Why $10,000 Unit Production Still Does Not Give the Director an Executive Income

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mary kay executive incomeWritten by PinkPeace

Hello Lurkers and those still thinking that directorship is the way to real money in Mary Kay!  This is especially for beauty consultants who think that if they just can make it to the “elite 2% of all those in Mary Kay” they will have their ticket to financial freedom and flexibility.

I’m going to show you how a unit with production of $10,000 in a given month STILL isn’t much of a wage in Mary Kay. The vast majority of sales directors do not have production of $10K in a given month. They DREAM of $10K production, but they are probably going between $4K (the bare minimum to keep their units) to $8K (the bare minimum to have the sales director car without copays). Let me stress again, production of $10,000 in a month is very unusual in Mary Kay.

Mary Kay is Obviously Doing Something Right!

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A Mary Kay critic leaves a comment on my business site, citing all the same catch phrases and lies, such as the one about Mary Kay millionaires, taught at Harvard, and no one put a gun to your head.

With my MK business, I don’t have a store at all, yet I seem to do just fine with it. I have several customrrs who are out of state even. I make enough in my business to pay all of my bills and have extra cash for whatever.

MK is also a numbers game. You can’t get discouraged or take it personal when someone tells you no, you just have to play out the numbers. I will admit, direct sales of any kind isn’t for everybody, but why try to turn everyone away? I’ve come across this site and pink truth several times by researching info to help me grow my business, and all I read is negativity. If you spend as much time being positive about something as you do at being negative, you could possibly change.the world.

Begging You to Go to Seminar

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Yes, this is just one example of the pathetic emails that are sent by Mary Kay sales directors and national sales directors… trying to get consultants to go to Seminar. If you heed no other advice on Pink Truth, please hear me on this: Do not waste your time or money on seminar. Don’t leave your kids behind. Don’t drag your husband along. Don’t waste the money. If you have any questions, read some of these articles!


Dear Area Directors and Consultants,

I know that IF you have “already decided” that you are NOT going to Seminar, you are RESISTING MY BEGGING ..

BUT … I am giving this one last try. This article was tooooo good to not pass on. If you ARE going, read it for RE-CONFIRMATION.

If I hadn’t RISKED THE TIME, MONEY, EFFORT, AND ENERGY to GO TO SEMINAR AGAIN AND AGAIN … Tim and I certainly wouldn’t have just returned from FOUR COUNTRIES and almost FOUR WEEKS in Europe !!!


If you know who wrote this please email me!

SEMINAR – It’s Worth Going!
I don’t know who wrote this but it’s GREAT! I D-A-R-E you to read it!

You have been hearing the Seminar Buzzzzzz and sure … some of you probably think it is just one big party! Sure, Seminar is fun, but it’s so much more. It’s an exciting learning experience that motivates and teaches you in just four days what it could take months or even years to learn on your own. Seminar is an investment in your career as a Professional Business Owner. Yes, an investment in your vOcation, not a vAcation from your business!

In my corporate life I attended Seminars, Trade Shows, Conferences, etc many times throughout the year! The companies I worked for gladly paid to send me all over the county and sometimes internationally for these events as THEY BELIEVED IN INVESTING IN THEIR EMPLOYEES TO MAXIMIZE THEIR POTENTIAL.

POINT TO PONDER: Doesn’t YOUR business deserve the same?

In Mary Kay we have two main corporate events – Seminar in Dallas and Career Conference locally. We should be certain we take advantage them! I guarantee you will get MORE than your money’s worth from Seminar. I also know that there is a gremlin talking in your ear RIGHT NOW trying to talk you out of going …

Your Gremlin might say something like:

1. “I don’t have the money.” That’s exactly why you NEED to go. Put something aside from each sale. By holding 1-2 extra skin care classes between now and Seminar, you’ll help earn your way. The anticipation of going will increase your productivity BEFORE Seminar, and you will be even more productive when you get home AFTER Seminar. Trust me, if “I don’t have the money” is your objection, you cannot afford not to go! You need the tools from this Tool Box called Seminar! What will it cost?
* Registration = $175 & Includes 4 Meals (Sell 6 Microdermabrasion Sets)
* Airfare = $3-400 (2 Classes) – TIP: Go to www.orbitz.com and use Deal Detector. [Kucharski Unit carpooling, your share of gas & parking; Missouri probably about $60, WF probably about 25]
* Hotel = approx. $250 (FULL Roll-Up or calling reorder customers) [Kucharski Unit, ours is only $125 with 3 ladies per room]
* Area Meals = $135 for Directors/DIQs or $110 for Consultants (plus spouse costs) [Kucharski Unit, ours is only $42]
* Spending (i.e. Latte) Money = $50-$100 [I don't think you need this much]

2. “I can’t leave my children.” Children need a break from mom too. I was a child once … I found this to be very true! They’ll appreciate you more than ever when you get back – and you’ll be refreshed and energized. Begin making arrangements now. What this trip might cost you in inconvenience; it will pay off in your future!

