What Your Husband Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him

Written by The Scribbler

This is where the sub-par treatment of husbands begins, friends: with the customers!

I like to call this bunch of statements the Unholy Trinity – three sales objection-overcomers that deal specifically with skinflint spouses. If your husband was in MK, how would you feel knowing that he was telling his clients… Continue reading “What Your Husband Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him”

Mary Kay Husband Unawareness Plan

Get involved with Mary Kay. Spend lots of money. And make sure your husband never knows about it. That’s the Husband Unawareness Plan.

This is one of the more sinister aspects of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Of course, this is an unofficial thing. Mary Kay Inc. will say they know nothing of it, and certainly don’t condone it. But the corporation profits from it.

Learn more in this clip from my HuffPost live appearance: Continue reading “Mary Kay Husband Unawareness Plan”

Are You a Mary Kay Mark?

 Written by DupedByPinkFriend

Many folks visit Pink Truth and are surprised or appalled at the personal accounts of women who were manipulated by their Mary Kay Sales Directors and National Sales Directors.  They are so excited about their new businesses, and their SDs are so kind and seem to really care about them, they can not imagine that any of the accounts here at Pink Truth could possibly happen to them. They rail against the true stories posted here simply because it has not happened to them. Yet.

How do you know if your recruiter or Sales Director is as honest and forthright as she seems to be? How will you know if you are being played, or groomed for a career in Mary Kay regardless of whether you are interested in such a future for yourself?  How can you be sure your SD is not working on gaining your trust as she slowly lays a trap for you? In short, how do you ensure you are not conned by a highly trained manipulator?  Here are a list of red flags you should watch for if you are a Mary Kay Consultant or thinking of becoming one: Continue reading “Are You a Mary Kay Mark?”

You Have No Right

Dear Mary Kay sales directors… This is a list of things you have no right to do or say to consultants, potential recruits, or anyone else involved with Mary Kay.

Encouraging dishonesty…

  • It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Lying to one’s husband is not okay. It is especially not okay when it comes to spending money on inventory, starting a Mary Kay “business,” going to an out-of-town event, or any other part of Mary Kay. Marriage is a partnership, and partners share information with one another. They do not purposely withhold information, especially when they know it would be of concern to the spouse. Continue reading “You Have No Right”

Mary Kay’s Truth About Abuse

Written by Raisinberry

I hope you’re sitting down because you are going to need a chair. Oh and you are going to need duct tape. Wrap it firmly around your head. You are about to experience hypocrisy at such an egregious level that scull shattering is quite possible. Mary Kay has once again released information for the press announcing their survey of domestic violence shelters. The findings reveal an alarming trend: three out of four domestic violence shelters report an increase in women seeking assistance from abuse since September 2008, a major turning point in the US economy.”

Are you ready to hear the reason that Mary Kay is so alarmed and in the forefront of the solution to this problem? “Seventy-three percent attribute the rise in abuse to “financial issues”. The economic downturn is exacerbating domestic violence. Now more than ever, we urge corporations and other organizations to follow Mary Kay’s lead in the fight to end domestic violence.” Continue reading “Mary Kay’s Truth About Abuse”

Garage Sales: All the Benefits of Mary Kay, None of the Debt!

Written by The Scribbler

Recently I shared how Mary Kay recruiter claims of “Can you get excited about making $80 for a two-hour class?” weren’t quite as fantastic as they sounded.  I also shared a bit about a garage sale I’d recently held:  how I toiled 14 hours, made a $75 profit, and howled like a rabid gibbon when I realized it worked out to $5.36 an hour – a situation which mirrored the many untold hours IBCs and Directors put in to acquire and execute skin care classes.

While $75 isn’t going to cover the cost of my dream car (an Aston Martin DB9; although the fee I’m charging friends to visit my home should help with that!) I didn’t have to worry about convincing any of my customers “That’s exactly why you need to host a garage sale!”  Man, it’s satisfying to enjoy ethically-earned money. Continue reading “Garage Sales: All the Benefits of Mary Kay, None of the Debt!”

World-Renowned Doctor Promoting Mary Kay Products?

Written by Lazy Gardens

What’s the story behind a doctor who is promoting Mary Kay products? What training does he really have, and what is his inside connection to Mary Kay?

In the things that make you go hmmmmmmmm department, this had me hmmm -ing like a bumblebee.

Email from an over-excited upline to her minions: Continue reading “World-Renowned Doctor Promoting Mary Kay Products?”

David Cooper’s 85 Second Individual Close

Here’s a suggested script for “closing” a guest at a skincare class, created by David Cooper.

David Cooper is the weirdo who has made his fortune by peddling products to Mary Kay Consultants. He even has his own eBay store, and coincidentally, his seller ID on eBay is “caaaaash”. *puke* Continue reading “David Cooper’s 85 Second Individual Close”