Mary Kay Scripts You Love to Hate….

Written by A Former Consultant

You’ve heard them, you’ve been taught them, and you’ve even said them yourself. Now that you are out of the Pink Fog, here’s a translation of some of the favorite scripts in Mary Kay…  what you said then and what they sound like now that you realize the truth about Mary Kay Cosmetics!

THEN: Has anyone ever taken the time to pamper you with a Mary Kay facial?

NOW: Please please please tell me you haven’t tried Mary Kay so I can sucker you in to buying anything! Continue reading “Mary Kay Scripts You Love to Hate….”

How to Make $10,000 a Month After Only 6 Months in Mary Kay

Yet another bunch of “false claims” coming from Mary Kay Inc. national sales director Tammy Crayk. She calls this a “tried and proven” plan, and I would love for someone to show me ONE person who did this. I bet she can’t.

And even if she could, you’d be talking about one out of millions. Oh, I know. That just shows it’s possible. It’s not Mary Kay’s fault if all of you are too lazy to do it. You could if you really wanted to.

Well, of course, I disagree with that premise. Even if a plan like this is theoretically possible, everyone needs to know that it’s not even remotely probable. The chances of a consultant being able to pull this off are so slim, yet no one in Mary Kay will tell them that.

Continue reading “How to Make $10,000 a Month After Only 6 Months in Mary Kay”

Mary Kay: To Show Up, You Must Pay Up!

Written by The Scribbler

It’s proudly proclaimed on most Mary Kay recruiting scripts, leaflets, and packets, most of the time in capital letters: FREE training! But is “free” a description that’s dead-on or just another fabulous fib?

Pull up your favorite NSD or director’s website and you’ll encounter a bevy of training documents covering everything from what questions to ask yourself each day (“Who am I interviewing today? Who is my next personal recruit?” “Who is my next offspring director?”) to how to “grade” your IBC’s summary sheets (“Write in different colors! Use fun stickers!”) Check your inbox, too – one director said that “about 50% of our consultant education is via e-mail.” Continue reading “Mary Kay: To Show Up, You Must Pay Up!”

Red Flags of a Recruiting MLM

Dr. Jon Taylor, the founder of the website Truth on MLM has spent years researching multi-level marketing companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics. He’s done a variety of research, but one of his really interesting projects was surveying hundreds of tax preparers about their MLM customers. He gathered data about sales to actual consumers, commission levels, and profits.

I’m also a fan of the 5 red flags of recruiting MLM’s that he came up with. Here are the red flags, with my comments about Mary Kay inserted:

1. Would you, as a new recruit, be permitted and even encouraged to recruit other participants, who would in turn be encouraged to recruit others, and they still more, etc… from whom you could collect commissions and/or bonuses on what they buy or sell? Continue reading “Red Flags of a Recruiting MLM”

For the Sake of Balance: Some Good Things About Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

It has been mentioned here that this site is 100% positive. We’re 100 positive that this opportunity is a MLM Pyramid scheme. The tippy top get all the dough while the lower levels churn it out. Ok. We get that. But SOME good stuff came of it…right?

You probably became a better public speaker. Getting up and saying your name doesn’t freak you out anymore.

You learned some self discipline. You had to get on the phone when you didn’t feel like it. You made yourself do it. Continue reading “For the Sake of Balance: Some Good Things About Mary Kay”

Life Happens Outside of Mary Kay… and It’s Expensive

 Written by PinkPeace

How do we get into so much debt in Mary Kay? Honestly, it’s not even so much the business expenses themselves, although they can be a bear. We have real-life bills to pay, but our Mary Kay income doesn’t begin to cover them. But if you’ve quit your real job (doh!) and have nothing else to fall back on, what do you do when Billy needs braces and the hot water heater sprung a leak? Credit cards to the rescue!

I didn’t have a big enough bank account to pay my “real-life” bills, so . . . Kids’ doctor visits? VISA. Insurance premiums? American Express. Groceries? MasterCard. Gas? Discover. And don’t forget those awesome convenience checks that come every month. They really help out to pay for mortgage and utilities. Continue reading “Life Happens Outside of Mary Kay… and It’s Expensive”

Obsolete Applause: What Mary Kay’s Monthly Magazine Won’t Tell You

Written by The Scribbler

I have a foot-high thick assortment of Applause magazines dating back to 1977.  It makes a pretty handy (albeit low) end table if you throw a glass top on it and add some opulent home décor from the local Stuckey’s:  Star Trek collector’s plates, statuettes of President Obama flashing the “hang loose” sign (and carrying a surfboard), and the ever-popular “Single Fake Rose in a Plastic Vial filled with Fake Water.”  There’s no denying I’m brimming with high class, people.   Or brimming with something else; my eyes are brown, after all.  Heck, I’m open for interpretation. Continue reading “Obsolete Applause: What Mary Kay’s Monthly Magazine Won’t Tell You”

How a Mary Kay Director Treats Someone Who Decides Mary Kay Is Not For Her

We’ve all heard that Mary Kay is for some, and not for others. That you won’t know unless you try. That it’s your business and you make the decisions. That some will, some won’t, who’s next. That you control your own time and earnings. That you can just give Mary Kay a try for a low, low cost, and if it’s not for you, then you haven’t lost much. That your director will support you in whatever way you want to work your Mary Kay business.

Until you decide to quit. No one is really supposed to quit Mary Kay. I think Mary Kay is like a cult. When you want to leave, they make it awfully hard. And if you do escape, they will shun you and tarnish your good name. Your director – – who pretended to be your friend while you were ordering products – – will suddenly turn on you and urge everyone to stay away from you. Continue reading “How a Mary Kay Director Treats Someone Who Decides Mary Kay Is Not For Her”

Just the Mary Kay Facts

Mary Kay Sucks
Mary Kay Sucks

Written by JTA

If you are considering ‘moving up into management’ in Mary Kay, ‘promoting yourself to Director’,  or even just getting started in the business, here are some facts that you might not be aware of.

Fact 1: The majority of Sales Directors make very little money.

To check this fact, you can do a couple of things.  One real eye opener is to ask the Directors you admire to provide their 1099s for the last few years.  They can easily access these from Intouch.  Some may argue that this does not provide a true picture of income since it does not show expenses.  However, even without deducting expenses you will be surprised at how low this number is. Continue reading “Just the Mary Kay Facts”

Proof That 99% Lose Money in MLMs

Robert FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert has conducted extensive research on multi-level marketing companies (MLMs). The research can be difficult with companies like Mary Kay, which are privately owned and therefore don’t release hardly any information about the dismal earnings of the sales force. (Who would want to admit the financial truth unless forced to? And don’tcha think that if consultants were doing so well in Mary Kay across the board, that the company would be out there touting these statistics left and right?)

On the other hand, certain companies using MLM models that are similar to Mary Kay’s way of doing business, do release public information about their representatives. Robert studied figures for Amway (Quixtar), Nuskin, Nikken, Melaleuca, Reliv, Arbonne, Free Life International and Continue reading “Proof That 99% Lose Money in MLMs”