To Go To Seminar or To Stay Home

The Mary Kay sales directors and national sales directors will twist your arm to attend all the events….

Prior to joining Mary Kay, you’re told about all the money you’ll make, and how you’ll be able to stay home with your family.

Then you start working, and it’s not happening. You’re not making money. And the little that you were making on some product sales is turned into even less because you’re encouraged to recruit your customers and earn 4% from them instead of 40-50%.

You find yourself gone all the time. Every time you turn around, there is another meeting or event you’re expected to attend. Oh sure, they’re “optional”. But if you don’t attend and bring guests, you’re just a loser. But after a while, conforming to this behavior becomes old.

You want to make money and stay home, just like they told you. So the lies have to get more elaborate in order to convince you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on events which really do nothing for your business. Events like the Mary Kay seminar in Dallas, TX or Mary Kay Career Conference in a city near you.

Here’s one way to convince you to waste your time and money on these events:

Myth: I just need to stay home and work.

When evaluating the BIG 4 (Seminar, Career Conference, Fall Retreat and Leadership (for directors only). The biggest MYTH OF ALL is: I don’t need to attend I just need to stay home and work.

People who say that need more money or have a lack of money. That is a result not from lack of work but from thoughts about their work. They have had plenty of opportunities to work but their work has not produced results. Everything begins with thoughts.Thoughts then create action and action creates income, not work.

I remember vividly the turning point day in my leadership when I came to this realization. I actually said out loud to my NSD “I know I could do what you do if I knew what you knew.” I understood that day I couldn’t be a NSD until I thought like a NSD. I knew that above all else I needed to attend every thing I could so I could learn to think differently.

Even if the funds came from my family or I had to do without something personally, events took priority over everything else. Staying home, driving the same roads, eating the same foods, listening to the same people, looking at your life through the same eyes does not create more income.

No one in the history of my national area has ever stayed home and made more money. In fact time and time again those who believe this isn’t a MYTH move further and further down scoreboards and provide less and less income to their family. That is a fact not myth.

Myth Busted: Staying home costs your family money.

She’s probably right. Those who stay home don’t get wrapped up in the rah rah of the business and start recruiting and frontloading like crazy.


  1. MLM Radar

    “This is a fact not a myth.”

    Oh really? When did you talk about facts? Or did I blink?

    All I saw was a bunch of self-serving emotional statements that didn’t even qualify to be ancedotes.

    But you’re right about one thing. To become an NSD you have to think like an NSD. That means you have to be willing to transport yourself to a twisted fantasy world where you casually use half-truth and manipulation to squeeze other women for orders and recruits, then abandon them as losers when you’ve wrung them out.

    No thanks. I’ll stick to my day job.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    Even if the funds came from my family

    So, the kids piggy banks get robbed again, the “Bank of Mom” is tapped for a loan that won’t be repaid, or the credit cards in the couple’s names get charged to the hilt … and this is a good thing?

    If you are embezzling from your household’s food and rent money for these events, and cheating your children out of having a mom who is really THERE for them when she is home, not on the phone all the time … just quit.

    You would make more spendable income and have more time with your children if you gave up the “stay home and make money” because it’s really hard to do that. Those that do it nowadays are telecommuting, freelance writing, or have found a niche that doesn’t involve recruiting customers. (for non-telecommuting work try tutoring, doing alterations, music lessons)

    I cleared more last year selling pixels (in-game products) on Second Life than most IBCs will selling Mary Kay.

      1. Bunny

        Pixels are the tiny dots that make up the screen you’re reading now. Everything on a computer/phone screen is made of tiny colored dots called pixels. A pixel is the smallest addressable unit on a computer/phone screen.

        Second Life is a video game. In Second Life and some other games, players can sell what they find/win/make in the game for actual money.

      2. Lazy Gardens

        Second Life is a on-line community or video game or 3-D building environment.

        Pixels – screen pixels, which is all any of my customers ever sees. The picture of my imaginary product in their imaginary house or on their imaginary character. But the imaginary in-game money they paide me with can be converted to real spendable dollars.

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