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Truth About the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac

Mary Kay plants fluff pieces with the media to hype the company. Mary Kay’s public relations department sends out press releases and contacts reporters in hopes of getting television and print media coverage. This, of course, fuels the constant push to recruit new consultants.

Mary Kay is one of the most predatory multi-level marketing companies I have seen. I like to call it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The company pretends that it “empowers women,” when in truth it is nothing but a leach which sucks millions of dollars out of women’s wallets each year. Mary Kay pretends to offer a business opportunity, knowing full well that almost everyone involved will lose money, because it is nothing but a glorified pyramid scheme which our government allows to operate.

The best marketing tool ever created was the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac. Everyone in the U.S. knows that a pearly pink Cadillac is a “sales incentive” for Mary Kay Ladies. What they don’t know is the harsh reality of the Cadillac drivers: They make relatively little money. I estimate that the typical Cadillac driver makes about $30,000 per year after business expenses, which includes the value of the Cadillac.

This estimate assumes that the sales director’s unit does the minimum production required for Cadillac status. If she does not meet the minimum, the picture is even worse. In that case, the Mary Kay director has a “co-pay”… which means she has to pony up some cash for the car. Then you can figure her income each year would be more like $20,000 to $25,000 (again after business expenses and including the value of the Cadillac).

While most of the Cadillac drivers are struggling to maintain the minimum production required to keep the Cadillac, the company reaps the benefits of the rolling billboards. What a great marketing ploy! The general public sees these status symbols, doesn’t know that most driving them are making little money, assume the women are raking in six figure incomes, and Mary Kay looks like a fantastic opportunity.

There are currently about 1,300 pink Cadillacs on the road in the United States. That means of the 500,000 consultants in America, 0.2% (two tenths of one percent) are in Cadillacs.

Watch the video below to see me explain the Cadillac con. The video is old, but the facts are still the same.


  1. Jacirene

    In Brazil the numbers Mary Kay are terrifying: according to the official website of the company, there are 440,000 consultants and 1,100 pink cars. This data has not been updated since 2016 which leads me to believe that the number of cars has dropped by half in the last 3 years. In my city, several directors had to return the car because they could not keep the production.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      If you divide the population of Brazil by the number of consultants …

      Women ages 15-61 are 72,542,014 / 440,000 = 165 clients per consultant

      Can you build a business with 165 customers? And if you have 300 of them, someone has fewer.

      1. Jacirene

        LOL! The SDs love to do the math saying that there are 400 clients per consultant in Brazil (they considered the total number of inhabitants in the country). Mary Kay math is a joke. Mary Kay looks like a freshly painted wall that looks beautiful from afar, but as we approach, we see all the imperfections.

  2. Kim Bradshaw

    If the picture is accurate…those cars are ugly now days! I always wondered back in the early 80’s how directors could go bankrupt. I was a consultant for two red hot seconds. Even though I was a recent high school graduate, I figured out real quick that unless you ran in circles that had money to burn and time to blow for a facial or party, there was not propensity to buy to generate income to take the place of even a minimum wage job. I worked hard and only got the obligatory eye pencil sale. ROFL! It was real easy to see that if I drove, I lost money. If I had them at my house, I wasted my time. Counting the hours I spent to get that one facial, the cost of supplies to do the facial or party, time for prep, show, cleanup and drive home, it was a total waste of time and money. I’d rather sit at home an relax. As for recruiting, good luck trying to find someone who runs in the circles of wealthy to sell to. LoL! For the clueless, parties and home facials went out of style in the late 60’s when women entered the workforce. They don’t have time, nor do they want to spend their free time doing a facial. That was 1983. Yes, the market was saturated too! MK does NOT sell itself, you do not work part time hours for executive income, etc. I went to a few MK weekly meetings. What a waste of time. I was expecting to learn advanced sales skills to be successful. Nope! I could tell that my director wasn’t even selling much, because we would have heard about it. No one sold much at all in our unit. We had one red jacket but she never had any of her recruits there. I figured it was for recruiting three in her career so far. Lol. I always wondered why my director had a MK room full of product….I knew she never sold “that” much! Thanks to your site, my questions have now been answered 🙂 Yep, even went to seminar once. Never again. What a waste of time and money! Why did I need a fancy dress to sit in the nosebleed section? So someone would oh and aww over my dress? ROFL. Even back then, the lines were long and food not that great, especially considering the seminar fee. I never shared a hotel room with three other women before or since. I still shake my head in disbelief. I thought I was going to learn some super sales secrets. No. You just go to clap for the liars on stage. I could tell they were cheating but didn’t know how they did it. Now I do, thanks to this site. By the way, I did sell enough to be a Star Consultant one quarter. It was Christmas time and I was good at selling MK Men skin care to men and holiday perfume / lotion / shower gel packages to them too. Back then they came nicely packaged from MK and the scents were really good. However, I knew I could not repeat my success, so I sent the rest of my product back and was very relieved to do so. 20 years later, I retired from the Air Force and have three degrees and two minors. No, I am not just over broke. I started RV’ing full time after retirement and just travel the country and never have to work again:) So, yes, you don’t need to call your director. Just send your product back while you can. You do not need phony, fair weather, so called friends. Get your life back before you lose your family and more friends. We are here for you. You can do this! If your charging anything for MK, you are losing money. Truthfully, the director suit is ugly and who ever thought a white blouse, red jacket and black skirt match or look professional? It isn’t and it doesn’t! Don’t waste any more time or money….

