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Convincing New Consultants to Order $3,600

The magic number in Mary Kay for a “qualified” recruit is a $600 wholesale order. But the larger the initial order, the better off the sales director is. For many years, an initial order of $3,600 has been the ultimate goal.

Why? Because one recruit with this large of an order almost covers all of the unit’s required minimum production for the month. That’s huge, especially since most sales directors struggle to make the $4,500 minimum each month.

It’s also because the company knows the first order a consultant makes is usually the most she will ever order from the company. So if you assume that all orders will go down in size, you want the consultant to start with the largest order possible.

Consultants don’t need $3,600 wholesale ($7,200 retail) on their shelves. New consultants certainly don’t need that much. They have no idea what they’ll sell and how much they might sell. And as we at Pink Truth know, most inventory goes unsold and sits in basements and garages.

Yet the sales directors and NSDs have a vested interest in those big orders, as their commission checks depend on it. So off they go to convince the consultant to place the large initial order. Here is part of a training document circulated by one NSD laying out her case for a $3,600 initial order. Notice that she won’t give “money management training” to a consultant until AFTER she has ordered that much. That’s right…. Wait until after she has made a horrible money decision to teach her about how to handle her money.


Most Beauty Consultants need $3,600 on shelf. All Working and aspiring Star Consultants need $3,600 on shelf. If they do not begin with $3,600 or get there within their first 90 days, they never get there.

Why do I believe this?

  • The EMERALD Star level of 3,600 has been around for many years. Prior to TimeWise, prior to an increase in powders, foundation formulas, lipsticks and glosses and new shadows and cheek colors. We have added multiple products since we determined $36oo was ‘Profit Level’.
  • If a Consultant orders $600 initially, she feels she has ordered A LOT OF MARY KAY. She goes to her first class, sells $400. $200 of it she doesn’t have in her trunk. Now she has to reorder and redeliver to FIVE different homes. TIME. She is feeling overwhelmed, busy, disorganized. This leads to borrowing product, comprised relationships with sister consultants and guilt. This leads to mismanagement, no profit, and frustration. This leads to “Mary Kay is great, and I love it, but I am going to need to put it on the shelf for now”.
  • With $3,600 on shelf, she:
    • Gets @ $800+ Retail value FREE! This is profitable!! Pays for her Showcase, personal products, business cards, etc. Figure it out!
    • Gets the highest STAR on her ladder, setting the pace to excellence in her future (Once the mind has expanded, it can never return to its original form).
    • Gets a private $ Management training from you. (I never did group Money Management training with consultants. One on One after ‘on profit’ to show her how to pay down her investment and handle 60-40. Prior to profit, all they need t oknow about $ management is to make the min. payment on their cc or loan and invest 100% of all they have collected into product so that they can GET TO PROFIT).
    • Receives a ‘Profit Pin’ for her Red Jacket (or business suit) sleeve in CELEBRATION in front of your Success Meeting.

I believe you can promote this with confidence IF you have a good product Money Management habit yourself, are willing to support her Business Debut, follow up with her Power Start booked and coached, support her with adding her first 1-3 recruits (= a commission check which can pay down her loan also), and make HER MONEY YOUR BUSINESS.

I believe I first heard Top Director, Lisa Ann Harmon say it, “With a 600 she is frustrated and scared; with a 3600, she is only scared.”


      1. Barbie

        I guess I should have been more clear about what wasn’t sitting well with me. It seems like what the writer is getting at is that back pats (is that what a star on a ladder is?) change a person in a way that can described as expanding the mind.

  1. BestDecision

    One of my offspring pushed 3600s and then had massive chargebacks because of it. I was so ticked that I had to pay back on Sr commission on her idiotic choices.

  2. Shay

    In Canada a consultant is required to have an active recruit- what happens if she can’t find one but is able to “sell” MK products (front load) ? Do they make her inactive?

    1. PurpleH

      Are you sure this is true? For my last 5 years as IBC I had no active recruits. My ordering discount always kicked in when I ordered the minimum. Is it maybe something at the SD level where they only get bonuses for IBCs who have one active?

  3. Jason Houston

    The NSD “training document” was written by someone who obviously knows little about spelling, grammar or punctuation. That alone would have tipped off this isn’t going to be a sound business proposition.

      1. enorth

        I heard Leah Lauchlan say ultra ego when she was obviously referring to alter ego.
        And they can’t pronounce noncomedogenic, salicylic, glycolic and hyaluronic.

        But they’re supposedly skin-care experts.

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