How to Recruit the Next Generation

Written by The Scribbler

This document isn’t necessarily a script, but a spotty transcript of a speech given to NSDs.  It is a game plan discussing how to recruit younger people into Mary Kay.  It talks about their characteristics; critical information that will no doubt be exploited later on!

Friends, if you have daughters of any age or know teenage girls in your neighborhood, drop a few nuggets about what this company does to its women.  Young girls are not stupid – like sex education, these girls need to know from YOU before they learn the “facts” from a hot-to-recruit Mary Kay Consultant!  It is crucial that we guard the next generation of women from the prison of emotional hurt, manipulation, and credit card debt!      Continue reading “How to Recruit the Next Generation”

Sneaky Mary Kay Recruiting Tactics

pink-sneaky-mary-kayWritten by The Scribbler

I used to work with a bubbly, perky 20-something in our church nursery. She and I laughed together, chit-chatted together, and I thought it could be the beginnings of a terrific friendship. She invited me out for coffee and said she wanted to get to know me better. “How nice!” I thought.

But in the back of my brain I recalled that she was into MK. So I logged onto Pink Truth and browsed the “secret” stuff, like now MK commandos want you to sit on their right side and so forth. When I met this gal for coffee, she was decked out in full MK regalia, right down to the shiny black high heels and fashionably tied pink scarf, her bag o’ tricks spread out on the table in front of her. Continue reading “Sneaky Mary Kay Recruiting Tactics”

Tripling Your Income With Mary Kay (Yeah, Right)

19162886Written by PinkPeace

If you had been lucky enough to be in my Mary Kay unit, at some point you would have sat down with me one-on-one to go over the following document. I liked to do it during new consultant orientation, while you still had stars in your eyes about Mary Kay and thought that the sky was the limit in this business. I wanted to put big money potential in front of you BEFORE you experienced difficulties in recruiting, so you’d have a goal to work toward.

What I didn’t tell you was the reality behind this little document. I mean, why be negative? It was my job to be a good coach and see the potential in everyone. I didn’t want to stand in the way of your success, even though it wasn’t happening for me. This business is what you make it! Continue reading “Tripling Your Income With Mary Kay (Yeah, Right)”

A Mary Kay Fairy Tale

Written by AesSedai

Once upon time there was beautiful, smart, loving woman.  She had a wonderful husband and a young family.  All she wanted was to be a good wife and mom.  Being a young mom was hard, and it was often a thankless job.  She felt isolated from other woman, especially from women who thought of her as anything but a mom.

One day, as she was leaving a Bible study at church, a very put-together woman from her class approached her and said, “I was listening to what you were saying tonight in the discussion and I was struck by how articulate you are. You are clearly an intelligent woman.  I am a professor at a local college and I think you would be great in one of our degree  programs.  Do you have a degree?” Continue reading “A Mary Kay Fairy Tale”

How We Got You (Into Mary Kay, Of Course!)

Written by Raisinberry

How we got you… Interviewing manipulation – Pattern par excellance. You were probably reasonably happy when you came to our meeting, career coffee or guest event. But we are on a mission. And that mission is to enrich your miserable life. But first… we must make sure you have a miserable life.

Step One: Make a friend. I’ll tell you my “I-story” in which you will see how happy I am in Mary Kay, and how much better my life is and how much freedom and flexibility I have. I will level with you how unfulfilled I was, and how much growth has happened in my life. Lastly, I will search for your hot buttons and see where there might be a weakness in your armor. Continue reading “How We Got You (Into Mary Kay, Of Course!)”

Mary Kay Directors: People Will Disappoint You But Numbers Never Lie

Mary Kay sales directors tell their consultants to work the numbers. They say that people may disappoint you, but numbers never lie.

There is a method to the madness, and they know that if you pester enough people to come to a party, sign up to be a consultant, buy an inventory package….. eventually someone will say yes. You might think that’s the way all sales jobs work. Yes, sales jobs rely on working the numbers… but Mary Kay is not so much of a sales job as it is a snow job. Lie, deceive, withhold information…. because if you told women the truth about the company and the opportunity, they’d never sign up!

Here are some interesting numbers put out by one Mary Kay sales director. I have no idea how accurate they are, but they’re interesting nonetheless. If you are recruiting women into Mary Kay, you must remember that you are constantly treading water. (Or as Mary Kay herself put it… you are filling a bathtub with the drain open.) Numbers never lie… the truth is that Mary Kay sucks! Continue reading “Mary Kay Directors: People Will Disappoint You But Numbers Never Lie”

My Poor DIQ’s Truth

Written by Raisinberry

When I stepped away from Mary Kay, it was mostly due to reading Pink Truth, and a validation of finally seeing in print, what I thought I alone suspected, all along. The words we were never able to utter, were plastered all over the comments and articles on these pages. I felt naked and exposed. I was looking at my screen, and seeing “me”, in all my denial.

I have always loved the women in my unit. I think the world of them. And walking away would mean I would be leaving them defenseless. I had already stopped the frontloading and stopped recruiting guest/customers out from under my unit members who hadn’t even made a sale from them yet. Continue reading “My Poor DIQ’s Truth”

A Typical Mary Kay Interview

This narrative was submitted as a comment on an article on Pink Truth. Sadly, it is very typical of the tactics used to reel in new recruits. Sure, some of the hooks and examples change from person to person, but if you’ve ever participated in one of these interviews, you’ll see many common threads.

Yesterday, I decided to meet with the [Mary Kay] “recruiter” (let’s call her Sally) and “director” (let’s call her Ashley). I didn’t even know that Sally was a recruiter since Ashley did most of the talking.

So prior to the meeting, I met Sally because in March my friend had a birthday and she had a [Mary Kay] facial party with Sally as the host. I went and wrote down names of many women in my contacts to win the “prize” (which I haven’t even received). Sally a week later texted all of them, I didn’t realize that she was so committed to doing that. I was somewhat embarrassed as I had written down some names and phone numbers of people that I didn’t speak with anymore just to reach the required number to get my “prize”. Continue reading “A Typical Mary Kay Interview”

Liar, Liar, Pantyhose and Skirt on Fire

Written by PinkPeace

I’m a liar. Or more precisely, I was a liar — a big one. There are few things worse to be. You can’t trust a liar; everything she says and does is suspect. A liar ultimately only has her own interests at heart, and a liar is responsible for leading others into bad decisions.

I didn’t start out that way. Although I was prone to exaggeration sometimes, and could tell a little white lie, I know they were wrong and knew they were character faults that I should correct. I actually had contempt for liars and thought they deserved whatever bad consequences came their way. Continue reading “Liar, Liar, Pantyhose and Skirt on Fire”

New Mary Kay Consultant: Why Your Director Wants You to Start Recruiting Right Away

Mary Kay RecruitingYou’re a new Mary Kay consultant, and you’re just learning the ropes. You’re excited, but a little scared about all the things you don’t know about your business. Your director is encouraging you to start recruiting. You want to get your feet under you first before you will feel comfortable bringing others into the business.

But your director keeps pushing you about recruiting. She suggests you’re just going to do “practice interviews” or some other innocent sounding thing. She keeps coming at you about recruiting. Why?

Continue reading “New Mary Kay Consultant: Why Your Director Wants You to Start Recruiting Right Away”