The Mary Kay Fade to Black

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Written by SuzyQ

You didn’t think it would ever happen, but as soon as you left Mary Kay, you were shunned… ignored… negative… didn’t work your business… didn’t do it the Mary Kay way….

shun (shŭn)
shunned, shun•ning, shuns
To avoid deliberately; keep away from.

I know there have been questions about the cars… “What happens to the Mary Kay cars that are taken away?” (They are sold at auto auctions, no, they are not repainted.) But, what happens to the people? Specifically, the directors? (They are shunned.)

When a Woman Joins a Group Just to Sell Mary Kay

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Written by MommyMindi

At a loss for what to tell the woman who joined your Mom’s group, church, or organization just to sell Mary Kay?

Dear New Independent Beauty Consultant:

Thank you for your interest in joining our club…. but we don’t want you here.

I know that you are excited about your new business. I know that your Director has told you that joining a playgroup or group for stay-at-home-moms is a sure-fire way to get new customers. Your Director is wrong.

Fifty Former Mary Kay Go-Give Recipients (and 78% of them aren’t Go-Giving enough!)

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This article was originally published in March 2009. We are running it again to illustrate what happens to Mary Kay “stars” in a period of five years.

Written by The Scribbler

Curious about that title, dear seeker?  If you are, you’ve found the right flight!  Pass your battered Ziploc bag packed with 3 oz bottles to that TSA agent over there – the one with the barrel-chest and the Pop-Tart sized choppers – and we’ll clear security in no time.  What?  You need one of us to volunteer to be searched?  Fair enough; I’ll be the sacrificial lamb if it’ll help get everyone else to the gate unspoiled.

If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me!

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 Written by Raisinberry

One of the devices used to achieve mind-numbing compliance with all things Mary Kay was the use of the slogan. We were led down a path of little to no resistance because no matter what ugly objection surfaced in our heads, we had a cancel, cancel, canceling thought that fought back.

The slogans shut down our concerns, convicted us of Mary Kay sin, aroused our enthusiasm, and otherwise controlled our thoughts. No critical thinking allowed here! “You become like those you hang around”, and what do you know…we did!The de-pinking process is both painful and grotesque. But taking a page from Mary Kay’s book, it seems wise to create a new set of slogans that can replace the old, with accurate information. Maybe even a little humor to help us in those days of regret, and wisps of embarrassing memories.

The Truth About Personal Use in Mary Kay and Why It’s a Losing Proposition

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Written by Black Nova

“I can’t believe it,” I thought as I sat at my computer placing what would turn out to be my last personal use order. “I’m going to have to order crap I don’t need in order to make the $200 mark.”

You’d think with seven of us ordering, it wouldn’t be that hard to put together an order every 6 months or so of $200 wholesale. But after putting in everyone’s stuff, I was still short.

I was angry that I was going to have to shell out money on something I didn’t need. But I had already taken my friends’ orders and I wasn’t going to let them down.

The Lengths Mary Kay Directors Will Go To In Order To Make Production

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Written by JTA

Since transitioning out of the role of “NSD to be”, I have observed some very interesting and disturbing things with my offspring with regard to them doing fake orders to make production. These are things that have happened in the past but I either did not notice or chose not to face what was really going on.

I share this in the hopes that if you are doing any of these things you will see the futility and STOP. Or if you are a leader that you will notice this behavior and work in a positive manner with your offspring to help them to maintain their unit legitimately.

I’m Not Trying to Recruit You; I Just Want You to Join Mary Kay!

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Written by The Scribbler

Recently, I was educated on the Mary Kay concept of the “Gold Medal.” Simply put, winning a Gold Medal means that one has recruited five women within a given month. There are lesser metals assigned for lesser numbers: a silver medal for recruiting four women, a bronze for three, and an Iron Pyrite one for two or fewer. (Okay, I made up the last one.)

Just so we’re clear as to the intent of this training document/script, its title is “How to Win a Gold Medal!” If an IBC follows this document to the letter, she will recruit five women this month and perhaps receive something shiny from the Rancho Trading Company’s kicky spring lineup. Keep that in mind as you read and let’s begin!

Tips for New and Growing Mary Kay Directors

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A misguided attempt to teach new directors how to really work Mary Kay. She is realistic about how few will order and work, so directors desperately need new unit members with large inventory orders. Former directors, please give us your thoughts on these pointers.

Tips for New or Growing Directors

Unit Size Matters!

One Third of your Unit will order and the average order is $200 so if you have a unit of 40 then expect 13 to order and that will be $2600 base production.  How to increase the average?  Teach them to sell.  How to increase your base production?  Increase your unit size.  Simple Math!

The Moral Compass of a Mary Kay Sales Director

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Written by SuzyQ

I want to talk to you about being a Mary Kay sales director. We are not all monsters. There are some who are monsters… and those women should not be allowed to work with people anywhere. But for the most part, something happens to a normally decent, smart and loving human being when she becomes a director with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

There is so much stress in achieving the position in addition to learning new things everyday about how the company really works and pays. There are many things that are not discussed.

How to “Go National” in Mary Kay

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From Mary Kay national sales director Anita Garrett-Roe: How to get to national sales director status.

Anita says getting to national status involves making women feel “special”. (Let’s be honest though, if you contribute to the numbers for nsd status, they don’t care WHO you are!)

So tell them you’ve selected them and they can come with you to the top. More emotional manipulation, in my opinion!