Mary Kay Truth: One Obstacle to Recovery is Hope

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One morning, I heard this statement on a television talk show: “One obstacle to recovery is hope.” They went on to discuss how hope plays a part in people recovering from tragedies or moving forward in their lives. I thought it was very appropriate in relation to Mary Kay.

Raisinberry wrote an article on this very issue. Mary Kay lives and dies by hope. So long as you have the “hope” that you might be one of the big winners in the pyramid scheme, you will continue to pour time and money into this losing proposition.

Here’s the truth: Mary Kay admitted in a letter to the FTC that the company recruits 40,000 new U.S. consultants per month. (Boy, I bet legal wishes they had never written that, because they didn’t realize I’d keep repeating it!) That’s 480,000 women a year that the company uses.

Look Before You Leap: Getting a Head Start on Your Mary Kay Business (Part 2)

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We frequently discuss some of the falsehoods and partial truths in the Mary Kay recruiting spiels that tend to hook women who are only looking to get their products at a discount, or just want to earn a few extra bucks per month, and have loads of fun while they’re at it.  There are many other scripts that you may have heard if someone is trying to recruit you, and these are designed to convince women that they can easily become wealthy and attain financial security with a Mary Kay career. Let’s just look at a few of the typical lines you were probably told; those lines that may be tempting you to jump in head first.

Look Before You Leap: Getting a Head Start on Your Mary Kay Business (Part 1)

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Written by DupedByPinkFriend

If you are here at Pink Truth today for the first time, and you are reading this because you want to know all the facts before you sign up, you are already ahead of the game!  You are doing exactly what an astute businessperson must do before beginning a new venture:  you are researching the product, the market, and your competition.  You are attempting to gather information to help you make an informed decision.

However, as you are attempting to reduce your risk by researching the Mary Kay “opportunity”, you are going to hit a brick wall, and here’s why:  Mary Kay Cosmetics is a privately held company.  It has no public investors who require the reporting of real numbers with legitimate proof.

False Earnings Claims in Mary Kay Cosmetics

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We at Pink Truth are very familiar with the false earnings claims made in Mary Kay. The goal is to recruit women into the scheme, and to do so, one common tactic is lying about how much women in Mary Kay make. Below is Mary Kay sales director Rachael Bullock falsely claiming that MK consultants make $5,000 to $25,000 per year, sales directors make $5,000 to $25,000 per month (which calculates to $60,000 to $300,000 per year) , and national sales directors make $5,000 to $25,000 per week (which calculates to $260,000 to $1.3 million per year).

Before You Sign Up For Mary Kay… Watch This!

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If you are thinking about becoming a Mary Kay consultant, you need to watch this video. Chase Williams is a former Mary Kay sales director, so he understands exactly how the scam works. Chase spent 2 years of his life devoted to Mary Kay and committed to being successful. And in the end, he was left with a bunch of inventory he couldn’t sell!

In the below video he talks about all the sleazy things you will encounter in Mary Kay… how they will recruit you, the scripts you will hear, how they will talk you into purchasing a bunch of products…. and most importantly, why Mary Kay is not a business.

How to Find Production in the Last 48 Hours

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This is a common document that floats around between Mary Kay sales directors. It is the process of  “dialing for dollars” the right way… the way that gets the most orders out of a unit.

Notice that there is never any concern over whether a consultant has actually sold any products. This is all about orders only. It’s a common theme in Mary Kay. Your sales director begs or otherwise convinces you to order inventory you don’t need or want, because all she really cares about is her own commission check or car production.

Money Madness in Mary Kay

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I read with irony the new ordering contest and bonuses offered by Mary Kay on a regular basis. Order more and convince your team members to order more and earn a bonus, starting with $100. Order more and get a dollar store trinket. In previous days, I might have jumped all over this and in turn encouraged my unit to get on the stick with their team members.

In Mary Kay, money is real when you earn it. It is not when you spend it. When you spend it, it just means you entered some numbers off a credit card onto a computer screen, or wrote out a check from your Mary Kay account (with the Mary Kay Connections check).