Helping One Woman at a Time

Pink Truth has been around a long time. We started on July 4, 2006, first as “Mary Kay Sucks” and then becoming Pink Truth a few months later. That’s over TWELVE years ago. And at the time, Mary Kay Inc., the NSDs, and the sales directors all lost their collective minds. How dare we expose their scam.

It was fun for them to call us liars… while lying about us. But corporate had a pretty good strategy: wait it out. It was a good strategy because nearly all of the sites criticizing MLMs went dark after a several months. People were afraid of being sued, or they just got tired of the daily grind of keeping a site active. So Mary Kay Inc. assumed Pink Truth would meet the same fate.

But we were reaching so many women that I couldn’t let the site go. At first we got a lot of traffic because it was shocking that someone was exposing the dirty tactics of MK. And there were Mary Kay supporters who would come and argue with us, creating a scene that attracted more visitors.

I assumed that over time, the interest would wane. Would you believe interest is just as strong today as it was in the first year? We’re getting over a million visitors a year to Pink Truth. I want to keep things going for all those people who are researching and learning.

As fun as that statistic is, it is the ability to help one woman at a time. Each time I get an email from someone whose eyes were opened to the MLM scam, it’s worth the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I’ve devoted to Pink Truth. Here’s one of the notes, and it’s women like this that encourage me to keep the site going…

I wanted to contact you to thank you personally for helping me find out how to cancel my Mary Kay business. There has been no help out there except for your site and it saved me a lot of time and trouble. I am a college student going into my sophomore year with hardly any money to pay for rent, and I was sucked into Mary Kay by my Christian sorority advisor. Once I started researching Mary Kay (after I already purchased the starter kit) I realized what I was actually getting myself into.

Thank God your website was there to explain everything before it was too late for me. I am truly thankful that you dedicated your time and effort to help spread awareness on this luxurious pyramid scheme. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me financially and emotionally. Again, thank you so much for giving clear instructions on how to quit Mary Kay. I am very grateful for all of the information you have provided to help me make a decision about this business.


  1. BestDecision

    This site helped me see what I was experiencing wasn’t an isolated case, and it helped me afterwards to get over the hurt of being ignored and lied about by those I thought were friends.

    Since we’re talking about 12 years of PT, it’s amusing to realize my Senior is in the exact place she was in 2006. Since then, NSDs have stepped down, Seminar has gone to 4 divisions instead of 5, Leadership Conference has dropped to just 2 sessions versus 3, and now there’s Applause magazine recognition for first-time Red Jackets. The pink ship really is sinking, and I’m grateful to be out and feeling better about myself!

  2. pinkpeace

    Tracy, you’ll never know how many thousands and thousands of women you’ve helped by running this site. What I appreciate most about PT is that it’s composed of women (and men) who have direct knowledge of the inner workings of Mary Kay and who speak from personal and painful experience.

    When I first visited here so many years ago, I was amazed that I wasn’t the only one who suffered in Mary Kay. That realization was the first step in my recovery, and I have you to thank.

    Ladies, you may not be aware, but Tracy runs this site in her own spare time, and using her own funds. Thank God she is a successful businesswoman who can afford to do it. I am so grateful that she uses her time and talent to TRULY “enrich women’s lives.”

  3. genie baskir

    I’m still here, too. Since almost the beginning. I have a lovely neighbor, a beautiful Iranian woman who signed up for something at her son’s school. She received a phone call from a MARY KAY consultant that the consultant is coming over to give her a free gift. How is MARY KAY in a public school?

    Z. called me in a panic that she is in the lounge and she does not know what to do with this woman. Would I come down and rescue her? My fears were confirmed when I got downstairs and found Z. in plushy robe being prepared for her pampering session. Z. had no idea who this woman is and why she is now having a facial which will take an hour. The MARY KAY consultant welcomed me and offered me my pampering session too. Also, where were the free gifts?

    Our pampering took over 2 hours and I felt bad enough for this woman that I bought satin hands and satin lips, neither of which I have used yet for about $60.00. The consultant still works at her regular JOB and has been in MARY KAY for at least 10 years and is well into her 50’s looking to retire. She cannot have made much for the time she invested in Z. and me because Z. was never going to buy anything in the first place because she had been misled about the intent of the visit and a prize in the first place.

    $60.00 is a lot money if one does not have it to begin with and that is what it took for me to rescue Z. and still take care of this deluded consultant…ultimately the christian (sic) thing to do.

    Fortunately Z.’s father in law in Iran (just kidding) had died so I told the consultant very early in our pampering that Z. is in mourning and cannot go shopping. This consultant, who is actually lovely, imparted and her sympathies and stayed even though she was forewarned that there was no windfall check to be coming from this session. Plus she had to get into a secure property and then find limited parking. She did not have the satin products with her and went home to get them. I went downstairs to meet her so she wouldn’t have to try and park and she was grateful.

    I liked this woman even though she had been deluded into thinking she would get into peoples’ places by offering a quick free prize that is in reality a 2 hour sales and recruiting blitz requiring plushy robes and head bands and face masks. The free prize after 2 hours of MARY KAY propaganda was something too stupid to remember and I wish this consultant could have seen that. Z. was ultimately bemused but the consultant deserved better even if its her own fault for being hoist on this petard.

