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What Your Husband Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him

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Written by The Scribbler

This is where the sub-par treatment of husbands begins, friends: with the customers!

I like to call this bunch of statements the Unholy Trinity – three sales objection-overcomers that deal specifically with skinflint spouses. If your husband was in MK, how would you feel knowing that he was telling his clients…

Mary Kay’s Husband Unawareness Plan

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Get involved with Mary Kay. Spend lots of money. And make sure your husband never knows about it. That’s the Husband Unawareness Plan.

This is one of the more sinister aspects of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Of course, this is an unofficial thing. Mary Kay Inc. will say they know nothing of it, and certainly don’t condone it.  But the corporation profits from it.

Learn more in this clip from my HuffPost live appearance: