My Wife Makes Over $5,000 Per Month With Mary Kay!

Shelby Sutton Conklin, Mary Kay Sales Director

UPDATE: From July 1, 2011 through January 31, 2012 (7 months), Shelby has ordered less than $11,838 retail ($5,919 wholesale) from Mary Kay. That means her sales per month are less than $1,700 retail, nowhere near what she’d need to sell to make the $5,000 per month her husband claims she makes. For the first half of January, Shelby’s unit production was $1,364, well below what she’d need to be on pace for $4,500 production for the month.

UDPATE #2: Shelby’s unit production in January 2012 was $2,483. This equals a commission check of about $500, which is well below Eric’s claim that Shelby makes $5,000 per month with Mary Kay.

Since Pink Truth came on the scene in 2006, we have had a number of “Mary Kay Husbands” visit the site and tell us how wrong we are.  Their wives are “successful” in Mary Kay, and we are liars, losers, bitter, spiteful, and more.

Last week, we were paid a visit by Eric Conklin, the husband of Mary Kay sales director Shelby Sutton Conklin. Shelby Conklin is a Sales Director in the Debi Moore area, and her senior director is Taylor Moore Fehring. These women are going to be so proud of how Eric showed us what a great opportunity Mary Kay is!!!! Continue reading “My Wife Makes Over $5,000 Per Month With Mary Kay!”