Interview Exploitation

NSD Kathy Helou tells you to do an “innerview” (rather than an interview) of your potential victim. The idea is that you get her to tell you her weaknesses, and then you tell her how Mary Kay will solve those problems. This is why the Mary Kay “opportunity” is so dirty. When it’s not about lies, it’s about manipulation.

I understand that good salespeople try to find hot buttons and then sell to that. But this seems to take it to another level. Mary Kay recruiters are known for helping to create a “lack” in their targets and then selling to that. They’re known for saying things like your husband and your kids don’t appreciate you. You don’t contribute to the family financially. You don’t feel valued. They exploit some of the most sensitive issues for women.

Here is Kathy’s interview, with my comments in bold.

Begin with your brief 3-5 minute “I” story and what you love most about Mary Kay.

Ask her: What do you like about your current job or situation?

Ask her: If you could change anything, what would it be? And it starts. Tell me what you are unhappy with so I can tell you how Mary Kay will be the answer.

Here is where you LISTEN CLOSELY to be able to see her areas of dissatisfaction. Yes, they actually tell you to look for dissatisfaction in the recruit.

Points to cover in your “innerview”:


  • We buy our products for $1 and sell for $2. Except for when you discount things, which is nearly all the time. Or when you give it away for free as an incentive to come to an event, do an interview, invite people to your skin care class etc.
  • Greatest commission paid in direct selling – and we get the same commission on every item in the line from the least expensive sponge tip to our most expensive item, the Day/Night Solution Set and all items in between. Great commission, until you discount it!
  • Mary Kay’s gift to you is up to 50% profit… You don’t have to earn that commission through time and service. From a new Consultant to a National Sales Director, we’re all created equal when selling the product. At least she finally said “up to.”
  • Show her the beauty book to eliminate her fear of a catalog book full of thousands of products and she then wonders “how can I learn it all?” Yeah, not thousands. Just hundreds. That change regularly. So your inventory is outdated within 3 months after you buy it.


  • We sell a consumable product! It is usedup and the customer cannot find it in a retail establishment, only through YOU! The products are widely available. Consultants are a dime a dozen, and it’s easy for your customer to go online and find someone selling it cheaper.
  • The average customer will purchase 4 times a year: summer, winter, fall and spring. She spends $30 to receive her “gift with purchase” through Mary Kay’s Preferred Customer Program. This number is made up. No one knows how often an average customer really orders because the company does not track actual sales to customers.
  • As old as we get, our customers are aging at exactly the same rate, and the need for what we have to offer never decreases… always increases! They may “need” products, but they usually wise up pretty quickly and figure out that MK products aren’t that great.


  • Product and business..women will always have a need for the products and for a Consultant. She can find a consultant anywhere. Or go to eBay. Or find a going out of business sale. Or a garage sale. Or someone at church.
  • Three markets never suffer in a recession or depression: alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics.
  • Women will always and forever buy moisturizers and lipsticks – even in downtimes because it lifts their self-esteem! So let’s take advantage of this!


  • Reorder Consultant: Personal Use; gift-giving savings
  • Facials: 1-2 women
  • Classes: 3-6 women How are any of these unique? It’s the same, boring, tired, old home party gig that they’ve been doing for 55 years.
  • We can begin our business within our “comfort zone” and step out as we grow in knowledge and confidence. Well, that’s what they say now. Once you start, you’re going to be pushed and pushed and pushed to do things you’re not comfortable doing. If you’re not willing to do them, then you’re a loser who didn’t try.


  • Meetings – our choice to attend or not. But you’re a loser if you don’t. Those who show up, go up.
  • Appointments we hold – our choice how many; if any! Okay, but you won’t go anywhere if you don’t hold appointments because you won’t have anyone to recruit.
  • Retail sales – our choice Yeah, I’m starting a business and I’m going to choose not to sell anything. (Thankfully she didn’t say there weren’t ordering quotas. Because there are.)


  • We can sell and recruit anywhere in the US and never lose what we start. Except we won’t mention that most places are overrun with consultants, ex-consultants, and women who’ve been stalked by consultants.
  • Mail/UPS products, Adoptee program (It’s a catalog society) .

NOT A PYRAMID Oh yes it is!

  • Our products only changes hands twice. Who cares how many times the product changes hands? The important part is that a bunch of levels above you are getting paid on your orders.
  • Wholesale: from Mary Kay to Consultant
  • Retail: from Consultant to Customer If you can actually sell any!
  • By eliminating “middle men” Mary Kay provides our wonderful profit level! What middle men is she referring to?

ONGOING, FREE TRAINING Well, not really free because they’ll make you pay for every event you attend.

  • From Director – Success Meetings Just pep rallies, and not free at all.

NO CEILING ON OPPORTUNITY You can go as high as your credit card will take you!

  • Design your own lifestyle You’ll be working Mary Kay all the time if you hope to make a living, and even then your chances of making a much money are slim. Not much of a lifestyle to design.
  • Write your own paycheck in a Fortune 500 company! Uh, not Fortune 500 because it hasn’t been a public company for years and years. And you you only write the paycheck that your credit card and your conscience are able to cash.
  • Advance at your own pace. Recruiting is optional. 4-13% Commission Your own pace = as fast as you want to run up your credit card.
  • Mary Kay pays recruiting commissions directly to you on your recruit’s 1st and all subsequent orders, not from recruit’s 50% profit. Yes, you get your commission fast, even if your recruits never sell a thing.
  • Recruiting develops espirit de corps and promotes teamwork! Not really. Because once you start pressuring your recruits to order inventory, things get tense. And if anyone leaves Mary Kay, you should not speak to them anymore.

IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF BUT NOT BY YOURSELF We’ll say you own your own business and we’ll support you, but you really are on your own to find new victims.

  • Women supporting women-what a novel idea! Not really. Lots of backstabbing. All the friends you make will be gone if you quit Mary Kay.
  • We don’t compete with each other for prizes – no limit on cars earned, diamonds, trips, etc. Of course there’s competition. Who can be the queen or display this month’s pin or recruit someone before another consultant does.
  • Golden Rule philosophy. In theory only.
  • Positive attitude training. .
  • Time management training No time for anything but Mary Kay. Don’t even attend your kid’s birthday party instead of our rah-rah meeting, or we’ll say you’re not committed. Make your kid your reason, not your excuse
  • Achieve life/work balance.
  • Goal setting

WHY DO IT NOW? Pressure, pressure. Do it right away before you have a chance to think about it.

  • Personal growth.
  • Develop new friendships. Pink-weather friends only.
  • Don’t have to give up anything to try Mary Kay. Just lots of money.
  • Full plate? – make Mary Kay your dessert! Minimizing the time commitment, as always.
  • You’ll never know if you don’t try! Yes you will. You’re reading this site.
  • Tax advantages to an in-home business. Not really. The only way to get a tax deduction is to spend money Don’t join Mary Kay, and keep your money instead.
  • Personal use and gift-giving savings all year long. Don’t fool yourself. No one wants Mary Kay as a gift.
  • Ask yourself: Where will I be 5 years from now? If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you are right now! Not in pink debt, thank you very much.

WHY WAIT? You could accumulate leads, acquire customers, begin building your network, learn the business in your spare time at your own pace. Lies, lies, lies.

PRESENTING THE AGREEMENT (Nowhere does it say “Death Contract”) Well they don’t say it, but that’s what it is. Death of time with your family. Death to your family finances.

In front of you is all you need to begin your Mary Kay business. It’s an agreement between you and Mary Kay. You agree to buy this showcase and we agree to provide you with the tools and training techniques to achieve anything you desire. But only if you make a big inventory order.

Within 7-10 days your showcase will arrive and we’ll assemble it together. But only if you make a big inventory order. The case is $100 + tax + shipping and handling charge and this Agreement does not bind you to any certain length of time… there’s no annual membership fees (like Sam’s Wholesale Club).

Mary Kay only asks that we place one wholesale order of $225 or greater to stay in her company (Only one?) – that could even be a personal use/gift giving purchase. To retain “active status”, on current mailing lists, etc., you are required to place a minimum $225 wholesale order once a quarter. (A seasonal order to simply stay current with fashion trends).

If for some unforeseen reason, you decide Mary Kay is not for you, she provides you with a 90% buy-back guarantee to protect the integrity of her company’s reputation. She retains you as a happy customer once again, instead of a disgruntled former Consultant with more products than she has use for. Who is really happy with Mary Kay once they figure out the scam and leave the company? Especially when they twist your arm to not send back your products.

Now, after all that you’ve heard, what excites you the most?

  • On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, what’s your interest level? No matter what your number is, she’s going to push you to do it!
  • What questions can I answer or what else can I tell you to get you to a 10?  The old “if I could teach you how to do that” what else would concern you technique is coming.
  • The only decision you have to make now is the most convenient way to purchase your beauty showcase? Cash, check, Mastercard, Visa or Discover. Pretend she said yes and steamroll her into doing it. After she coughs up $100, start with the inventory quickly!
  • Inventory is referred to as “product on hand” and is covered thoroughly at orientation. There is no orientation. There is a sales director twisting your arm to buy inventory.

DON’T TRAIN WHEN PRESENTING THE MARKETING PLAN! That’s right. Too much information about the Mary Kay truth will cause her to run the other way!


  1. Char

    Has anyone ever shown you how a magic trick is done? Did you then think it was obvious and couldn’t believe you didn’t see it?

    PinkTruth is revealing and explaining the magic trick – FOR FREE.

    I say for free because MLMers want you to believe we are jealous and don’t have what it takes. Nope, just knowledgeable. Not only do MK MLMers not want you to read the truth, they want you to think the truth is a lie. They want you to disregard reality. They want you to believe in the illusion. Why? This makes MK money and the few scammer consultants at the top.

    Yes, a very, very few top people do make money in MLM. The issue is how. That “how” is by lying, creating debt for others, and ripping off their downline, friends and family. Thieves and drug dealers also acquire money. The “how” shouldn’t be overlooked.

    Look at the script above and how words can be manipulated. Tracy has no reason to lie to you, but the interviewer does. She wants your money. MK and it’s consultants are not doing this to help you despite how they make it sound. It is about them.

    MLM is neither a business nor a good opportunity. The numbers don’t lie, but upline MLMers do.

  2. Michelle

    Fun little story – my family is so used to me babbling my anti-MLM stuff. We went out for dinner tonight and part of the meal was a pitcher of Shirley Temple (my twins are 19 but they still love it!), and my husband kept asking everyone to “pass the Pink Truth juice”! Love them, and they will NEVER fall for a pyramid scheme 🙂

  3. Juliet

    Char’s comments are total truth missiles. The line about Tracy having nothing to gain with Pink Truth versus the desired result of mk interviews is all that is needed to prove the distinction between Pink Truth and mk.

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