A Typical Mary Kay Recruiting Event

A Chicago Sun-Times Aricle about a Mary Kay recruiting event by nsd Christine Peterson.

This article was written in 2002 by Debra Pickett, but the recruiting scripts are still being used today.

I’m still not sure exactly how I wound up in a Mary Kay recruiting session, but there I was in a chilly conference room at the Drake Hotel, hearing about the fabulous cars, vacations, jewelry and cash that I could have if I sold makeup for a living.”It will be the first time in your life you’re in total control of your destiny,” the Mary Kay sales director said, smoothing out the skirt of her brown St. John suit, holding her left hand at the perfect angle to show off her five-carat diamond ring.

There were about a dozen of us seated around the table–only women, of course. Most seemed as surprised as I was to find themselves there. Continue reading “A Typical Mary Kay Recruiting Event”