Making (Pink) Lemonade Out of Lemons

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lemonade.jpgWritten by PinkPeace

As much as we can be very angry and disgusted with Mary Kay for any number of legitimate reasons, if we’re honest with ourselves, our experience in the pink bubble wasn’t 100% bad.

I wanted to highlight some of the positives I got out of my years in the business in the hopes that you’ll be able to look at your own experience and extract some good out of it. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better about Mary Kay when you can see that it was part of a journey that made you a better person.

A Pink Truth Critic Will Pray For Us

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Apparently this woman doesn’t realize it’s “sad” for her to have time to bash Pink Truth:

ladies, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant let me just say that i will be praying for you. praying that you realize you’re wasting your time. who really has time to look at the money other women are making and talk smack? wow! go spend time with your famalies or something.

The Mary Kay Way: Lies, Lies, and More Lies

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If I had to boil down my beef with Mary Kay Cosmetics into one word, it would be LIES. I can’t stand all the lies that consultants and directors tell. Corporate actively encourages telling the lies and blatantly misleading others, and is well aware that it is being done by the sales force. It’s just a fact… there is rampant deception in the process, from recruiting all the way through quitting.

Is it a small problem that is being committed by a few? No, it is a huge problem in Mary Kay being perpetrated by most. Yes, I said it. I believe that most consultants and directors in Mary Kay are lying. Some are telling outright lies. Others are telling many lies of omission. Either way, they’re lies.

Say No to Mary Kay!

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I am not making this up. Someone really put together this handout with crazy, crazy nonsense about Mary Kay. This is the epitome of deception in the recruiting process. Oh my… have a look and add your own comments!

Some of the funnier falsehoods perpetrated in this document:

  • Some 30 million customers purchase approximately 200 million Mary Kay products each year. (Consultants are the customers. And they purchase products they never sell to a real customer!)
  • Mary Kay is #4 in Internet retail sales in the world. (Says who?)

The Disparity Between Mary Kay’s Story and the Pink Truth

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Written by Raisinberry

Have you noticed the big difference between the “story” told by Mary Kay Inc. and its representatives, versus the real truth here at Pink Truth?

It occurred to me the other day that “consulting” was the best part of the Mary Kay business. You know, the “one on one” with a real client. That happens every now and again. You get a chance to connect with someone you just met who is interested in skin care. If you left it there, all migh be well in MK land. You would make your 50% gross profit, give her a gift with purchase (which reduces your profit), offer her a discount as an incentive to purchase (also reducing your profits, if any), make a friend, and be on your way with a referral or two.

Teamwork In Mary Kay?

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Written by SuzyQ

Your director is the one who drives the Cadillac, you are not on the insurance. She gets additional recognition at events, you don’t. What you get from being a Cadillac unit is an additional name badge ribbon, 2 minutes going across the Career Conference “stage” and the ability to eat in a separate dining room at Seminar.

Doing it for the team/unit means doing it for the sales director. Period. The production must be there for the sales director to earn the Cadillac and to maintain it without a copay. She cannot do this without a big unit which means there will be a huge push on recruiting and ordering. Stars will be given extra recognition as will recruiters.

Mary Kay: A Real Job?

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This is Mary Kay nsd Gloria Mayfield Banks comparing Mary Kay to a “real job.” Mary Kay isn’t a real job because 99% of the people involved spend money on it instead of getting a paycheck. Because it’s an MLM, the odds of success for the vast majority are miniscule. So they’ll end up spending money instead of making money.

Moving up in Mary Kay is not tied to the mastery of a skill or to how hard you work. It is directly proportionate to whether or not you can “pull inventory.” If you can recruit new victims and get them to place big initial orders, you move up.

Three Little Words Your Mary Kay NSD Needs You to Bee-lieve

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Written by The Scribbler

“Believe in your ability to create what you want and know that you deserve to have it…abundance is God’s plan for us.” EESSD Melinda Balling

“Sooner or later, I always get everything I really want.” NSD Luella Gunter

“I deserve the best life has to offer and I claim my share now.” – Common affirmation

Translation: Top 10 Reasons to Attend Weekly Meetings

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This lovely piece is credited as being written by Mary Kay national sales director Tammy Crayk. In the culture of Mary Kay it is considered a “Training Aid” which translates roughly to plain speech as “Propaganda.”

Why Do I Need to Attend My Weekly Unit Meetings?

What does YOUR EMPTY SEAT at SUCCESS EVENTS say? You have heard it said since you attended training that success events are very important. Have you ever really thought why? When you do not come, you’re saying…

To Yourself and your family:
This is only a hobby. (Hobbies do not make money) I really don’t want to make money. My MK is only social. My business is not important and not a priority.

How She Found Her 3 Newest Customers

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This one is designed to make you feel like you didn’t work hard enough. All you have to do is get more customers. More customers means bigger business for you.

Well, no kidding! The trick is actually finding enough customers to sustain a Mary Kay “business.” And that’s not nearly as easy as some make it sound. There are many reasons why women aren’t interested in Mary Kay: market saturation, recruiting pushes, low-quality products, better available product choices, disapproval of MLM, etc.