Magic Words to Help You Recruit Mary Kay Consultants

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You read that right. Here are the “magic” words to help you recruit women into Mary Kay. In other words, these are more scripted phrases intended to hit on some of the most common “hot buttons” for women. Is there anything inherently wrong with that? I suppose not. Sales in different industries are all made with some sort of pitch that shows you how their stuff fits your need.

I just continue to object to the extreme manipulation used in Mary Kay. Yes, I think it’s extreme and I think it’s manipulative. Mary Kay has a real “kick ‘em when they’re down” mentality behind everything they do. You know…. she tells you that her husband works long hours and you’re supposed to exploit that. She says she misses adult interaction, and you’ve got to pimp that out for all it’s worth. She mentions being on a tight budget, and you have to make her believe that Mary Kay is the answer to all money troubles.

So here’s the list put together by an ex-director. She put it together when she was at the top of her game, unit clubs and all… and within a year she had disappeared from Mary Kay. I don’t know how magic these words were for her.

What 5 Hours a Week Could Do For You

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Here’s another one of those Mary Kay “training” items that is really meant to make you feel like you just didn’t work hard enough. Who couldn’t five extra hours a week to do something important like Mary Kay???

Well, I’m sure that if we all tried, we really might be able to find five extra hours to do something that we’re really motivated to do. But the truth is that you can’t really get anywhere in Mary Kay with five hours a week. There is a far bigger time commitment if you want to do anything more than make some pocket change.

How to Save Face When You Sell Nothing and Someone Is Watching

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What happens when you hold a Mary Kay skincare class and you sell nothing…. and a new recruit is watching? Well nsd Anita Garrett Roe says it’s a good thing, and explains it like this.

She realizes that if you’ve got a new recruit along with you and you lay an egg on sales, it doesn’t look too good. The problem is that it is very common to have low sales at a class.

It is very easy to have 3 or 4 women at a Mary Kay skincare class and sell less than $100 retail. Don’t let them fool you with their bogus claims about averages and such. (”Average” in Mary Kay really means “I once sold that much as a class, and I think I could do it again, but I never have, and probably won’t, but I”ll still call it an average because it sounds good.”)

Living for Morsels… The Mary Kay Way

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Written by Raisinberry

There appears to be a common denominator, in my opinion, with women who suffer the most from their Mary Kay career. I am talking about those who fell for it hard.

I think I might be on to something regarding why the whole recruitment scam, and subsequent huge financial loses, occur. Just being a part of Mary Kay for many long years, and watching those who stay far too long sucked in by “the dream”, as well as those who come here to recover, there appears to be a female characteristic that is being exploited.

Speak of the Devil: Mary Kay’s Wacky Word Wizardry

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Written by The Scribbler

If you’ve walked the earth long enough (or at least as long to have witnessed Prince go through three name changes) you know that one’s choice of words can make or break a given situation.

I’m a Midwestern native – a part of the country where tornado shelters and weather radios are issued to people shortly after they are aspirated and given an Apgar score. This past month our county was branded seven ways from Sunday with tornado watches. One stormy evening I had to figure out where my toddler and I were going to hunker down should the state song start blaring. When it did, we tucked ourselves away – not in a “storm shelter” or a “tornado bunker” – but a “storm hideout.” While referring to our refuge as a “hideout” made it more appealing to my child, I knew the truth. We could have called it the clubhouse, the roadhouse, or Isengard, for that matter – despite the cutsie name, the basement closet was still just a closet.

Your Experience in Mary Kay Wasn’t Real

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I got this touching email from a Kaybot, letting me know that the stories on Pink Truth aren’t “the actual experience” in Mary Kay. So I feel it is my duty to inform all of you who have shared your stories here that they are false. You did not experience that and it was not real. So there! (And all typos are hers!)


no one believes your hype anymore. it is so over the top, so NOT what the actual experience that consultants and directors have. ‘praying on insecurities’ hahaha…’returing inventory and recovery’ hahahaha all your terms are so dramatic, so intense, is there a 12 Step recovery you’d advise too?

Reasons to Order

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That’s right… this article isn’t about selling and ordering to replenish. This isn’t about selling and ordering to fulfill those sales. Nope. It’s about ordering. Just ordering. Because there are many, many reasons to order Mary Kay products when you’re a consultant. And very few involve actually selling anything.

While this piece mentions you know your consultants are selling, none of the “reasons” to actually have to do with selling. That’s part of the rampant deception in Mary Kay. The words say selling, but the actions do not.

An Open Letter To My Offspring Director

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A letter from a former Mary Kay sales director to her offspring sales director. This letter really captures the essence of the Pink Truth mission. Getting women to understand that reality of MLMs, the predatory nature of Mary Kay, and that there is life after Mary Kay.


When we met four months ago, and I told you I was leaving Mary Kay directorship, I know it took you by surprise.  I had always presented to you the model image of a senior sales director.  As I was taught, I never complained to you or expressed doubts about the business.  I always presented the positive.  I encouraged you in everything you were trying to do to grow your unit and lead your consultants to success.

Mary Kay Skincare Class Reality

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This story was shared by one of Pink Truth’s members. It is an excellent story for anyone thinking of getting involved with Mary Kay Cosmetics. This story is not the exception. It is the rule!

I must share my story with Pink Truth, because it will help some women out there lurking on this site… trying to make a decision whether they should stay in the pink fog or whether they should get out and never look back.

This past Saturday I did my last skincare party. I did it because this person was a bride that I met at a bridal show back in February. I tried to cancel and I advised her that I was no longer doing Mary Kay. Well long story short she had invited people from out of town for this “pampering session” so I felt really bad and off I went to pamper her and her guest.

A Two Time Mary Kay Loser Says We Are Just Angry

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A visitor to Pink Truth, who failed spectacularly at Mary Kay twice, says we are all just angry and bitter. Mary Kay is actually wonderful, and we are apparently stopping women from experience all of its wonderfulness. (No, dear reader, I am NOT a personal use consultant. I do not support Mary Kay in any way. Its products are horrible, its practices are even worse, and I would die before giving one red cent to the company or promoting any participation in it.)

Hi Tracy, I found your blog a few days ago when trying to look up some info about MK for a couple of friends. It would surprise me if you share my thoughts but I hope you will. I watch Fox News because vs. CNN or MSNBC because I like to hear different sides. There are always 2 sides (or many more) to every story. From the posts I read it sounds as if you are angry and bitter about MK. As a reader I wonder why you are a personal use consultant. Why would you support a company you so strongly detest? Here is my story…