For Directors Who “Stumble Across” Pink Truth

Written by SuzyQ

Dear Directors,

Many of you have “stumbled across”  the Pink Truth website and have read with horror and anger some of the articles and comments. Someone used the “watching a train wreck” metaphor and that is pretty descriptive. I did the same thing not so long ago.

I was bored and googled “negative Mary Kay” and found enough reading material for several days. I was stunned. I ended up reading everything on Pink Truth (which was called Mary Kay Sucks way back then).

While reading I started making a list of “don’ts.” Frontloading was number one. I had never heard of the term until PinkTruth. Mary Kay Ash always said “You can’t sell from an empty wagon.” Start MK without an inventory? If I did that, I would be setting my new unit member up for certain failure. I was unable to “pull” emerald and pearl orders, and believed I was at fault, because I was not an effective director.

Dual marketing? Believed that. If someone was naïve enough to ask me about a downline or an upline, I would patiently explain that MK was different. We build “families” not up and down lines.

We’re Number 1? I believed that too. It never occurred to me that MK didn’t track our SALES to customers, only the purchases we made from the company.

Business owner? Yep. FOR myself, not BY myself. I sincerely believed what I told people. I really did. I thought I was conducting my “business” correctly. It took some time to come to terms with the idea that Mary Kay isn’t really a business.

What about when things were bad? Every month was a clean slate, and I would turn my unit around. We would be working together to make everyone’s dream come true. Every new seminar year meant there was another opportunity to change and be successful.

I started posting on Pink Truth. The first time I hit “post” I thought I would throw up. My paranoia was rampant. I argued that MK could work, it could be done correctly. I loved the women in my unit and certainly would never have done anything to hurt them. Mary Kay was my mission field.

I knew MK could work, I had “seen” success with my own eyes, I had talked to the top directors, I knew several NSDs personally and thought nothing of giving them a call if I had a question.

The posters on Pink Turth were so patient with me as I wrote my comments under a variety of names because I couldn’t remember what name I had used… Other women posed questions and made me think. They provided info to me that I had never heard before and made me think. They gave examples from their own experiences and made me think.

I was so scared, so paranoid, feeling so disloyal to the company I loved, so afraid my dream of being an NSD would not come true, terrified about money and expenses. I had made such a huge financial and emotional investment, so many years and it comes to this?

To really be shown that MK is MLM and that’s all there was. If someone had approached me with Amway, I would have told them to go away because Amway was MLM and no way would I be involved in that sort of scheme! It broke my heart when I learned MK is the same thing.

So, directors, if you stumbled onto this site by accident, keep reading. Keep thinking.

It’s always about the timing isn’t it? This may be your time to learn something new about Mary Kay. I am not going to tell you to send your product back, to quit recruiting or to lower your goals and expectations. I know you believe you are doing the right thing and you believe God has placed this dream in your heart and He will guide your steps on the right path.

I know you believe MK always has and always will make decisions based on what is best for the sales force. I know you believe. I hear the arguments going on in your head, most of us said the same things to ourselves.

All I want you to do is to be honest with yourself. Look at your finances. Expenses. Time management. Stress level. Meeting attendance. Recruiting prospects. Inventory expectations. Consistent customer sales vs. ordering patterns. Events, advances and retreats. What you will do with new consultant inventory suggestion? Will you order products for them knowing that some of the products will be changed or discontinued before they can sell them?

There is a lot to think about. A lot to pray about. We’re here if you have questions. I wouldn’t be here if people had not been kind and patient with me.

Peace be with you.


Another Former Director


    1. Char

      It is a lovely article, and why it is so enraging that MK is able to take advantage of nice women with initially good intentions.

      My advice: Suck it up, as we’ve all been duped by something. Just admit it and stop spending. After that, why not really help women by warning others – if helping others is really what it’s all about? Now there’s a question to ask yourself! Or perhaps it’s all about you as an upline. Hmmm, but don’t you have an upline?

  1. MLM Radar

    You believed. You were loyal to the company. You did things the company way, as it was told to you. You applauded those who were on stage, because you thought they did things the company way too, and pictured yourself joining them on stage next year.

    What you didn’t quite recognize is that the company way – the real company way – is scripts, lies, unattainable quotas, cheating to reach goals, and massive debt for the sales force.

    The company way is that they will strip you of your unit and your status, in which you invested so much time and money, when you don’t do whatever is necessary to repeatedly reach those quotas. They’ll take your unit, which you so painfully built, reassign your people to your Director, and pay you nothing. If you’ve been properly indoctrinated you’ll just walk away saying you “stepped down” and blaming yourself for what MK Corporate did to you.

    C. S. Lewis said it best in The Screwtape Letters: The sweetest prize for the devil is to capture a person’s soul and give them nothing in return.

    1. Char

      Not recognizing that Mary Kay was MLM and/or that MLM equates to a pyramid scheme; and not realizing the “successful top 1-2%” ones get there ONLY by lying their way to the top.

      MLM is a business – lie
      You can make executive income honestly- lie
      Fake it til you make it – lie
      MK isn’t MLM – lie
      MK isn’t a pyramid scheme – lie

      If your goal is to be on top in MK, the your goal is to be an top SHYSTER preying on others.

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