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Dirty Directors in Mary Kay

There is a special way that the game is played in Mary Kay. You can’t get to directorship without signing up family and friends (and then buying products in their names) to round out your numbers. That’s the mild end of cheating, and some don’t think it’s cheating at all.

On the other end of the cheating spectrum we have people like my former sales director Kelly who sign up women without their knowledge. When I happened to see the name of someone I knew in one of Kelly’s unit reports, she BEGGED me not to say anything to the woman. She said the woman didn’t want anyone to know she was in MK because they might bug her to buy products. (Yeah, so many people bugging consultants to get products because it’s so hard to find someone willing to sell them.)

But in some situations it gets worse. Women with basements or garages full of products they’ve purchased to maintain their status in the Mary Kay cult. Multiple “recruits” who have no idea they’ve been signed up as consultants. Here are some facts about a Mary Kay sales director that were sent to me by someone close to her, and this one takes the cake.

  • 50 unit members, most have one of her addresses and her phone numbers or false phone numbers
  • All unit members are active (Does that ever happen?)
  • She has a house in one state, a friend’s house in another state (with a storage facility in that state too), and her current residence in a third state. She is mailing products to a director’s house in another state as well, giving us 5 different addresses she uses for products. When she signs up consultants, she uses one of those addresses too.
  • Her unit includes many family members, including her son and ex- brother in law (who gave her permission to sign them up, but the brother in law never gave her permission to keep ordering under his name) and she just recently signed up her ex-husband who she is NOT on good terms with.  She keeps these members active and most of them become star consultants and she collects their prizes as well as the credits to collect prizes as their directors.
  • She places large orders under her consultant’s names and ships the orders to one of her addresses.
  • When I was in DIQ and she sent me an email that said I should purchase products from her and tell my teammates to purchase products from her as well. This was sent to Corporate because it is in violation of her agreement (not to buy products from anywhere except Mary Kay).  Her excuse was that my team members were placing orders that were under $225 and not getting their discounts, which was not true.  She also told her director that my director (who reported her) was jealous of her success and making a huge deal out of nothing because she felt bad about herself.
  • Her brother in law reported to legal that she was illegally ordering product under his name and using his SSN to keep him active as a consultant and increase her commissions. He wanted to terminate his account.  He also updated his consultant account with his real information.  The next time she placed an order under his name they called him to verify that he had not placed the order.  Later she changed his contact information to the number 999-999-9999.
  • She filed bankruptcy,claiming that she only made $300 a month in Mary Kay. We have her income advisory statements that prove she received more than that in commissions and purchased about $20,000 wholesale of products.  This same year she was constantly the #1 unit in her “future National Area”
  • Before her divorce was finalized she opened a credit card in her ex-husbands name and maxed it out ordering products. Then never paid it or included it in the bankruptcy.
  • Whenever she was asked to speak on a conference call, she evaded questions and gave generalities on how she was doing so well. When she earned her Cadillac (which she bought, after she earned it her unit production went from $15K to $8K) she gave a call saying that she earned it by putting on her business cards “$10 gift certificate and free facial to anyone who calls.”
  • She was terminated for breaking the agreement section that says that you can’t sell products at swap meets or farmer’s markets. We are about 95% sure it was Ebay because one of her unit members (her boyfriend’s daughter) was also terminated at the same time for the same thing.  She called her director pleaded her innocence and said that one of her consultants had been selling on Ebay (despite being a personal use consultant) and that they were also getting her in trouble for what her consultant did.  Then she said that people were jealous of her because she was crowned queen and wanted to take her down.  If this were true, anytime a queen was crowned there would be calls to legal claiming they were doing something “illegal”.
  • I overheard people talking about Jan and how the things she said didn’t add up. She claimed to have 1,000 customers and talked about how she turned down the Cadillac because she already had one.  She turned down the Cadillac because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep up production and have to keep making payments on it.
  • Since getting her termination letter, she has ordered $7200 in product.  She also tried to place orders under 2 consultants.  One wouldn’t go through; the other was under her son.  When her son’s order wouldn’t go through she called corporate trying to place the order.  They wouldn’t let her.
  • When MK legal was looking into all of this, she placed an order in her brother -in-law’s name. Legal called to verify who placed the order, and it obviously wasn’t him.  Then she got ballsy and made her ex a consultant.  He contacted Mary Kay, told them what had happened and asked to be terminated.  They said to sign a letter asking to be terminated and he did but they didn’t terminate him.  We assumed it was because they were investigating her.  They mentioned that they could check the IP address on the orders that were being placed.  However, they still let her continue ordering under people’s names and ordering under her own name.