3. “My husband doesn’t want me to go.” Are you sure or is this an assumption? You know, sometimes, we push our insecurities off on our spouses. If you say, “I don’t think I should go to Seminar … it seems expensive… I hate to leave the children … I’ll be gone a long time … etc. What do you think?” Most likely he will say, “Yes, it does seem… expensive … like you will be gone a long time … I will have the children all by myself …”. Men are very logical creatures though, and if your husband is anything like mine, HE HAS SEEN THE COMMISSION CHECKS IN THE BACK OF AN APPLAUSE MAGAZINE. Plus, just think, what would you say if your husband’s job required him to be away from home for 3-4 days in order to better his productivity and paycheck? Would YOU tell him that he couldn’t/shouldn’t attend? Give him a chance. Talk with him. Heck, take him with you? He’ll love it!

4. “I don’t deserve to go, because I didn’t meet my goals this year.” “Oh PUHlease!” Do you realize that even the TOP DIRECTORS ARE NOT WHERE THEY WANT TO BE??? We ALL want something MORE. That is WHY we are SUCCESSFUL business owners! Seminar attendance is not just a reward for a great year (although if you had one, we’ll sure celebrate it.) Seminar is the catalyst for making next year great! For many people, Seminar is more significant when they do NOT achieve their goals. It becomes turning point. Go hungry, learn, grow and make this Seminar YOUR turning point!

5. “I am a new Consultant. I’ll wait and go next year.” Hmmm … this sounds familiar .. I think I used this one! Seriously, do you want to wait a whole year to make a lot of money and be very successful? Why postpone your success for a year? If you want an awesome rookie year, you have the best reason of all to go. Give yourself a head start!

6. “I went to Career Conference. Isn’t that enough?” Ever heard the phrase, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet?” While the regional conference is great, it’s a weekly Unit Meeting compared to Seminar. NO joke. NO comparison.

Hear this message from my heart. My first Seminar I qualified for priority seating .. I did not go. My second Seminar again I qualified for priority seating .. I did not go. I HAD ALL THESE “EXCUSES” OR “REASONS” TOO! Finally, my third year. AFTER I DEBUTED AS A DIRECTOR, EARNED MY FIRST CAR AND HAD ALL KINDS OF STUFF TO CELEBRATE I STILL WAS NOT GOING TO GO … then a Mary Kay girlfriend I NEVER MET called me at 6am all the way from the East Coast to tell me to GET OVER IT AND GET ON A PLANE!! HER ENERGY WAS SO STRONG SHE GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS OVER THE PHONE!!

The Seminar Experience is so hard to put into words. You know how sometimes we are too close to see clearly? Well that is what was happening with me. I was so bogged down in all the “reasons” & “excuses” not to go! Things I KNEW were LOGICAL reasons not to go. My eyes were opened so wide at Seminar! It is an experience that WILL set you up with the education, the inspiration, the dedication and motivation for the rest of the year!!

Don’t be short-sighted. INVEST IN YOURSELF! As women we are ALWAYS THE LAST PERSON WE SPEND MONEY ON! Don’t you deserve it? I promise, this experience could change YOUR Mary Kay life and financial status! It did mine!


Are You Following the Mary Kay Motto? These National Sales Directors Say You Shouldn’t!

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flagWritten by The Scribbler

Why did you join Mary Kay? Are you one of the women who joined because you were looking for a chance to get away from a work week that rivaled that of a Hebrew slave and a prickly boss that made Pharaoh look like a kindly grandmother? Maybe you were looking forward to finally being able to enjoy a holiday where you didn’t have to keep your Career switch flipped to the “on” position, or perhaps you were eager to enjoy a relaxing 4th of July around a smoky grill with food, drink, and plenty of laughing with family and friends. Well, rejoice, dear consultant, because isn’t that how priorities get ranked in Mary Kay according to the company motto?  “God First, Family Second, Career Third!”   And it’s Independence Day, so that means it’s time to put Family Second and Career so far Third that you’re like, “Booking? Pfft; only thing I’m booking today is an overloaded cheeseburger and a cold beer.”

