Recruiting a New Consultant With Manipulation

mary kay recruitWritten by The Scribbler

This script has all of the finesse of a vacuum cleaner salesman inching his way across the porch, inching his way over the threshold, and finally through the front door.

The consultant softens up the prospect by initially utilizing manipulative body language and flattery.  The prospect gets the informational tape/video – INCH.  The prospect is told to watch it within 48 hours – INCH.  If that weren’t enough, the consultant pushes for the Director to be present at either the coffee meeting or the conference call – CRASH THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.  Even if a prospect tells a consultant, “I want no part of Mary Kay Cosmetics!” you’ll see that such a response translates in IBC-ese to, “I’m just messing with you; give me the “Something More” CD, you cute little screwball!”  Continue reading “Recruiting a New Consultant With Manipulation”

The Start of a Fake Mary Kay Friendship

mary kay girlfriendsA new Mary Kay recruit, almost reeled in by a sales director who she thought was becoming her friend. But it was really all about the inventory.

So, I’ve always been well aware of the name Mary Kay.  It’s been a name that has been tossed around a few times in my 30 years of living.  I’ve had friends cross the path of pink bubblehood and come out a little scathed.  I even attended a facial and event a few years back with a good friend.  At the time though, I didn’t have any desire to sell MK.

I’m at a clothing store the other day and that’s when it happened.  This cute, bubbly woman is shopping in the same department as me and she remarks on my amazing shoes.  Well, they were pretty amazing, so I couldn’t blame her, and before I know it we are chatting and she tells me that she owns her own business and she is doing a portfolio and she would love to use me for a before and after picture.  Of course I agree.  We part ways. Continue reading “The Start of a Fake Mary Kay Friendship”

Mary Kay: Not Just One Bad Apple In the Bunch

Probably the most frequent challenge I hear to our real-life experiences with Mary Kay Cosmetics is, “Oh, there’s always one bad apple in the bunch. Don’t judge the entire company by that one person!”"Image"

Yet in maintaining this site, I hear similar stories daily. Stories of lying and deception in an effort to get to the top of Mary Kay Inc. I don’t care what anyone says. These incidents are not isolated. I have heard literally thousands of similar stories. Women in MK compromise their morals to move to the next level, get a few extra recruits, or win a prize. Continue reading “Mary Kay: Not Just One Bad Apple In the Bunch”

Warm Chatter: A Mary Kay Victim’s Story of Attempted Manipulation (Part 3)

mary kay recruitingRead Part 1 and Part 2.

Written by Jersey McGoody

At first, I felt bad in a way, as if I’m “leading them on” to believe I’ll be a part of their team… but then I remember the “do unto others” thing… evidently they have no problem leading me on to believe that I can turn pennies into big bucks.

Super-Director wastes no time in contacting me… I didn’t get to the phone in time, and not even an hour later Marily texts me to check if I was able to “touch base” with her. (Geez, after this fiasco, I am so sick of hearing “touch base”… “let’s touch base” “we’ll touch base” “how about we touch base” … stop trying to touch my base!! LOL)

We finally get to talk, as I’m bouncing the now-teething baby on my lap to keep her from screaming, and she pretty much repeats all the same lines and the same questions…” any reason why you couldn’t..?” Continue reading “Warm Chatter: A Mary Kay Victim’s Story of Attempted Manipulation (Part 3)”

Warm Chatter: A Mary Kay Victim’s Story of Attempted Manipulation (Part 2)

mary kay warm chatterRead Part 1 here.

Written by Jersey McGoody

So before I go to the meeting, I’m googling away and find Pink Truth. Again, THANK YOU!! I’ve had my suspicions about Mary Kay Cosmetics being a sneaky MLM, but wanted to “stay positive” and after all, Marily had nonregrettably quit her job to do Mary Kay, and she also had an apartment and was able to attend weekly yoga and zumba classes.

