Guest Night Scripts

In Mary Kay, there is a script for everything. If you invite someone to a success meeting or guest event, you better be ready to use a script. These events are held because they increase the recruiting odds dramatically. The NSDs want you to make the most of your opportunity to recruit, so they’ve got all sorts of guidelines for how to act and what to say.

Of course, this is all manipulative. It’s not just a matter of using common sales techniques. In Mary Kay, they take it to a whole new level by keying in on feelings of unhappiness (or even helping create or point out dissatisfaction).

Tips the NSDs give for making a successful guest event (i.e. getting a recruit out of it):

  • Be sure to cover what to wear – professional dress (if she comes in jeans & we’re all looking good, she’ll feel out of place.)  She is a Special Guest and you will have a Special Gift for her! (Your budget – $2.50 is good.)  She can bring girlfriends; maybe one will join with her!  Lure guests to an event by telling them you want them to purchase the 3 most expensive items they’ve ever wanted to buy, and offer those items at half-price.
  • Give your hottest names & phone numbers to your Director or DIQ so she can leave a fun message for your guest.
  • On the way in your car, make it fun!  Snacks, some sweet & fun music (find a 50’s station!)  Only talk about her (no Mary Kay) and don’t talk about yourself!  Ask questions like, “What’s your job?  “What activities are your children involved in?” and “What do you do for fun?”
  • When you arrive at the Guest Event, sit as close to the front as possible.  Put your things down and mingle; do not sit until the program begins. This way she won’t be tired before we even begin. Mingling keeps her energized.  Introduce her to as many people as you can – showcase her!
  • Be EXCITED; you should be clapping and cheering the loudest because your Guests are watching!  They will be excited and sit on the edge of their chairs if YOU are! You should GO WILD! Stand up!  When offered the opportunity to become a Consultant, LOOK at your Guest, because she’ll be looking at YOU!

Key phrases to use with your guest at the event:

  • You love the product! Sharing your enthusiasm for it will be easy for you!
  • Do you realize how much you’ve spent with me this last year – wholesale is always better than retail!
  • You owe it to yourself and your family to try!
  • There’s never been a better time at Mary Kay!
  • You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with the 90% buy-back guarantee!
  • What in the world would keep you from at least trying – we would have so much fun together!
  • I would love for us to team up together; I will help you – we can be the Dynamic Duo!
    And then close the deal. Fill out the agreement BEFORE you leave the event so you have it in writing!  Don’t say “agreement” or “contract” because that’s scary.  Instead, say:
  • It will take two seconds to fill out this sheet; I just need your birth date & SSN.
  • For the Starter Kit we can use MC, Visa, Discover or debit card.” (Check or Cash – ONLY if she doesn’t have a card)
  • You always need a reason to get the Starter Kit ordered.  For example, say, “Great…we can get this emailed before midnight; you’ll have your kit for Easter.  That’s perfect – you’ll be seeing your entire family then!” (Figure out the reason why she should get her kit NOW instead of later so you can tell her!)

If she didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no, then she just needs layering and more info. Get her to watch a video from your director or other recruiting video.  On the ride home, say:

  • Did you have fun?
  • Out of all you saw & heard, what impressed you the most?
  • Who did you relate to? (Director, DIQ, Red Jacket)
  • In your wildest dreams, if you ever did became a consultant, what would appeal to you?”
  • She will answer: extra $$$, flexibility, taxes, kids, fun, outlet, etc. Now you will know what her “Hot Button” is!  Relate Mary Kay to her situation.  If you’ve done your homework on the ride to the Guest Event, you’ ll know how Mary Kay can fit into her life!
  • Tell her to go home and do the Pillow Test:  “If you think about MK, dream about it, and get up tomorrow still thinking about it – we need to talk!”
  • When you call to see how she slept, use the same phrases from yesterday:  “What in the world do you have to lose?”

If she says NO WAY, that’s your worst case scenario, and you should give up. Try to get her to watch a video and ask the same questions on the way home.

