Benefits of Being My Mary Kay Customer

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A former Mary Kay consultant comes clean about her interactions with her customers.

The truth behind the pink… false compliments, recruiting and sales tactics, ulterior motives, false earnings claims… all the norm in Mary Kay when someone is trying to move up!

  1. I probably used a “sincere sounding” compliment when I first saw you so that I could start a conversation with you, and hopefully sell you some Mary Kay.
  2. I used an event like a “Face Model” evening (which is nothing more than our regular rah-rah meeting with a new name to make you fee special) to get you to come and listen to a recruiting pitch.

Mary Kay Will Change Your Life!

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Mary Kay sure will change your life! Thousands of dollars of debt. No time for your family. Lying to new recruits to try to get them to sign up and buy inventory. Strain on your marriage from the cost of Mary Kay and the pressure to hide the truth from your husband. Unwilling to consider the negative reality of Mary Kay. But certainly NOT in the ways this director would have you believe…

Written by Kate

We are sitting at lunch when my best friend casually mentions that she and her husband are having a hard time making ends meet financially. Even with both her and her husband working, she is going to have to get another job. We are considering many options, she says. Why would you recommend Mary Kay? “It changes your life,” I say without hesitation.

Getting Your Wife Out of Mary Kay

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mary-kay-profitWritten by Emanuel from Scandinavia

Mary Kay may not technically be a cult, but it has many characteristics of cults. My brother’s wife has been involved with Mary Kay, moving up into the ranks of a car driving sales director. They have four small children, and it is sad how little she sees of them, even as Mary Kay promotes itself as a way to be at home with the children. I provided the following advice to him.

If my wife was involved with Mary Kay, this is the strategy I would use:


I would tell her “Honey, your involvement with MK is putting financial stress on our family (see note at the end/bottom about MK ‘success’) and I would like you to stop using the family credit card for MK functions.  May I suggest that you find a part-time job (as a pharmacy assistant, coach, department store clerk, etc.) in order to pay for the expenses you incur as a result of MK ?”

[This is because there are so many different expenses that erode/eat-into the 50% mark-down/discount they get on the their product purchases; the high price of the products one one would have sell them for; and not to mention the ever increasing product inventory.]

If this plan does not help her to re-prioritize her life (how she allocates time and money), then follow…

Dialing For Dollars

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This script was put together by a well-known Mary Kay national sales director who even calls the script “Dialing for Dollars.” She’s not even trying to hide the fact that sales directors must spend month-end calling consultants and coaxing them into ordering products they don’t need.

How do I know the consultants don’t need the products? If they needed them, they would have already ordered them! They don’t need a month-end call from a director begging for orders to do it!

This script instructs sales directors on how to get maximum ordering from consultants by using the following techniques, as interpreted by me:

How MLMs Stay in Business

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Multi-level marketing companies that depend upon an endless chain of recruiting are doomed to collapse… as eventually the world will run out of people. Yet MLMs like Mary Kay continue to exist for decades, don’t they? (And the MLM apologists even using this longstanding history to give the company legitimacy…. It wouldn’t still be around if there was something wrong with it, they say.)

So how do pyramid schemes like Mary Kay stay around for so long? Pyramid scheme expert Jon Taylor explains it in his 8 R’s of MLM Durability:

Mary Kay a Less Stressful Way to Pay the Bills?

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 Those who have tried to make a true living with Mary Kay will tell you that it is anything but “less stressful.” Yet here is one sales director’s description of how easy it is.

Ever considered a less stressful way to pay the bills:

It’s great to be open minded about other options in today’s economy because of the changing job market. Plus, I believe that no knowledge is lost; it just makes us more powerful as women. This may or may not be a fit. My job is not to persuade women to change careers by any means but simply to educate them on the changes with our company and the career.

New Mary Kay Consultant: Do I Need Inventory?

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You’ve just been recruited into Mary Kay, and your recruiter and sales director are telling you that you need inventory. You can’t sell from an empty wagon! No one wants to wait for their products! Sephora has products on their shelves, so you should too!

