Laying Your Cards on the Table

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Mary Kay nsd Linda Toupin instructs you on how to use your own goals to coerce a woman into signing up for Mary Kay now.


Scrib’s note:  One of the dirtiest I’ve seen.  Suppose a woman says, “Sure, I’ll sign an Agreement, but can we wait for a couple of months so I can make this or that arrangement/save up some money/arrange child care?”  Because her delayed “yes” isn’t good enough, this script takes it a step further and convinces a woman to say “yes” to a sooner time period, particularly when an IBC has a big goal/deadline to meet.

The Gold Leaf Close

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Mary Kay nsd Pam Shaw shows you how to close a recruit while you are at the event or at the unit meeting by using a leaf dipped in 14 karat gold.

Scrib’s note: Are you a guest at your friend’s unit meeting? Beware – the directors have something extra-special lined up for you at its end, and if you’re not prepared, you’ll be sucked in quicker than a pigeon into a jet engine. Steel yourself, post a guard your emotions, and know before you go!

An NSD Overcomes Your Objections

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Circular reasoning, faulty logic, and subtle bullying straight from the top of the food chain, friends.  Pay special attention to the last line of the script – its guidance is designed to help recruiters get you into a mode where you’re more likely to answer in the affirmative. Also of interest in this script is Mary Kay’s ever-present lack of respect for husbands, how forcing a prospect to make a decision for Mary Kay within 24 hours is doing them a favor, and the divine miracle of a bottle of Velocity delivering its own sales pitch in perfect English.  Because the product really does sell itself, you know.

“I couldn’t sell anything.”

The “Assumptive” Close

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I call this one “The Dirtiest Close Ever.”  courtesy of Anita Garrett-Roe.  It utilizes a technique Roe calls the “assumptive close,” which means to act like the potential recruit has given you a “yes” from the get-go when in fact, she has not - the concrete “yes” answer is assumed when the recruiter asks the woman where she wants her starter kit delivered! 

This is a dangerous technique – if you’re ever knee-deep in a recruiting attempt, do not fill out or sign a thing until you have had a chance to thoroughly research the things Mary Kay is not telling you!   

How to Recruit the Next Generation

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This document isn’t necessarily a script, but a spotty transcript of a speech given to NSDs.  It is a game plan discussing how to recruit younger people into Mary Kay.  It talks about their characteristics; critical information that will no doubt be exploited later on!

Friends, if you have daughters of any age or know teenage girls in your neighborhood, drop a few nuggets about what this company does to its women.  Young girls are not stupid – like sex education, these girls need to know from YOU before they learn the “facts” from a hot-to-recruit Mary Kay Consultant!  It is crucial that we guard the next generation of women from the prison of emotional hurt, manipulation, and credit card debt!     

Overcoming Objections the Mary Kay Way

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There are lots of reasons why women don’t want to become involved in Mary Kay Cosmetics. The recruiter’s job is to overcome those objections. She is given standard lines, like the below, to use to convince you to join.

If you’ve ever been in Mary Kay, you know these responses are filled with lies. You DO have to sell to succeed in Mary Kay. The products do NOT sell themselves. You WILL have to talk to strangers. You will NOT be able to turn one person into an entire customer base. You will NOT be able to earn $100 with only 3 hours of work.

I don’t have any problem with the basic concept of overcoming objections… it’s done in almost every sales job. What I have a problem with is lying.

This is why Mary Kay is so evil. They bring you in with lies, and keep lying to you in order to keep you in. It all starts with recruiting…

Mary Kay Scripts You Love to Hate….

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Written by A Former Consultant

You’ve heard them, you’ve been taught them, and you’ve even said them yourself. Now that you are out of the Pink Fog, here’s a translation of some of the favorite scripts in Mary Kay…  what you said then and what they sound like now that you realize the truth about Mary Kay Cosmetics!

THEN: Has anyone ever taken the time to pamper you with a Mary Kay facial?

NOW: Please please please tell me you haven’t tried Mary Kay so I can sucker you in to buying anything!

Mary Kay: To Show Up, You Must Pay Up!

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It’s proudly proclaimed on most Mary Kay recruiting scripts, leaflets, and packets, most of the time in capital letters: FREE training! But is “free” a description that’s dead-on or just another fabulous fib?

Pull up your favorite NSD or director’s website and you’ll encounter a bevy of training documents covering everything from what questions to ask yourself each day (“Who am I interviewing today? Who is my next personal recruit?” “Who is my next offspring director?”) to how to “grade” your IBC’s summary sheets (“Write in different colors! Use fun stickers!”) Check your inbox, too – one director said that “about 50% of our consultant education is via e-mail.”

Building a Strong Team

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Mary Kay nsd Gloria Mayfield Banks instructs on overcoming objections during the recruiting interview. She even suggests flashcards so you can practice your responses to common objections.

Asking for the interview from a private consultation:

“Have you ever thought about making any extra money? I know you never thought about doing it with Mary Kay. But do you ever think about making any extra money? Really?”

