Mary Kay Inc’s god: Just Like the Prizes, He’s a Cheap Imitation

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Contrasting the God of the Bible with the god of Mary Kay Inc. Who will you listen to?

Oh yeah, there goes yet another tube of foundation whizzing past my head. Hey, you’re not supposed to break up a Basic, remember? If you’re going to throw makeup at me the Mary Kay Way, you have to throw it in sets.

Today I would like to touch on the god that Mary Kay Inc. peddles to its women. That’s “god” with a small “g’, and that’s how I’ll refer to him throughout this article.

A Mary Kay Seminar Speech – Fill In the Blanks as Necessary

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Seminar SpeechNote from Pink Truth: If you’ve never been to Mary Kay’s Seminar before, you have got to believe me when I say this is exactly how all the speeches sound. For those of you who have been there, please don’t fall off your chairs laughing.

Written by SuzyQ

Hello! And thank you all so much! Wow, I never thought I would be on this fantastic Seminar Stage with all my sister Sales Directors and Consultants in this wonderful arena! Where do I start?

I would like you to meet my incredible unit! If you would all stand please. These women are the best in Mary Kay! What an awesome year we had and how proud of you I am! I am so blessed to be your director! It is such an honor to represent you on this stage! Thank you all so much.

The Money in Mary Kay is There For Me When I’m Ready!

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We often discuss Mary Kay director incomes on Pink Truth, criticizing how the numbers are presented.  I want to show lurkers and other readers how directors twist the truth to present an unrealistic picture of income potential in Mary Kay. The sad part is that, not only do they deceive prospects, they deceive themselves.

I would venture to say that every recruit was presented with the Applause magazine pages showing NSD incomes and top director checks. I know I always showed those pages to prospects. My national was Christine Peterson, and she was consistently in the top three of the Sapphire sales division, with monthly checks ranging from $40,000 – $75,000.

The Truth About the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac

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mary-kay-pink-cadillacThis week, another media fluff piece was run to coincide with the Mary Kay Cosmetics annual “seminar” in Dallas.  These articles are done to hype the company, and they’re often initiated by the company itself. Mary Kay’s public relations department sends out press releases and contacts reporters in hopes of getting television and print media coverage. This, of course, fuels the constant push to recruit new consultants.

Mary Kay is one of the most predatory multi-level marketing companies I have seen. I like to call it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The company pretends that it “empowers women,” when in truth it is nothing but a leach which sucks millions of dollars out of women’s wallets each year. Mary Kay pretends to offer a business opportunity, knowing full well that almost everyone involved will lose money, because it is nothing but a glorified pyramid scheme which our government allows to operate.

Seminar: The Biggest Fraud of Your Life

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Years of postings on Pink Truth from consultants and Directors have yet to produce an honest response from the company or the Nationals concerning the abuses suffered from starting a Mary Kay distributorship. I say distributorship because it certainly is not a “business”.

Hundreds of women have posted here about their years of working it, multiple earned cars, status on the career path, and still they have come away with the realization that they can rarely be truthful about the internal workings of Mary Kay because women wouldn’t join if they knew! Telling the TRUTH would definitely curtail all the enthusiasm!

As You Prepare to Leave For Dallas…

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Get ready for the excitement (and the heat) and get ready to witness the “modernization” of the dress code! See for yourself! People without pantyhose! People in sandals!!! Except, they won’t be in YOUR unit… if your director has a chance to be on stage, she will be in full regalia, and will insist you do the same. It’s what Mary Kay asked of us, you know.

So you made it to Dallas in one piece and there are sooooooooo many other women there! Maybe, not so many as in previous years, but still it’s pretty packed and the lines are pretty long, but they move fairly well. We have covered most of this at length before on this site series, so I won’t go into all of that, instead, let’s talk about the aftermath.

Mary Kay Seminar Attendance

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I enjoy tracking the number of consultants victims who attend Mary Kay’s “seminar” in Dallas each year.  The attendance sounds impressive, but remember that only about 5% of consultants attend. Which means that 95% of consultants wisely stay home!

(And I pity all those workers in Dallas, who can’t wait for the Mary Kay ladies to leave.)

Attendance by year:

2014: 30,000

2013: 50,000 (allegedly, but I believe the figure was inflated substantially)

2012: 32,000

2011: 30,000

Gloria Mayfield Banks at Seminar

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Every year, Gloria Mayfield Banks participates in one of the most predatory scams against women, Mary Kay Cosmetics. Every year, she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from “selling a dream”…. via which more than 99% of women will actually lose money. And every year she has a custom made dress for seminar. Take a look at the dresses through the years… (click photo to see it full size)

gloria mayfield banks seminar