Mary Kay Scripts: She Needs to Think About It

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The “Don’t give her too long to think about it” script featured on Mary Kay NSD Caterina Harris’s website.

At the end of the recruiting interview, Prospect Pam is interested, but needs to “think about it” before making a decision. We hear it all the time. Out of concern that she’s going to feel pressured, do you make the common mistake of giving her too long to think about it? Every hour that passes between the time the interview is held & the agreement/money are processed online (or in your hands) decreases your chances of getting a “yes”, significantly. More than 24 hours is TOO long for you & her not to touch base personally, and really, the best decisions (from the heart) are made within that time frame. The wise recruiter learns not to let the prospect control the follow up process, or it will tend to bog down (no fun) & ultimately lead to a “no”.

Paradigm Shift (Pretend Recruiting is a Privilege)

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FESSD Kimberly J. Chatak-Nelson tells us to pretend it’s a privilege to be recruiting into Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Recruiting is a privilege.  It is a form of flattery.   When you realize that you are offering an awesome opportunity to someone with whom you’d like to grow and you help her realize that she should feel honored that you would CHOOSE her over so many others, then you will accept recruiting for what Mary Kay Ash meant it to be: an awesome opportunity.

Recruiting is not a burden.  Don’t apologize to me, to yourself, to those you interview.  Don’t have a burdensome feeling or an apologetic feeling in your heart or it will come out in your voice and body language and mannerisms.  

Linda Toupin’s Mary Kay Husband Letter

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Getting husbands to buy into the idea of Mary Kay Cosmetics is critical. The wife is almost guaranteed to lose money, so it is important to get the husband on board as soon as she signs up. He has to know that if he doesn’t give her the go ahead to do anything it takes to stay in Mary Kay, he will be seen as unsupportive. In an attempt to make the husband believe Mary Kay is a real business (no, it’s not), a letter like the below is often sent out. This one is from nsd Linda Toupin.

Dear _________,

Just a note to say a warm and very heartfelt “Thank You” for sharing ________ with us, as she seeks to learn more about her wonderful opportunity in Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Your love and support of all she is trying to do means more to her than I can possibly convey!!

Mary Kay Manipulation: Scripts for Potential Car Drivers

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It pays big to have “Mary Kay cars” on the road. It costs Mary Kay Inc. NOTHING, and is essentially free advertising. Not only that, Mary Kay knows that the cars make people think the drivers are successful. If they got a “free” Mary Kay car, they must be making lots of money. The cars silently convince the masses that there is success (where none really exists).

In fact, the earnings of nearly all of the pink Cadillac drivers are anything but “executive.”  But the general public doesn’t know that, and they think that the pink Cadillac signifies a high income earner, which is exactly what Mary Kay Inc. wants.

Mary Kay Inc. doesn’t want a director to take the available cash compensation option, because no one can see that but her.

What Are Women Looking For?

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, and Happy Holidays!  Here’s a script designed to play upon the tender sentiments of the season!  While the snow’s falling outdoors, if you’re meeting with a recruiter over coffee, best put on your fuzziest hat and coziest scarf, as the snowing will be taking place indoors, too!

What are Women Looking For?

Mary Kay’s motto is “God First…”

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It’s a line that’s quick to be fired off at church, particularly post-service when recruiters are scrambling to grab sharp women and cart them off to the Golden Corral for their unit’s weekly “Onion Rings and Opportunities” event. “Mary Kay puts God first,” you may have heard them gush. “How many companies can make that claim?”

Well, Chik-fil-A, for one, but that’s not the point. As I’ve explained in previous articles, when God is mentioned in Mary Kay, it is the God of the Bible that is implied, in accordance with the faith that Mary Kay Ash practiced. But is God really first in Mary Kay – or is that throne reserved for someone else?

Are You Following the Mary Kay Motto? These National Sales Directors Say You Shouldn’t!

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Why did you join Mary Kay? Are you one of the women who joined because you were looking for a chance to get away from a work week that rivaled that of a Hebrew slave and a prickly boss that made Pharaoh look like a kindly grandmother? Maybe you were looking forward to finally being able to enjoy a holiday where you didn’t have to keep your Career switch flipped to the “on” position, or perhaps you were eager to enjoy a relaxing 4th of July around a smoky grill with food, drink, and plenty of laughing with family and friends. Well, rejoice, dear consultant, because isn’t that how priorities get ranked in Mary Kay according to the company motto?  “God First, Family Second, Career Third!”   And it’s Independence Day, so that means it’s time to put Family Second and Career so far Third that you’re like, “Booking? Pfft; only thing I’m booking today is an overloaded cheeseburger and a cold beer.”

That being said, did you know that there are National Sales Directors in Mary Kay who do not want consultants and directors to put their Families Second and Careers Third? I know it’s hard to believe, but there are top leaders in the company who regularly promote negativity by attempting to guilt women like you into shunning holidays and family time in favor of working their businesses.

A Simple Plan to Sell Mary Kay Products

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Enthusiasm sells. It absolutely must because there is never any occasion where Mary Kay sales training starts without the facilitator telling you how excited she is. Her hope is that you will catch fire by her mere words, and she will have “sold” you the product. Her product is her “Simple Plan” whereby you can make (insert fictitious figure here) by just doing (insert fictitious action plan here) and you will profit not only in sales but in recruits, while achieving Diamond Star every single month, and can you say, “Queen’s Court”?

Just like product sales in Mary Kay, results are never measured, never tracked, never evaluated. All these pie in the sky selling ideas are delivered with grandiosity and enthusiasm, as if every word dripping from the facilitators lips were utterly true. Wouldn’t it great if you had a sales job where all you had to do is do the math on paper and sell the story of how the math got on paper, without any real activity happening in the real world to support whether the math on paper matches the consultant’s actual experience?

Mary Kay Free Training

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We’ve often heard Mary Kay sales directors refer to the free training as something akin to an MBA. This is a taste of what the training is like. This video is described as: This is for “Talent Night” at Fall Advance Mary Kay Retreat, Pasco, Washington, Oct. 2nd, 2009. Is this what you had in mind when they told you there would be free training available to you? And you should know that it is NOT free. There is a fee to attend almost all of the events and meetings.

Recruiting a New Consultant With Manipulation

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This script has all of the finesse of a vacuum cleaner salesman inching his way across the porch, inching his way over the threshold, and finally through the front door.

The consultant softens up the prospect by initially utilizing manipulative body language and flattery.  The prospect gets the informational tape/video – INCH.  The prospect is told to watch it within 48 hours – INCH.  If that weren’t enough, the consultant pushes for the Director to be present at either the coffee meeting or the conference call – CRASH THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.  Even if a prospect tells a consultant, “I want no part of Mary Kay Cosmetics!” you’ll see that such a response translates in IBC-ese to, “I’m just messing with you; give me the “Something More” CD, you cute little screwball!”