“Well, I’ve been building one of the most phenomenal teams in the ______ area and I love telling women how I make money and I’d love to tell you. Could we get together in the next 5 days and I can share a little bit about what I do?  This might not be for you at all, but then again it might, you never know. I would be crazy as a professional consultant not to offer it to you.”

(Be prepared for her response and objection. There is an objection coming – be ready! Which one will it be?)

Objections must be memorized from your Career Essentials Consultants Guide! Type them on 3X5 cards. Write the objection on the front and the response on the back and practice them.


Her: “I’m not like you.”

You: “I know you’re not like me. I’m not looking for people like me. I’m looking for people who like who THEY are. I’m good at what I do because I like who I am. You’re going to be good at what you do because you like who you are. And you have blessings that you could offer people that I may not have. I don’t need you to be like me. I need you to be like you and share you with other people. So is there any reason why you couldn’t take 45 minutes to an hour to listen to what I have to say?”

Her: “I don’t have the time to listen.”

You: “Oh, I know you don’t have any time. Most of us don’t have any time. But, let me just ask you this, if making some extra money is really something you want to do, what are you going to do to make that extra money? This may not be for you, but at least you deserve to know what you’re saying no to.”

Her: “I don’t have any friends.”

I know how you feel; I felt that way too. But what I found was, you don’t build this business on your friends and family. I came into MK and made a whole bunch of friends.”

YOU MUST BECOME AN EXPERT ON FEEL, FELT, FOUND AND IMPROVE YOUR PEOPLE SKILLS! “I know how you feel, I felt the same way too, but what I found was . . .”

Her: “I’m not the sales type.”

Have a sheet of paper and say, “Tell me about the ‘sales type’ what do you consider the sales type to be?” Whatever she says, you write it down. Like “Pushy” and you ask her – “Did I appear pushy at the skin care class/facial?” “Was I aggressive?” “I understand how you feel; I felt the same way too. What I found was…”  Tell me, if I could teach you how to teach our products and ‘sell’ the benefits, could you learn?”

Her: “I don’t have time to do MK.”

“I don’t know how you’re going to find the time, but what I know is when you want something bad enough most busy women find the time. If I find out what you need and then explain what we have in MK, and then we’re going to decide if the time we spend together is worth it. If what we have and what you need match up. So let’s talk about your time.” Don’t try to sell them on the entire career of MK at one time.

“Can you get interested in the flexibility? Can you get interested in being in a positive environment on a consistent basis? Develop an incredible career? But you know what; I don’t know if you’re going to like it that much to do that well. We gotta find out.”

She may not be able to relate to a career change and the idea of starting all over again. NO other career, not just MK. She may shut down because it’s too big of a bite to take. Maybe she just needs to think about a couple extra hundred dollars a week.

So ask her – “Given the little bit about what you know about MK, are you interested in MK as a hobby? Part-time or Full-Time? Whatever you’re interested in, I can tell you a little bit about that part of our business.”

However she answers, talk to her about that. So when she says I don’t have time, you first want to find out what she wants. DO NOT become persuasive. She will come in and do nothing.

Lay out the facts and ask her to ask you questions. Don’t defend it or become defensive.

She may say, “My husband won’t let me do MK.” Share that, “there are a gazillion stories of successful MK women whose husbands were not supportive in the beginning. But we know that most men love Money!

Scrib’s note: I don’t consider the capitalization of the word “money” a typo here; it is a
clear indicator of how much adoration the almighty dollar receives in Mary Kay!

“Let’s first decide if this is something you want to do, then your 1st big sell is to sell your dream to him tonight.”

Give her a video or tape. Try to watch it with her if you can – it’s only 14 minutes!! Answer her questions/objections right then.

Her: “I don’t have the money.”

Just look at her – she’ll ask why – just say … “Well if you don’t have the money, then you need to do MK! I am so challenged talking with kind, sharp women who don’t have disposable cash and I am sitting on an opportunity that will give you complete control over your ability to have cash. Tell me, when you will be ready to be in a position where you’d like to have complete control over disposable income whenever you want.”

Her: “This isn’t the right time for me.”

“I understand how you feel. If someone had asked me at a skin care class it wouldn’t have been the right time for me either because I’d have been thinking about all the circumstances, not all the benefits. Now I’m going to ask you to do one thing, because most of us think of all the reasons why we can’t do it – now I’m going to ask you to think about why you could. Let’s talk a minute about why you could do something, then let’s talk about why you can’t.” (Turn it around so they can think in the right process.)

You won’t close everybody you talk to, but if you don’t talk to everybody, you don’t stand a chance. Interview 3 women a week. Know what it is you want!

And at the end of the Interview, don’t say, “Would you like to do MK?” Say, “Do you want to work with me, because I want to work with you.” It’s very personal and very successful!! Get out there and build that team of yours – what are you waiting for? Get Going!