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30 Faces in 30 Days in Mary Kay

Google “30 faces in 30 days” and you will see a ton of pages from Mary Kay sales directors promoting this as a way to jump start your MK business. It’s so easy to do! That’s how you sell the product! Well of course having 30 women show up for skin care classes would get you some sales. The catch is…. how do you get them there? To get 30 women at classes, you’d have to hold 7 to 10 classes (with 3 to 4 women at each class). In order to hold that many classes, you’d have to book 15 to 30 classes (because of the high rate of cancellations).

To book that many classes, you’d have to talk to 30 to 60 women. Where on earth are you going to find that many NEW women in a short period of time, engage them each in a conversation, work the conversation around to Mary Kay, and end up asking them to hold a class?

That’s one of many big lies in multi-level marketing. They make it seem so easy. If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll get the results. But how do create that many opportunities with strangers? It’s next to impossible.

Here’s part of a document designed to help you get “unstuck” in your Mary Kay venture:

1) RUN A SALE!  My favorite Sale is “Buy 2 Products  – Get your 3 rd for ½ price”  OR “Buy 3 Products – Get your 4th one Free!”  Call up all your regular customers and tell them you are going for #1 in your unit and you are running a Customer Appreciation Sale!  This is it!  Today and Tomorrow Only! I always say… “Is there anything you are running low on or would like to try new?”

2) 30 FACES IN 30 DAYS WILL FIX ANYTHING!  30 Faces in one month will fix ANY problem you have.  30 faces (or 5 shows of 6 people, etc) will give you new faces, new sales, new bookings, and new recruiting prospects! Now, doesn’t that fix any problem you have?  My script?  “Hi Sallee, this is Jen with Mary Kay! I am so excited!  I am in a HUGE contest to do 30 faces this month and I had to call you first because I knew you would help me out!  Can I borrow your face?  I will let you buy $75 worth of Mary Kay for $25 if you share our time together with 3 friends that I have never facialed!  What do you say? This week or next?”  NOW, LET’S THINK ABOUT THIS:  She buys $75 for $25 – we pay $37.50 for the $75 in product….she is paying $25 of it, so we are only out $12.50 – PRETTY SWEEET , HUH?  And, you are getting great sales from the 3 guests plus bookings!  ROCK ON!

3) 100 CUSTOMER BASE GOAL!   100 CUSTOMERS is where it’s AT!  Regardless where you are today, doing 30 faces in one month 3 months in a row, will give you 100 customers!  Soooooooo, 100 customers is ONLY AS FAR AWAY as 3 months, but can be closer if you do more faces quicker!  With 100 Customers, you have repeat business, reorders, DAILY!  Could you get excited about your phone ringing EVERY DAY in addition to your regular skin care classes and team building checks?  How about your first $3000 profit month in MK?  YES!

4) INTERVIEW 10!  INTERVIEW 10 PEOPLE that are good qualified prospects (customers, interested in another source of income, trust you, love the product, etc) and you will most likely recruit 4-5 of them!  Can you say “ON-TARGET FOR THE CAR” immediately!!!!!!!???????? An average check for someone on-target for their car is in the $300-$500 monthly range!  Wha-lah!

5) COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DIRECTOR DAILY ABOUT YOUR WEEKLY GOALS!   COMMUNICATION with your Director daily is a must when you are wanting to move up!  Is there a reason why you can’t call her daily?  Email her?  Share your goals?  Plan with her?  I am here for you to make your dreams happen!  Let’s get it together and WORK IT AS A TEAM!

All of these sound so simple! Just sell some products! Just get more customers! But the reality is much different. It’s next to impossible to generate enough new contacts to make this a reality. Consistent retail sales in MLM are a myth. When the MK sales director is trying to recruit you, she asks you if you can follow a plan. You think you can. You don’t know that the plan is impossible to follow, because you can’t possibly meet enough women to make that plan a reality.


  1. Formykids

    And if you go to your Area meeting, look around at how many directors there are(my ex wife’s NSD has 38, each of which has on average 25 active consultants all looking for 30 faces, that’s 28,500 new faces needed just in our area in one month). That’s 28,500 just this month that have never used MK, don’t know about it, have never been in MK, don’t stumble on Pink Truth, etc. good luck, and if you get there, all the area needs the next month is another 28,500……so out to talk to 50,000 to 60,000 more strangers to easily get those 28,500 faces. Easy peasy.

  2. Shay

    It’s early in the morning but.. this makes no sense..

