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Why You Can’t Afford To NOT Go To Seminar

While you were in Mary Kay, did you ever hear a sales director tell someone that she NEEDED to go Seminar? That if she couldn’t afford it, that’s exactly why she needed to go! That if she could find childcare while she was gone, that was exactly why she needed to go! (For her kids, of course.)

Were you encouraged to attend Mary Kay Seminar so you could “catch the vision” or “see the big picture”???

Remember how nsds encourage all of their consultants to stay at the “area hotel” so that they can get a taste of the good life? Have you been encouraged to go to seminar so that you can “sit at the feet” of the nsd’s and learn from those who have already made it to where you want to be?

Well they always say Mary Kay isn’t like Amway. I disagree. Read this and you’ll see that it could have just as easily been Mary Kay they were talking about. The cons and the scripts are the same, just the name of the MLM changes. From Eric Scheibeler’s book Merchants of Deception, which details his involvement with Amway:

In mid December, Kerry and Chris came over and described to us what was essentially the opportunity of a lifetime. It was a weekend-long seminar almost five hours away. It was early in January and was called Dream Weekend. There were several reasons we could not go. First, we were feeling overwhelmed! Although we were enthusiastic, our total involvement was all moving far too quickly. Second, we had an infant son, Josh, and we were unwilling to leave him for an entire weekend. Third, we did not have the several hundred dollars that it was going to cost for the seminar and lodging in the high-end hotel, in which it was scheduled. There was just no way it was going to happen. We would catch the next one when our situation was better. Kerry and Chris were very persistent. This was something that I would thank them for later.

They explained that Josh was the biggest reason that we needed to go. His future could hinge on this important seminar. There were many millionaires and multimillionaires that were flying in from all over the country to teach those who ‘really wanted to learn.’ Money was tight for us now, but after a function like this, it probably would never be a problem again. Being strapped financially was actually another major reason to go and learn from people who were financially free. We could even bring Josh with us to the seminar and were encouraged to bring food in a big cooler to save money. After hearing all this, we felt like we had no more excuses. All the issues that caused us to not want to go were presented as the biggest reasons we needed to get there. We reluctantly agreed to put the trip on a credit card. This Dream Weekend could actually be what allowed us to become debt free.

Let’s be honest. The purpose of the annual seminar held by Mary Kay Cosmetics is to further indoctrinate women into the “pink” mentality. It isn’t about any real learning, even though they have “classes” to make it seem like you’re learning. (Just the same junk, retold again.) It’s about fanfare and showing off. Instilling materialistic goals into the independent beauty consultants. And making them think even more pink than before.


  1. MLM Radar

    So the dutiful consultants who want to re-energize their businesses go to Dallas (during high summer!) and pay high-season single room rates… for what? For a four-to-a-room two-to-a-bed experience with total strangers (ick!). But hey, you’re networking and fellowshipping!

    No, you’re not. Meeting people you’ll never see again, who contribute nothing to your business – no customer or recruit referrals – is not networking. And wearing a plastic “positivity” face – because you don’t know them well enough to trust them with the fact you’re failing – is not fellowshipping.

    So what DO you get for all that money and discomfort? You – nothing, really. But when enough people pay those ridiculous rates for substandard rooms, the NSD gets her suite comped! She pays little or nothing, because she’s brought in enough business to the hotel.

    Still, your NSD will be happy to show you the hotel suite you helped buy… at the BBQ weenie reception… which you can attend if you made the qualifying inventory purchase and pay an admission fee.

    Doesn’t that make you feel special?

    Here’s a better idea: cancel your room in the Seminar hotel, book a much less expensive private room near Six Flags, and chill out at the pool in Hurricane Harbor.

    1. Char

      I have shared a room since summer camp in high school. I prefer my own room and bathroom!!!! – thanks. I cannot imagine grown women partaking in this type of scenario.

      But, I also wouldn’t be caught dead with Mary Kay products. They are just sooooo “Jaclyn Smith”.

  2. PinkyTuskMascara

    The fact that so many women share four to a room should be proof enough that they are NOT making an executive income! Executives will gladly pay for a private room because they can afford it. Having a schoolgirl ‘sleep over’ is so wrong on every level.



  4. Coffee-Queen

    When I went to seminar, I paid for a single room because I wanted to have peace and quiet. My director got pissed off at me because I wouldn’t share my king bed with anyone. I told her that I was a new mom, and I wanted to sleep by myself, pee by myself and shower by myself. She wasn’t happy but I was in my bliss.

    1. MLM Radar

      Sounds like you made separate room arrangements with the hotel, meaning that you weren’t counted by the hotel as being part of the Mary Kay Seminar group.

      Which also meant that a portion of your room charge did NOT go to pay for the NSD’s suite, so your Director was under pressure to find some other unsuspecting consultant to fill that hole.

      Seminar is all Easy Street glamour on top, but it’s ugly underneath. If the NSDs came from the Game of Thrones world every one of them would be wearing ruby necklaces like Melisandre, and every one of those rubies would be glowing red hot from the glamour mask spells they were projecting.

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