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An NSD Overcomes Objections

Written by The Scribbler

Circular reasoning, faulty logic, and subtle bullying straight from the top of the food chain, friends.  Pay special attention to the last line of the script – its guidance is designed to help recruiters get you into a mode where you’re more likely to answer in the affirmative. Also of interest in this script is Mary Kay’s ever-present lack of respect for husbands, how forcing a prospect to make a decision for Mary Kay within 24 hours is doing them a favor, and the divine miracle of a bottle of Velocity delivering its own sales pitch in perfect English.  Because the product really does sell itself, you know.

“I couldn’t sell anything.”

I am so glad you said that!  I know exactly how you feel.  I felt the same way.  But I have found that the product really sells itself.  All that I do is teach people how to use it correctly.  At your facial, did it look to you like I was teaching and sharing a great product, or did it look like I was “selling”?  Wouldn’t you agree that the product really sells itself?

“I want to talk it over with my Husband.”

I certainly can understand that!  It means so much to have your husband understand the marketing program, because then you are sure to have his support!  Tell me this, if he decides for you that this is something you should do, how would you feel about it?  Let’s fill out the paperwork, get your check, and then I will hold it for a day until you have had time to talk to him.  I’ll bet with your charm, you usually can persuade him to your way of thinking, right?

“The time isn’t right now.  I’ll start in…”

You know, if you wait for the right time to start you will never find every situation in your life perfect.  It will really save you money to go ahead and start, even if you can’t really get busy just now.  The tax deductions begin when you order your showcase and you can take advantage of those right away.  Why don’t you go ahead and order your showcase?  Start saving that money and when your situation is freer, you can really soar!

“I don’t have the money.”

That’s one reason we join MK.  You know, anyone can find $100 if they really want to.  Are you really interested in this opportunity?  Is the $100 a real question?  Is it the money, or is it fear?  (If the money really is it, ask her who does she know that really believes in her and would make her a loan.  Or, include the case and the order all in one loan if she can qualify.)

If she still can’t decide, tell her you will give her 24 hours and you will call her for a decision.  This is a favor to her, as it helps her make a decision and stops her from agonizing and thinking about if for months!

I have found that if the prospect gives you 2 or more objections and you overcome them, the truth is probably that she is just simply afraid.  Learn to say this, “Other than fear, what would hold you back from doing this today?”  Always remember to ask questions and then BE QUIET and let her answer.  Also, always look her in the eye when talking to her.  Give her your full attention.  Smile and nod your head at appropriate times, as you are speaking.  This puts her in a “yes” mode, too.

“I want to think about it some more.”

I am so sorry.  What was it I didn’t make clear to you?  What sounds the most exciting to you about what we talked about?  You know, if you are like I was, you probably want to think about it because you want to know more.  Am I right?  Our Success Meetings are fantastic, educational and fun!  You will learn so much from them!  Also, when you go ahead and order your showcase tonight, I can give you the Career Essentials for you to go ahead and start reading.  The Career Essentials are only for those who’ve ordered their showcase.  Is there any reason why we couldn’t go ahead and do that today?


  1. Lazy Gardens

    “Tell me this, if he decides for you that this is something you should do, how would you feel about it?”

    Wow … this is a very subtle way to start the prospect’s seeing her husband as the adversary, not the partner.

    1. Char

      “It is beyond depraved that a company supports these types of sales tactics.”

      The company relies on them, supports them, is them. These tactics are MLM and MK is an MLM company. Without the majority of recruits acting in this manner, MK would cease to exist as we know it.

  2. MLM Radar

    I note she waved the “Career Essentials” as a previously unmentioned bait. Sneaky tactic, to slide another “goodie” into the bait bag.

    If you’ve never read the “Career Essentials” it’s just some very shallow tidbits of useless advice, all bark, no bite.

  3. cindylu

    These cheap NSD’s make sure they re-coop every single dime they spend. Some of them and their husbands charge for their supposed training or motivational CD’s. My NSD bragged about her executive income, trips, jewelry, pink Cadillacs etc. while whining about losing cars and entire units over decades of exploiting women. Her gift to us at a conference were small empty boxes supposedly sprinkled with positive thinking from her (I guess similar to pixie dust). Also lucky us we got to have our photo taken with this narcissist phoney. One thing I find shameful about this supposed great business is: Daring to ask other legitimate businesses to put those fake make over contest boxes on their counters. Unbelievable that this chintzy company would assume other businesses want those useless boxes on their counter to begin with. MK IBC’s etc. playing make believe. How lovely. Fake it till you make it brought to another low. Fake draw for fake make overs and often a fake draw. Winning a useless pitiful make over which is in fact a sales pitch. Ugh.

    1. MLM Radar

      Empty boxes… She was too cheap to even add prayer beads, or stress relief polished rocks.

      I wonder if they were the “$6 for 3” official MK gift boxes. Probably not.

    1. MLM Radar

      Maybe, maybe not. It’s a “restructuring” Chapter 11 bankruptcy: they plan to stay open under new management. The secured creditors will be the new owners.

      Here’s hoping that the new owners recognize MK ladies are one factor driving customers away.

  4. Bare Minimum

    So creepy and predatory. I was never apart of MK but of another equally as ridiculous mlm. Our local MK girl tried SO hard to sink her teeth into me. Once she said to me “fear holds us back from our dreams” lol my dream is not to be in MK, hunbot.

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