  3. BestDecision

    The new Appaluse shows only 8 units nationwide added 20 or more new unit members in December. 8! I predict lots of $900 Cadillac car payments with numbers like these!

        1. Gloria Kindon

          How and why do you have access to Applause?? That is a company magazine “for our eyes only” and comes in a consultants mail!! If you are a consultant you should not be on here bad mouthing our company! Shame on you!! As for the # of cars earned in December you only mentioned pink caddy’s not the other part of the fleet that goes out to the other car winners! BTW how many other pink caddy drivers are there?? Times that # by 12 and then add the rest of the fleet and you will have a accurate #. Plus directors need to re qualify ever 2 yrs to keep their pink caddy’s as does ever car driver. This interview is full of crap! She is just a basher who doesn’t even work for the company! Maybe she used to but she, like so many others, are disgruntled because they actually had to work because the money didn’t just fall in their laps from the sky. In my 32 yrs with the company I have met many of them 🙁

          1. TRACY

            Hi Gloria – Welcome to Pink Truth. “She” is me in that video. This is my site. What on earth are you doing here if you’re so happy with MK? How do we have access to Applause? For one, just go to the “Mary Kay Documents” menu above and go to the link for Applause. And no, I’m not disgruntled. I happen to know the truth about MK and I’ve been telling it for YEARS. And I’ll continue to tell it for years. At the same time, I’ll be running a REAL business and making money, unlike how nearly everyone in MLM loses money. Thanks for stopping by!

          2. Lazy Gardens

            “How and why do you have access to Applause?? That is a company magazine “for our eyes only” and comes in a consultants mail!!”

            Some consultants choose to share the Applause PDF files they get, just as some choose to share their personal financial results, the unit newsletters, and the so-called training materials.

            Dozens of active Mary Kay Directors of all ranks shared retail sales data from their units with me through the newsletters on their websites. The data contained sales data from 26,279 IBCs across the USA, representing the potential sale of $39,139,496 in product, in 2005 and 2006.
            You can see the results here: http://lazygardens.blogspot.com/2015/09/mary-kay-home-business-opportunity-or.html

            “you should not be on here bad mouthing our company! Shame on you!!”

            So you think telling the truth and publishing facts is bad-mouthing?

            Is it bad-mouthing to point out that in the May 2019 Applause, page 16 gives the top 100 sales directors commission and bonus checks for each of the areas from their January production. Go look at that page, and find the LOWEST check. Then wrap your mind around the thought that the remaining directors in that area made LESS than that.

            Hardly bragging material when you realize that it’s BEFORE expenses, copays, taxes and chargebacks are deducted.

            Then look at something else, something I just noticed – how many of January’s top 100 were in the top 100 for the previous month? Very few, which means their income is wildly inconsistent. In a normal sales business the top producers tend to stay in the top ranks for months, even years.

            “she, like so many others, are disgruntled because they actually had to work because the money didn’t just fall in their laps from the sky.” Ah, yes, the lazy looser argument rises again.

            If you want to claim that you, in your 32 years with Mary Kay, have actually made a living wage at it, please feel free to send Tracy your last 5 years of tax returns to prove it.

          3. BestDecision

            Gloria, I was a pink Cadillac Director, and I’m also very aware the number of them on the road has decreased significantly since I resigned. If you’ll re-read my comment, I was noting how few Cadillac qualifiers there were for a single quarter. If you didn’t know that, we had 2 quarters—and they still do—to meet the production requirements and then have to maintain that amount every quarter or else have a car payment for the next 3 months. So, if we’re to do proper math, 16 qualifiers for December equates to less than 150 Cadillac Directors nationwide now.

            So, Gloria, in your 32 years in MK, you’ve not yet made it to Director, have you?? You started in 1987 and still aren’t driving pink?

            Nothing says the truth than numbers. And they “don’t lie”, do they, Gloria?

  4. enorth

    “how many are fake and how many are pity signups???”

    Please, please join my team so I can earn a four-night cruise to the Bahamas. It’s called Destination Red! Can you guess why?

  5. KB

    Cause I’ll be in the red financially helping you! Lol! You know, another thing I learned from this site is how directors buy older Cadillacs and drive them like 5hey earned them. I always had wondered why my last director seem to have an older car. It certainly wasn’t three years or newer. Now I know her secret! ROFL! But sad:(

    1. enorth

      “Cause I’ll be in the red financially helping you!”

      Yep! Er, ummm, :cough: no. From what I heard, It’s because if you meet the requirements, you’re better positioned to go into Red Jacket, and thus into DIQ, producing more SDs….

      (…and the company makes $$$!)

  6. Princess Lea

    In the last 10 years I’ve only seen 1 pink Cadillac on the roads. Sure, I’ve seen beat up cars with MK stickers, but the amount of consultant & director cars has also dwindled to the point of almost complete obscurity… It’s rare that I see one at all nowadays.

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