From Independent Beauty Consultant to Production Cow

Written by Raisinberry

You never saw this coming.  This one is going to be painful. This is one for the “career path” consultant.  You are sitting down… that’s good.

This is a recap of your life in Mary Kay. Some of the facts will vary, but the general “technique” should open your eyes fully. Hopefully, today is the day, you see how it was done. And then you will have a decision to make.

You just recruited your first recruit and boy are you excited! Your upfront recognition is great and you get to pin her and feel excited for her all at once! Continue reading “From Independent Beauty Consultant to Production Cow”

The Truth Is: We Could Have Done More.

Written by Raisinberry

It’s time to get off the soap box. Face reality. Hike up our “big girl panties”.

Let’s just face it. We all didn’t do 3 classes a week. We didn’t even work more than an hour or two calling customers, on the phone, per day. When 7 pm rolled around, we cringed. As long as you had leads or call backs from previous parties, you had something to do…otherwise it was a fishing expedition trying to reach people who either didn’t recognize your number from caller ID, or didn’t want to! Our customers liked us… it wasn’t that. They just didn’t want to turn us down again for another invitation to be our model at meeting…or come see our National in town. They didn’t seem to fall for manipulation like we did! Continue reading “The Truth Is: We Could Have Done More.”