A Million Dollar Director Month (Part 1)

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This is the first part of a series on a “million dollar director” month. It’s part of a lengthy email that was sent out by Mary Kay national sales director Pamela Shaw. Pam promotes heavy recruiting and frontloading, as well as sales director tactics like “dialing for dollars.”

I always get the impression that she’s encouraging directors to roll over anyone who gets in their way. It’s always about “what you can do for me” when she’s instructing directors on how to move up in Mary Kay.

Directors, there is so much inside of me that I want to pour into you. Recognizing that you are all at different levels of understanding, skill mastery, commitment to your leadership often hampers me. I know for some of you a read is ‘’Good grief, I know this” For others it is “ANOTHER email, arg” But IF for one, it is a gem, a God-send, a missing piece, an AH HA, then at the risk of distracting some of you, I pray to support the ONE in this checklist.

What Do You Mean We’re Negative? We’re 100% Positive!

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Written by Raisinberry

No matter what we Pink Truth women do, how charming we are, how honest and forthcoming, we are still labeled “negative” by the “I haven’t found out yet” Mary Kay World. Now this characterization begs the question.

When did sharing real life experiences mean someone was “negative”? If our experiences were negative, do we have any choice when retelling the story? While you might think that accentuating the positive and omitting the negative serves humanity better, we have a difference of opinion. If we see you are bleeding to death, keeping the secret might make you feel better but it doesn’t solve the problem. We keep silent and you’re dead. Kind of like the Mary Kay Career Path. If we keep silent, you will wish you were! We’re positive about that!

Former National Sales Director Says Mary Kay is a Pyramid Scheme

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A few years ago, former Mary Kay national sales director Amy Dunlap was sued by Mary Kay Inc. for breaching her agreement with them. It’s interesting how these women such as Amy and Allison LaMarr (now Allison Ben Shabat) http://www.pinktruth.com/tag/allison-lamarr are so gung ho about Mary Kay… until they’re not anymore. Mary Kay is the best opportunity on earth. Until it’s not.

I am bringing forth the Amy Dunlap lawsuit again to illustrate the point that many think Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme. Her answer to Mary Kay’s lawsuit was extremely interesting because she alleged that Mary Kay violates the Texas Business and Commerce Code by promoting a pyramid scheme.

The Texas code defines a pyramid scheme:

Caption This Mary Kay Photo

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We haven’t done this in a while, but I found a photo that merited some ridicule, so here we go! In this picture we have MLM hopper Vincent Ortega Jr., who apparently has the microphone at a Mary Kay event which included his mother, Gillian Ortega (toward the bottom right of the photo). Leave your caption for this photo in the comments below.

vincent ortega jr scammer

In case you haven’t followed Vinnie’s story, last year he was involved with Internet Lifestyle Network. He “co-founded” this company and it was supposed to be the greatest money-maker ever. Of course, it was just a run-of-the-mill pyramid scheme.  This year, Ortega is no longer involved with ILN, and is instead pushing Vemma (typical MLM magic potion) and has something called Supercharged Network. Supercharged Network appears to be an opportunity to pay money to have someone else tell you how to make money by recruiting for MLMs. Prior to that, Ortega called himself an “internet marketing coach” and if anyone has any information on what MLMs he found failure with during that time, please reply in the comments below.  Bottom line: The Ortegas are scum who push MLM scams on unsuspecting consumers.


Mary Kay National Sales Director Commissions

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The ultimate goal in Mary Kay is to make it to national sales director. The idea is that if you get there, you are set for life. That’s not really true, as the company now has requirements that must continually be met to stay at that level. But even if you can meet those requirements, you aren’t necessarily making the big money. In fact, there are plenty of national sales directors who aren’t making anything near the “executive income” that Mary Kay recruiters boast. They aren’t even making six figures in gross income (before paying business expenses).

We were allowed a peek behind the curtain when Mary Kay Cosmetics filed a lawsuit against former national sales director Amy Dunlap. This isn’t news (the case was ultimately settled and the terms are confidential), but it’s always good to review information like this. Women are continuously being led to believe there is a ton of money to be made in Mary Kay. That’s just not true, and here you have it from one of the most “successful” members of Mary Kay after she came out of the pink fog.

In an affidavit in the lawsuit, Amy made it clear whey she left Mary Kay. She wasn’t making much money:

Mary Kay Scripts: She Needs to Think About It

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Written by The Scribbler

The “Don’t give her too long to think about it” script featured on Mary Kay NSD Caterina Harris’s website.

At the end of the recruiting interview, Prospect Pam is interested, but needs to “think about it” before making a decision. We hear it all the time. Out of concern that she’s going to feel pressured, do you make the common mistake of giving her too long to think about it? Every hour that passes between the time the interview is held & the agreement/money are processed online (or in your hands) decreases your chances of getting a “yes”, significantly. More than 24 hours is TOO long for you & her not to touch base personally, and really, the best decisions (from the heart) are made within that time frame. The wise recruiter learns not to let the prospect control the follow up process, or it will tend to bog down (no fun) & ultimately lead to a “no”.

Avarice and Greed: The Evil Twins

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Written by A Mary Kay Husband

Recently I read a particularly disturbing email from my wife’s NSD. In the National Sales Director’s “marching orders” for the upcoming months, the NSD referenced the name “Mary Kay” no less than 40 times.

Can you imagine that? FORTY one-liners, listing the attributes of this God/lady/or company called “Mary Kay.”

Simple Math For a Mary Kay Sales Director

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Another Mary Kay sales director has been kind enough to share with us her numbers from her Mary Kay “career.” She left a $60,000 a year job with full benefits to do Mary Kay. And in 4.5 years of Mary Kay, here’s what she had to show for it.

Less than $14,00 of income per year. And that’s being very conservative on the expenses included here. There are likely more expenses…

Oh, and she was even a Cadillac director. So much for the argument of not working hard enough and being a lazy loser. The Cadillac directors have really “made it” in Mary Kay, right?

Mary Kay Lie of the Week

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From Mary Kay Inc.:

You’ve accomplished what it takes for on-target for Grand Achiever status! Congratulations!  But I know you’re not stopping when your goal is in sight. The most important thing for you to do now is fill your date book with appointments and watch for that special person at each one. If you talk to at least five new people every day about the Mary Kay opportunity, I know your dream of driving that car can become a reality!

Start Your New Mary Kay Month the Pam Shaw Way!

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Each new month in Mary Kay represents another spin around on the hamster wheel. Imagine being a Mary Kay director, having to start from scratch each month.

Trying to build toward the minimum wholesale production of $4,000, and figure out what gap you’ll have to fill using your own credit card. Or trying to hit another higher level so you don’t owe a copay on that not-so-free car.

Each month you reinvent the wheel, seeing who you can guilt into another order. Who you can breathe some life into. Who might have “missed” her goal last month and wants to do better this month. Who is seeking attention and might order to get that attention from you.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well it’s all part of nsd Pam Shaw’s method of planning your month. Here’s how she says to do it…