Mary Kay Cosmetics: A Pink Predator

A while back I appeared on HuffPost Live, discussing multi-level marketing and its negative effects on those who become distributors. Below is a clip in which I discuss my opinion that Mary Kay Cosmetics is one of the most predatory MLMs available.


The Dozen Deadly Mistakes Sales Directors Make

A national sales director offers more “advice” to sales directors, even though we know that little of it really makes a difference when you’re working in the no-win MLM system.

This little gem comes from a Mary Kay national sales director who has been begging her area to increase her personal income for the last year. (Yes, you read that right.) From her sales director newsletter:

I believe I’ve come up with a TOTAL AREA WHOLESALE number that will take us to DIAMOND CIRCLE (my commissions=$200,000) and INNER CIRCLE ($325,000) Let’s shoot for Diamond Circle this year as a stepping stone WHILE WE BUILD to INNER CIRCLE!! Continue Reading →


If You Have to Pretend Mary Kay is Prestigious…

Every so often, my former area in Mary Kay would get on this kick about pretending Mary Kay was a prestigious product and that the consultant’s time at a skin care class was a rare and valuable thing. We were supposed to make women WANT to have a party or buy products or become a recruit by pretending this was such a special chance for them!

I don’t disagree that my time is valuable, but I’m not interested in pretending that it’s a big privilege to be around me. Especially if the way you get to be with me is if you agree to listen to me blather about Mary Kay. I’d rather not pretend that I have only two openings next week (when I really have the entire week free) so that I can sound busy and ask you which is better for you. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay’s Career Path: How Ethical is Financial Abuse?

Written by Raisinberry

A while back, a Director wanted me to know that since I told my story on Pink Truth as so many other Directors have done, that I was one of those unethical Directors that needed to be weeded out of Mary Kay.  It seems that I, while decrying the pyramid scam of Mary Kay Cosmetics, was blowing the whistle on myself-clearly misplaced hostility.

Now I got to pondering that idea, because we all know, those of us who elected to keep preserving the “find a way” mentality, that we ordered the merchandise, we used the scripts, we followed our leaders, we listened to our Directors and Nationals, and we made the stupid month end decisions to order well past our need. We did it. I did it. So I am to blame. I certainly agree with that. Continue Reading →


A More Truthful Recruiting Speech

If a Mary Kay recruiter was being truthful about the “opportunity,” this is what it might sound like.

Hi Perfect Stranger!

I have just bought into a huge Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scheme and I would like to get in your space for a few moments to put some skin care and make up on you so that I can ultimately try to snare you into joining me in this ridiculous pursuit!

Really? You’d love to try some skin care? I’M SO EXCITED! Now, I can work on pushing all of your hot buttons! Continue Reading →


100 Days to Mary Kay Director

Another “do it fast” Mary Kay training document. Of course, if you can’t do it fast like this document demonstrates, you are likely a lazy loser who just didn’t work hard enough.

Let’s be honest. You cannot possibly build a strong selling unit in 3 months. Even in a lifetime it’s next to impossible to do. But these instructions will make it seem like “all you have to do is….”

There are so many women who wanted (and still want) to be successful with Mary Kay. They want to hold 3 classes a week. They’d love to have several women a week to legitimately interview. They’re all for “working full circle.” Continue Reading →


Do You Want More From Mary Kay?

Ick. Another propaganda piece to assure Mary Kay consultants that if they just pray enough and want it enough, they can be successful in Mary Kay. If they are not successful, they must not have had a high enough “deserve level” or they’re lazy losers (like us – LOL).

Please respond to this ONLY if you want more for your life from Mary Kay!  I know that the women who respond to this – want more of my time and attention – and you will get it!!!  When you decide you will be accountable to someone else – major changes happen!

I believe that you came into Mary Kay to fulfill a dream that you have.  I know that Mary Kay can fill it – I have seen it be able to fill a woman’s deepest desires – I’ve seen people get babies, husbands, and money for whatever just to name a few things! Continue Reading →


Finding Unit Production in Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay nsd Pam Shaw teaches that ordering lots of products is the most important thing for any new consultant. Directors will have the most production when they coerce new consultants into these big orders. $3,600 is best!

Finding Unit Production! There is a Win-Win way!

When investing your time as you strategize your month, you must prioritize your hours by designing your day most profitable to least profitable. I recommend using a yellow STICKY pad from the DESIGN BOOK to track your every half hour so that you are not losing time. Continue Reading →


The Four Stages of Your Mary Kay Business

Here’s a cool Mary Kay training piece that the sales directors pass around ad nauseum. Someone made up four stages for your Mary Kay career. Below are those stages, with my description of the reality of those stages in italics.

This is the stage where you are doing the things that are most productive in this business, such as using and sharing the products, showing others the opportunity, attending your Success Meeting, planning your work and working your plan, reading, and learning all that you can about the business. You initiate communication with your Director and set goals on a weekly and monthly basis. You play by the rules – book 5 to hold 3- and always are aware that you are in a learning and building stage and within that, comes hope and excitement. Continue Reading →


Getting a Bank Loan For Your Mary Kay “Business”

 One sales director is suggesting that new Mary Kay consultants use this letter to get a bank loan. Yes, she’s suggesting that the consultant actually present this nonsense to a bank loan officer. I’m afraid to say that this isn’t quite going to cut it.

To: Loan Officer

Business Proposal

I recently became a Mary Kay Independent Consultant and I am applying for a Small Business Loan to get started. Mary Kay is the best selling brand of facial Skin Care and Color Cosmetics in the U.S. and is the largest Skin Care Company in the United States. Continue Reading →


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