  4. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    Tracey and others, Thank you all for helping me leave the rat race for good! I climbed and climbed failing DIQ twice as a National’s first line. So excited to not have lost money and friends, as I didn’t have it before I got in.
    I’m one of the few “success” stories as I made enough in sales over 6 years to open a restaurant that’s doing ok.
    This is the actual truth and MK is the lie.

  5. Thank you for the site, Tracy. I have learned much here, and will continue to do so. Three years ago, my eyes were opened to my wife’s entrapment in the scam. I have made many mistakes along the way, but I think I have learned enough to finally confront the pink monster head on.

    Thank you, Tracy.

  6. Michelle

    I am a devoted lurker who has had multiple experiences with friends and family being sucked in by MLMs. I remember the first time I read one of these stories – I felt like an explorer who had stumbled on a stash of secret documents. It fueled a 10-year obsession with the craptastic panorama of our daily Facebook feeds. Luckily I have a close friend who I can share my stories with, not to mention my patient husband :). This site is gold – good job Tracy!

  7. Char

    I love Pink Truth. It not only exposes the Mary Kay scam, but is hopefully making the connection for people about the entire scam of MLMing. MK is like the scamming poster child with brain cancer, with the charity’s goal being to eradicate all horrible cancers.

    As Mary Kay has been so pervasive in the women’s community, it gives me great pleasure to use them as the vehicle to get the word out about the entire pyramid scheme industry – because it’s all the same scam of MLM. The name and product do not matter!!!!!!

    To me, Pink Truth is akin to the original Mothers Against Drunk Drivers movement. Women are very effective when they put their minds to something that causes harm. This is what sets former Mary Kay consultants apart from the rest of the MLM dupees. The energy that went into MK, and pissed you off for being scammed, is now used to expose the corporate scam. You do everything to warn your fellow women (for free). Now that’s true altruism.

    Thank you Tracy for providing this platform. When MLM is finally and completely exposed, you deserve credit and belong right up there with a very few notable others.

  8. Pinkiu

    Thank you Tracy. When I first arrived here about 10-11 years ago, I had a small melt down arguing with the lovely ladies here about how I was different, how I made money. Only, I hadn’t.

    I was told by my SD how smart I was to have “good debt” like product on the shelf. I was told it was a good thing that I showed a loss on my taxes. I left MK after 7 years because I was tired of how exhausting it was for so little income. I didn’t have credit card debt after that first year, but I had losses on my taxes for 3 years. That means I had less household money for my family for 3 years plus loss of my time and care.

    Coming here opened my eyes to my experience and explained all of those questions I dared not ask my pink sisterhood. This site was my therapy to cleanse my thinking from the brainwashing. I am forever grateful.

  9. JustAFriend

    I have never been in MK or any other MLM. I “stumbled upon” this site, as the Kaybots would say, because I am fascinated by cults and cultlike groups. What an amazing community this is! It has helped me gently guide a friend out of the pink fog before she got in too deep.

    You know how all the Kaybots who post here say they’re praying for you poor deluded “lazy loosers”? I am not religious, so I don’t pray. But I send positive healing thoughts out into the universe for all those who are still in the fog, and those of you still recovering from your time in it. So please allow me to join the chorus of thanks for Tracy and all the work she does.

  10. raisinberry

    Pinktruth was devastating and at the same time, confirmed what I had been suspecting for years, bringing my concerns to light, yet never getting a non scripted answer from my upline.

    I now know first hand what brain washing is. I now know why they target women in “need” and why they exploit and exacerbate that neediness. I know why they build dependence. And why they tie success to teams in upline and downline contributions…in order to make it difficult to leave…you’ll hurt others. It is diabolically brilliant. SO many women stepped up to help me process my meltdown. You know who you are. Thank you, Pinktruth.

    1. Char

      “It is diobolically brilliant.”

      Brilliant indeed. I genuinely think that, sometime in the future, people will view MLM as the scam of centuries past. The complexity of components and psychological manipulation has all the genius to dupe people. People will look back and think, how was MLM ever allowed to openly continue for so long?

  11. TS

    Thank you so much for this site. I was going to stay personal use only and you all let me know MK was no longer cruelty free. I am. It was hard to see my director and “friend” of over 20 years drop me when I confronted the cruelty free lies she was passing on.

  12. AutumnMoonfire

    Thank you for being here so I can point people in the right direction when the evil MK fairy comes with her poisonous pink fog. The hardest struggle is convincing people that they are NOT helping their friends by buying MLM crap of any kind.

  13. NeverInButAgainstMK

    A few years back, when my niece was in high school, I directed her to PinkTruth as a resource for the paper she was working on. It had something to do with Pyramid Schemes/MLM’s. I really had no idea, until coming here, of the destructive and scammy practices of these companies. And that, while claiming otherwise, ALL of these companies (MK, Rodan+Fields, Avon, Pampered Chef, LulaRoe) were all the same when it came down to it. Thank you for all of the information here.

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