  1. Cindylu

    Other businesses need to stop allowing this mlm to place their phoney facial boxes on their counters. What a pathetic business that uses other businesses to do their advertising. This woman is like a drug addict or gambler with an addiction to pretending to be #1 just for the fake accolades. Just goes to show that unless corp is forced to, it barely acknowledges their out of control behavior. This explains why at Seminar NSD’s were confronting each other publicly about how some were doing this the wrong way. MK herself chastised an NSD who had gotten there the wrong way. However that same NSD went on to retire as an executive NSD. Also MK’s son went off to party and finally returned just before MK needed to retire. The legacy that this mlm left was a pink nightmare where a few NSD’s, a few CEO’s and the heirs profit off the debt and misery of others.

    1. Char

      “Just goes to show that unless corp is forced to, it barely acknowledges their out of control behavior.”

      Yes indeed, and why would they? MK sold $20,000 worth of makeup to their customer Jan.

      MK figured out if they:
      -Call it a business, she’ll buy more.
      -Dub her a consultant, she’ll buy more.
      -Stick a crown on her head, she’ll buy even more.
      -She’ll even recruit others and tell the lies for them.

      If MK didn’t want this behavior, they would stop using MLM and go legit.

    2. coralrose

      The local Blood bank where I live has a MK box to collect name & numbers of blood donors!! The receptionist said “it’s a thank you to our donors”. I’m pretty sure the receptionist is a volunteer, so I didn’t want to set her straight/make a stink. I thought that was terrible and a good way to alienate donors. Ugh!

      1. Lazy Gardens

        Let the management know about the box!

        Whoever is collecting the names needs to be set straight. It would not dissuade donors, but it is a sleazy tactic that damages the reputation of the donor center and the blood bank.

  2. MLM Radar

    She had her hands on a LOT of money. Her actions during and after the divorce show that she had no concern for the damage she caused, and no remorse whatsoever. She probably figures her ex deserved the credit card fraud, for having the nerve to divorce her.

    I hope that she didn’t live in a community property state, and that her husband got a generous divorce settlement.

  3. Peaches

    When I first read this I laughed because it sounded so ridiculous, so ludicrous that it had to be a joke. But then the joke was on the woman who did all the ordering.

    When I thought about it further, like a junkie, the woman ordered and ordered and ordered more and more of her Pink Crack. Or was the Crack actually false accolades.

    Upon reflection, this woman had to be so detailed oriented, that she could keep so many plates spinning, remember which “consultant” received which order at which address. So much juggling and a boat load of memory skills could have gone to gaining a legitimate job with a PhD.

    And then we learn the Nasty Pink Truth. She hurt so many people, wasted so much money and all she has to show for it is aging product which isn’t getting any younger sitting in the basement, garage, storage unit, spare bedroom… etc. Just give it away to as many women’s homeless shelters as she can find and bless someone else. Then she can breathe a sigh of relief and just be rid of the whole “business”. Kit and caboodle. She’ll feel better about herself, and will have less stress. And once she is out of MK for Good… She can sell it where ever she likes… after all she bought it and she will no longer be in violation of her agreement.

    And another thing…I think that agreement is a euphemism for “you can order as much as you want… but just don’t tell anyone you can’t sell it legitimately”.

  4. raisinberry

    If Mary Kay Inc had any integrity, they would, upon realizing the cheating techniques routinely used by the sales force, resend any and all recognition received by the prospective Directors involved.

    Queen of Recruiting gives her Bee back, Million Dollar Units give back the bar pin, Trip Directors and 500,000 and uppers give back the ring and pay the costs…

    But admitting this would be negative! And there’s no negative allowed in Mary Kay. There is a lot of fraud allowed, however.

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