Don’t Tell Consultants. They Might Wait to Order.

The key to success as a director in Mary Kay is to suck every last bit of ordering out of consultants. So when changes are coming, directors don’t tell consultants until the last minute. Why? They’re hoping you might place an order for the old stuff, and then you’ll have to order again when the new stuff comes out. Clever, ‘eh?

One of many sad truths in Mary Kay is that the company and its representatives like to withhold information from consultants as long as possible. Why? We want them to order now. It helps our commission checks now. If we tell them about an upcoming special, they may wait to order, and that is bad for us. Here it is, straight from a sales director:

Be reaaaaal careful about releasing this info to consultants TOO EARLY–THEY WILL HOLD ORDERS! You never want to encourage order-holding, something else could happen between now and then and they don’t order!

Yes, after 55 years in the business, Mary Kay knows exactly when to announce product changes and specials to get the most ordering out of consultants. Why do you think they wait to announce major product line changes? To get the most orders for the old stuff out of consultants… then when the new stuff comes out, the consultants order again so that they have the products shown in the catalog.


  1. Eyes Opened

    Been there. Against better reasoning I joined in September 2018. Ordered the infamous $1800 package full makeup that would soon change. I was in one month and was stunned when the NSD called me to place another order when my initial package was barely unwrapped. Next thing I know it’s the limited edition Satin Hands followed by new chrome colors for eyes, cheeks and lips. How many smoky grays can you come up with?Looking back the NSD knew those changes were coming she just chose not to tell me I placed my first order. I ordered a few of those items, but finally came to my senses and told my recruiter I was done. I was spending more and more money not reaping the benefits. Even now they are getting ready yet again for a new product launch. I went back to a skin care regimen from a major cosmetic line that i had not used in over ten years, guess what even though new products have been introduced the product I wanted is still there and is promoted just like every other product they have. Only in MK will they introduce and discontinue on the regular.

    1. ran4fun

      Eyes Opened, I hope you will send back every single item possible. You will get back 90% of what you paid and 100% of the retail tax they charged you! Totally worth it! And the charge-back she gets might teach her a lesson not to front-load anymore. Congrats on seeing clearly now.

    2. ICanSeeClearlyNow

      I feel your pain. I joined in the fall of 1999 with an $1800 order. Imagine my surprise when in January 2000 Mary Kay came out with not only new eye and lip colors but a new color scheme for their compacts and lipsticks as well as all new foundations and the Timewise skin care for “the new millennium.” I was such an idiot. I was annoyed at the company but I thought we were all in the same boat. It never occurred to me that my director, who placed my order for me, knew that change was coming up and loaded me up with soon-to-be discontinued product anyway.

  2. Char

    Regarding “Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Mary Kay scam ‘business’ “ –

    How could the consultant find out when new releases are coming?

    Should she ask her director each and every month straight up if new products are coming out? If the director says no, and they do, the director gets busted in a lie. Not good. Maybe this would encourage truth? The consultant could threaten to leave if she lies to her again.

    Check PinkTruth? Do you guys have an informant on this?

    For those of you who still insist on supporting MK, if you can’t beat them, join them; and try to outfox the fox. I think the former directors here will be glad to help you. Keep checking PinkTruth for more help.

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