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Tripling Your Income With Mary Kay (Yeah, Right)

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Written by PinkPeace

If you had been lucky enough to be in my Mary Kay unit, at some point you would have sat down with me one-on-one to go over the following document. I liked to do it during new consultant orientation, while you still had stars in your eyes about Mary Kay and thought that the sky was the limit in this business. I wanted to put big money potential in front of you BEFORE you experienced difficulties in recruiting, so you’d have a goal to work toward.

What I didn’t tell you was the reality behind this little document. I mean, why be negative? It was my job to be a good coach and see the potential in everyone. I didn’t want to stand in the way of your success, even though it wasn’t happening for me. This business is what you make it!

You Are “On Target” in Mary Kay!

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 Written by SuzyQ

We have our own vocabulary in Mary Kay. Along with the overused words like awesome and great and beelieve, we find ourselves ON TARGET for any number of things.

  • When we have one new recruit, we are ON TARGET for our red jackets!
  • When we come in as a new consultant with an $1800 inventory we are ON TARGET for a Ruby Star.
  • As a new Red Jacket we are ON TARGET for Team Leader.

Rush for Red: Why Do it Slow When You Can Do it Fast?

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Written by LighterShadeOfPink

This is part of my “I story” and how I became a Red Jacket.

I started out as a Mary Kay customer with a facial with my soon-to-be Sales Director.  My first purchase was the Miracle Set, eye products, and Satin Lips.  My SD said, “I think you would be great at this business.”  A month later I had a follow-up facial and purchased Color 101.  Again she said she thought I would be great in the Mary Kay.

She invited me to several breakfast events and after declining several times, I accepted her third invitation.  The “MRSCAB” survey was on my plate.  When I saw that I could buy my products at cost and earn a little money on the side, I signed up.  Little did I know that the “rush” was about to begin.