If You Spent as Much Time on Mary Kay….

Another Pink Truth critic thinks that if we had spent as much time on Mary Kay as we do on Pink Truth, we would have found success. My comments to her are in italics throughout her rant.

LOL!! Wow reading this blog sadens me! I have been in mary Kay for less thana year have a free car which isn’t hard to maintain to keep.

You just got that Mary Kay car. Tell me how easy it is a year from now. And we know the truth… it is NOT easy to keep because to do so you need to constantly recruit and convince women to waste money on inventory packages.

I put in less time than most women who have to work away from the home and I have a director that has never pressured me or made me feel as though I had to do anything I did not want to do. I am a director now and have never pressured anyone to buy inventory and explain that this is like any other business out there you have to build a client base and grow a team but as a director I do not ask anyone to buy inventory unless they feel they can put in the same amount of time they would for a part time job (20 hours a week or so) .

Right. All Mary Kay women like to say that they don’t “force” or “pressure” anyone into buying inventory. They just provide the facts. Which falsely state that you must have inventory if you want to be successful. But it’s YOUR decision!!!!

I am thinking the complaints on this site are coming from women who thought that they could do Mary Kay and get rich quick and not have to put forth effort.

You would be wrong. Those of us in Mary Kay never expected a get rich quick scheme, although recruiters like you often say things like they don’t put in a lot of time (see above!) or they can do part time hours (20 hours a week, anyone?) or that the rat race ends once you finish DIQ (not true… being a director is like a non-stop DIQ).

It is like any job you do if you don’t work at it it wont grow. If you dont get out of your comfort zone and meet new people then you wont grow your customers. I think if you spent as much timein your mary Kay business as you do this blog you would probably have succeeded.

99% of people lose money in multi-level marketing. No matter how hard they work, they will never succeed because MLMs are a money transfer game which use a product as the bait. In MLM, your success is not correlated with your effort. It’s simply a bad system in which most fail no matter what they do.

And just so you know, a number of us WERE “successful” by Mary Kay’s definition.

I make all of my kids activites, clean my own house and put my famiyl first, go to Uganda twice a year and still make double what I was before I did Mary Kay working full time and not being able to be there for my kids.

I would like to invite you to prove that your earnings are double with copies of your tax returns.

Maybe you had a bad experience and a director who lead you wrong and pressured you but I have not had that experience and know hwo to manage my time so that I can live by the philosphies Faith, Family then career.

We’ve heard the excuse that our directors must have been bad apples. That’s simply not the case. All directors mislead consultants.

Yes I put 40 hours in a week right now but I also bring home over $1000 a week as a brand new director and have earned a free car.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. There is no way you “bring home” $1,000 per week. To do that, your monthly wholesale production would have to be well over $10,000, and you’d have to be selling more than $1,000 retail per week. You’re not hitting either of those numbers.

Geez I don’t really have much to more to say just that you oviously had a bad experience and instead of blaming the company maybe you should look at who your director was and how they did things because I know that the things you state on here are not true and anyone who is not lazy and willing to step out of their comfort zone even just a little can make this work for them.

Both the individuals and Mary Kay Inc. are responsible for the financial loses of women in Mary Kay, because they promote deception. Mary Kay set up this system in which almost everyone fails, and the consultants and directors promote the system with the help of the company. Both are to blame.

BY the way I have lots of consultants that have not purchased any inventory and make a steady $1000 extra a month just actually working 5-10 hours a week so it is actually possible with the right leadership!

Again, you are a liar. To make $1,000 per month, a consultant would have to be selling a minimum of $2,500 per month, and that rarely occurs in Mary Kay because the products are so hard to sell. And it certainly doesn’t occur when a woman works 5 to 10 hours a week. The market is saturated, women are sick of the Mary Kay game, and there are much better products available in stores and on the internet (which don’t require the sales people hounding them to sign up or hold a party). I have studied the numbers in Mary Kay for years, and what you claim is simply untrue.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    “I have lots of consultants that have not purchased any inventory and make a steady $1000 extra a month just actually working 5-10 hours a week”

    Well, if they have a second job that pays $15 an hour, and work 2 shifts a week … that will do it.

