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Religious Propaganda From a Mary Kay NSD

More “God wants you to sell Mary Kay” junk from a Mary Kay nsd. Talk about pink fog…

Bold or Broke??? This control.Think about this today.

Good Morning and Praise God for the ability to wake up and enjoy a brand new month open and overflowing with opportunities!!! When we start our business with MK, usually we are called to extend that old comfort zone…. this can make us unsteady in thought process and may convince us to doubt ourselves and our ability to go forward. That is normal, it’s called GROWTH. One of the best things that you can do for your life is to remain in a state of semi-fear. Sounds quite attractive, doesn’t it! If you are not fearing or at least uncomfortable, more than likely you are not in a state of growth. Growth is good ~ therefore~ Fear is good. And, on the other side of that feeling is abundance…… however you define abundance in your life. Choices, how many of you would like more choices for your life? Continue Reading →


Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly

Written by A Mary Kay Husband

As much as I love my wife, I truly resented the magnitude of the pressure she was under to perform the Mary Kay marketing plan. To do her sales job with this cosmetics company, certain aspects of our “normal” life were set aside.

That began over 20 years ago, and to an outsider she would have appeared rather successful. She had all the trappings of a winner evidenced by the string of cars and bling that she had accepted.

However, all that appeared to the eye was not necessarily the truth. As I have become an aficionado of Pink Truth and read your extremely intelligent reports of your own experiences, I can sense what has occurred in your lives also. One can almost count your tears, and the tears of your family as you plunged headfirst into the abyss of financial ruin because of high pressure “buying demand” from your upline. Continue Reading →


Thou Shalt Not Say “Judge Not!” Until Thou Readest This!

Written by The Scribbler

I’m convinced that one of the most cherished verses in the world of MLMs – Mary Kay included – is Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”  Want to test that theory?  All you need is someone who bats for the MLM team and a statement that challenges the MLM.  It shouldn’t take long for someone to fire the “Judge not!” bazooka, especially if you quip “Hey, I read a director’s claim that Mary Kay gives you “a spiritual growth that surpasses Sunday School.” She’s referring to Sunday School in the Church of Satan, right?”  And you thought only Mariah Carey could shriek like that. Continue Reading →


Spiritual Mentorship By Mary Kay Sales Directors & NSDs

Written by Anonymous

Mary Kay consultants are vulnerable. They are told to follow the direction of their sales directors and sales directors. Those in leadership have an opportunity to manipulate these women, especially when it comes to religion and spirituality.

We’ve all seen them: brand new, giddy, starry-eyed Mary Kay consultants. They are full of hope, expectation, awe, and a little bit of fear at their first unit meeting or first big Mary Kay Cosmetics event. They are like sponges, ready and willing to absorb everything they hear.

And of course, they are told from day one to do everything their director tells them to do. Continue Reading →


Do you Practice Blinded Bee-lief or Daring Discernment?

Written by The Scribbler

Ever see NSD Linda Toupin’s “Child of God” document? It’s a photo collage of all of Toupin’s homes – from her modest river cottage to her multi-turreted Helm’s Deep of present day. Listed underneath each home are benchmarks in Toupin’s Mary Kay career: Directorship, a National Area, signing the pact with Beezelbub, (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and so forth. Positioned underneath the aerial shot of Helm’s Deep, however, is this passage: Continue Reading →


Lukewarm Foundation: How Mary Kay Cosmetics is Hurting the Women in Your Flock

Written by The Scribbler

This article is designed to show church leaders of all denominations how Mary Kay’s recruiting practices are stumbling blocks to the spiritual growth and faith of their women parishioners. I encourage you to e-mail this article to the leaders of your chosen house of worship (anonymously if you wish), along with a link to should they desire to learn more. 

“This is serious,” the pastor’s wife said sternly. “I know lots of godly women who do Mary Kay. They’re not going to Hell, are they?”

“No,” I replied.

She continued, her voice escalating with each question. “They’re not sinning by doing Mary Kay, are they? They’re not doing anything wrong by being in Mary Kay, are they?”

I didn’t take the pastor’s wife’s words personally; deep down, I knew that the mixture of shock and standoffishness she’d projected stemmed from a simple lack of knowledge. I explained to her that I was writing a book on Mary Kay and had discovered a practice that was sickeningly far from anything Christ would endorse. I added that while women were not going to Hell or sinning by being in Mary Kay, they were actively engaging in something that had great potential to cripple or God forbid, shut down their spiritual growth. The practice I was referring to was recruiting. Continue Reading →


The “Spiritual” Spin of Mary Kay

Written by SuzyQ

This was the hardest part for me.  I remember running into a director at a gas station after my first seminar in 1998.  I asked her “I don’t get this part of making God my business partner.”  She said “You will.”  At that seminar I heard Cindy Williams say “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.” I was stunned.  Born and raised as Episcopalian, I had never heard God’s name evoked in any business opportunity before, and I was at a loss for words.

Fast forward a few years and I am a member of a semi-elite Bible Studies group for directors only.  This involvement calls for me to drive 100 miles round trip to breathe the same air as other directors who are more worthy than me.  I remember the first time we prayed for more red jackets and more production. Another stunning moment.  Continue Reading →


Mary Kay’s motto is “God First…”


Written by The Scribbler

It’s a line that’s quick to be fired off at church, particularly post-service when recruiters are scrambling to grab sharp women and cart them off to the Golden Corral for their unit’s weekly “Onion Rings and Opportunities” event. “Mary Kay puts God first,” you may have heard them gush. “How many companies can make that claim?”

Well, Chik-fil-A, for one, but that’s not the point. As I’ve explained in previous articles, when God is mentioned in Mary Kay, it is the God of the Bible that is implied, in accordance with the faith that Mary Kay Ash practiced. But is God really first in Mary Kay – or is that throne reserved for someone else? Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Inc’s god (Part 2)

Written by The Scribbler

The continuation of how Mary Kay Inc.’s god is nothing but a cheap imitation, just like their prizes.

3. Corporate’s god thinks manipulation is awesome.

Two points from your upline drive home this point like no other: The first is a suggestion on how to counteract the objection, “I need to talk things over with my husband,” via NSD Cindy Fox:

“Let’s fill out the paperwork, get your check, and I’ll hold it for a day until you’ve talked to him. I bet with your charm, you can usually persuade him to your way of thinking, right?” Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Inc’s god: Just Like the Prizes, He’s a Cheap Imitation

Written by The Scribbler

Contrasting the God of the Bible with the god of Mary Kay Inc. Who will you listen to?

Oh yeah, there goes yet another tube of foundation whizzing past my head. Hey, you’re not supposed to break up a Basic, remember? If you’re going to throw makeup at me the Mary Kay Way, you have to throw it in sets.

Today I would like to touch on the god that Mary Kay Inc. peddles to its women. That’s “god” with a small “g’, and that’s how I’ll refer to him throughout this article. Continue Reading →


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