Manipulation From the Word Go

You’re familiar with the manipulation (lies, coercion, etc.) that goes on during the Mary Kay recruiting process. We know that they use manipulation to get women to purchase inventory packages. But did you know that the manipulation can happen even in the process of getting the “yes” from the new recruit?

What if she says yes she’s going to sign up, but she wants to wait a couple of months? Maybe she doesn’t have money in her budget for the starter kit, or she has to arrange child care so she can work, or any of a number of reasons.

That’s not good enough.

Mary Kay recruiters never want you to wait! The greatest risk is that you will change your mind, especially if you decide to do some research at some point.

There is a script to make the recruit say “yes” sooner! First you agree with her. Then you tell her that you’re going to be in Mary Kay next week, next month, next year, 10 years from now. When she is ready, you’ll be here and will be ready to work with her.

But then you tell her that you need to be honest with her and share a big goal that is important to A LOT OF PEOPLE at the end of this month. You give her some history behind your goad and your deadline.

Here’s an example:

I am in the process of becoming a director so that my husband will be able to quit his full time job in which he travels two to three days every week, and be able to do only his second job full-time and be able to stay home with our two boys and not travel. 

So you can see why finishing this goal is so important to me, and you know, if I were sitting today where you are sitting, I’d want to know the whole story, and I would want to know that if I joined Mary Kay now instead of in 2 months, that it would make a BIG difference to the person recruiting me and the others involved on the team. 

So if there is any way possible for you to go ahead and make that decision today and get your showcase ordered and your inventory decision made, we can begin by doing your business debut right next month or whenever you choose, that’s fine.  It would make a big difference to me.

Then you simply be quiet. They often say that in sales, the first person to talk loses. So you simply wait for her to say yes.


  1. MLM Radar

    Another term for MLM marketing is Relationship Marketing. They try to get you to buy because you’ve got some kind of a relationship, and not because its something good for you or your wallet.

    Imagine hearng the same words from a used car salesman you’ve never met before. I’d probably be pretty upset.

    But when we hear the same words from friend-of-a-friend MLM sales rep (even someone you never met before) they act like we have some sort of oblgation to sign up or buy.

    Wrong. Time to lift the fog of manipulation, and kick the MK lady to the curb next to the used car salesman.

  2. Char

    Thoughts? I’ve been thinking of an article idea, but I’m not qualified to write it. How about some reverse manipulation/sabotage for a change? A collection of tips and tricks for downline, for exiting angry dupes, potential recruits, and/or the few customers who purchase retail.

    One retail customer example:

    If I were someone’s customer who couldn’t live without say…Timewise. Shouldn’t I wait until the end of the month and tell her I’ll buy at her price if she needs me to help “make production”? If she won’t do it, I’ll just buy from another consultant who will or eBay.

    Note 1: This is probably already the case, but it could be advertised so to speak.
    Note 2: It is preferable that no one buy pyramid scheme products.

    Btw, the intent of the article would be how to expose MLM weaknesses and discourage scam participants, and not to just be mean. If information and facts worked, I’d be all for it. It usually doesn’t when it comes to MLM though. Unfortunately, we must resort to other methods sometimes including naming and shaming. Given the manipulation dished out by MLMers, I think this is fair.

    Tips to address that I can think of. Surely, there are many:

    -Is there a better day to resign and return product that’s worse for consultants and easier for the departed?
    -Best day for retail customers to place order and what to say to get a deal.

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