Digging Deeper: Mary Kay Sues Allison LaMarr for Violating the NSD Agreement

Mary Kay Sues Allison LaMarrRecently I received a tip that Mary Kay Inc. had sued Allison LaMarr and her company Driven, Inc. I promptly went to research the Dallas court records, and found not only the suit against Allison, but also a whole slew of lawsuits and related court actions filed by Mary Kay.

The lawsuit was initially filed on August 26, 2011, and many of the allegations made by Mary Kay against LaMarr are similar to those made against former MK NSD Amy Dunlap in the lawsuit Mary Kay Cosmetics filed against her. You will remember that Allison left Mary Kay (she called it “retiring”) after becoming “the fastest ever to NSD” and promptly having her earnings tank.

Allison’s message to everyone when quitting Mary Kay was: Continue reading “Digging Deeper: Mary Kay Sues Allison LaMarr for Violating the NSD Agreement”

Allison LaMarr: A Mary Kay Failure

Allison LaMarr Sharpen Your EdgeThe news of Allison LaMarr quitting Mary Kay has rocked the pink bubble. Sure, the “spin” is that she is “retiring” to do other things. The reality is that she’s a quitter, just like every single one of us at Pink Truth. Allison LaMarr is officially one of us, whether she wants to admit it or not.

The story she’s giving in her Digging Deeper blog is that she paid her “mentor” Murray Smith $50,000 to tell her to quit Mary Kay. She is going to spend more time selling her “Sharpen Your Edge” road show to MLMers everywhere. Allison’s public speaking skills are atrocious, but in spite of that, Murray says she can make millions peddling her seminars. Continue reading “Allison LaMarr: A Mary Kay Failure”