That being said, did you know that there are National Sales Directors in Mary Kay who do not want consultants and directors to put their Families Second and Careers Third? I know it’s hard to believe, but there are top leaders in the company who regularly promote negativity by attempting to guilt women like you into shunning holidays and family time in favor of working their businesses.

The Mary Kay New Year, New Recruit Frontloading Wipeout

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 Written by Raisinberry

The days after the Mary Kay seminar year end wholesale buying frenzy are a celebration for some and a painful chest constrictor for most others. The typical Director sleeps in on July 1 because of sheer exhaustion from the stress and phone calls and waiting and frenzy of June 30th. Focused on meeting her own goals, she never even considers the cost of June frontloading, to her new recruit.

Today There Is No More Mary Kay

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Written by ThePinkStink

Today I woke up and thought to myself, “I can’t do this anymore.” I graduated with a degree in Japanese. In other words, pointless degree. I loved the program, so I stuck with it, earned the degree, graduated, then thought… now what? Along came Mary Kay. One of my best friends held a “class” at her mother-in-law’s home and I attended it. She painted such a pretty picture, and I was feeling so down about my worthless degree that I thought, why not give it a go?

I did pretty well. Three recruits one month. Five recruits the next. Decent enough sales, I suppose, but after all, most of the profit was spent on re-ordering, re-stocking, taxes, shipping, cost of gas to get to and from parties, etc.

Last October I was talked into getting a credit card, although when I first joined I refused. But I was doing SO well, with all my recruits, that I thought, it’s time I’m a star consultant. Notice, I wasn’t doing enough in sales to get me to that point yet, so that’s why I said my sales were only decent. In the poor area I live in, my average class of 4-5 people gave me about $100 in sales. And that was on a really, really good day. I know skin care, and makeup, too by the way. I went to school (before Japanese) for esthetics for a while (and will be returning for esthetics this fall, thank goodness). I’m also a good salesperson. But my director said I was just making excuses when I said that my area is poor.

Confessions From a Mary Kay Director Who Hates Seminar

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This piece was written by a “Premier Club” director who dislikes seminar with a passion. And it seems that her dislike for the fake recognition and the manipulation isn’t all that uncommon..

From the moment you join Mary Kay, you are indoctrinated to believe that seminar is a non-negotiable “must” for your business. “Everyone who’s serious about their business goes.” is the common mantra. To boil it down for you, only LOSERS don’t go. Death and Dilation are the only acceptable excuses. So you go. Year after year after year……

I cannot even begin to describe the anxiety I feel leading up to each seminar. First, it’s the $175 registration fee. I never complain because after all, that’s only a skin care class, right? And besides, as a director, complaining about $175 would certainly be embarrassing. (Because I’m the only director in MK with “money issues”, you know.)

Mary Kay Directors: Don’t Place That Big Personal Order to Meet Minimum Production

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Written by JTA

Well directors, the end of the month is coming again.  For those not in the know, Mary Kay directors do have quotas and must have total unit production of at least  $4,000 per month.  If they miss a month, that is okay but they must make it the following month.  So directors, is it your ‘off’ month?  Meaning, did you miss production last month, so you HAVE to make it this month?  HAVE to hit $4,000 or you will ‘lose’ your directorship?

In the past, that has meant that you pull out all the stops, like do a personal blitz where you warm chatter the free world and facial everyone you can, hoping to recruit one or some and bring them in with big inventory.  Once in a while, that works.

Is Mary Kay About Selling Products or Recruiting Distributors?

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Written by SuzyQ

As sales directors we are continually taught that our job is to bring in new recruits. New recruits mean new inventory purchases and more production means a higher monthly commission check.

For those of you who are laboring under the assumption that we are taught to be concerned with your customer sales and numbers of classes you are having, it simply isn’t true. We are concerned with your customer list in that within that list, potential new unit members can be found. This is why we push you to bring models and guests to the weekly meetings and other events.

Milking the Cash Cows: NSD Linda Toupin’s Take on Money Management

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Written by The Scribbler

It’s always fun to browse through Mary Kay NSD websites and see what constitutes “money management” training.  Naturally, when I came across the “Fall Retreat Money Management Slides” on NSD Linda Toupin’s website, I was interested.  “Wow, an NSD that’s actually teaching her National Area how to avoid debt?  How nifty is that?”  At least, that’s what I thought until I read the very first slide:

Face palm.  Sigh.  Roll eyes.  Pour a stiff Pepsi.  All of the above.