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There Is No “Right Way” to Do Mary Kay

When you start to become awakened to the truth about Mary Kay, you may double down on the idea that there is a “right way” to do Mary Kay.

Especially if you are a sales director, you need to justify why you have stayed with MK as long as you have. You need a way to clear your conscience. Distinguishing between the “right way” and “wrong way” to “do Mary Kay” may seem like the answer.

Oh, you may try to ignore Pink Truth and the hundreds of articles here which document the experiences of former consultants, directors, and NSDs. But these stories can’t be ignored.

As sites like Pink Truth continue to reveal the truth about multi-level marketing, these companies keep selling hope. It’s the only truly effective weapon in their arsenal. People want to believe that hard work gets results and achievement of the American dream. If one woman can do it in Mary Kay, any one of us can do it!!!

But when we apply that work ethic to a flawed business model we always come up empty. MLMs feature the top people and brag about their results. This gives you hope. But at the same time, Mary Kay will transfer responsibility to you for your lack of results. You didn’t work hard enough. Except they don’t tell you that the top people did unethical things to get there. It’s the only way to get there.

As long as you bear responsibility for your low numbers, you still have hope. You still believe that it is POSSIBLE because LOOK AT HER. She did it. I could do it too if I just did the right things.

Mary Kay will tell you that the “right way” is by focusing on sales. A selling consultant is a happy consultant. You can make money without recruiting!

They will pretend that sales directors are ethical. That they didn’t add various family members (and pay for their inventory orders) to finish DIQ. That they don’t randomly reactivate consultants when they need more numbers. That they don’t frontload new consultants with thousands of dollars of inventory that they most likely won’t be able to sell.

When you believe the bogus “I story” from someone at the top of Mary Kay, there is hope. You can change. You can work harder. You can fix things.

But you can’t change things by being a selling consultant. Sales of the product will always be low and inconsistent because you get ahead by recruiting and loading them up with product they inconsistently sell and won’t return because there is still hope. (We don’t want to close the door on Mary Kay forever, do we?)

Quite simply, there is no “right way” to do Mary Kay. If you want to make anything more than pocket change, you have to recruit. In order to recruit, you have to tell lies. (At the very least, you will be guilty of omitting important information.) In order to make any money as a recruiter, you have to frontload new consultants with a bunch of inventory. They “right way” might seem to be teaching consultants to sell consistently, but that is just a pipe dream.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    “Mary Kay will tell you that the “right way” is by focusing on sales. A selling consultant is a happy consultant. You can make money without recruiting!”

    And then the SD recruits a dozen more consultants in your neighborhood, demolishing your customer base and killing your sales.

  2. MLM Radar

    If you want the real truth about your chances as a selling consultant, spend a little bit of time watching eBay:

    1. There are almost always over 55,000 MK listings. Many eBay listings are for current products in unopened boxes.

    2. The prices are almost always 50% off (matches your “wholesale” price) with free shipping and no taxes. They’re being sold for less than what you pay. You can’t compete with that.

    3. Even at those discounted prices, most eBay MK auctions still close with no bids and no sales.

    4. MK Legal can make all the noise they want, but they have no legal standing to stop eBay. There’s nothing illegal about buying MK at eBay. Your potential MK customers already know this.

  3. Morningstar

    Regarding eBay sales it is amazing how much the old basic costs. Agree that the most of eBay items close with no buyers. The company IMO really did a disservice to everyone to discontinue the basic product line. 24 to 28 bucks for basic line of fresheners on eBay. No way would I pay that much when we got it for around 6 bucks. Corporate had a ton of responses as to why they discontinued the line. My favorite was “we cannot source the ingredients”. LOL I think my turning point was when they introduced the crappy time wise and other lines they have now. Then the competition has raised the quality bar so high that MK cannot compete. Product was a tough sell when it was the basic line can’t imagine now. And those women who would not break the basic line, it was so ridiculous.

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