Translating Mary Kay Director Lingo: What They Say Versus What They Mean

Written by MaryKayExploitsWomen

Directors feed everyone so much bologna about Mary Kay and how great it is.  But did you know that every line of every script has an underlying message?  Everything a director tells you and/or a potential recruit can be very easily translated into its true meaning within a split second.

Here are some of the most common lines and their actual meanings: Continue reading “Translating Mary Kay Director Lingo: What They Say Versus What They Mean”

My Letter to my Mary Kay National Sales Director

Written by Pink_Plunge

I wrote this letter to my nsd as I was leaving Mary Kay. I was hoping for honest answers to my questions and concerns. As you probably expected, I didn’t really get any.

I am writing this email to you to explain why I have decided to quit Mary Kay. You’ll notice an attached word document that is a letter written to my team members, customers, friends and family members to explain my story and how I’ve reached the conclusion to end my Mary Kay career. I thought I’d share the letter with you too, just to make sure that you are FULLY AWARE of how I feel and how things have changed for me! PLEASE DO TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT!! My team members and I would really appreciate being HEARD!! Continue reading “My Letter to my Mary Kay National Sales Director”

Counting the Real Cost of Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

If you have been in Mary Kay for any length of time you are aware of a typical meeting involving a “scoreboard line up” of top sellers in your unit. The count up begins for what was sold, and generally anybody over $300 gets to come down front and tell their sales success. $300 a week in sales is supposedly a Sapphire Star Consultant, provided she ordered 1800.00 wholesale during the quarter.

The problem is, there are very few real business women in Mary Kay. Your Director will have you split your sales 60/40 as if that ratio has anything to do with actual accounting. You will note that even a weekly summary sheet does not track your real expenses and real profit. No, you are to record your 60/40 split as if the number remaining from the subtraction of your restocking amount reflected your actual profit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading “Counting the Real Cost of Mary Kay”

A Mary Kay Fairy Tale

Written by AesSedai

Once upon time there was beautiful, smart, loving woman.  She had a wonderful husband and a young family.  All she wanted was to be a good wife and mom.  Being a young mom was hard, and it was often a thankless job.  She felt isolated from other woman, especially from women who thought of her as anything but a mom.

One day, as she was leaving a Bible study at church, a very put-together woman from her class approached her and said, “I was listening to what you were saying tonight in the discussion and I was struck by how articulate you are. You are clearly an intelligent woman.  I am a professor at a local college and I think you would be great in one of our degree  programs.  Do you have a degree?” Continue reading “A Mary Kay Fairy Tale”

You Can’t Succeed by Doing Mary Kay “The Right Way”

Written by Raisinberry

On the manipulation in Mary Kay and the false belief and hope that there is a “right way” to do Mary Kay.

The cat’s out of the bag. Beauty Consultants are becoming aware of Pink Truth, and the Archives hold the stories of far too many women to be ignored.

The proof that Mary Kay Inc. reads this site is here. The NSD’s know of this site and while they encourage others to stay away, they have to read this site for self protection. Their names could appear any day, with a laundry list of incriminating “teachings”, exposing their manipulation skills. Continue reading “You Can’t Succeed by Doing Mary Kay “The Right Way””

Eyes on the Prize, Ears on the Cheers

pinkduckedit1Written by PinkPeace

In the wonderful world of Mary Kay, we certainly see our share of crazy prizes in offered in different units. There’s ugly jewelry, the oh-so-special opportunity to have coffee with a director, or the ride she could give you in her pink Cadillac. Why, you might even get the opportunity for a sleepover with a director – just make sure you take your own sleeping bag! It makes you shake your head and think, “What the . . . ??”

But, what you have to remember with all the goofy contests and prizes in Mary Kay, is that the prize itself isn’t the point. It’s the recognition.

These consultants may or may not actually want the physical prize or to spend time with the director. What’s really important is that their names will be in the unit newsletter, the director will single them out in her Facebook posts, and other unit members will look to them as being special. They’ll feel important – and they’ll want to feel that way again.

Mary Kay has an extremely powerful system of recognition that shamelessly preys on a woman’s desire to be recognized and celebrated. It doesn’t matter what the prize is. Mary Kay herself talked about the importance of “dollar recognition for a 10-cent ribbon.” With the proper presentation, those seemingly insignificant little ribbons can be treasured by consultants for years. “I am so excited for Lauren! She had her first $100 day, and we are so proud of what she has accomplished!! We all want to know how you did it, Lauren. Come up to the front and get your ribbon and tell us all about your success.” Continue reading “Eyes on the Prize, Ears on the Cheers”

Déjà Spew: We Attract, Not Attack!

 Written by The Scribbler

Next up on That’s Incredible:  NSDs who tell it like it is!  Let’s listen in as NSD Nancy Moser schools her units regarding proper behavior at unit meetings.  It’s fresh, it’s with-it, and now comes with 150% more cold hard reality! Continue reading “Déjà Spew: We Attract, Not Attack!”

Get Over the Pink Truth

A comment from a typical Kaybot. I am always amused at how many tired, old scripted phrases they can use in support of Mary Kay. How many can you count?

Seriously. You women who have felt this way maybe Mary Kay wasn’t for you. But you can’t speak for everyone. The products are awesome and they are backed up with guarentees… Continue reading “Get Over the Pink Truth”

The “Assumptive” Close

Written by The Scribbler

I call this one “The Dirtiest Close Ever.”  courtesy of Anita Garrett-Roe.  It utilizes a technique Roe calls the “assumptive close,” which means to act like the potential recruit has given you a “yes” from the get-go when in fact, she has not – the concrete “yes” answer is assumed when the recruiter asks the woman where she wants her starter kit delivered! 

This is a dangerous technique – if you’re ever knee-deep in a recruiting attempt, do not fill out or sign a thing until you have had a chance to thoroughly research the things Mary Kay is not telling you!    Continue reading “The “Assumptive” Close”

An NSD Overcomes Your Objections

Written by The Scribbler

Circular reasoning, faulty logic, and subtle bullying straight from the top of the food chain, friends.  Pay special attention to the last line of the script – its guidance is designed to help recruiters get you into a mode where you’re more likely to answer in the affirmative. Also of interest in this script is Mary Kay’s ever-present lack of respect for husbands, how forcing a prospect to make a decision for Mary Kay within 24 hours is doing them a favor, and the divine miracle of a bottle of Velocity delivering its own sales pitch in perfect English.  Because the product really does sell itself, you know.

“I couldn’t sell anything.” Continue reading “An NSD Overcomes Your Objections”