possible.

Are you in need of some time with adults? She’ll play on that. Does your car need some expensive repairs? You’ll hear all about the money (mostly non-existent, but why let the truth get in the way). Want to make your family proud of you? Guilt trip from her about how you should be making them proud.

You get the picture… Notice especially the husband manipulation that is being set up.  Continue Reading →


Effectively Stalking Your Next Mary Kay Victim

This training document really needs no commentary from me, other than… how big of a stalker do you really want to be when it comes to Mary Kay???


#1 GOAL = Get lead to guest event/set an appointment!

Key to Follow-up is to get lots of #’s

  • As a result, you will increase your level of confidence and your attitude during follow-up process
  • You won’t sound as desperate Continue Reading →

Everyone Can Hold 2 Mary Kay Classes a Week!

I’m not sure how a Kaybot can presume to know the details of everyone’s life and conclude that anyone and everyone can hold 2 Mary Kay classes a week… but that’s not stopping them! Below is another one of those “if you can’t do it you’re a loser” type of rantings from a Mary Kay nsd.

In the Mary Kay world, “2 classes” is easy and anyone can do it. Those of us who have been in Mary Kay (or have had friends and relatives in MK) know that the hard part of that theory is actually finding women to book the classes, then hoping that they actually have them. That’s a lot harder than it may sound to an outsider. Continue Reading →


The Mary Kay “Sales Tactics” Are Evil

The debate rages on between the “pro” and “anti” sides of the debate about Mary Kay Cosmetics.

On one side, we have women who claim Mary Kay has a wonderful opportunity that has enriched many women. Everything in Mary Kay is optional, and only lazy losers who didn’t work hard enough and couldn’t say no to the occasional unethical director failed.

On the other side, you have women who have the ability to apply logic and reason to the situation They realize that since 99% of women lose money in MLMs, this isn’t a wonderful opportunity. They know that Mary Kay has put millions of women in debt. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay a Less Stressful Way to Pay the Bills?

 Those who have tried to make a true living with Mary Kay will tell you that it is anything but “less stressful.” Yet here is one sales director’s description of how easy it is.

Ever considered a less stressful way to pay the bills:

It’s great to be open minded about other options in today’s economy because of the changing job market. Plus, I believe that no knowledge is lost; it just makes us more powerful as women. This may or may not be a fit. My job is not to persuade women to change careers by any means but simply to educate them on the changes with our company and the career. Continue Reading →


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