Unfortunately, purchasing inventory is one of the biggest downfalls for women in Mary Kay. Women end up with more products than they can sell, but they still end up needing to place orders for inventory they don’t have, and their inventory stockpile gets bigger and bigger.

Even if you try to be cautious and only purchase a small amount of inventory, you will run into problems. If you can find customers, you will not have the products they want to order, so you will be constantly placing orders. There are minimum order sizes, so you will find yourself ordering extra products you don’t need, simply so you can meet the minimum.

One Pink Truth member came up with this answer to the question “Do I need inventory?”:

This is a twofold question. First of all, do you need an inventory? Certainly not in the beginning. Most women are familiar with online ordering, and waiting for their products. Women that order from in-home distributors expect to wait for their products. So as you begin your experience with Mary Kay, you need to take time to determine your customer -base, and see what you sell the most of.

If you are tempted by all the free products that are included in your initial order, remember that it is like buying things you don’t need, just because they are on sale. Don’t fall into the trap of getting “free” product and ordering product you don’t need just to meet the bar for the next bonus. Unless you sell it, it becomes debt, not an investment.

What size inventory should you have? As you gain customers, you will begin to have an idea as to what products you sell the most. When you are able to determine what would be valuable to have on hand, then you can slowly begin to order a couple extra things here and there to have ready for your customers when they order. To be honest, you do NOT NEED TO HAVE PRODUCTS ON HAND. Charge your customers shipping if you need to, and order their products in groups. In any given month, several customers may reorder, and then you can place one order at the end of the month.

Do not, under any circumstances, allow your director place your first order, especially if you have decided to buy an inventory. She will order you a sampling of almost every product, things you may or may not be able to sell. YOU need to determine what products you will sell, and no one else. This is your decision. If you do not know what to order, do not order inventory! Make a smart business decision and wait until you have the money to place an order, money generated from your sales.

Please avoid getting a credit card and placing an inventory purchase on it. It is debt, according to any financial adviser. It affects your credit score, opens up yet another temptation to buy even more extras for your Mary Kay adventure, and starts you off on poor financial footing.

You may lose a few sales because you don’t have products on hand. However, the small amount of profit you might have made on those sales is nothing compared to the money you will lose by stocking inventory you don’t need, purchasing additional unneeded products to meet order minimums, and the interest you will pay on the credit card debt related to your inventory purchases.

Never Miss Production Again!

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Who would have thought that a Mary Kay director would brag that other directors “deserve” to earn $15,000 a year?

I mean, after all, if you’re working full time for $15,000 a year, that’s about $7.50 an hour. Doesn’t that sound grand? Boy. I can’t wait to be a Mary Kay sales director!!! But the below email suggests exactly that… directors deserve to earn $15,000 a year.

And the truth comes out! This director admits that if you’re getting monthly production of the minimum $4,000, you’re only making about $600 a month as a director. Can you get excited about that? Someone in Mary Kay is finally willing to tell the truth about this loser of an opportunity. (The email also mentions the real deal in Mary Kay… recruiting!)

Warning Warning Danger Danger! Mary Kay’s June is Busting Out All Over…

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Written by SuzyQ

Oh my, so much to say and so little time.  For the newbies, June is the make or break month in the MK seminar year and all of the stops are pulled out. The nsd’s may even hit the road for the special “Guest Events” that you will have to pay for, but your guests will be free, and your director will also pay and bring a beautifully wrapped gift (current products only please.)  You will at the very least receive really perky email missives from your director urging to “stretch” this month.

Stretch means ordering even if you don’t need to, but it’s all for the unit!  Don’t you want to see your unit become a cadillac unit, or a top director trip unit, or a circle of achievement unit?  Seriously, it is so way cool and your director will blow kisses to you from the seminar stage and mouth “ I love you!  You are just the most awesome unit!” and golly, what a thrill that is for YOU!  If your director is allowed to speak, she will thank God for these last minute miracles, although, last time you checked, it was YOUR credit card with the new charge on it.