Why Do We Stay in Mary Kay?

Written by sadnpink

After my stint in Mary Kay and two other MLMs, I have come to the conclusion that many people stay because of two factors: peer pressure and guilt.

We come into this new business opportunity all excited about a new venture with limitless possibilities. This new endeavor will give us a chance to stay at home and have more family time. Plus, wewill be helping others to develop a business of their own. It gives us a good feeling that we are doing something positive with our time and energy.

Our uplines are there to help us and the company seems rock solid, so we believe we have made a wise investment for the future. We are welcomed so sincerely, and we start making friends with others who have the same dream and goal.

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Sales Director, Please Stop Telling Mary Kay Lies

Written by PinkyMcStinky

This is the final letter I sent my Mary Kay sales director, who told me she felt hurt when I decided to quit. I needed the closure of this letter, and it felt good to speak my mind!

Sales Director,

I understand that you FEEL hurt. I FELT the same way when it finally and fully occurred to me that this “opportunity” was built, and unfortunately continues to thrive, on outright lies, half-truths, master manipulation and the fleecing and frontloading of brainwashed consultants. But what I’ve FOUND is that the joy I have in sending back thousands of dollars of product, and the knowledge I now have of how MK and all other MLMs destroy people’s lives, and the intent I have of encouraging everyone I know to stay out or get out of them will enrich my life forever. Continue reading “Sales Director, Please Stop Telling Mary Kay Lies”

I Didn’t Do It the “Right Way” In Mary Kay

Written by Imwise

A former director’s story of her work never being good enough for success, and her realization that she is a lazy loser who just gives up.

I started Mary Kay as a SAHM with two babies, aged 18 months and 2 weeks. My husband made $7 per hour as a restaurant dishwasher. We lived on food stamps, WIC checks, and state insurance. With $742 in our savings account, I followed my Mary Kay director’s advice and ordered a $200 inventory. It was all I could afford; although I felt guilty for not bee-lieving in my business enough to wipe out the savings account with a $600 order.

I was excited to be a part of an opportunity that would bring me the financial freedom we needed.  I was told to make a poster with pictures of my goals, I remember pasting pictures of my dream house, plentiful food, the Pink Cadillac, nice clothes etc.  I set deadlines for my goals and got to work. Continue reading “I Didn’t Do It the “Right Way” In Mary Kay”

How We Got You (Into Mary Kay, Of Course!)

Written by Raisinberry

How we got you… Interviewing manipulation – Pattern par excellance. You were probably reasonably happy when you came to our meeting, career coffee or guest event. But we are on a mission. And that mission is to enrich your miserable life. But first… we must make sure you have a miserable life.

Step One: Make a friend. I’ll tell you my “I-story” in which you will see how happy I am in Mary Kay, and how much better my life is and how much freedom and flexibility I have. I will level with you how unfulfilled I was, and how much growth has happened in my life. Lastly, I will search for your hot buttons and see where there might be a weakness in your armor. Continue reading “How We Got You (Into Mary Kay, Of Course!)”

Balancing the Books: A Commentary by Your Target

Written by The Scribbler

I don’t normally do articles covering the selling aspects of Mary Kay, but from time to time, if I see selling guidance that makes me go, “Wowsers, that’s a pretty non-stalky idea!” I think it’s worth a mention to our active IBCs and directors.  Training in Mary Kay sees more pass-around than a kindergarten game of hot potato, so what’s one more source, right?

Today I’ll treat you to three examples of booking techniques I think need to get excommunicated, and three examples I felt were reasonable and even pleasant (meaning they won’t land you in the local police blotter under “Level Three Personal Space Offenders.”)  So without further ado, I present to you the Terrible Three: Continue reading “Balancing the Books: A Commentary by Your Target”

Mary Kay Works When You Do!

Written by SuzyQ

Sometimes at the unit meeting when the scorecard segment is announced… “Mary had a $300 week! Okay, we make 50% of everything we sell, so, that’s $150 profit. Let’s see, that’s $75 per hour! Not bad for two hours of work, eh, Mary? And I’ll bet Mary doesn’t make $75 per hour at her J.O.B! Gee, think what would happen if you worked a few more hours, Mary? Wow!”

So, I suppose technically that’s not a lie, but it certainly is deceptive. What we don’t know is how long it took Mary to book these appointments. We are not entirely sure if it was that mythical $300 class that most of us had every time we had a class, or if Mary has tons of customers who had reorders. It gets a little more complicated than the 2 hours allotted for the scoreboard. But that’s one of those little details that Cindy Williams talks about when she says, “Just get there and then figure it out!” Continue reading “Mary Kay Works When You Do!”

IT’S JUNE! Time to Scarf Up All the Prizes!

Written by Raisinberry

Every May, a group of local Directors in my former area would gather at the Local Holiday Inn and discuss the ordering bait for June, to “reach our Seminar Goals”. Being unaccustomed to the best choices in gaudy jewelry, I showed up but generally didn’t offer any input. I trusted the more successful Directors to choose the precise order-generating gem.

You can’t imagine the amount of discussion that occurred, as to what a prize appeared to cost, which was better for a $200 order, and how exotic should we go for a $1,800 order. Paris Hilton’s engagement ring knock off in cubic zirconia was a sure winner for an Emerald Star. Some of our gang noticed Stacy James sporting a emerald baguette cut ring (you have that one don’t you?) and of course everyone had to have it as Star Consultant bait for newbies. Doggonit… Stacy wore it! Continue reading “IT’S JUNE! Time to Scarf Up All the Prizes!”

Mary Kay Hookers: How Some NSDs Fell Into Temptation

Written by The Scribbler

Last school year I completely read through “Room at the Top:  The Success Stories of Some of America’s Leading Businesswomen.”  Only you won’t find women from real companies listed, just NSDs gushing their personal I-stories.  As I read through the book, I noticed more than a few common threads, and I’d like to share the quotes associated with one of those threads today.

Let’s hit the button on the ol’ Wayback Machine and transport ourselves to that first encounter with Mary Kay.  It could be any encounter, really; a facial, a skin care class, a 3-way call with Beezelbub.  You remember asking “Why does it smell like sulfur in here?” only for the director to shrug and hold up a Yankee Candle with the words, “Hell Fire” scribbled on its label in black magic marker.  It looked legit, and the tip of the director’s tail had this cute bow on it, so you didn’t pry.

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Every Seminar is the Right Place and the Right Time

Written by PinkBeefs

Every year at seminar, executives from Mary Kay proclaim that THIS is the right place and the right time. Every year. And each time, we believed it.

“Sales are up! Business is great! The sky is the limit!” the corporate big cheese emphasized at the apex of his annual State of the Mary Kay Union message at Seminar. We knew what was coming next: the killer close. Emotions ablaze, we leaned silently forward, straining to internalize his every word. The exact phraseology escapes us, but the strength of emotion which the words evoke does not. Continue reading “Every Seminar is the Right Place and the Right Time”

25 Years in Mary Kay, and Not Even a Thank You

Written by A Former Sales Director

Many years ago, the comedian Red Buttons did a routine where he would close each joke with “never got a dinner” – he got very redundant with that uttering and he did get a lot of laughs.  Twenty five years after joining Mary Kay, I  chose to retire.  My memories of Red Buttons came back to me when I realized I, too, never got a dinner!  Or a letter, or a note!

My unit was in good standing but I had long ago burned completely out.  I could not bear to make one more phone call—read one more crazy rant from my national, or tolerate the blind idolization Mary Kay people showed when they fawned all over their National Directors. Continue reading “25 Years in Mary Kay, and Not Even a Thank You”