Consultants Who Are Easiest to Coax Into Directorship

This is a piece about finding new offspring Mary Kay directors. It focuses on the type of women who are easiest to talk into becoming a director. I’m sorry, but if you have to “talk her into” becoming a director, maybe it isn’t such a good idea. This is just one of the many ways Mary Kay recruiters lie and manipulate women in the pink pyramid scheme.

I hope this time of year finds you happy and warm with lovely times with your family and friends!

As you plan your New Year’s Goals, you may find it interesting to know about three different styles of running a unit.

The first style, the Director mainly does personal selling, has a small unit and rarely gets an offspring. If she does, it will also be a strong personal seller who will also have a small unit.

The second style, the Director concentrates on building unit size, and if she has offsprings this is incidental to building her unit size. Each one, reach one is her mantra. The offsprings she has will not usually be very strong units.

The third style, is a Director who BUILDS people. She talks to each unit member, each new recruit, about them becoming Directors and works with them to build their own teams. She creates offsprings and they are strong. This is where we get NSDs. Many of the NSDs we have never had huge units, but they were steadily grooming people and graduating out Directors right along.

In the long run, I think this 3rd style is the best one to select. Working with people one on one advising and guiding them to the position of Independent Sales Director is fun and rewarding. It is only changing one little thing about the way you do business!

When you have contact with your people, always let them know that you think they would be GREAT as Directors. Also meet with them individually with them and their husbands.

The easiest ones to offspring as Directors will be your I’s and D’s. We have some wonderful S and C Directors too of course, but the I’s and D’s can do it FAST!

When you start working with someone for Director, be sure to select someone who has the capability to get it done it, so that when she does it, she will be the one who will set the pace for the others who will follow in her footsteps from your unit!

You have just what it takes to be a guide to the women in your unit. What we talk about, we bring about. Having offsprings is rewarding and fun! You deserve to have lots of offsprings, and I know you can do it!!

With love and belief,


I’m always amused by the fact that Mary Kay encourages the recruiting of everyone, and once they’re in, everyone is told they’d make a great director. And now we know that I’s and D’s are easiest to manipulate into doing it fast.


  1. enorth

    “I think this 3rd style is the best one to select.”
    Not a surprise, because she obviously had the other two thinly veiled as losers.

    Women abandon college degrees, professional certifications, and careers with benefits to become broke, dolled-up Mary Kay mannequins who race from coffee-shop to coffee-shop to recruit others to follow the same dead-end path.

  2. Joelyn

    I was on youtube recently and saw this sickening video.
    Of course, all the women who left comments are MK lackeys. I should be write something in opposition, but I suspect it would just be deleted. I’ve never been an MK fan. I rather buy my cosmetics at Sephora or a department store where I can try on the makeup without someone hovering over me to buy something. Wish I could say I don’t see MK lasting much longer, but as long as folks dream of a better life, MK will be there promising false hope. What a shame. Cheers.

    1. BestDecision

      She is a National Sales Director and the highest in the company. She is extremely full of herself and has the most obnoxious smile and stage presence I’ve ever seen. Her website recently started selling souvenirs of her, including posters.

      1. Joelyn

        Interesting. I looked at her website. Is she paid by Mary Kay? They claim she is the first African-American sales director. I wonder how much her MK incomes comes from her downline or her motivational speaking engagements and other side gigs (e.g., posters, etc.)? I would love to have an independent accountant look at her income to see the truth. She is very attractive, but she has that used car salesperson persona to me. Unfortunately, I can see how Mary Kay would get a lot of mileage out of a spokesperson like her.

        1. Lazy Gardens

          “I wonder how much her MK incomes comes from her downline”

          She is married to a contractor whose company regularly gets multi-million construction projects. I think most of the lifestyle comes from him and his income, and the MK stuff is just an ego-boosting hobby.

          I especially despise her because she has an MBA: she knows what the con is and knowingly keeps luring people into it.

          1. BestDecision

            The May Applause says her January check was $43,981 and she’s on pace to earn $600,000 for the year. Of course, we all know this is gross income, but I don’t doubt she makes excellent net profits from just that large sum alone.

            While I’m in complete agreement that the majority of Directors and NSDs rely on “other” income (husband, alimony, child support, inheritance), there are some like Gloria, Kathy Helou, Lisa Madson, Carol Anton, and Pam Shaw that clearly make it themselves. Kathy, for example, just got divorced and made $36,702 in January.

            As for her MBA, I think it’s actually one of the magnets that attract people to believe in her and trust her advice. I do not feel she is where she is because of her MBA, but I think it’s used to manipulate people as you described.

            So pathetic!

          2. BestDecision

            In the May Applause, it shows her check for January was $40,000. She’s on pace to make $600,000 this year. Granted, those are both gross totals, but she, along with others like Carol Anton, Kathy Helou, Lisa Madson, and Pam Shaw are making enough solo that they aren’t like the majority NSDs and Directors who rely upon “other” income (husband, alimony, child support, inheritance). Kathy, for example, just got divorced and is fully supporting herself, just as Pam has for over a decade.

