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Tips for Booking Mary Kay Skin Care Classes

One of the many problems in Mary Kay is finding tactics that actually work to sell more products. There are gimmicks that are used to book classes, to get people to try a product or two, or maybe even to sign up as a beauty consultant. But the results from these tactics are temporary. None of them builds loyal customers for the long-term.

When consultants ask for help, they get more of the same: feel-good lines, scripted speeches, the latest gimmick. Below is an example. Look at these “tips for booking” and tell me if even one of them actually works on a consistent basis. Ask if any of them is an action that is reasonably calculated to lead to an actual booking. The answer is no. These are measures that may help a consultant feel like she is actually doing something, but her chances of walking away from this with bookings are slim. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Slogans and Manipulation (Part 2)

Written by Raisinberry

Yesterday I talked about the various slogans and one-liners that Mary Kay directors and NSDs use to get consultants to stop thinking for themselves.  Today we look at the purpose behind sloganeering.

Mary Kay corporate has a symbiotic relationship with the upper sales force.

They rarely put in print, anymore, the slogans that NSDs model to Directors to repeat to beauty consultants. That might make them accountable. Those quippy slogans deflect the consultant’s real concerns about their businesses, the career path, and the inconsistencies they see between what “Mary Kay says” and what Mary Kay Corporate does, which is, create dissatisfaction in women. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Slogans and Manipulation (Part 1)

Written by Raisinberry

Before Mary Kay I worked human resources and taught supervision and organizational development with a large international firm. Part of my acquisition of information required that I attend some of the seminars of the major players in the world of “motivational speakers.” (I still can’t get SNL’s Chris Farley out of my head.)

Slogans and motivational quips were those quick mental adjusters that helped fear and lack of focus dissolve into confidence and determination.

They originally were designed to help a person through the lows of rejection and to become mentally tough. They were for our good. But, like any good thing, in the hands of a person with wrong motives, or bad intentions, a good thing can go very bad. Continue Reading →


Deceptive Recruiting Tactics in Mary Kay

This is a short article designed to illustrate the deceptive recruiting techniques used by members of the independent sales force of Mary Kay. How many of these buzz words and catch phrases did you hear when you were being recruited?

We will go through a “typical” recruiting interview and point out the things that are either misleading or outright lies, using documents that are used by MK consultants.

Step 1: The Set-up Continue Reading →


You Only Need a Few Hours a Week to Do Mary Kay

Written by The Scribbler

For those that aren’t familiar with the MRS. CAB recruiting script, it is an acronym designed to show potential recruits the reasons why women join Mary Kay: Money, Recognition, Self-Confidence and Personal Growth, Cars, Advancement, and Be Your Own Boss.

(Technically, the acronym should read “MRS. CAPGCABYOB” but recruiters were complaining that every time they tried to pronounce it at interviews, targets were hastily dialing their pastors and screaming, “For the love of all that is holy, get over to the Starbucks down on 18th St – the Mary Kay Lady’s resorted to invoking Ba’al!”) Continue Reading →


Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Day to be the Sales Type!

930660427_ab76c3de6a_m.jpgWritten by The Scribbler

Check out the following scripted line and let’s see if we can break the record for “Most Heads Simultaneously Scratched!” Ready? Aaand, action!

“We’re looking for women who aren’t the sales type. As an MK Beauty Consultant, you are sharing your knowledge about the products and then taking her order. Women sell things every day: they sell their kids on cleaning their rooms… they sell their husbands on going out to dinner.” Continue Reading →


Mary Kay NSD Pamela Shaw on Interviewing

Written by The Scribbler

If this script were made into a movie, it would be titled, “Is there any reason why we couldn’t get your Starter Kit ordered?”  The pushy phrase is shoved into the potential recruit’s face a minimum of three times.

1. Cast the Vision

“I appreciate your time and want you to know that I am committed to building a dynamic team of women who are willing to work hard and want to make money, and you have the character qualities I am looking for in the team I want to build. Mary Kay may or may not be for you, but at least we will know….so I appreciate being able to share with you.” Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Scripts: She Needs to Think About It

Written by The Scribbler

The “Don’t give her too long to think about it” script featured on Mary Kay NSD Caterina Harris’s website.

At the end of the recruiting interview, Prospect Pam is interested, but needs to “think about it” before making a decision. We hear it all the time. Out of concern that she’s going to feel pressured, do you make the common mistake of giving her too long to think about it? Every hour that passes between the time the interview is held & the agreement/money are processed online (or in your hands) decreases your chances of getting a “yes”, significantly. More than 24 hours is TOO long for you & her not to touch base personally, and really, the best decisions (from the heart) are made within that time frame. The wise recruiter learns not to let the prospect control the follow up process, or it will tend to bog down (no fun) & ultimately lead to a “no”. Continue Reading →


Paradigm Shift (Pretend Recruiting is a Privilege)

Written by The Scribbler

FESSD Kimberly J. Chatak-Nelson tells us to pretend it’s a privilege to be recruiting into Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Recruiting is a privilege.  It is a form of flattery.   When you realize that you are offering an awesome opportunity to someone with whom you’d like to grow and you help her realize that she should feel honored that you would CHOOSE her over so many others, then you will accept recruiting for what Mary Kay Ash meant it to be: an awesome opportunity.

Recruiting is not a burden.  Don’t apologize to me, to yourself, to those you interview.  Don’t have a burdensome feeling or an apologetic feeling in your heart or it will come out in your voice and body language and mannerisms.   Continue Reading →


Linda Toupin’s Mary Kay Husband Letter

Getting husbands to buy into the idea of Mary Kay Cosmetics is critical. The wife is almost guaranteed to lose money, so it is important to get the husband on board as soon as she signs up. He has to know that if he doesn’t give her the go ahead to do anything it takes to stay in Mary Kay, he will be seen as unsupportive. In an attempt to make the husband believe Mary Kay is a real business (no, it’s not), a letter like the below is often sent out. This one is from nsd Linda Toupin.

Dear _________,

Just a note to say a warm and very heartfelt “Thank You” for sharing ________ with us, as she seeks to learn more about her wonderful opportunity in Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Your love and support of all she is trying to do means more to her than I can possibly convey!!

Continue Reading →


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