Party On, Sharpe

You have to love those powerful Mary Kay NSD speeches given at Seminar every year, where a timeless and true formula for success is given as the mechanism by which Mary Kay Ash, herself, built this company. There is no old way or new way to take the stairs to the top. There is only one way! The “skin care party”.

It worked in 1963 and it works today. So they say.

These words resonated with me as I got to hear a circulating I-story by NSD Kristin Sharpe. She’s the new Allison. If you believe her, she held 240 parties as an Executive Senior Sales Director, tracking NIQ, to generate the production and recruits to go from 6 first line offspring in January 2015(Leadership Conference) to 25 total by June 2015. Now this was done because the DIQ’s were met at skin care parties, and were trained to hold skin care parties, and so the recruits only learned the one way to recruit which was from skin care parties and the occassional guest event where products were applied first, before the guests were recruited, so it’s kind of like a skin care party. Continue reading “Party On, Sharpe”

Another Mary Kay Sales Director Bites the Dust

Written by Nutmeg

I was recruited by a friend (who quit immediately after ordering her $1800 and never selling any of it).  My director (who’s a nat’l) had me order full inventory.  I have a very large network of friends and happened to be really good at selling the products.  I actually paid off my inventory and started making a profit after 4 months.  I was prompted to become a director.

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A Two-Time Failed DIQ Knows More About Mary Kay

An uplifting note from a failed Director in Qualification:

I stumbled on your site by accident.  I’ve been doing Mk for over 20yrs.  I’ve experienced all the negative aspects of OWNING one’s own business.  It’s surprising to me that you would spend so much time thinking and persuading others to be more negative.  You must not be very successful in other endeavors of your life.

You can bash Mk all you want and it will still stand because it was and is a company founded on true CHRISTIAN principles.  If I owned a McDonald’s franchise I would still have to deal with reality that people will like Burger King, In and Out, Sonic, Jack in the Box, etc… more than they like the food at McDonald’s.

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Sink the Pink: Debunking Mary Kay Propaganda

Written by FortunateSon

As a family member of a disillusioned former director, who has spent ten years in the presence of all that nauseating pink optimism (“It’s only a flesh wound!”), I learned of this blog and relished the opportunity to repudiate some of the perfunctory platitudes that are given as explanations for why you’re a worthless, miserable failure. Let’s begin. Continue reading “Sink the Pink: Debunking Mary Kay Propaganda”

Confessions of a Kaybot: The Story of a Quitting Mary Kay Consultant

Written by Fembot67

I have 3 kids, and I’m going through a divorce.  Last summer I was dragged to a Mary Kaay party.  I had been looking for a job at the time.  I fell in love with the products and was very interested in the opportunity.  The woman doing the party didn’t actively try to recruit me at all, but I went home thinking about it.  It looked so easy!  I called her a few days later and said “sign me up!”  She sent me the link and I got going.

I got the call the next day from my sales director and she instructed me to listen to Lisa Allison’s boot camp and her pod casts.  I ate the stuff up.  I was so excited!  Next came the inventory talk.  I was floored that I was being asked to buy so much product, but you can’t sell from an empty wagon, RIGHT??  I totally agreed.  Unfortunately, I had no savings, terrible credit and don’t use credit cards.  My sales director asked me to try to borrow the money, which I did, but no one would give it to me.  I ended up selling my third car to pay for it and came in at a Sapphire level. Continue reading “Confessions of a Kaybot: The Story of a Quitting Mary Kay Consultant”

The Mary Kay Questionnaire

349497988_fb751a5e3a_m.jpgWritten by Raisinberry

Once or twice in my stint in Mary Kay, corporate sent out a business questionnaire to ascertain the level of satisfaction with my business. Now that I think back, the questions had wording that skirted any perceivable problems.

I am wondering now if it was a fishing expedition, to see if anybody was really ticked enough to talk, or more like a way to pretend that they had real concern. Regardless, the questions that should have been asked to get a real handle on what is happening in the field were left off the document. Continue reading “The Mary Kay Questionnaire”

The Numbers Don’t Lie in Mary Kay

Written by JTA

“The numbers don’t lie…” How many times have we heard that one? Well, the numbers are precisely what caused me to become disillusioned about this business and this company. A person in their right mind would not be able to look at the numbers I see and continue on.

Not so much my personal numbers, although I spent an extraordinary amount of time working, doing the “short term sacrifice for long term gain” thing. My schedule was 8am-10pm M-F, I worked on Saturday, too, and took off from 6pm Sat to 6pm Sunday and then got back on the phone. I was taught by other NSDs to only ‘relax’ those 24 hours so that I could become NSD more quickly. Continue reading “The Numbers Don’t Lie in Mary Kay”

The Perspective of a Director With 900 in Her Downline

Written by a Future NSD

I wanted to give everyone at Pink Truth the perspective of a “higher up” director. I at one time had over 1,000 in my downline, and 9 offspring directors.

I have been lurking on this site for a while, and feel it is time to make a post. I am still an active director. I have been high up on the “food chain” for a while, but have never felt good about my position. I am open to all perspectives in life.

Tracy, I think you have brought up many issues that needed to be addressed, and you are being attacked because people are being threatened. You are an intelligent woman bringing a different perspective to MLM, and I love your quest for truth. Continue reading “The Perspective of a Director With 900 in Her Downline”

My Poor DIQ’s Truth

Written by Raisinberry

When I stepped away from Mary Kay, it was mostly due to reading Pink Truth, and a validation of finally seeing in print, what I thought I alone suspected, all along. The words we were never able to utter, were plastered all over the comments and articles on these pages. I felt naked and exposed. I was looking at my screen, and seeing “me”, in all my denial.

I have always loved the women in my unit. I think the world of them. And walking away would mean I would be leaving them defenseless. I had already stopped the frontloading and stopped recruiting guest/customers out from under my unit members who hadn’t even made a sale from them yet. Continue reading “My Poor DIQ’s Truth”

Mary Kay Directorship: It’s Harder Than We Make It Look

Mary Kay Sales DirectorWritten by SuzyQ

“If it was that easy, everybody would be a director.”

I heard this so many times from my upline and my sister directors. Being a sales director in MK is many things, and the “fake it ‘til you make it” pretty much covers all of the facets.

There are some fun things, and some good money occasionally, and some perks of course. The recognition is fun, especially when we are around newbies who think directors are sort of mythic creatures. We are taught and we practice elitism. Top 2%, don’t you know. The SUIT. The bling. Hangin’ with the “Big Girls” and wearing our big girl panties. Knowing what the new products are before the consultants do (although, not before Pink Truth knows…) Continue reading “Mary Kay Directorship: It’s Harder Than We Make It Look”