  2. raisinberry

    “BY the way I have lots of consultants that have not purchased any inventory and make a steady $1000 extra a month just actually working 5-10 hours a week so it is actually possible with the right leadership!”

    Uh. If your consultants “have not purchased any inventory”…what are they selling?

    To make $1000 a month at the 60/40 rule, would mean they sold 2500.00 in product…unless, of course they are selling something else….

  3. BestDecision

    No, honey, unlike you, I drove Cadillacs. So, I obviously put in the time. I’m grateful I’m not hanging around people with bad grammar like yourself.

    Please, take that Career Conference registration, get a refund, and buy yourself an English class. It’s pitiful how badly you guys are representing yourselves nowadays.

    And another thing…while you’re trying to sell $70 face masks on a Saturday, I’ll be with my family and friends all day long without a care, deadline, or pay worry in the world.

  4. Jacirene

    While she runs the wheel of the Hamster, I am returning on vacation in the Caribbean (Aruba and Curaçao) with my family. I’m at home resting and reading Pink Truth. I really do not know what moment of my life I went crazy and I thought Mary Kay was a deal. No, it’s not. It’s a big hoax, which they call “opportunity.” And to think that this plague is already 20 years ago in Brazil.

    1. raisinberry

      Jacirrene, they have moved to other countries because the US market has become savvy about MLM and are starting to openly reject it, but “The American Dream” can be sold wholesale across other markets-people outside the U.S. have no idea how American prosperity happened, and it was by our free market capitalism with moderate regulations from a governing body that had reduced taxation in order to free up money for innovation. Simple. Not monsterous. Not evil. But nations that do not know or have never been exposed to the disease of multi level marketing, are targets for any and all of these schemes.

      The MODEL is flawed. It DEPENDS on recruitment…endless recruiting chains, and the illusion of wealth, realized by ONLY the top 1% who got in early and manipulated the rest.

  5. Burnnurse

    Reading the Pink Truth saddens me too. I hate that so many like myself have fallen prey to the Director scripts and deception. Every “overcoming objections” scripts are posted here that my Director used. I fell for it, but just like a bad product or seller on amazon or eBay there are bad reviews for the products. Pink Truth is honest reviews of the of Mary Kay opportunity.

    1. MLM Radar

      I was also thinking about Amazon reviews, especially the ones which say, “I just got nnnn and it’s the best thing ever! Five stars!”

      Ummm, yeah. You’ve had it all of two days and you already know it’s the cure for all your problems. How about you reconsider that review when you’ve had the thing long enough to know whether it holds up over time?

      Such as, how about you reconsider your Mary Kay review when you finish your tax return Schedule C, and find out if you really made any money for all that work.

      Oh, wait a minute. I just reread the original post. This isn’t a real MK review. This is a strung together set of MK Director lies, manipulations, more lies, and blame-the-victim discards.


  6. Colleen

    So this lady is working 40+ hrs a week and making $1000. But she’s got people working 5-10 hrs a week also making $1000. Seems like she’s the dumb one.

    Also is it possible she’s selling in Uganda?

  7. Not a bot

    $1000 a month for 5 to 10 hours a week. Let’s say a party averages 5 hours. If she has one party a week, sales would have to average $500 per party ($250 per party if she works 10 hours a week). I would say that is unrealistic to have a party with that many sales, especially on a consistent basis. This doesn’t include other expenses from the consultants own pocket such as prizes, gas, etc. This also doesn’t include time spent in meetings, phone calls etc.

  8. Kim Bradshaw

    Total lies…lol. Like others have said…doesn’t pass the math test let alone logic. I love these kaybots….they claim they know someone or of someone who makes big money. However, names are never mentioned to back up their claims. We know you or your director do not know someone personally. You are just regurgitating what your director told you. And we don’t know what we are talking about. ROFL!

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