But wow…I read, and read, and read…and made mental notes of all the ways the beauty consultants and especially sales directors have an answer for every “no” you give. My only regret was not signing up for the discussion board right away, as I would’ve found some REALLY good questions to ask them at the meeting… hehehe.. Continue reading “Warm Chatter: A Mary Kay Victim’s Story of Attempted Manipulation (Part 2)”

Warm Chatter: A Mary Kay Victim’s Story of Attempted Manipulation (Part 1)

pink-pyramid-selling-scamWritten by Jersey McGoody

Hey everyone!  First off, I want to say thank you to this website and all on it!  I’ve been reading through some of the posts on here and let me just say it’s some great reading material!  🙂

A little about me…I just turned 30, I got married last year and have a beautiful 10 month old daughter, I work full-time at a small bank as an assistant manager…it’s not the best-paying job, but it’s “safe”…meaning I get PTO, benefits, and it pays the bills.   I got my BA in English a few years ago and plan to go back to school soon to become a paralegal (yeah, at the time I really only went to college because my parents kinda made me, I wanted to become a makeup artist at the time, so I just picked something I like because I enjoy writing…one of my bucket list items is to publish a book one day)

I own a modest home, and yeah I’m kinda dead broke right now…my husband is doing side work and looking for something part-time while he goes to school to get his CDL.  So right now I’m carrying it ALL.  And part of me had always wanted to be involved in the business of making people feel good with the right touch of makeup, but not in the business of pushing products… or pushing people. Continue reading “Warm Chatter: A Mary Kay Victim’s Story of Attempted Manipulation (Part 1)”

I’m Not Trying to Recruit You; I Just Want You to Join Mary Kay!

Written by The Scribbler

Recently, I was educated on the Mary Kay concept of the “Gold Medal.” Simply put, winning a Gold Medal means that one has recruited five women within a given month. There are lesser metals assigned for lesser numbers: a silver medal for recruiting four women, a bronze for three, and an Iron Pyrite one for two or fewer. (Okay, I made up the last one.)

Just so we’re clear as to the intent of this training document/script, its title is “How to Win a Gold Medal!” If an IBC follows this document to the letter, she will recruit five women this month and perhaps receive something shiny from the Rancho Trading Company’s kicky spring lineup. Keep that in mind as you read and let’s begin! Continue reading “I’m Not Trying to Recruit You; I Just Want You to Join Mary Kay!”

The Mary Kay Interview: Sucking in New Victims

This is an interview technique promoted by Mary Kay nsd Kathy Helou. She calls it an “innerview,” rather than an interview. The point is to get the woman to tell you her weaknesses so that you can use those to help recruit her.

My comments are in bold:

Begin with your brief 3-5 minute “I” story and what you love most about Mary Kay.

Ask her: What do you like about your current job or situation? Continue reading “The Mary Kay Interview: Sucking in New Victims”

When a Woman Joins a Group Just to Sell Mary Kay

Written by MommyMindi

At a loss for what to tell the woman who joined your Mom’s group, church, or organization just to sell Mary Kay?

Dear New Independent Beauty Consultant:

Thank you for your interest in joining our club…. but we don’t want you here.

I know that you are excited about your new business. I know that your Director has told you that joining a playgroup or group for stay-at-home-moms is a sure-fire way to get new customers. Your Director is wrong. Continue reading “When a Woman Joins a Group Just to Sell Mary Kay”

Sick and Tired of Faking it in Mary Kay

Written by Lynn717

I am sick and tired of all the fake I have seen in Mary Kay. I’ve watched my director go from someone who seemed caring and thoughtful to pushy and rude to anyone who isn’t on board with her mission. Looking back I can see how she played off my emotions in order for me to pay up for inventory, events, my recruit’s orders, because “only I could make DIQ HAPPEN.” The production amounts each month are ridiculously stupid and impossible to build an actual legit team and train them properly. It’s all about HIGH PRODUCTION and not HOW MANY YOU ACTUALLY RECRUIT AND YOUR HARD WORK. It’s always moving on to the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

It’s so superficial and I feel like I lost a lot of friends who were once team members simply because they didn’t have enough production. It’s like a popularity contest.  The only real way to make any money is to NOT go to the events and lose thousands, NOT order just to stay active, and NOT pursue “huge throw up goals” that make YOU want to pay out of your own pocket to NOT look like a “loser.” To actually only order what you sell to your customers who are loyal. Continue reading “Sick and Tired of Faking it in Mary Kay”