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Same Play, Different Audience

Written by SuzyQ

Why do we keep doing what we do at Pink Truth? This page explains why Pink Truth exists in the first place, but I wanted everyone to know a little more about why it’s important for me (and so many others) to continue to discuss Mary Kay day after day.

There are diehard Kaybots who will never believe what we have to say. There are other Kaybots who don’t want to believe it, but probably will sometime soon. There are still other Kaybots who know that our stories ring true, but are fighting it. And there are those who are ready to come out of the fog and into the light.

Here’s what some Kaybots will never understand: We don’t do “this” (Pink Truth) for us. We aren’t here to relive our MK stories daily for our own satisfaction.

We are doing this for all the women who need this information and won’t get it anywhere else. We support them and love them and tell them our stories so they understand they’re not alone.

And we keep doing this week after week, month after month, and year after year because each day Mary Kay creates new victims. With thousands of women STILL being recruited each month in the U.S., you know that there are many who need this information and need our support.

And for that very reason, I will not stop. Do you think maybe I’m a little tired of explaining things about returning inventory? Yes, I’ve been at it for years now, so it’s old to me. But it’s NEW TO THEM. I never knew how many consultants have no idea that they can get their money back!

And it’s not just that issue. There are many others. I’ve discussed them to death. But this isn’t about me. This is about the women who are seeing this stuff for the very first time.

I do it for them.


  1. Char

    I think people who have suffered from and beat diseases will often join awareness campaigns with endless passion. All for a good cause to give back and help others.

    MLM i.e. Mary Kay is like an infectious disease, but luckily it is preventable and curable. Simply stay away from people who are carriers as they are highly contagious; and do seek help if you’re already plagued. Don’t just ignore the illness because it will fester and people will treat you like a leper.

    PinkTruth, a chapter of the MLM Awareness Campaign, dispenses medicine, provides recovery support, and vaccinates against MK. What a wonderful FREE service the owner and volunteers provide.

    Hopefully someday soon, the Mary Kay MLM disease will be eradicated. 🙂

  2. ihatemk

    One of the reasons I looooove to come to this site, it just reinforces in me what I have always believed about MK. I have been to the MK parties, heard the bull, and just thought to myself, this is just way over the top. I remember one time I went to a “practice” interview for one of my husband’s family members who had just started in MK (she is no longer doing it). I told her I was not going to sell MK and was very upfront about it, but I would do it so she could get whatever prize or some bs she was supposed to get. I was told how MK sold itself, I asked about quotas, was told there were none, asked about the market being over saturated, was told it wasn’t, (thought that was a lie and based on posts here, I see it is). It was all painted as pictures of unicorns, rainbows and roses. I have never seen women get so excited about the stupidest things. My instinct was telling me this is just too much and if it was so great, then why do they need consultants? Seeing the posts on here, it is for consultants to buy into the game and make $ for MK. MK doesn’t care about the consultants, just the $ and I see the posts on here have just confirmed what I suspected all along.

  3. enorth

    Just heard there will be new Spring products launching; will be announced Feb 1.
    The SSD said, “I can’t tell you yet what they are, but they will be a game-changer.”

      1. enorth

        Lifting Serum was re-formulated and has new packaging…but the new pump design is apparently a flop and they’re holding off on the launch. In the meantime, STOCK UP on the current version. You don’t want to disappoint your customers. And you want to “earn” your “free” cruise, right?

    1. enorth

      From Facebook:

      “Calling all FORMER Mary Kay consultants! If you’ve thought about coming back in, now is the time! It’s only $25 to re-sign AND you, yes, YOU can earn this free Cruise too!”

      1. Mountaineer95

        Ha ha ha:

        Any former Mary Kay consultants can come here, to Pink Truth, and can sign up to get access to more insider information than ever thought possible at NO COST and with NO requirements! And with the money you save (by NOT buying in to Mary Kay lies), you can easily buy yourself a high end cruise!

    2. BestDecision

      $3600 wholesale + 6 new qualified recruits + 3 new first-time Red Jackets within your team between Jan-June. If you’ve been a Director for any length of time, you can see why they’re pushing for Reds within a Red Jacket’s team…before she goes into DIQ. So manipulative!

      And, I can say from personal experience–having 3 new Reds on your own team is pretty monstrous to achieve. I don’t think I had a Red Jacket until after I was a Director. Not easy!

  4. BlessedToBeFree

    They are coming out with new foundations soon this year so the there is another line consultants will be stuck with on their shelves that are discontinued. Both the matte and luminous timewise foundations

  5. Mickey2942

    I have no doubt that the consultants will receive blast emails from their beloved DD, and team leaders, with HUGE discounts if you order TODAY! $3500 worth of valuable makeup for a low, low “introductory” price of only….$350! What an amazing value!

    Today only!

  6. BlessedToBeFree

    Mary Kay is changing another whole line coming soon. All the timewise matte and luminous will be discontinued. So there is yet another line that consultants will have wasted money sitting on their shelves.