            What is MOST frustrating about Gloria is that she and the company showcase her MBA and use it to manipulate people into thinking “even MBAs get the MK business.” Her MBA hasn’t made her successful. She is powerful at nearly bullying people into doing what she asks of them. Pam does this, as well. It’s “If you want to play with me, this is what you have to do.” They’re masters at manipulating people, making them crave their lifestyles. Using a person with an MBA makes those without one, which is the majority in MK, believe that everything they say or do is to be held with high regard because they’re intelligent and highly educated.

            It’s sick and pathetic that they use these tools to sway so many.

        2. BestDecision

          She, like all of us, is not an employee of MK, yet earns commission checks based on how much product the people in her organization order from MK. She obviously rakes in additional income from all the speaking she does.

          After watching the video, I just wonder how tight her facial muscles have to be to have that wide open, toothy smile she keeps on her face. From the side, you can tell it’s not genuine but is there for appearance only.

          And, no, she was not the first black Director. She is the first black National to be #1 in the company’s history.

          1. Joelyn

            I wonder where most of Mrs. Banks recruits come from? I know many AA women get recruited through the church to join MK (that’s where I first heard about the company) though that may be true for non-AA women as well. I can’t imagine Ms. Bank recruits through any professional financial organizations she might be a member in. I worked in the investment banking world for thirty years and most MBAs are members in some type of professional investment group. Surely an intelligent woman like her knows the emperor has no clothes.

          2. Joelyn

            $600,000? Mrs. Banks obviously has been successful at recruiting hundreds of people which is something your average MK sale person doesn’t have access to. How interesting. It’s always just a few at the top that motivates the masses on the downline to keep them on top.

          3. Lazy Gardens

            Joelyn – She REALLY plays up the “successful African-American woman” card, and downplays the amount of destruction she has been responsible for.

            I’d so love to get her on some TV interview show and be able to ask her how many of her recruits have actually made it, and how many lost money. And confront her with some of the ones that lost.

            She KNOWS the con she’s running, which makes her truly evil.

          1. Joelyn

            No doubt the MK corporation loves Mrs. Banks playing up the “successful African-American woman” card because it enables her to recruit AA women who might otherwise ignore a Mary Kay sales pitch. It would be nice if there was a show that had Mrs. Banks in the same room as most of her downline to see the truth about how much they are making and how their efforts enrich Mrs. Banks rather than them. But that would be a difficult case to make because Mrs. Banks is so attractive and personable and like the lottery, people believe they might win it one day or be like Mrs. Banks.

  3. EmmaLee

    This should tell you how they go for just anybody to push up to directorship. Literally the MEETING AFTER I told my brand new (just finished DIQ) director that I had no interest in recruiting anybody (I was on my way out myself), and I didn’t want to be pushed into recruiting, she pulled out her little possibilities printout and said, “I know you had said you weren’t interested in recruiting, but I just want you to see how much bigger your income could be as a director…”
    I just looked at her like, hon, I don’t even have one recruit under my belt, and you’re brand-spankin-new to the directorship yourself. You really think I’d make a “great director?” Pull my other leg so their even.
    I knew the real reason was that she needed others to recruit to make up for all the losses she sustained after all her last minute recruits to finish DIQ fell off the map.

    1. BestDecision

      Sounds like my Director. She started talking recruiting before I’d even held my first skin care class. My response to her was asking why’d I’d lose a customer for just 4% and why would I have team members when I can’t yet prove to them how successful and easy this is.

      At that, she had no reply. It was like hearing crickets. Just like the day I asked her how much her net profit was.

      1. MLM Radar

        @BestDecision: What changed your mind? How did MK persuade you to switch from “asking why I’d lose a customer for just 4%” to Cadillac-driving Director?

        1. BestDecision

          Because I was taught how it compounded from just 4% up to Director level percentages with more growth than just a few people. I had no desire to be a Director until I saw how my income would triple overnight just because of a title change.

          Add that and the manipulation of being told by every Director around me they were making “an executive income”, and I fell for it. Just as thousands of others have just like me. It was not until after I became a Director and really dissected the compensation plan that I started to see those people were lying.

  4. juliegal

    Direct Selling News announces the Best Places to Work In Direct Selling.
    No surprise that MK Cosmetics isn’t on that list! :

    The 2017 honorees for the Best Places to Work in Direct Selling are listed below in alphabetical order. All of these companies are equal honorees and are recognized collectively as the Best Places to Work within the direct selling channel.

    It Works!
    Nu Skin
    Team National

  5. Asher

    What is she referring to when she says I’s, D’s, S and C? I searched for those 4 letters but the only thing that comes up is International Down Syndrome Coalition.

      1. Asher

        Oh, okay. Thank you. I had only heard of the Myers- Briggs personalities until now. And it looks like I am a mostly C personality… Not much good for being coaxed into things haha.

  6. Laura

    Mrs. Banks is the guest at the seminar here in Slovakia & Czech Rep. this September. I know it because all the newsletters + I’ve already (!) seen so much bla-bla about it on facebook from my Mk “friends” that I had to at least unfollow a bunch of them (could have done it sooner but I didn’t have much reason until leadership conference, after which they started posting massively). We don’t have many AA women here but I guess the corp. recognizes a huge unused potential in our markets if they are still sending HER. So sad to see how they are coming for us and it is not any near the end since our market is still one of the less saturated. I am not a native English speaker but I hope you get what I mean…I just thought commenting might help to make the article more visible for those, who might need to read it…

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