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You Can’t Stay Home From Seminar and Work!

Written by Raisinberry

They Want you at SEMINAR SO BADLY that they are willing to SHAME you if you work YOUR BUSINESS!

In case you don’t believe the Veteran Consultants and Directors on Pink Truth about WHY you will be badgered endlessly to attend Seminar, let us investigate this NSD Document

Myth: I just need to stay home and work.
(Now this is labeled a MYTH by your Nationals because she is about to show you where your thinking is skewed – aren’t you lucky?. You thought you needed to make money instead of spending it, but you are wrong!)

When evaluating the BIG 4 (Seminar, Career Conference, Fall Retreat and Leadership), The biggest MYTH OF ALL is: I don’t need to attend, I just need to stay home and work. People who say that need more money or have a lack of money.

(Uh Yeah we have figured out that all the Power of the “Friends of Time” Dance and Singing Troup won’t change the fact that MK is an overpriced product that sells well on eBay but not from Aunt Agnes’s living room.)

That is a result not from lack of work but from thoughts about their work. (No, lack of work would be it. And thoughts about lack of work are verified every Monday night when whatever consultants show up for meeting have a grand total of $418 in sales between them!)

They have had plenty of opportunities to work but their work has not produced results. (Now we’re getting somewhere.) Everything begins with thoughts. Thoughts then create action and action creates income, not work. (Hmmm, like the Action of holding a facial, instead of the action of sitting on my beads in DALLAS with no one to book?)

I remember vividly the turning point day in my leadership when I came to this realization. I actually said out loud to NSD Sue Kirkpatrick ” I know I could do what you do if I knew what you knew. I understood that day I couldn’t be a NSD until I thought like a NSD. I knew that above all else I needed to attend every thing I could so I could learn to think differently. (Shoot girl.. I can tell you how a National thinks – you don’t have to go to DALLAS to learn that! Nationals think I gotta raise up more Directors by “BY-passing” My DEAD DIRECTORS, who are in too much debt to think abundantly, and get to their Movers and shakers! If I tie them to ME, I might have a chance of bonding better with them and encouraging them to get to the SUIT! After all..I need more hamsters on the wheel if I am ever gonna show up Peterson, Sunden or Mayfield or Weigandt! Fill in with your Favorite National.)

Even if the funds came from my family or I had to do without something personally, events took priority over everything else. (This is the part where we ignore the OTHER Mary Kay saying about God family career, right?)

Staying home, driving the same roads, eating the same foods, listening to the same people, looking at your life through the same eyes does not create more income. (No, but it sure doesn’t create more DEBT EITHER!)

No one in the history of my national area has ever stayed home and made more money. (And how would you know that? If their heads clear they may have quit for a real job and made a TON more)

In fact time and time again those who believe this isn’t a MYTH move further and further down scoreboards and provide less and less income to their family. That is a fact not myth. ( No doubt! Cause by the time you figure out that SEMINAR is for massive brain washing that you PAY FOR, you are less and less susceptible to the message and less and less willing to drag any other women down with you. Let’s just say, less income FROM MARY KAY. )

ANALYSIS: Mary Kay Sales Directors and Nationals are dependent on the recognition game and choose to pretend that those ribbons hanging from their name tags represent honest effort. Nothing could be further from the truth for the vast majority. Seminar is a Celebration of FRAUD. Please remember that ZERO RETAIL SALES RECORDS ARE RECORDED. In order to be able to perpetuate the fraud, you have to be sufficiently DAZED and Mind numbed by applause, beaded gowns, late night spiritual songs and cheap prizes. It is in fact a MYTH that you will gain anything of value at all from Seminar, except who not to room with next year.

The parade of consultants showing off their achievements while crying inside from the mountain of debt they are buried under is no cause for celebration. Manipulating women into lying to look good is a tragedy of epic proportions, and applauding Year End Awards for SALES Achievement is the biggest Myth of all!


  1. Iescaped

    “No one in the history of my national area has ever stayed home and made more money. (And how would you know that? If their heads clear they may have quit for a real job and made a TON more)”

    This is probably true since NO ONE is making any money!

  2. BestDecision

    When Unit Club Directors aren’t clearing $30,000, it’s a FACT that the majority make way less than that. Why aren’t all those with Court of Sales rings or diamond bees in Cadillacs?

    Am I happy some have made it far? Yes. What I’m angry over is how many, many more…the majority…aren’t clearing the profits they LIE about having. And how few doing the Courts are doing it legitly.

  3. Formykids

    I’m not happy that some have made it far……thats blood money……..all of it coming on the backs of thousands of people’s financial losses. That’s exploitation.

    1. raisinberry

      Exactly right. What a creepy moral dilema. We should applaud success for women at what ever they endeavor to achieve…and then in this case, we have to realize that they EXPLOITED OTHER WOMEN to achieve it. Ironic that we can be happy for the Directors who are lack luster producers because they are probably not frontloading, lying, manipulating, or exploiting.

    2. coralrose

      The ad showing up on my screen right now is a picture of a shark that says “Nature’s perfect predator” 🙂 How perfect, given the discussion and your comment about blood money. 🙂

    3. BestDecision

      Not if one doesn’t force them to order or cheat. It’s capitalism. It’s done in every company around the globe. The difference is publicly held companies post their numbers, and MK doesn’t. Therefore, you get non-Cadillac Directors claiming to make an executive income. There’s abuse of God everywhere, too.

  4. MLM Radar

    Not if one doesn’t force them to order or cheat. It’s capitalism. It’s done in every company around the globe.

    I hope you aren’t using the “no one held a gun to their heads” argument here.

    Very few consultants are forced to order. But that doesn’t justify the behavior of Directors who lie and mislead with half-truths to coerce their daughter and granddaughter recruits to buy big inventories.

    But the company does force the Directors to buy when they set unreasonably high quotas for unit production to keep the car, or the unit. The NSDs and SDs add to the coercion by shaming them if they don’t. “Lazy looser.”

    And the company, NSDs and SDs compel cheating with recruiting ghosts, by threatening the DIQs with the loss of everything they’ve done if they’re just a few recruits short of finishing.

    That’s not capitalism. That’s theft by deception, which is why MLMs (including Mary Kay) are required to make financial statement disclosures in most other countries around the globe.

  5. Melanie

    I have a question. I haven’t been to seminar in about 4 years but I have noticed (from social media posts) they moved it out of the huge arena it was once in to a hall. Does anyone know why? It looks more like career conference then seminar. The stage looks way way less spectacular. It’s actually disappointing. Any thoughts? Thank you!

    1. MLM Radar

      Why did they move out of the arena? Simple. Impressions are everything in the “fake it” business.

      1. The arena chairs are bolted to the floor. If you can’t sell all the seats, everyone notices.

      2. The arena has lots of good elevated spots where anyone can photograph all the empty seats, then post those pictures on websites like Pink Truth.

      3. Even if you’re not intentionally photographing empty seats, just about any arena picture you post on your Facebook page will show them anyway.

      4. The big hall on the other side of the building has no fixed seats, no easy to reach high camera angles, and you can make sure every seat is filled by removing all empty chairs.

      It’s not about success. It’s all about an image of success. It always was.

    1. QueenOfTheTanned

      YEP. Ah, Texas! I lived there nearly 10 years. One summer we had over 45 days of over 100 degree temps. Have fun in that concrete, crime-infested, traffic-congested hell-hole called Dallas, y’all!

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