    1. Coffee Queen

      Why? This is the only foundation I used for years because it was the one that matched my skintone, then Sephora came to my province and Nars foundation matched even better. So now I buy NARS, but in smaller communities and centres, MK foundations had by far a greater variety in shades and could match well with anyone.
      When I sold MK, the foundations were my biggest seller because of this. Plus I also knew how to match foundation (I learned from a certified make-up artist, not my director).
      If the formula works, why change it?

      1. EyesWideShutNoMore

        Same here! My city didn’t get a Sephora until 2010ish! It’s really just there, Mac and the Bay but I’ve noticed the Mac foundations are either pink or yellow. Good if you’re going for the jaundiced look.

        Gals in the US – you’re so lucky to have the plethora of stores to get decent cosmetics in! Not a lot of dept stores to go to here, either. Finally got a Nordstrom’s but there’s only 3 in ON and they’re at the higher end malls. There’s a REALLY high end dept store Holt Renfrew and I think too many ppl are intimidated to shop there – my wallet is lol. Our drug stores are trying to step up their game but there’s only 2 major ones and the ones in smaller towns aren’t great. MK to the rescue LOL ?.

        I can see why some of the consultants or SDs do well (so they say) in small towns because a decent mall is too far away and too much of a hassle to go to, especially with the weather we’re having lately! Big fish in a small and naive pond!

        We don’t have:
        Target (epic fail here)
        Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Kohl’s

          1. Coffee Queen

            Well yeah but we were not allowed to test at Wal-mart and the small drug stores we had. Once we got Sephora, that seemed to change, all the places offer testing now 🙂

            As for internet, I hate buying foundation by internet because I am so pale, it is very hard to find a match. Like I said, MK was the best for that until we got real makeup brands via Sephora. As soon as that got here, Shoppers (equal to your CVS), renovated to add their beauty lines and beauty counters and started employing makeup artists.

            This is why, I think MK was so popular in my town and in my province. We just didn’t have any options besides Cover Girl. I am so glad that, when Sephora came, all the other drugstores upped their game and got lots of different brands and started to allow testing of makeup and consultations.

    2. ThinkPinkThinkAgain

      Once again, I am SO glad I quit last August. I had the complete foundation line and took a big loss on it despite deeply discounting my inventory. People tended to love those foundations when they tried the shades in person but some shades moved a lot faster than others and if clients couldn’t get together (because of distance, busy schedules, etc.), they would NOT buy. I wish I hadn’t spent $600+ stocking up, but at least those days are over now! All the consultants and directors who revamped their skincare and color inventory in 2018 will now have ANOTHER new line to buy. It’s a shame because those foundations are really good, but even more so because lots of consultants will lose money on the slow-moving shades.

      How did I ever think Mary Kay was so awesome?

      1. BlessedToBeFree

        I can’t stand Mary Kay anymore. I was a future executive senior sales director and with strong start to national and there was always a restlessness I had and wasn’t sure what it was. I had read this site a long time ago and was sickened and upset about it. I told myself never to look at it again. Then, I stepped back because I was bothered. I then started to pray and didn’t share any doubts or thoughts I had about Mary Kay to anyone. Things became so clear that this business is not what the company makes it out to be. I thought I was making really good money and I thought I was putting my family first and it was the opposite. And that in order to keep going to the top, it would never end and always be this viscous cycle. Mary Kay is a business and they are using others to do their dirty work and make the money. The prizes they give are valued so much higher so it gives them tax breaks. They have all their business tools and when they change products, those things are outdated also. People need to open their eyes. That cruise they have, they will pay taxes on it. I now have a closer relationship with my husband and kids. I felt I knew others more than my own family. The things said at conferences manipulate your thinking and saying God put this dream in your heart and things like that is not for them to say. It truly was hard because I questioned so hard leaving but deep inside, I knew it was right. I started reading this site again and it just confirms for me that I am not alone. I can’t believe I fell for this scam and spent all the time and money I did.

        1. BestDecision

          I’m with you! I always came back from Leadership feeling like I wasn’t doing enough or didn’t love God enough–or in the right ways–to move up. I, too, doubted MK privately and thought I wasn’t loyal by sneaking a peek on here, but I realized it confirmed every doubt I had. I had to face my offspring, tell my unit, and send my Cadillac back, and it was a huge, public move to finally leave. Yet, I immediately felt lighter, less anxious, and happier. No more unit meetings at night, no more weekend guest events, workshops, or business debuts, and no more convincing unit members to go to Career Conference. And then Seminar. And then Fall Retreat. OVER!

        2. ThinkPinkThinkAgain

          I 100% understand what you’re saying about the message conferences send, BlessedToBeFree. The last conference I attended was CC in March 2018 and by that point I was starting to shake off the pull of MK. Going in with a dose of skepticism helped me understand how EVERYTHING is set up to elevate the few and leave the rest of us drooling, wanting to move up. I was told for YEARS about the dream in my heart, the dream that I always felt uncertain about. Turns out that’s because it wasn’t truly my dream.

  7. NewFreedom

    Nnnnooooooo! I love my Ivory 1! I am the lightest of the light. I got tired of them always changing product and having to keep up with current product in inventory. It irritated me that they put the release of new TimeWise so stinking close to new Botanical Effects AND Chromafusion color launch. I only have so much money to put into MK. Enough is enough.

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