A Typical Mary Kay Interview

This narrative was submitted as a comment on an article on Pink Truth. Sadly, it is very typical of the tactics used to reel in new recruits. Sure, some of the hooks and examples change from person to person, but if you’ve ever participated in one of these interviews, you’ll see many common threads.

Yesterday, I decided to meet with the [Mary Kay] “recruiter” (let’s call her Sally) and “director” (let’s call her Ashley). I didn’t even know that Sally was a recruiter since Ashley did most of the talking.

So prior to the meeting, I met Sally because in March my friend had a birthday and she had a [Mary Kay] facial party with Sally as the host. I went and wrote down names of many women in my contacts to win the “prize” (which I haven’t even received). Sally a week later texted all of them, I didn’t realize that she was so committed to doing that. I was somewhat embarrassed as I had written down some names and phone numbers of people that I didn’t speak with anymore just to reach the required number to get my “prize”. Continue reading “A Typical Mary Kay Interview”

Liar, Liar, Pantyhose and Skirt on Fire

Written by PinkPeace

I’m a liar. Or more precisely, I was a liar — a big one. There are few things worse to be. You can’t trust a liar; everything she says and does is suspect. A liar ultimately only has her own interests at heart, and a liar is responsible for leading others into bad decisions.

I didn’t start out that way. Although I was prone to exaggeration sometimes, and could tell a little white lie, I know they were wrong and knew they were character faults that I should correct. I actually had contempt for liars and thought they deserved whatever bad consequences came their way. Continue reading “Liar, Liar, Pantyhose and Skirt on Fire”

New Mary Kay Consultant: Why Your Director Wants You to Start Recruiting Right Away

Mary Kay RecruitingYou’re a new Mary Kay consultant, and you’re just learning the ropes. You’re excited, but a little scared about all the things you don’t know about your business. Your director is encouraging you to start recruiting. You want to get your feet under you first before you will feel comfortable bringing others into the business.

But your director keeps pushing you about recruiting. She suggests you’re just going to do “practice interviews” or some other innocent sounding thing. She keeps coming at you about recruiting. Why?

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8 Out of 10 Mary Kay NSDs Are Okay With Lying to Customers

Written by The Scribbler

Back about 90 years ago, I worked in our church’s nursery.  On this particular day, my three-year old daughter and her playmates were playing the classic toddler game, You Scream and Run Like Hell and I’ll Try to Catch You While I’m Laughing My Can Off.  I was changing an infant’s diaper when my daughter raced past me, made the off-comment of, “It’s hot in here,” and continued onward.  I finished cleaning/dressing my young client, turned, and gasped as I witnessed my little girl running and laughing with her friends.  Stark nakedHey, Mom, I told you it was hot in here, remember? Find a way, make a way! 

Aside from the fact that I can now tease my daughter about having lived out the American Dream by running through a church au naturale, her situation made for one nifty object lesson:  the Mary Kay guidance of “Find a way, make a way” does not mean that the right thing will always be done.  I want to highlight one NSD who is teaching Mary Kay consultants how to lie; an act I would definitely file in the “Doing Whatever It Takes” drawer.

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Obsolete Applause: What Mary Kay’s Monthly Magazine Won’t Tell You

Written by The Scribbler

I have a foot-high thick assortment of Applause magazines dating back to 1977.  It makes a pretty handy (albeit low) end table if you throw a glass top on it and add some opulent home décor from the local Stuckey’s:  Star Trek collector’s plates, statuettes of President Obama flashing the “hang loose” sign (and carrying a surfboard), and the ever-popular “Single Fake Rose in a Plastic Vial filled with Fake Water.”  There’s no denying I’m brimming with high class, people.   Or brimming with something else; my eyes are brown, after all.  Heck, I’m open for interpretation. Continue reading “Obsolete Applause: What Mary Kay’s Monthly Magazine Won’t Tell You”

How to Know If You’re a Great Target for the Mary Kay Career Opportunity

Written by Raisinberry

Please answer the following questions with a true or false.  Former Mary Kay consultants might want to answer based on the conditions of their lives prior to joining. You must be truthful to learn anything from this questionnaire.

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Mary Kay Recruting With MRS. CAB

pink-taxi-mrs-cabWritten by The Scribbler

This article comes to us courtesy of Mary Kay’s popular MRS. CAB recruiting aid. For those that aren’t familiar with MRS. CAB, it is an acronym designed to show potential recruits the reasons why women join Mary Kay: Money, Recognition, Self-Confidence and Personal Growth, Cars, Advancement, and Be Your Own Boss. (Technically, the acronym should read “MRS. CAPGCABYOB” but recruiters were complaining that every time they tried to pronounce it at interviews, targets were hastily dialing their pastors and screaming, “For the love of all that is holy, get over to the Starbucks down on 18th St – the Mary Kay Lady’s resorted to invoking Ba’al!”)

Our featured line is typically said when covering the “M” in MRS. CAB: Money. “You only have to spend a few hours a week to be successful in Mary Kay!” Continue reading “Mary Kay Recruting With MRS. CAB”

Sham…Wow! The Recruiting Trickery of Mary Kay NSD Pam Shaw

Written by The Scribbler

It didn’t matter that your arms and cargo pants were spattered with remnants of “Sonoma Sunset” deck stain.  It didn’t matter that your sweaty ponytail was stuck to the back of your sweaty neck, either.  All that mattered was that the business-suited blonde in Lowe’s thought you were sugar-sharp and had to be looking for something more in life.  Why else would you be here, trying to decide which paintbrush should replace the one the neighbor’s kid practiced his budding barber skills on? Continue reading “Sham…Wow! The Recruiting Trickery of Mary Kay NSD Pam Shaw”

Mary Kay and Christian Ministry

This manipulative piece tries to recruit new Mary Kay consultants with the promise of being part of a Christian ministry. 

New Day Ministries, Inc… Doing it the Mary Kay Way!

About the Mary Kay Way…

You know I like helping God’s people… And I want to have fun doing it! And through being a Mary Kay Consultant, I can do both, I can offer Mary Kay products to those who are looking  or business opportunities and even suggest that people (both men or women) who have undergone any kind of stress; through showing others a way…by the benefits and : Continue reading “Mary Kay and Christian Ministry”

Kid Stuff: Reasons, Excuses, and Mary Kay NSD Gillian Ortega

Written by The Scribbler

Because I can’t take another episode of Man vs Food’s Adam Richman stuffing a baseball-cap sized meatball into his face, I’m ripe for some “B” list entertainment:  Mary Kay National Sales Director training videos!  They’re the videos that – like the Hurliator ride at the state fair – have the ability to tickle your ribs and turn your stomach at the same time!  I’ve brought enough Pepto for the whole class, teacher, so let’s explore the dopey delights of our NSD of the Hour.

NSD Gillian Ortega’s website features an interview between Ortega, one of her sales directors, and the director’s two daughters.  Of particular interest is Part 3 of the video, titled, “Using your Children as a Reason, Not an Excuse.” In this segment, NSD Ortega asks the director’s daughters what they love about their mom’s Mary Kay business, but not before she works a goopy handful of dream-casting into the director’s coif (which, incidentally, has received a generous visit from the Kate Gosselin Hairdo Fairy.) Continue reading “Kid Stuff: Reasons, Excuses, and Mary Kay NSD Gillian Ortega”