Explaining the Failure of the Mary Kay Business Model

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My letter to my team when I decided to quit Mary Kay back in 2008.

Dear Current and Former Mary Kay Team Members,

This is a very different letter than I have ever written.  I have made the difficult decision to phase out of Mary Kay.  Because I recruited you into Mary Kay, it is very important for me to explain why I am leaving.  I feel that I have been misled in Mary Kay, and in turn I have misled all of you.

For the past two years, I have scaled back my Mary Kay business.  I found myself doing less and less Mary Kay because of changes in my personal life (mainly, by becoming a mother (!) 15 months ago!).  After my daughter turned one, I considered jump-starting my Mary Kay business.  I began by taking an objective look at my involvement in Mary Kay, and the things that I discovered about it were very eye-opening to me.  I have learned a lot, and I want to share some of it with you.

A Little Formula to Figure Out if Your Mary Kay Director is Making “Executive Income”

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July is one of the few times during the year that you might actually find out how well your Unit is doing. Mary Kay publishes commissions in Applause Magazine, the top pyramid dwellers, but the vast sea of some 13,000 North American Directors will never grace the pages.

In July, however, many Units announce where they finished at year end. If you can find out what your “Seminar Year End Goal” was to hit “whatever” Unit club, or how far away you were, you can easily estimate your Director’s paycheck. When your Director keeps this quiet,…well you know.

Fake It In Mary Kay

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Faking it. That’s what I was doing as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Could it be you, too?

Do you find yourself wearing clothing that really isn’t you–but you do it because you have a ‘dress code’ to follow? The rules under my director were simple. As a new consultant, you wear a black skirt, pantyhose, a white button down shirt, and a black blazer.

The Burden of Positive Mary Kay Lies

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“Never give up-never give in” music rolls over the spastic verbiage of her Unit net site. It is just too painful to visit there anymore. It isn’t just the screaming words and colors and pictures of success, it is the information. One more Offspring is biting the dust, right before her eyes and apparently this Senior just can not see it, for all the jazz and hype and noise.

This is the thing that defies my understanding. How do these Directors keep pretending that all that they do, is all right. How can they watch one more valiant bee-liever go down the tubes, financially destroyed, for the sake of a stupid name badge ribbon or special seating at the next mind control fest? At some point, doesn’t every sane person evaluate what they do and analyze if what they are doing is moral and upright? When does a conscience awaken? When does conviction fall?

Women Join Mary Kay Just to Make a Little Extra Money

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This is great time to review a 2012 Harper’s Magazine cover story, The Pink Pyramid Scheme: How Mary Kay Cosmetics Preys on Desperate Housewives.  Mary Kay immediately responded to the article, but with almost no substance. There have been two primary arguments corporate representatives use to “prove” that Mary Kay is not a pyramid scheme and is a real business opportunity (no, it’s not):

Mary Kay products are sold to end users!

Mary Kay’s Laura Beitler proudly proclaimed, “The majority of the product ends up with end consumers.” Yet when pressed for details on actual retail sales of products, Beitler admitted that corporate does not track this. Thus, her statement that most product ends up with actual consumers is 100% fabricated.

Don’t “Burn Your Bridges” for Mary Kay

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Tracy’s Note: This is one of my favorite topics in Mary Kay. Your upline is notorious for telling you to “burn your bridges” so you can be fully committed to Mary Kay. Nowhere in the real professional world would anyone else tell you that. Got a CPA license? No one in their right mind will tell you to let it lapse because of a new career “opportunity.” They’ll tell you to keep it current because you never know when you might need it in the future. But not in May Kay. Common sense and business acumen are thrown out the window in an attempt to make sure you never leave the big pink cult!

As some of you know, I was a non-top director and was in MK for 10 years… had a wildly successful quarter and the rest of my career sort of sucked. I moved up fast because I loved the attention and the trinkets (and my credit score was perfect)… Ended up with 4 MK cars (the last one was towed away in a mildly dramatic manner), 35 some stars (mostly emeralds), and queen’s court of sales (got the ring that a jeweler bought for $50 for the gold, the stones weren’t worth anything.)I used Pink Truth’s form to return my huge inventory so my senior director would not find out (apparently she was hit with a huge chargeback in June of that year, oops, soooooorrrrryyyyy)

Things I Wish I Knew About Mary Kay Inventory

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 When I first started Mary Kay, oh so long ago, I bought into the hype. I heard about inventory, was told I NEEDED it in order to be successful, so I bought a bunch. After all, who in their right mind starts Mary Kay with the intent to fail? We all start with the intent to succeed, and if that’s what we NEED, then we’ll do it!

Back then, I was given a sheet from my sales director that outlined how many classes per week you needed to earn so much, how much the supposed average sales per class were, how much the supposed average reorders were… Little did I know, all of that was total fiction. Made up.

America’s Cult Detector, Bob Larson, Helps Us Decide If Mary Kay Is a Cult

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Many years ago, Christian writer, Bob Larson wrote a book to help churches and Pastors identify exactly which religious groups were “cults.” (You have to love the pomposity of placing yourself as judge so you are excluded from the comparison! But I digress.)

Using Bob’s standard of measure, we can ascertain whether Mary Kay Cosmetics qualifies. Wouldn’t that be fun? That way we could once and for all decide, by using the expert in Cult mentality, whether or not what we were indoctrinated into was really a cult or just a bad business model.

Why You Shouldn’t Read Pink Truth If You’re in the Pink Fog

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From a Mary Kay sales director to other sales directors:

Hey Ladies,

I’m not sure if everyone realizes this, but every single time we go to a negative MK site “just to see” what is going on there we increase their hits which causes their sites to come up higher on search engines.

What does that mean to us. It’s simple. Anyone who is thinking about becoming a consultant could have her dream taken from her if she decides to go online to do some research herself and happens to land on one of these sites.

What Are Women Looking For?

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, and Happy Holidays!  Here’s a script designed to play upon the tender sentiments of the season!  While the snow’s falling outdoors, if you’re meeting with a recruiter over coffee, best put on your fuzziest hat and coziest scarf, as the snowing will be taking place indoors, too!

What are Women Looking For?