Restoring What the Pink Locusts Have Eaten

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Locusts are relentless creatures – they eat and eat and never seem to be satisfied. I mean, I thought I could put a good hurting on bacon and all things coconut, but these little guys put me to shame.

According to Charles R. Bomar, in his article, “The Rocky Mountain Locust: Extinction and the American Experience,” all the earth’s a buffet for Nature’s Little Winged Billy Goats: “They devoured everything from barley and buckwheat to spruce and tobacco. The locusts even ate blankets that women put over the crops to protect them. A few records report the locusts eating fence posts, leather, dead animals, and sheep wool. Cannibalism was also observed.”

Mary Kay: Not a Christian Company and No Direct Line to Jesus

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I have always maintained that no one can save anyone from themselves if they do not want to be saved. Mary Kay Ash, the person, was not a so-called Christian in the way it is bandied about here and the company she founded was not a Christian company.

It was a cosmetics and skincare manufacturing business built on a specific marketing plan and her ultimate success was when MARY KAY CORP. went public and hit the bigtime about 30 years ago… give or take.

How One Mary Kay NSD Exchanged Truth for a Lie

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Note:  If you haven’t yet read the article, 8 Out of 10 Mary Kay NSDs Are Okay With Lying to Customers,” please do so now, as it will provide you with the necessary background information required to help you fully appreciate this piece.  Thank you!

After posting NSD Dacia Wiegandt’s “lie to customers” guidance on the Facebook walls of ten Mary Kay National Sales Directors, I received some interesting correspondence from an NSD whose personal testimony reads as such:  “Mary Kay has been the perfect career to allow me to expand the opportunity to minister. I know that as a National Sales Director, I will be anointed and appointed to win even more souls...”  I figured that someone claiming to be a soul-winner for Christ would have more than a few things to say against Dacia’s deception.  Boy, was I wrong.  This NSD wrote:

8 Out of 10 Mary Kay NSDs Are Okay With Lying to Customers

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Written by The Scribbler

Back about 90 years ago, I worked in our church’s nursery.  On this particular day, my three-year old daughter and her playmates were playing the classic toddler game, You Scream and Run Like Hell and I’ll Try to Catch You While I’m Laughing My Can Off.  I was changing an infant’s diaper when my daughter raced past me, made the off-comment of, “It’s hot in here,” and continued onward.  I finished cleaning/dressing my young client, turned, and gasped as I witnessed my little girl running and laughing with her friends.  Stark nakedHey, Mom, I told you it was hot in here, remember? Find a way, make a way! 

Aside from the fact that I can now tease my daughter about having lived out the American Dream by running through a church au naturale, her situation made for one nifty object lesson:  the Mary Kay guidance of “Find a way, make a way” does not mean that the right thing will always be done.  I want to highlight one NSD who is teaching Mary Kay consultants how to lie; an act I would definitely file in the “Doing Whatever It Takes” drawer.

Mary Kay and Cult Thinking (Part 3)

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How cults exercise control over the way their members think… and how Mary Kay might be similar.

A great site for information on “cult dynamics” is Skeptic Tank. The site has many articles about cults, and everything is in easy-to-read “layman” terms. (Or in our case, lay-woman.)

Jan Groenveld also put together many cult resources, and aggregated them on her site Cult Awareness and Information Library. (She passed away in 2002, and the site is now maintained by someone else.) On the site, there is a page called “Commercial Cults”. Included on this page are multi-level marketing plans. Interesting, no?

Mary Kay and Cults (Part 1)

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Mary Kay has often been described as a cult, or as having cult-like characteristics. This is the first of a 3 part series exploring the cult issue.

Cult Billboard

Is Mary Kay a cult? No. Does it have many things in common with cults? Yes!

The fact that Mary Kay Inc. is cultish has NOTHING to do with the fact that the company was founded by a Christian woman or that many women in Mary Kay make frequent references to their faith. That has nothing to do with this cult series.

Show Me the Balance in Mary Kay

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If Mary Kay Cosmetics says “faith” is supposed to come first, why are so many other things put first?

I cried, “Grace,” to the mountain.
I cried, “Grace,” to what stood in front of me.
I cried, “Grace,” to the mountain.

So, Lord, how come this mountain is still in front of me? Chances are good that you have heard a “Sunday Morning Message” by either Linda Toupin or Pam Shaw telling you how to apply the Word of God to be successful in your Mary Kay business. When I was deep in the pink thick of things, I could not wait—and that is an understatement if I have ever typed one—to get to the phone each Sunday morning to hear what God had to say through these ladies to me about my Mary Kay business.

Religious Propaganda From a Mary Kay NSD

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More “God wants you to sell Mary Kay” junk from a Mary Kay nsd. Talk about pink fog…

Bold or Broke??? This control.Think about this today.

Good Morning and Praise God for the ability to wake up and enjoy a brand new month open and overflowing with opportunities!!! When we start our business with MK, usually we are called to extend that old comfort zone…. this can make us unsteady in thought process and may convince us to doubt ourselves and our ability to go forward. That is normal, it’s called GROWTH. One of the best things that you can do for your life is to remain in a state of semi-fear. Sounds quite attractive, doesn’t it! If you are not fearing or at least uncomfortable, more than likely you are not in a state of growth. Growth is good ~ therefore~ Fear is good. And, on the other side of that feeling is abundance…… however you define abundance in your life. Choices, how many of you would like more choices for your life?

Religious Abuse in Mary Kay

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We have alluded to the damage that can be done in Mary Kay, but I want to talk specifically about religious abuse. It has been covered before, so if you are an old timer, I apologize for the rerun. If you are new, I hope this helps you in some small way.

I have always considered my religion and my beliefs to be intensely personal and private. I didn’t consider myself to be a “Christian” as so many do, in that I prayed to God and my prayers consisted of phrases like “God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.” Most self professed Christians I had been exposed to were intolerant and hypocritical “Jesus Freaks.” I was very comfortable with my choice of doctrines and beliefs. Someone asked me if I was a Christian once, and I remember replying, “Well, I am a major denomination, and last time I checked, that sufficed.” They assured me they would pray for me.