  • But…. take the opportunity AWAY from her.  Ask her to be a Talent Scout for you. Let her know that you have wonderful gifts for anyone who finds you your next team member.
  • If she mentions a name, say, “If so-and-so were to want to join, could that change your current interest level from where it is now to a 10 – which means you’re ready for your Starter Kit?”
  • Some will stay put, but watch out for the ones that light up!  It’s fun to see them gleam and say “It sure would!” She’s recruitable!  Get her to have a Class, an Update Makeover, or a Girl’s Night Out!


  1. Mickey2942

    The fake friend, manipulation, and over the top criminal thinking is epic here. Deception, deceit. It is more ethical to be a used car salesman than to represent MK.

    This isn’t “sales”, or even running a business. It is about lying and using other people. There is something wrong with pretending to be someone’s friend, when the real motivation is to get her to sign the “sheet”.

  2. Char

    “Do you realize how much you’ve spent with me this last year – wholesale is always better than retail!”

    And that just about sums up MLMing. IT IS NOT PRODUCT SALES for the consultant. Otherwise, why would she recruit the person who has been buying from her, creating her own competition?

    It’s about consultants selling the (fake) opportunity.

    MLMers are shysters whether they realize it or not.

  3. Cat

    I’m curious, what sort of “gift” is the guest going to get for all of $2.50? I assume that wouldn’t pay for any MK product, unless there are sample sizes available to purchase.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      I was at an event as a guest and I “won” a discontinued lip gloss. That’s the norm, the prizes / gifts are discontinued crap that can’t be sold anymore. It’s embarrassing explaining to guests if they ask about it that it’s not in the catalogue anymore and hasn’t been for years. Yup, you’re a valued guest….here’s your old lip gloss that didn’t sell 5 yrs ago….

      In other stupidity, I was at a Red Jacket event earlier this year and the directors were doing draws for MK branded stuff they didn’t want anymore. I loudly asked if it was stuff pulled out of their basements! It was total crap, old MK bags etc and the sad part was the frenzy to get tickets in the hopes of winning!

  4. Pink Jihad

    “Mingling keeps her energized….” HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Not if you’re an introvert. I’d rather stab myself in the face with a fork for an hour than mingle with people I don’t know, especially manically enthusiastic over-made up freaks in pantyhose.

  5. Readr

    “In your wildest dreams, if you ever did became a consultant, what would appeal to you?”
    She will answer: extra $$$, flexibility, taxes, kids, fun, outlet, etc. ”

    And if she answers: IPO, building a business to leave to her kids, finding more brands to sell from her webpage…? 😉

    1. PinkyTuskMascara

      My wildest dreams have nothing to do with MK. They most likely wouldn’t be welcome on this forum either.

      Although to be fair, I guess they sell the ‘fantasy’ of making money with MK? Just not my kinda fantasy!

  6. Still Breaking The Basic

    “Lure guests to an event by telling them you want them to purchase the 3 most expensive items they’ve ever wanted to buy, and offer those items at half-price.”

    If you really want the 3 most expensive items at half price, head over to Ebay.

    Ebay doesn’t have a dress code. No mixing or mingling. No clapping and cheering.

    And not being held hostage in the recruiter’s car.

    1. Char

      Right, or flip it on her. Tell the consultant if there ever comes a month where she needs to make production, you’ll gladly help her out and buy at half price.

      I don’t really want anyone to buy at all. I am making a point that it’s easy to get a consultant to sell it at the price you want. She’s the desperate one.

      If you must support this pyramid scheme, never ever pay full price for your Mary Kay crap.

  7. enorth

    For a time, they were luring guests to events with cash giveaways and starter-kit drawings. (The money and kits were “contributed” by the SDs.)

    I haven’t seen any lately, so MK Corp may have put a stop to it.

  8. Kristen

    50’s music??????? Just in case anyone doubts the dated, non trendy nature associated with MK. Women already associate MK with old ladies in beehive hairdos. This tactic will have your hostage trying to jump out of the pink caddy at the first stoplight. And, how dumb do they think most women are? Does MK honestly think most women haven’t heard these scripted questions before? For example, “what were you excited about?” That is such a blatant attempt. It’s a phony question created by MLM’s. I never understand why MK doesn’t change its tactics. Women know better. They knew better 20 years ago when I got sucked into the lie. That’s why I lost friends, felt like a leper and experienced terrible shame at my “failure”. Until I found this site, I had no clue how many other women felt the same way.

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