    “I will let you buy $75 worth of Mary Kay for $25 if you share our time together with 3 friends that I have never facialed! What do you say? This week or next?” NOW, LET’S THINK ABOUT THIS: She buys $75 for $25 – we pay $37.50 for the $75 in product….she is paying $25 of it, so we are only out $12.50 – PRETTY SWEEET , HUH? And, you are getting great sales from the 3 guests plus bookings! ROCK ON!”

    1. Deflated Pink Bubble

      But this is typical in Mary Kay. You have to remember, no one above you cares if you lose money because they know everyone is losing money. They only care that you buy product from them on a very regular basis.

  3. enorth

    “So you are only out $12.50-pretty sweet huh”

    I hear this in videos ALL the time:
    “You are only out $___________, but….”
    “You won’t make any profit, but…..”
    “You’ll break even, but ……”

    What comes after but:

    “…but think of all the leads you’ll get.”
    “…but think of all the new faces you’ll be in front of.”
    “…but think of all the new names you’ll get.”

  4. Jason Houston

    The biggest problem with Ponzi schemes is, there are only so many people you can contact. Once you’ve run out, then what? You’re screwed. Period! Doesn’t matter if it’s Mary Kay or Amway or any of a million other scams. Once the supply is exhausted you’re OUT OF BUSINESS.

    1. ran4fun

      I think this is the reality many are finally beginning to face…there are SO MANY mlms out there, and for people in their 20s and 30s particularly, almost everyone they know is in at least one. So everyone is “competing” for the same few who haven’t succumbed to any “opportunity” yet.

      And they all want to “support” their friends “small business” so they in turn will support their “small business”. I think I read it somewhere here…the same $50 dollars being passed from one mlmer to another…

      If one mlm can exhaust the population of the world in just 13 levels of 5 recruits each, how saturated must we be with thousands of mlms each year?

      1. nopinkplease

        I think there are only two reasons there’s anyone left to recruit at all–a new crop of young girls grows up, and some people try a bunch of MLMs in a row because surely this time…

      2. Changeyourthinking

        I ended up buying so much crap to support other people in hopes they would return the favor. Leggings, jewelry, toys, protein shakes, etc. If my money didn’t go to keeping my own business afloat, it went to all the others lol!

    2. toolbelt

      Actually, MLMs don’t have clients. They simply recruit more reps with the lure of a hollow “business opportunity”, then load them up with products. Who better to sell to than a new recruit wishing to prove loyalty and a willingness to follow the “winning system”.

  5. LR

    [quote]Can I borrow your face? I will let you buy $75 worth of Mary Kay for $25 if you share our time together with 3 friends that I have never [b]facialed![/b]

    An average check for someone on-target for their car is in the $300-$500 monthly range! [b]Wha-lah![/b][/quote]

    Yeesh! Gotta love that Mary Kay language, where “facialed” is a verb and “wah-lah” is…..a word? When people talk about Mary Kay being taught at Harvard (or whatever,) I guess it’s not in an English class.

  6. Changeyourthinking

    “To book that many classes you’d have to talk to 30-60 women.” I actually think that’s a gross underestimate. I usually had to talk to 10 people in order to book 2 and for one to hold. So it’s more like 300 women in order for 30 to hold. In 4 years, I was NEVER able to hold 30 faces in a month. The closest I ever got was around 25 ONE time and that was because there were 10 people at a party. I recruited the hostess and since all those people were close family and friends, they became her customers. So even if you manage to do that many faces, it’s not a sustainable source of income because the goal is recruiting. Oh wait, I forgot. That’s where 99% of the money comes from. ?

    1. BestDecision

      A lot of my unit would fudge their way to 30 “faces” by counting a Satin Hands demo as a face. A bathroom break never resulted in major cash, but all anyone cared about was grabbing that carrot and applause.

  7. MLM Radar

    In a real business, where you could have a real retail storefront with real cold-market customers walking in the door, you could do 30 facials in less than 2 days.

    MK is not a real business.

  8. BestDecision

    I just went my Bobbi Brown counter and had the BEST experience…again. No recruiting strategy in their heads. No No pressure to buy Christmas gifts, and they actually know what they’re doing. Best color products on the market, bar none.

  9. Jay

    It’s almost cute that the person admits enthusiastically that the rep will only be out a small amount of money, lol

    “You get to work your ass off chasing after people to do facials, and you’ll just lose a little bit of money! Aren’t you excited about this great opportunity?”.

    I think I’ll pass, thanks.

  10. enorth

    “person admits enthusiastically that the rep will only be out a small amount of money”

    Sadly, it’s presented to the rep as a “smart decision” that will pay off later.

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